2022 U.S. Men’s Worlds Trials | Day 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of competition at the 2022 U.S. Men’s Worlds Trials, held in Colorado Springs, Colorado!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

6:33 pm. Day 1 Standings

1. Asher Hong 84.600
2. Colt Walker 84.500
3. Shane Wiskus 84.150
4. Yul Moldauer 83.950
5. Paul Juda 54.000
6. Stephen Nedoroscik 14.450

6:29 pm. Colt Walker PH: Whacked his legs a couple of times on the scissors I think? But got back into control, traveled well in Russians on the first run but then lost his leg form on the second travel, also lost the leg form into the dismount, lands short with a hop forward. 13.550 (5.5, 8.050)

6:25 pm. Stephen Nedoroscik PH: Scissor work is nice, into single handle work, circles and Russians, legs brush the horse a bunch but he amazingly doesn’t come off, just goes slowly to re-center himself. One-arm swing was nice, travels in Russians with some leg form breaks, then travels in circles, a little rushed into the dismount but he gets it around. 14.450 (6.4, 8.050)

6:21 pm. Yul Moldauer PH: Scissors with great extension into his flairs on both pommels, great in the directional changes, circles and russians on the single handle, then back to some circles before opening up into flairs to travel, loses hip form slightly near the end and has a massive muscle on the dismount, but until that point this was great. 13.500 (5.8, 7.700)

6:19 pm. Paul Juda PH: Wasn’t typing but he had scissors right into his flairs, up to pirouette and back down to flairs went smoothly, travels in flairs, but then right near the end of the routine he loses his rhythm and comes off. Back on for more flairs and then a spindle into the dismount, which he lands a bit forward and has to take a massive arm wobble to stay upright, he’s laughing throughout that part. Really bummed about that fall…if he goes into my last spot on the team, they’ll need his pommels basically, so this is tough. 12.800 (5.1, 7.700)

6:15 pm. Shane Wiskus PH: Scissors, lots of scissors, right into his circles on the handles, transitions to the single handle for more circling action, then some Russians, travels up and down in circles, then back to the single handle into the dismount, really nice, solid finish there. 13.800 (5.3, 8.500)

6:13 pm. Asher Hong PH: Scissors muscled a bit to handstand but he gets through it. Flairs, including with one hand between the handles and the other on the other side of them, love that for him. Russians on the single handle, then back to flairs for his travels up and down the horse, some closed hip action throughout and has a minor leg form break into the dismount but that was a solid routine for someone who is not a pommels fan. 13.400 (5.7, 7.700)

6:12 pm. Should be starting with Hong shortly!

6:10 pm. Apparently a bathroom break but the boys are back and ready to pommel all over the place! Touch warmups now.

6:07 pm. Long wait before the pommels rotation!

6:05 pm. Hong leads SR, VT, Walker leads PB, Moldauer leads FX, and Juda leads HB, so basically absolutely nothing has been cleared up! Welcome to U.S. MAG.

5:59 pm. Standings going into the final rotation…

1. Asher Hong 71.200
2. Colt Walker 70.950
3. Yul Moldauer 70.450
4. Shane Wiskus 70.350
5. Paul Juda 41.200

5:57 pm. Yul Moldauer FX: Randi with a small bounce. Front double full to front full IIRC, really clean and stuck landing. Arabian double front half, tiniest bounce in place. Kills it on the flairs. Double full side pass. 2.5 to front layout Beautiful triple full but a big balance check on the landing before hopping. 14.450 (5.7, 8.750)

5:54 pm. Shane Wiskus FX: Front full to piked double front, really nice form almost completely throughout, slight knee bend before landing and then a hop. 2.5 to double front, slightly deep with a hop. Half-in half-out with a step forward. Lovely flared double full. Randi, small hop. Stuck the triple!!! 14.400 (6.1, 8.300)

5:52 pm. Asher Hong FX: Front full to piked double front, EXCELLENT landing. Double double layout, big step back OOB. Front tuck full to double front, deep with a hop forward. 2.5 to front layout, lands it on his toes with a wobble. Hop back on the triple full. 14.300 (6.0, 8.400, -0.1)

5:49 pm. Colt Walker FX: Front full to piked double front, hop back. 2.5 to double front, small step forward, possibly OOB. Front layout to front double full, step forward. Good double full. Triple full with a big bounce back to finish. 13.800 (5.9, 8.000, -0.1)

5:46 pm. Okay, touch is underway now.

5:44 pm. Moving to floor shortly! If this were a six-person team I know exactly what I’d do. For five people, I personally know what I would do but I would rather die than do it.

5:42 pm. Standings after four…

1. Colt Walker 57.150
2. Asher Hong 56.900
3. Yul Moldauer 56.000
4. Shane Wiskus 55.950
5. Paul Juda 41.200

5:39 pm. Paul Juda HB: Layout Kovacs and then a tucked Kovacs, really nice on both. Layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev to piked Tkachev, blind change to tak, opened out really nicely, tak half was a little late, full-twisting double layout, huge air, floaty, big hop forward. 14.050 (5.6, 8.450)

5:37 pm. Shane Wiskus HB: Big Kolman and Kovacs, bent his elbows out of the latter, layout Tkachev, toes pretty close to the bar, straddle Tkachev, blind change to Zou Li Min, tak full with a pretty solid position on the finish, tak half, stalder, hop full, and a double double with a small hop back. NICE but lots of little things. 13.700 (5.8, 7.900)

5:34 pm. Asher Hong HB: Kolman, messy legs but caught it, Kovacs is a lot better in terms of form, straddle Tkachev was nice, bent his elbows circling out of it, German giants to stalder, inbar is a little iffy, double double layout with a step back! Honestly the best he’s done it in my recent memory? 12.700 (5.4, 7.300) – it’s like Romania on bars when you see a 7.3 and you’re like “PRAISE THE LORD”

5:31 pm. Colt Walker HB: Zou Li Min, tak full with some leg form, tak half, Kolman was mostly strong in the air, Kovacs, one-arm giant, piked Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, blind change to Yamawaki, full-twisting double layout with a small hop. 13.700 (5.5, 8.200)

5:29 pm. Yul Moldauer HB: Zou Li Min, bent his knees into the tak full, I think related to his back pain that he had at nationals, tak half, Kolman, legs apart before catching, missed the release for the straddle Tkachev so had to take extra swings and was still a bit low and close, hop full, Rybalko finished almost under the bar, one-arm giant, full-twisting double layout stuck! 13.600 (5.4, 8.200)

5:28 pm. Paul Juda HB: Okay I thought this was still the touch but the guys were sitting down and cheering so it may have been for real? So I wasn’t typing or paying close attention but it was a hit! Okay, jk, this WAS a warmup.

5:27 pm. Touch is wrapping up for high bar!

5:24 pm. Standings at the halfway point…

1. Asher Hong 44.200
2. Colt Walker 43.450
3. Yul Moldauer 42.400
4. Shane Wiskus 42.250
5. Paul Juda 27.150

This is pretty much where I’m ranking everyone based on feelings, so it’s nice that the scores match my feelings for once in my life.

5:18 pm. Shane Wiskus PB: Pike to handstand, holds it really nicely, walks out of a half turn a bit, barani was good, clean handstand out of it, one-arm pirouette, moves a hand after landing it, big straddle salto, back up to another clean handstand, turns it around for the Tippelt, little muscle after the catch. Double front with a tiny bounce forward. This was mostly great. I think below Walker and Hong but ahead of Moldauer and Juda in terms of overall performance? But the hand placement stuff was a lot, so. Score comes in at 13.950 (5.8, 8.150)

5:15 pm. Asher Hong PB: I wasn’t typing but everything I saw was clean, Bhavsar had weird knee bend in flight, Tippelt was great though, Makuts was very strong, pirouettes at the end were good, and a double front half with a strong landing. That was from memory but I didn’t see any major mistakes! 14.700 (6.0, 8.700)

5:12 pm. Colt Walker PB: Front pike to handstand, strong. Makuts is clean and fluid. Slight ankle form on the one-arm pirouette. Big Bhavsar, goes to handstand, half turn before the Tippelt which was excellent. One-arm turn before a half turn and then the double front dismount, really great chest position, tiny bounce in place on the landing. 15.000 (6.2, 8.800)

5:09 pm. Yul Moldauer PB: L sit presses to handstand, clean, barani, handstand out is very strong, Makuts is gorgeous, just a slight muscle at the very end, one-arm came up slightly short then he missed the two handstands out of the next two pirouettes, including one with a single rail transition. Calms down after that for a layout barani, and a double front half with a hop. 14.100 (6.5, 7.600)

5:05 pm. Paul Juda PB: Front pike to handstand, starts off strong but then bends his arms. Walks a hand out of the next pirouette, but the one-arm is better. Clean Bhavsar, L sit to press handstand, half turn out before the Tippelt, clean and fluid. Double front, almost sticks on his toes but has to take a hop forward. 14.150 (5.7, 8.450)

5:02 pm. P-bars warmups! I need to know what they’re doing in the time between the end of one rotation and the touch for the next, because it’s a solid five minutes that go by and that’s clearly not just them walking from one apparatus to the next.

4:58 pm. Hong and Moldauer win this rotation for me, followed by Wiskus and then Walker. Going back to rings, it was Walker and Hong for me. So far Hong is winning my own little race. I’ll give the other guys a little more time before I decide where they rank overall.

(But score-wise, the ranking is Hong 29.500, Walker 28.450, Moldauer 28.300, and Wiskus 28.300.)

4:57 pm. Asher Hong VT: STUCK THE TSUK FULL-IN!!!!!!! Oh my god, that was marvelous. Chest position on the landing was good, too! Doesn’t do a second vault today, I don’t think really a requirement here. 15.200 (6.0, 9.200)

4:56 pm. Colt Walker VT: Handspring randi, big hop back, could’ve been a little cleaner in the air, not the best he’s capable of doing it but not bad either. 14.550 (5.6, 8.950)

4:55 pm. Yul Moldauer VT: Beautiful kaz 1.5! Just gorgeous in the air and came down like a dart for the landing. That’ll be a good score. 14.650 (5.2, 9.450)

4:54 pm. Shane Wiskus VT: Kaz 1.5, hop forward on the landing but got a great block and looked mostly tight in the air. 14.500 (5.2, 9.300)

4:53 pm. Hong just crashed the tsuk full-in during his final warmup. Hopefully bad rehearsal, good opening night!

4:52 pm. We have kind of a bad angle for the vault warmup, hopefully they’ll move to a camera further down the track when the warmup ends!

4:49 pm. Hong, Wiskus, Moldauer, and Walker are in the vault line-up. Looks like we ARE seeing the warmup.

4:47 pm. Little break between rotations. They’re not showing the vault warmup on the stream, and I think it’s for my personal sanity. I’ve just about had it with MAG vault.

4:42 pm. Colt Walker SR: Planche, down to inverted hang back up to planche, a bit shaky on the handstand after but pulls it together, saltos to L sit, presses to handstand, arches a bit but pulls it back, swings a bit, next handstand is better, double double with a hop forward. Despite the hop, I think he had the best interior out of the guys here? Yes, the score confirms it! 13.900 (5.0, 8.900)

4:37 pm. Yul Moldauer SR: Inverted pike up to planche, legs angled down a bit but controls it back out to a correct position. Kind of falls out of a handstand, swings a lot there, but hits a planche, then a maltese, legs not quite there on either. Salto elements up to iron cross, swinging but great strength there with his palms open. Inverted hang, misses the handstand out of it, takes an extra swing before a muscled handstand, then sticks the double double. 13.650 (5.9, 7.750)

4:35 pm. Paul Juda SR: Front pike out to maltese, legs are angled a little high I think. Inverted hang swings up to planche, a little adjustment and he maybe pikes his hips down a bit, but has a nice press to handstand out of it. Swings on the first handstand before the saltos to straddle sit, presses that to a planche but doesn’t hold it near where he needs to. Full-twisting double layout with a good landing. Kind of a long wait for his score. 13.000 (5.0, 8.000)

4:32 pm. Shane Wiskus SR: Inverted hang to iron cross, inverted hang to maltese, pretty nice position. Inverted hang to pike, then presses up and out to a maltese. Drops to inverted hang then pike before swinging into the saltos up to an L sit, swings a bit but presses smoothly to handstand, just arches over a bit. Arches over the next handstand slightly but not as much as the last. Final handstand has a muscle up before the dismount, a double double, almost stuck, just lifts one foot to balance himself. 13.800 (5.4, 8.400)

4:30 pm. Asher Hong SR: Iron cross, inverted pike with nice form through to an inverted cross, little adjustments into position, then presses out to maltese. Releases down to an inverted pike before the double pike to maltese, swings a bit, back to inverted pike into the double tuck up to handstand, little muscle up and he’s swinging. Next handstand sways a bit as well. Double double layout is stuck! 14.300 (5.9, 8.400)

4:29 pm. Live scores are here: https://myusagym.com/meets/live/84879/results/168084/

Whittenburg and Malone already have scores listed, looks like their day one scores from nationals.

4:27 pm. Looks like Asher Hong, Paul Juda, Colt Walker, Yul Moldauer, and Shane Wiskus will be competing rings – no Donnell Whittenburg or Brody Malone, for obvious reasons (aka they’re already going to worlds and both just competed this apparatus in Paris).

4:26 pm. Little team huddle before the touch warm-up going into the first apparatus. Looks like they’re starting on rings? They’re lining up now.

4:25 pm. With Yul Moldauer not listed on the nominative roster, but Curran Phillips – who IS on the roster – possibly maybe not competing, I think Yul and his p-bars will be particularly important for this team. As a top all-arounder when you take out bonus, I still consider him a yes for the team, but he’ll really need to eliminate any of the mistakes he had at nationals, otherwise I’m afraid they’ll go a different direction.

4:22 pm. Getting ready for the competition to start! Should be eight minutes from now.  Who’s excited?!?!

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