The 2022 European Youth Olympic Festival WAG Master Team List


Lucia Dobrocka

The 2022 European Youth Olympic Festival kicks off with the opening ceremony this Saturday, July 24, with the competition beginning for WAG athletes on July 27.

While there aren’t any official rosters available yet, I’ve compiled the below information based on the nations expected to compete, as well as on team announcements from various federations. I’ll update these as more information comes in.


  • Marieta Buchakhchyan

Confirmed by the EYOF 2022 athlete list as of July 25.


Confirmed by Austrian Gymnastics as of July 21.


  • Duyghu Majidzade
  • Nazanin Teymurova

Confirmed by the EYOF 2022 athlete list as of July 25.


  • Eva Bruynseels
  • Hanne Degryse
  • Yelena Devreker

Confirmed by Gymfed as of July 15. Chloe Baert was originally named to the team, but has withdrawn due to injury. Naomi Descamps is the alternate.


  • Elena Nikolova

Confirmed by the EYOF 2022 athlete list as of July 25.


  • Mila Prpic

Confirmed by Hrvatski Gimnasticki Savez as of July 24.


  • Revekka Loizou
  • Anni Piperi

Confirmed by the EYOF 2022 athlete list as of July 25.


  • Sona Artamonova
  • Vanesa Masova
  • Alice Vlkova

Confirmed by the EYOF 2022 athlete list as of July 25.


Confirmed by Gym Danmark as of July 21.


Originally listed to compete but ultimately did not send any WAG athletes.


Confirmed by the Fédération Française Gymnastique as of July 11.


  • Elizabeta Korkia

Confirmed by the EYOF 2022 athlete list as of July 25.


Confirmed by the Deutscher Turner-Bund as of June 28.


Confirmed by British Gymnastics as of July 14.


  • Melina Gousiou
  • Athanasia Mesiri
  • Maria Veletzeki

Confirmed by the Hellenic Gymnastics Federation as of July 25.


  • Hanna Balzsay
  • Lili Czifra
  • Fruzsina Maraczi

Confirmed by the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation as of July 25.


  • Arna Birgisdottir
  • Ragnheidur Johannsdottir
  • Natalia Runarsdottir

Confirmed by Fimleikasamband Íslands as of June 13.


  • Maeve McGuinness
  • Sophie McGuinness
  • Lily Russell

Confirmed by Team Ireland as of July 18.


  • Almog Leizerovich
  • Yali Shoshani
  • Nitzan Steinberg

Confirmed by the Olympic Committee of Israel as of July 21.


  • Arianna Grillo
  • July Marano
  • Martina Pieratti

Confirmed by the Federazione Ginnastica d’Italia as of July 20.


  • Vileza Zeqiri

Confirmed by Sadik Zeqiri as of July 24.


  • Valerija Ratobilska

Confirmed by the Latvijas Olimpiska Komiteja as of July 19.


  • Julia Weissenhofer

Confirmed by Turnverband Liechtenstein as of July 18.


  • Maeva Ventura

Confirmed by Team Lëtzebuerg as of July 21.


  • Philippa Busuttil

Confirmed by the Malta Gymnastics Federation as of July 18.


  • Pien van Daal

Confirmed by Dutch Gymnastics as of June 30.


Confirmed by Norsk Turn as of July 25.


  • Maria Drobniak
  • Magdalena Grygiel
  • Wiktoria Grzesikiewicz

Confirmed by Polski Zwiazek Gimnastyczny as of July 25.


  • Gabriela Alves
  • Maria Menezes

Confirmed by the Federação de Ginástica de Portugal as of July 25.


Confirmed by 007sport as of July 14.


  • Tara Stefanovic

Confirmed by the Gymnastics Federation of Serbia as of July 20.


Confirmed by the Slovenska Gymnasticka Federacia as of July 19.


  • Lucka Ravnihar

Confirmed by the Slovenia Olympic Team as of July 22.


  • Sainza Garcia
  • Ares López
  • Natalia Subirôs

Confirmed by the Real Federación Española de Gimnasia as of July 8.


Confirmed by Svensk Gymnastik as of July 5.


  • Lou-Anne Citherlet
  • Kiara Raffin
  • Samira Raffin

Confirmed by the Schweizerischer Turnverband as of July 8. Angela Pennisi was originally named to the team, but was replaced by Citherlet.


  • Beren Bay
  • Atiye Karademir
  • Zeynep Kurtulus

Confirmed by the EYOF 2022 athlete list as of July 25.


Confirmed by the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine as of July 8. 

Article by Lauren Hopkins


10 thoughts on “The 2022 European Youth Olympic Festival WAG Master Team List

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    • That’s what I’m thinking, though I hope Lilou Viallat and France also have some success, and I think the British girls should do relatively well, especially on some events.


  2. Agree on Romania, this its also one of those times when u win because the others are worse than u not because i are very good:-) they are not as consistent as they should be, i put my money on Amalia Ghioarta and Puflea, Sabrina on vault, she cant hit the splits on other events so cant see how shes going to get more than that


    • The Amalias are going to be so good! Voinea is so hit or miss, but yeah, at least vault will be there for her. I think they’ll have some of the greatest success here compared to many other programs.


    • Russia is the new pariah of the world. You can consider all their international careers dead, especially for those who have been exposed as part of the Putler Youth. The problem is that gymnastics in Russia is extremely connected with the government (partly because one of Putler’s mistress is a famous rhythmic gymnast), they always get prizes like cars and apartments after Olympic medal. There is no way FIG is letting them back especially after Ukrainian gymnasts have literally DIED. It’s a shame that gymnasts like Listy and Vlada will never have an individual world or Olympic medal but that’s what it is. I don’t really feel sorry for them because their money and Round Lake structure are stained with BLOOD.

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