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Manila Esposito, Alice D’Amato, Martina Maggio, Veronica Mandriota, Giorgia Villa, and Elisa Iorio

The 2022 World Championships start tomorrow in Liverpool, England, and will serve as the first qualifier for the 2024 Olympic Games, with a total of six teams earning berths for Paris.

Below, you can find everything you’ll need to follow the competition over the next few days, including who’s competing, the complete schedule, and how you can follow along.

What’s at Stake?

Unlike the qualifications to get into worlds, qualifying from worlds to the Olympics is pretty straightforward. For both WAG and MAG, securing a spot for Paris is as simple as finishing top three in finals. That’s it!

Unlike previous mid-quad worlds, however, this year’s worlds will not act as a qualifier for next year’s worlds. The 24 teams that qualified this year will have to re-qualify to worlds via continental championships again in 2023, meaning we could see a slight shake-up for some of the teams that were on the bubble for making it this year.

Who’s Competing?

We’ve been tracking the qualification process for worlds since it began with the first world cup in February and concluded with Euros in August, and we’ve also been tracking the team announcements for every program over the past few months, as well as following along with changes to both the teams and individual spots as athletes have been injured and replaced.

The complete lists of athletes set to compete in Liverpool are below.

Women’s Roster Men’s Roster

When’s it Happening?

Here’s the complete schedule, along with a breakdown of who’s in each subdivision. All times are local to Liverpool, which is currently five hours ahead of ET…for the next three days.

Keep in mind that England’s daylight savings ends this Sunday, October 30, meaning the clock will jump back and Liverpool will only be four hours ahead of ET, since the U.S. doesn’t end daylight savings until November 6, after which Liverpool will be five hours ahead of ET again. Fun! If you’re not in the U.S. or England, be sure to check into when/if your country is jumping back, and here’s a time zone conversion tool just in case.

8:00 pm WAG Subdivision 1
Teams: Belgium, United States
Specialist 1: Azerbaijan, Greece, India, Malta, Slovenia
Specialist 2: Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Morocco, Norway, Vietnam
9:30 pm WAG Subdivision 2
Teams: Romania, Spain
AA 7: Ecuador, Israel
AA 12: Iceland, Thailand, Venezuela
9:30 am WAG Subdivision 3
Teams: South Korea, Ukraine
AA 1: Chile, New Zealand
AA 14: Croatia, Slovenia
11:00 am WAG Subdivision 4
Teams: Australia, Hungary, Sweden
AA 9: Panama, Uzbekistan
12:45 pm WAG Subdivision 5
Teams: Canada, China
AA 5: Puerto Rico, Turkey
AA 10: Costa Rica, Cyprus, Singapore
2:15 pm WAG Subdivision 6
Teams: France, Mexico
AA 2: Luxembourg, Portugal, Trinidad & Tobago
AA 13: Denmark, South Africa
5:00 pm WAG Subdivision 7
Teams: Finland, Japan, Netherlands
AA 8: Algeria, Czech Republic
6:30 pm WAG Subdivision 8
Teams: Argentina, Brazil, Germany
AA 4: Indonesia, Peru, Switzerland
8:15 pm WAG Subdivision 9
Teams: Egypt, Italy, Taiwan
AA 3: Barbados, Greece, Ireland
9:45 pm WAG Subdivision 10
Teams: Austria, Great Britain
AA 6: Colombia, Malta, Sri Lanka
AA 11: Kazakhstan, Norway
9:30 am MAG Subdivision 1
Teams: Austria, Canada, Switzerland, United States
AA 5: Iceland, New Zealand
AA 8: Armenia, Portugal, Puerto Rico
11:30 am MAG Subdivision 2
Teams: China, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, South Korea
AA 2: Chile, Latvia, Mexico, Peru
AA 6: Israel, Serbia, Uzbekistan
1:50 pm MAG Subdivision 3
Teams: Japan, Romania, Spain, Ukraine
AA 3: India, Lithuania
AA 10: Bulgaria, Sweden
3:50 pm MAG Subdivision 4
Teams: Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Netherlands
Specialist 1: Albania, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Jordan, Morocco, Poland, Slovenia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam
Specialist 2: Armenia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Norway, Uzbekistan
7:00 pm MAG Subdivision 5
Teams: Egypt, Germany, Taiwan, Turkey
AA 7: Cyprus, Norway
AA 9: Algeria, Argentina, Morocco, Syria
9:00 pm MAG Subdivision 6
Teams: Australia, Belgium, France, Hungary
AA 1: Finland, Ireland
AA 4: Azerbaijan, Dominican Republic, Greece, Philippines
6:15 pm Women’s Team Final
5:25 pm Men’s Team Final
6:30 pm Women’s All-Around Final
5:45 pm Men’s All-Around Final
1:15 pm Event Finals Day 1
Women’s Vault and Bars
Men’s Floor, Pommels, and Rings
1:15 pm Event Finals Day 2
Women’s Beam and Floor
Men’s Vault, P-Bars, and High Bar

How Can We Watch?

Streaming finals will vary based on your location. The U.S. will stream all finals on Peacock, the UK will stream via the BBC,  and we’ll add a few more local streams as soon as they share links.

The Olympic Channel should also be streaming finals, as should the FIG on YouTube, which is where we’ll also see videos of each routine after the fact, though I believe these streams will only be available to people within countries that haven’t purchased broadcast rights.

Notice that I only said finals for the above. Eurovision is coordinating and distributing worlds to broadcasters this year, but their list of transmissions only includes finals, not qualifications, which means no broadcaster can stream qualifications since they get their transmissions via Eurovision. This is…kind of egregious? Usually, the distributor has transmissions for every qualification session, and then whether a broadcaster chooses to use them or not is up to them, but to not even provide these transmissions is not something I’ve ever seen at this level of competition before in nearly 20 years of watching worlds and it is truly embarrassing for the sport.

Because the distributor is not handling qualifications, my only hope is that this means the FIG will do it, but my expectations are very low and since we haven’t heard anything yet, I really don’t think people who are not physically in the arena will have any way to watch qualifications – an Olympic qualifier – as they happen live.

We will at least have access to live scores, which are being handled by Swiss Timing, and you can also find them on the Liverpool 2022 website. The FIG’s microsite for worlds also has a Programme & Results section that should include start lists, live scores, and final results.

I personally am credentialed as “remote media” because I was able to get access to a fantastic media livestream last year and decided this would be preferable over traveling to a crowded event at the start of flu and COVID season. But I don’t know if we’ll even have that this year – I’ve emailed several people on the comms teams for both the FIG and the local organizing committee, and I’ve received either “no clue” responses or no responses at all, so I’m again keeping my expectations low. Without qualification streams, we likely will not share live blogs with quick hits, but will be following along with whatever videos the FIG posts and will share recaps of each qualifying session as soon as they’re complete, sharing an analysis of what’s happening in terms of who’s making finals, who’s missing finals, and so on.

We’ll update this post with more information as it becomes available.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


16 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Follow Worlds

  1. An Olympic qualifier… not accessible anywhere? I was all ready to blame USAG for the lack of coverage, but I guess this ridiculous issue is beyond even their control. What an absolute shame. Perhaps even more embarrassing is the lack of communication about it. If someone as knowledgeable as you (I feel fairly certain the USAG social media person gets all their info from your posts) has to dig and investigate and the answer still is a giant 🤷🏼‍♀️… It says a whole lot about how seriously people take this sport, and it’s infuriating. Thanks for all you do, Lauren.


    • I was also like USAG SUCKS!!! but then saw that literally NO ONE was streaming quals, even countries like Finland and Sweden, where quals is like, THE main event. I knew something more was up and it was very frustrating to find out that the official distributor for this event is refusing to create distribution transmissions for more than half of the competitors, and for an Olympic qualifier at that!

      Hahaha…I noticed that re: USAG during the Szombathely world cup, that whenever I had an update about a stream or scores after reaching out to the Hungarian federation’s media director, suddenly they did as well. 😂

      But yes, I work very hard to find details for every event, including FIG-sponsored events, and it’s very frustrating as a fan of the sport to have to do more work than the international governing body just to track down the most basic details and information. I’d be doing all of the hunting down for myself anyway, so I’m glad I’m able to have a platform where I can share the results of that work with other people, though I wish what I found was a bit more in-depth this time around!


      • I mean, I tried a few times this year to see results online after certain World Cup Challenges, but I usually would not find anything until after some time, and only in sites that are rather obscure.


  2. Thank you, Lauren! I came here hoping to find this information, and you’ve laid it out in a comprehensive format. You go above and beyond with this site, especially considering that you have a separate full time job. Much love and appreciation!


    • Thank you so much! Bummed about no stream for quals, and wish I had decided to physically go since this is the case, but hopefully will still be able to bring as much as I can about what happens!


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  4. Thanks so much for this. So to be clear unless I missed it, qualifications today, will not be streamed anywhere in the USA? Only finals?


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