2022 World Championships | Women’s Qualifications Subdivisions 6-10 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for subdivisions 6 through 10 of women’s qualifications at the 2022 World Championships, held in Liverpool, England!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

11:55 pm. Worlds Team Qualification

1. United States 167.263
2. Great Britain 164.595
3. Brazil 163.563
4. Italy 162.798
5. Japan 162.564
6. China 162.064
7. France 161.428
8. Canada 159.661

The Netherlands JUST misses out with a 159.396!

I feel like the scoring on floor and then vault was a little much for some of the British routines…the judges were surprisingly strict with them on beam, which I wasn’t expecting, and then the last two rotations were like Oprah throwing cars at her audience. But hopefully things are more even when everyone’s competing together in the same final, and when it’s not MIDNIGHT and the judges aren’t already asleep.

11:51 pm. After a massive finish on vault where the British team is only a little over a tenth behind the Americans, they pull into second place with a 164.595 – a point ahead of Brazil and less than three points back from the USA!

11:49 pm. Ondine Achampong GBR VT: Gorgeous DTY, 14.466!

11:45 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR VT: Hit a massive Yurchenko double! Huge hop back but she still goes 14.400 (5.0, 9.400)

Also does a Lopez for her second vault, 14.000 (4.8, 9.200) – looked more stable on the landing from what I could see!

11:43 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR VT: Yurchenko double, significant legs apart on her block, but pulls them together for the twist and lands well. 14.266 (5.0, 9.266)

11:42 pm. Georgia-Mae Fenton GBR VT: Yurchenko 1.5, mostly very clean in the air, small hop on the landing. 13.900 (4.6, 9.300)

11:35 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR FX: Hit the first pass, I only saw the landing, is that the double double? Then a full-twisting double layout, some form in the air and a small hop on the landing. Front layout full through to double tuck, a little deep on that landing but not bad at all, nice hit routine that should make the final! 14.100 (5.9, 8.300, -0.1 ND) – that puts her third behind the Brazilians!

11:34 pm. So far a fall from Achampong on bars, Fenton on beam, and Kinsella on floor – they’re taking turns with where they can shake the nerves out tonight so they can all come back for the best finals, this is fact.

11:30 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR FX: 1.5 through to triple full with a slide back, looked like maybe OOB but I couldn’t tell. 2.5 to front full, has a skid there and can’t hold it up, sits it. Switch full had some good power into it but wasn’t quite clean in the air. Double…pike at the end I think? I had a front angle. Little short on that landing. 12.300 (5.4, 7.200, -0.3)

11:26 pm. Ondine Achampong GBR FX: Whip whip through to triple full, chest a little forward with a hop. Front double full, nearly sticks it! Some leg form but that was a great landing. Double tuck, chest also slightly forward, hop back. Switch half into the corner. 2.5, loses some control on the landing, hop forward. 13.333 (5.3, 8.033)

Ugh, noooo, 11.833 for Maria Tronrud on beam. 😦

11:25 pm. I think I missed the first floor routine? It’s almost midnight, I’m falling asleep!

Looks like it was Jennifer Gadirova, I didn’t even know she was going until the sound turned back on for my stream and I heard screams just as she landed her last pass (which was a bit deep on the landing, whatever it was). 13.600 (5.3, 8.300) – should be 7th?

11:20 pm. Wow, the judges were tough as nails on the Brits on beam. 38.965 is still not bad, and I think THIRD given that this was a pretty bad beam day, but I think they would’ve liked to see a few mid-13s and instead they went 12.933 from Gadirova, 12.966 from Achampong, and 13.066 from Kinsella.

11:16 pm. Ondine Achampong GBR BB: Lovely front walkover mount. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, very pretty. Nailed the flight series! The rest was good until the 2.5 dismount, which was a bit messy in the air and then had two massive steps over to the side and off the mat. 12.966 (5.7, 7.266)

11:14 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR BB: Wasn’t typing for part of this but saw she got her bhs loso and almost everything else, significant wobble on her jump series, big step forward on the double pike, but overall a solid set. 12.933 (5.4, 7.533)

11:13 pm. I’m a Maria Tronrud stan and here to tell you she hit bars for a 12.100 (4.1, 8.000)! Really need her to destroy beam.

11:09 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR BB: Hit the mount, then front aerial with a little pause to the split jump, tiny bobble there. Side aerial loso loso, form in the air on all, and she goes RIGHT to the end of the beam, I really thought she was gonna go flying over too far but she knew exactly where to land. The springboard is still on that side, for the love of god, somebody move it! Double wolf turn. Switch to switch half, nice shape on the latter but there was a pause between. Wolf jump to sissone had a good connection. Double pike, chest forward and a step back. 13.066 (5.8, 7.366, -0.1)

Jasmin Mader finished floor with a 12.900 (4.7, 8.200) – always love her routine.

11:06 pm. Georgia-Mae Fenton GBR BB: Took a step back out of the mount. Very nice double spin. Side aerial to back handspring with a slight bobble. Front aerial to split jump, short of 180 with a wobble. Full Y turn with a little stumble. Triple wolf turn, goes SLIGHTLY out of control at the very end, but gets it around. Switch to split leap. Double tuck went way off to the side in the air, missed the punch into it, cowboyed to fight to get it around, but sat it. Ughhhhh! 12.100 (5.2, 6.900)

11:03 pm. Moving onto the second rotation!

Great Britain with a 41.465 on bars.

Austria had some struggles across beam, counted all scores in the 11s with Selina Kickinger’s 11.933 the highest.

11:00 pm. Georgia-Mae Fenton GBR UB: I think her opening skill was a Fenton II (toe-on piked Tkachev to mixed grip if I’m remembering it correctly?) to Ezhova to Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen gets around well with legs together, I think a clear hip before the blind full, almost in handstand, and a full-in with a hop. 14.133 (5.8, 8.333) – thinking they downgraded the Fenton II? I couldn’t see how she caught it but I feel like her D is “supposed” to be higher, yes?

10:55 pm. Ondine Achampong GBR UB: I think a Downie to Pak, I missed the opening of her release, but she bends her knees on the Pak and basically lands on her feet on the mat. Toe full, Chow half with leg separation, full-out with a hop. 12.833

Milka Gehani sat the 2.5 to front tuck second pass and then sought medical attention. Only a 6.700 (3.1, 7.900, -4.3 ND)

10:53 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR UB: Toe half to piked Jaeger, good handstand before the Downie to Pak, clean. Arched over slightly before the Maloney to Gienger, some leg separation in the back swing and in the release, toe full to I think arabian double front dismount? Pretty cowboyed, good landing. 14.166

10:52 pm. Great Britain and Austria are in this rotation as teams, by the way. Individuals from Kazakhstan, Norway, Sri Lanka, Malta…I might be missing one.

10:50 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR UB: Tkachev to mixed grip to Ezhova, Maloney to Pak with some leg separation, van Leeuwen with some leg form, blind full, and a full-in with a hop. Some form throughout, but good start! 13.166 (5.6, 7.566)

10:47 pm. Okay there’s a stream on arturopadillao on IG live right now!

Athletes are in the touch warmup.

10:37 pm. I haven’t seen a stream yet for the final subdivision, which should be starting shortly?

10:30 pm. Subdivision 9 Team Standings

1. United States 167.263
2. Brazil 163.563
3. Italy 162.798
4. Japan 162.564
5. China 162.064
6. France 161.428
7. Canada 159.661
8. Netherlands 159.396
9. Australia 156.095
10. Belgium 156.063

10:26 pm. Italy’s vault rotation went 42.133, second only to the Americans, and that was with a DTY and two 1.5s, compared to Brazil with a Cheng, DTY, and FTY.

Not the beam rotation they wanted, but they still finish third with a 162.798, seven tenths back from Brazil!

10:23 pm. I apparently missed Martina Maggio’s vault at the start of the rotation but she had a 14.2! Stuck it.

10:20 pm. Manila Esposito ITA VT: REALLY strong FTY! Solid in the air and on the landing, small bounce. 13.566!

Emma Slevin IRL FX: Sat her first pass, sadly!

10:18 pm. Veronica Mandriota ITA VT: Yurchenko 1.5, some knee bend in the air, but lands it well. 13.700

Really nice floor from Olivia Kelly, who had a few issues with her music at the start. Solid arabian double front. Glad she was able to end up qualifying!

10:15 pm. Alice D’Amato ITA VT: Good landing on the DTY! 14.233

10:09 pm. Manila Esposito ITA FX: 2.5 to front layout was very nice, small hop. 1.5 to front full had a little step. Double tuck, chest down but her feet don’t move.

10:06 pm. Veronica Mandriota ITA FX: Whip to triple and also hit her second pass with a hop forward. Solid double pike at the end. Happy for her to get to worlds! 12.933

10:02 pm. Alice D’Amato ITA FX: Whip whip triple, nice! Double pike with a small hop back. Hop on the front double full. Good! 13.6 – currently 7th, and taking out 2pc, I think she’s 6th?

10:00 pm. Emma Slevin IRL BB: Nice side aerial. Wobbled on something after that, and then on her jump series. Side somi. Little hop on the cross split jump half. Tuck 1.5 dismount with a small hop to the side.

9:58 pm. Martina Maggio ITA FX: Stuck the double layout. Front layout through to double pike, stumble, takes her OOB. Full-in with a hop back. Small hop on the double tuck. 13.5 – currently 9th but there’s some 2pc in there to take out.

9:56 pm. Seems to be a problem on floor? Ting Hua-Tien’s score hasn’t come up yet and no one’s doing anything down there.

9:53 pm. Floor rotation should be starting shortly for Italy.

Just a 37.333 on beam with Maggio’s 12.9 the highest to count. 😦

9:46 pm. Manila Esposito ITA BB: Off on her back handspring mount, and then looked like she balked her series, did three back handsprings in a row. Well this rotation is a bummer. Hit the rest, had a deep double pike dismount with a hop back. 10.8

9:43 pm. Alice D’Amato ITA BB: Off on her mount. WHY! Hit the flight series and switch ring. Big hop on the 2.5 dismount. 12.133

9:40 pm. Martina Maggio ITA BB: Hit her mount and leap series, then a solid bhs loso loso, maybe a slight check at the very end. Big break at the hips on her switch ring but good save. Side aerial also with a big wobble. Big wobble on the side somi. Ugh, I’m sad. Just a 12.9.

9:35 pm. Giorgia Villa ITA BB: Off on the tuck full, but the rest that I could see was hit, things got a little glitchy for a second, my internet is not good so it’s probably me. 12.3

9:31 pm. Ting Hua-Tien TWN BB: Jumped in a little late to this one, only want good things for her! Side somi was very nice. Clean full turn. Front layout full with a good landing. She looks very happy!! Hope the first half was as good as the second!

9:30 pm. Wasn’t typing for Manila Esposito’s bars but it was another nice hit! 13.966 (5.7, 8.266) – the Italians put up a 42.766 on this event, tying the Netherlands to finish second to China.

9:28 pm. Nope, Alice D’Amato finishes with a 14.4, which ties Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos for 9th place, out of the final on a tie-break, as Naomi Visser in 7th and Elisabeth Seitz in 8th are also at 14.4.

9:25 pm. Alice D’Amato ITA UB: Maloney to Tkachev, Downie to Pak, really clean, to Chow half, blind change to front giant to front full, a little late, to double front half, directionally a bit off and she takes big steps over off the mat.

I don’t know if Italy will have a bars finalist after that?

9:21 pm. Martina Maggio ITA UB: Caught a high Pak, stalder full to Maloney to Tkachev, bail to toe full, feet come apart but she controls it back to the shoot to high bar, blind change to front half, and arabian double front with a small step. 14.200 (5.9, 8.300)

Jana Abdelsalam with an 11.766 on floor.

Emma Slevin with a 12.833 on vault.

9:20 pm. Giorgia Villa ITA UB: Tkachev to Pak to Maloney to Bhardwaj, very nice. Nice handstand before the van Leeuwen, a little crooked on the catch but not bad, gets the front giants around pretty well, shuffles back over to dismount with a full-in, great landing. 14.166 – this puts her 11th

9:18 pm. The stream looks like it’s primarily following Italy, but will probably give us little glimpses here and there of others.

Italy starts on bars.

9:17 pm. Okay, y’all. There’s a stream. arturopadillao on Instagram.

8:47 pm. The next session should be starting in about 30 minutes. Maybe I’ll have a stream! Maybe I won’t.

8:42 pm. Subdivision 8 Team Standings

1. United States 167.263
2. Brazil 163.563
3. Japan 162.564
4. China 162.064
5. France 161.428
6. Canada 159.661
7. Netherlands 159.396
8. Australia 156.095
9. Belgium 156.063
10. Germany 155.664

8:41 pm. Germany ends up with a 155.664, about four tenths back from Belgium, which is a lot closer than I thought they’d be! Top beam score was a 12.933 from Emma Malewski.

8:39 pm. Rebeca Andrade’s bars score moves Brazil into second place as a team with a 163.563, about a point ahead of Japan and 3.7 points back from the United States!

Andrade also takes over the lead in the all-around with a massive 57.332 – that’s 1.566 points ahead of Shilese Jones!

8:36 pm. And it’s a big hit for Rebeca Andrade! Maloney to stalder full to piked Tkachev to Pak, van Leeuwen, blind change to piked Jaeger, and toe full to full-in stuck, all according to Spencer. A 14.666 (6.1, 8.566) moves her to third place!

8:34 pm. Lorrane Oliveira follows up with a hit bars of her own, earning a 13.233 (5.6, 7.633).

Argentina pulling in some mid-high 12s on vault, highest so far is a 12.8 from Rocio Saucedo.

8:32 pm. Nice floor from Rifda Irfanaluthfi! 12.766 total (4.8, 7.966).

Lea Marie Quaas missed her flight series on beam, scoring an 11.6.

8:31 pm. I just realized Finland, which had a kind of not-great day today, is ahead of Spain in the standings by almost a point?! That’s kind of wild. Sad for Spain not being at full health right now but also proud of Finland for showing again and again that they’re a legit team right now.

8:29 pm. Okay, moving into the final rotation of this hell subdivision with a 12.8 from Carolyne Pedro to start Brazil on bars.

Flavia Saraiva is still on the start list on the live scores showing as being in the lineup so maybe she’s fine?

8:24 pm. A couple of people have just told me Flavia Saraiva is hurt but I’m not sure where they’re getting this, I haven’t seen any primary sources saying it. But hell.

8:23 pm. Germany with a really strong bars rotation, led by Elisabeth Seitz with a 14.4! Emma Malewski brought in a 13.333 and Karina Schönmaier counted a 12.7. Not bad!

8:21 pm. Oh my god. Then she balked the Yurchenko double, ended up throwing just a tuck, and scored an 11.466 to average a 13.266 for 11th place. You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

8:17 pm. Rebeca Andrade just put up a 15.066 for her Cheng on vault – massive and deserved! 5.6 D, 9.466 E.

Before her, they had a 13.833 for Flavia Saraiva’s DTY and a 12.933 for Carolyne Pedro’s FTY.

8:15 pm. No new streams yet, and it looks like the WGC2022 Facebook page blocked literally everyone from being able to access not only the video, but the page as well hahaha. Anyway, I’ll keep this live blog open, but will go back to tracking scores and stats.

8:13 pm. Germany, meanwhile, brought in 40.166 on vault, counting a 13.3 from Lea Marie Quaas, a 13.4 from Karina Schönmaier, and a 13.466 from Elisabeth Seitz.

Argentina had a couple of rough performances on beam and will have to count both a 10.966 from Meline Mesropian and an 11.833 from Rocio Saucedo, with Brisa Carraro’s 12.1 the highest for them.

8:11 pm. Oh wow, what we missed was Flavia Saraiva getting a 14.2 on floor to push Andrade out of the top spot on a tie-break! Amazing. Brazil with a 41.866 on floor is just a tenth back from the Americans with a 41.966! The floor final will be GOOD.

8:10 pm. I think it might be available here

Gonna check some results in the meantime.

8:06 pm. Okay, the stream has been down for a WHILE now with the same “waiting for live video signal” message.


8:00 pm. Rebeca Andrade BRA FX: Front layout full through to full-in with a step back. Full-twisting double layout, pikes it down a bit before landing and steps back out of that as well. A little rushed on the leap after and then had a wild skid out of her Memmel turn. Just looks rushed overall. Needs to calm down a bit. Double layout, hop back. Switch to tour jeté half. Unfortunately the feed cut out again before her last pass. Must have hit it because she moves into first place with a 14.2 (6.1, 8.100)!!

7:59 pm. Ooh, a 13.466 for Julia Soares on floor! Good for her. Looked like she went OOB. 5.5 D, 8.066 E.

7:58 pm. OH PHEW it came back, they weren’t kicking me out. I missed all of Julia Soares on floor, though.

7:57 pm. I have a “broadcast is waiting for a signal” message on my video, which just froze. NOOOOO! We’ll see what I can do, I know there are people in the crowd streaming, so I’ll look for them.

7:56 pm. Anina Wildi SUI UB: Got the Tkachev and Pak around nicely and landed the double tuck with just a step back.

7:52 pm. Carolyne Pedro BRA FX: Mostly clean double tuck from this angle, hop back. Switch to tour jeté half, floaty! Really messy in the air on the double full but the landing is fine. Switch half. Double pike with her chest forward and a step back. 12.833

7:50 pm. Just wrapping up the touch for the second rotation. Rifda Irfanaluthfi had a really nice Yurchenko full in the first rotation, by the way!

7:46 pm. Carolyne Pedro BRA BB: Lovely switch to tour jeté. Off on her bhs loso. Hit the rest, but this is such a bummer. Brazil will still count mostly decent scores, nothing below a mid 12, but I think they really needed at least two high 13s to push them ahead of some teams that are otherwise stronger. This was supposed to be their secret weapon. 11.4 for her.

7:45 pm. Very long wait for Flavia Saraiva’s beam score. Judges are like how do we get her into the final anyway? Ends up with a 12.9, currently 12th.

7:43 pm. Anna-Lena König GER FX: I aught it from the 2.5, lots of leg form in the air and a step forward. Oh, that was the end.

7:42 pm. Karina Schönmaier hit floor! Three solid hits for Germany is a good thing even if they won’t be up among the very top teams. Watch them do what Japan did and completely blow my mind.

7:39 pm. Flavia Saraiva BRA BB: Back handspring mount to split jump to Korbut, maybe a little tiny bit slow between the first two but nothing serious. Roundoff layout, mayyyybe a little short on the layout, but again, it’s not bad. Full turn with a slight adjustment. Off on the bhs loso loso. They cut away for a bit and then showed her hitting the double pike with a step back.

7:37 pm. Brisa Carraro ARG UB: Came off on the low bar on the pirouette. She’s been dealing with back pain and is only doing bars and beam today. Everything else looked clean for the most part, Pak, Maloney, piked Jaeger, and hit the dismount.

7:36 pm. Rebeca Andrade BRA BB: We missed most of this on the stream. Caught it from the full turn, which was lovely. Step back on the double pike. Looks happy so that’s a good sign! 13.400 (5.8, 7.600)

7:35 pm. Lea Marie Quaas GER FX: Big bounce back on the double pike. Gets the triple wolf turn around and hit her second pass and leap series with no major deductions. Hit the double full at the end. Good work!

7:34 pm. Ana Karina Mendez PER VT: Handspring front pike with a small hop back.

7:33 pm. Julia Soares BRA BB: Only saw her double pike dismount unfortunately. Only a 12.466, she looked a bit sad coming off so I’m not surprised.

7:31 pm. Emma Malewski GER FX: Split jump full. Little hop back on the double tuck. Almost the prettiest triple spin ever, just a little iffy at the very end but the first 2.5 rotations were GORGEOUS. Switch ring to switch half I think, I already forgot. Steps forward on the front layout full. Double wolf turn. Double full, legs are crossed almost at her knees, gets the landing.

7:29 pm. Touch warmups starting now for Argentina, Brazil, and Germany in the team situation, as well as individuals from Indonesia, Peru, and Switzerland.

7:23 pm. Shilese Jones and Jade Carey hold on to to the top two in the all-around after seven subdivisions, but Rebeca Andrade is coming up next!

Ou Yushan is currently third, with Miyata Shoko jumping into fourth after the last rotation, ahead of Naomi Visser in fifth, Ellie Black in sixth, Jordan Chiles in seventh, and Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos in eighth.

7:20 pm. Subdivision 7 Team Standings

1. United States 167.263
2. Japan 162.564
3. China 162.064
4. France 161.428
5. Canada 159.661
6. Netherlands 159.396
7. Australia 156.095
8. Belgium 156.063

7:15 pm. I wish we got to see basically ANY of Japan on the stream, or really anything but their floor. We missed so much. But I can’t get over how well they did. Coming in with very low expectations for a team only to see them upset literally almost every other team there is just incredible. Good for them for proving me wildly wrong. I had them imploding on beam and coming in at like…a 155-156 lol.


162.564. AND the highest beam score of the entire competition so far with a 40.766. This team has officially blown my mind today.

7:08 pm. Aneta Holasova CZE UB: Hit a full pirouette on the low bar, then Maloney to bail to toe shoot, blind change to straddle Jaeger, and double layout with a hop. Great work from her today on everything I saw!

7:05 pm. Eve de Ruiter NED VT: Yurchenko full with a couple of steps back.

Netherlands will finish ahead of Australia with or without this vault after a 13.8 from Thorsdottir, 13.366 from Visser, and 13.2 from Volleman!

7:03 pm. Ada Hautala FIN FX: Front through to double tuck went well. The rest was nice. Glad to see her put up a strong one here after being a little inconsistent this season!

Sakaguchi Ayaka gave us a hit on beam! 13.466. She’s typically their strongest, among those on this team anyway, so that’s a great start from them. We’ll see how the others follow up! I think the final is well within reach even with mistakes, though.

7:02 pm. Naomi Visser NED VT: Yurchenko full, pretty clean, solid on the landing, just not a ton of power.

6:59 pm. Sani Mäkelä FIN FX: Really nice on the double tuck and hop L to switch half. Front tuck through to a solid double full. Gets a Y turn around with a bit of a shuffle, heel may have dropped. Split jump full maybe a little short? Just a layout for the last pass. Good routine.

FYI, Netherlands counted a 13.666 from Visser, a 13.2 from Volleman, and a 12.466 from Thorsdottir with the fall.

6:58 pm. Japan will drop a 12.566 on bars from Miyata, but they’ll count Fukasawa’s 13.5, Watanabe’s 13.233, and Yamada’s 13.666! This team is exceeding my expectations on every event by one billion percent. They’re similar to the U.S. team in strengths and weaknesses, and with them also ending on beam I have a little fear in my heart…but I am dying for them to prove me wrong and make the final.

6:55 pm. Eve de Ruiter NED FX: They cut to her just as she was sitting something on floor. Really pretty and kind of balletic in her turns and in some of her arm carriage. But maybe a bit too much arm waving.

6:53 pm. Kaia Tanskanen FIN BB: Had kind of a wild fall on her wolf turn, dropped to her butt on the beam and then flew off entirely. Then nailed a triple flight series. Casual. Switch to switch side had a big bobble, adjustment on the side somi.

6:49 pm. Eythora Thorsdottir NED FX: Split jump full. Triple full to front tuck, directionally this was a bit wild but she pulled it out. Double L to double spin to Memmel to illusion, PHEW, get it queen. Double tuck went well. Ugh, 2.5 to punch front, ends up coming out really low and does a tuck, which she sits.

6:47 pm. Miyata Shoko JPN UB: Straddle Jaeger, arched over the handstand after, Church to Pak, really had to muscle the next handstand and couldn’t make it to the Maloney, does a toe-on then Maloney to Gienger, blind full was a bit rushed, and a full-in with a small hop. She’s cracking up hahaha, she seems wild, I love her. 12.933

6:45 pm. Watanabe Hazuki JPN UB: Maloney to bail, arched over and nearly came off but fought really well.

Naomi Visser NED FX: Hit the triple full to front tuck. Switch side into the corner before some choreo and then the double full, some ankle form and a hop. Double tuck had slow rotation but she knocked out the landing.

Yamada Chiharu of Japan brought in a 13.666 on bars! This team might actually make the final?!

6:42 pm. Aneta Holasova CZE VT: Hit a Yurchenko 1.5! Awesome upgrade for her, the full was starting to look easy! Could use a bit of tightening up but not bad. Step back on the landing.

6:40 pm. Unfortunately the Netherlands wasn’t able to pull out a solid beam rotation, and they’ll end up counting an 11.666 from Eythora Thorsdottir, along with a 12.533 from Tisha Volleman and a 12.733 from Naomi Visser. At least bars and beam will balance each other out?

6:35 pm. Lahna Salem ALG FX: Double pike with a hop back. Good landing on the double tuck. Switch to tour jeté half, really short on the latter, likely won’t get credit. 1.5 to front layout, legs are pretty straddled in the air and she ends up short, sits it.

Naomi Visser NED BB: Could see her hitting the layout stepout mount in the background of floor.

6:34 pm. Sani Mäkelä FIN UB: Had a fall that we missed, just saw her remounting. Caught the straddle Jaeger and got the blind full, then we cut away again. Fun!

6:33 pm. Only saw the dismount from Eve de Ruiter on beam, but looks like Eythora Thorsdottir unfortunately only went 11.666.

6:30 pm. Miyata Shoko JPN VT: Nailed this landing on her Yurchenko double! Does a fist pump when she hits it. Knees in the air could be tighter but what this team lacks in form, they make up for in killing it so far today. 14.300

6:28 pm. Aneta Holasova CZE FX: Skids on the Memmel turn, but gets a GREAT landing on the double layout! 1.5 to front layout with some steps forward. Switch to tour jeté half, looked solid to me. Hop back on the double tuck. Switch half was good. Double pike a little buckled with a hop forward, but she looks to be in her best shape all year so far!

6:26 pm. Kaia Tanskanen FIN UB: Toe full (leg form breaks), Pak, Maloney, then we cut away.

Sakaguchi Ayaka JPN VT: Got the Yurchenko double around really well! Some knee form but solid overall.

6:25 pm. Tisha Volleman NED BB: Got the front front acro series and everything else I saw. Gainer dismount at the end looked stuck!

6:21 pm. Didn’t see much of the Netherlands on the stream but this team CRUSHED it on bars?! Eythora Thorsdottir with 13.833, Naomi Visser with 14.4, and Sanna Veerman FINALLY gets a HUGE HIT on a major international stage to get a 14.533 (currently 5th)!!!! 42.766 total is second only to China!!!

6:16 pm. Watanabe Hazuki JPN FX: Double back to start went well, then a 2.5 to front pike, some form in the 2.5. Got a triple spin around from the looks of it. Small hop on the 1.5 to front full. Stuck the double full on her heels at the end, again form in the air, but this was an excellent rotation for Japan.

6:14 pm. Ada Hautala FIN VT: Yurchenko full, big stumble forward on the landing.

Vault looked pretty rough for Finland overall? Yurchenko 1.5 for Maisa Kuusikko went 13.233, and both Sani Mäkelä and Kaia Tanskanen, who also have 1.5s, scored even lower.

6:11 pm. Naomi Visser NED UB: Again jumped in too late for me to start typing but she hit everything I saw and had a smile after dismounting.

Miyata Shoko JPN FX: Love her opening choreo and expression. Full-twisting double layout, soft form throughout her hips and knees but snuck the landing around. Whip whip through to 2.5, again, some form, but the landing was solid. 1.5 to front full had a hop forward. Switch leap, very nice, to tour jeté half. Double pike, chest down but solid on the landing.

Just saw Aneta Holasova hit her layout stepout mount on beam in the background! Looks like she also got her flight series and the front aerial, check on the latter. Big break at the hips on the full turn.

6:10 pm. Fatma Zohra Boukhatem ALG BB: Had a break at the hips on her full turn and also was a little iffy on the side somi.

Maisa Kuusikko FIN VT: Only showed her second vault, a tsuk tuck full. Some form but got the landing.

6:08 pm. Yamada Chiharu JPN FX: Stumbled a bit on the Memmel turn but got the whip to double tuck and then triple full around! Some form, but really solid on both landings. Switch ring through to split ring leap, pretty good, couldn’t see if the split was great on the latter. 1.5 to front full with a nice landing. Double pike with her chest forward and a bounce back. Big hit!

6:07 pm. Sakaguchi Ayaka JPN FX: Only saw the last pass from her, a 2.5. Scored a 13.066.

Tisha Volleman NED UB: We jumped into this before I could start typing but everything I saw looked good, and she looked happy with it!

6:06 pm. Lahna Salem ALG BB: Love this green leo she has on. Front aerial, really kinda shoved that over to her feet. Hit the flight series after but then we cut away.

6:05 pm. Touch warmups are wrapping up shortly.

5:55 pm. Finland, Japan, and the Netherlands coming up next! Featuring individuals from Algeria and the Czech Republic.

4:35 pm. Next subdivision is at 5 pm local time, which is 6 pm my time (I’m in Spain heyyy!) and 12 pm ET!

4:30 pm. Subdivision 6 Team Standings

1. United States 167.263
2. China 162.064
3. France 161.428
4. Canada 159.661
5. Australia 156.095
6. Belgium 156.063
7. South Korea 153.363
8. Hungary 152.296
9. Mexico 150.962
10. Spain 149.162
11. Sweden 147.529
12. Ukraine 142.729

4:26 pm. Coline Devillard’s score for the rudi is a 14.433, and the team ends up with a 161.428, just about six tenths back from China! Pretty excellent considering it wasn’t a perfect day.

4:24 pm. Ahtziri Sandoval MEX FX: Double layout to start, then front layout full through to double tuck, short there with a stumble, but solid and ambitious pass! Hit the rest from what I could see, double full, and double pike.

4:23 pm. Coline Devillard FRA VT: Looked like just a small-ish stumble on her rudi, got some nice air though!

Camille Rasmussen DEN BB: Lovely bhs loso! Check on the full turn. Clean side somi. Cross straddle jump with a slight adjustment. Side aerial was a bit low with her chest down. Cut away from her after that.

4:21 pm. Haven’t seen almost any of France on vault. Looks like they still have Coline Devillard to go. Aline Friess just put up a 13.666 for her rudi, so I assume it was problematic but not a fall.

4:18 pm. Caitlin Rooskrantz RSA BB: Nice switch leap mount. Side aerial. Unfortunately really short on the bhs loso, and as she pulled her shoulders back, it caused her to skid and come off the beam. Connected a Korbut out of her jumps but caught it crooked, big adjustment.

4:17 pm. Annalise Newman-Achee TTO UB: We jumped in as she was remounting before her dismount, a double tuck, which she did to her knees. I wonder if they were able to raise the high bar for her here? They wouldn’t at Commonwealth Games and it caused her lots of problems, wasn’t able to do releases, etc.

4:16 pm. Ahtziri Sandoval MEX FX: Solid full-in. Switch full to straddle jump. Switch to tour jeté half. Front full, big step crosses over. Full turn. Double back was a little weak on the landing at the end. Overall a hit!

4:15 pm. Carolann Heduit FRA VT: Yurchenko double, some leg form and a step on the landing.

4:12 pm. Cassandra Loustalot MEX FX: Solid full-in to start. Front tuck through to double full, good landing. Switch to tour jeté half to straddle full, YES! Nice control. Double tuck with a slight hop. Switch full. Double pike. Excellent work! She’s making her worlds debut at 22. Only international experience before this were Pac Rims in 2016 and a world cup in 2018. 12.633!

4:11 pm. Moving into the final rotation for this group!

4:07 pm. Keep seeing only beam dismounts from Mexico, a couple of double pikes from the last two who went. Their top score came from Cassandra Loustalot with a 12.533.

4:05 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA FX: Full-in to start with a hop. Split jump full. Front layout through to double tuck, a little forward with a hop back. Switch ring to switch full, kind of. Good double pike, and then an illusion turn to finish. Mostly nice work. 13.266

4:02 pm. Aline Friess FRA FX: Double front was a little low but she got the landing in the end. Front layout to front full was clean. Clean double tuck to finish as well. 13.1

4:04 pm. Naveen Daries RSA UB: Caught a straddle Jaeger and bail, and got the layout double full dismount to her feet. Hit routine!

4:01 pm. Caitlin Rooskrantz RSA UB: Lovely first handstand, shaposh to Pak, some leg separation. Great handstand before the van Leeuwen, separation there as well. Blind change to piked Jaeger, nice height on that. Big clean Ray. Blind full had tiny form breaks. Cut away after that!!!

3:58 pm. Carolann Heduit FRA FX: Jumped in during some of her choreo. Arabian double front had a pretty good landing, just a small shuffle forward. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Double tuck with a small hop back. Switch leaps into a switch half. Double pike was a little deep with a hop. I think we just missed her first pass maybe? 13.166

Before her, Marine Boyer had a 13.3.

3:55 pm. Paulina Campos MEX BB: Had a wobble just simply turning herself around, also a little wobbly on a side somi. Cut away from her for a minute, looked like she missed her foot on the 1.5 dismount but still got it around. 11.066

I didn’t see Camille Rasmussen vault in the last rotation but looks like her Yurchenko double earned a 13.733.

3:53 pm. Even with counting a fall and a beam grab, France has the fourth-best beam score of the 11 teams that have done it so far, which is kind of hilarious.

3:49 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA BB: Off on her layout series. This is uh-ohs-ville. Switch leap, paused before switch half. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring. The rest was nice, including what looked like a stuck double pike. 12.533, not the end of the world.

Ooh, Marine Boyer went 13.666 at least!

3:47 pm. This stream HATES France. Keeps cutting to them for one second and then immediately cutting away. Only saw the dismount for Marine Boyer, a strong double pike.

Mariana Parente POR FX: Just saw the end, but no big mistakes or anything.

I know we should be praising the lord to have a stream but hey on-the-fly editors – find a gymnast, and STICK WITH HER UNTIL THE ROUTINE IS DONE.

3:45 pm. Live scores are being really annoying!

Ahtziri Sandoval MEX UB: Wasn’t typing during this but she had an awesome set! No major mistakes and a really nice skill level with strong connections. Looked really happy on the dismount!

Paulina Campos before her had a 12.066.

3:42 pm. Aline Friess FRA BB: Hit her jump series and then layout series, maybe a little piked there. Front tuck, ugh, too far forward and she grabs the beam. 12.266

I didn’t see Carolann Heduit’s routine before her, but did see that she came in low on the dismount and looked like she put her hands down. Only a 12.033 there.

3:39 pm. Annalise Newman Achee TTO FX: Did some great work here, including a big 2.5. Love her leo and how she worked Trinidad’s flag into it.

Naveen Daries RSA VT: Yurchenko full, had to pike it a bit to get it around.

3:34 pm. In addition to De Jesus Dos Santos with a 14.4, France got a 13.466 from Carolann Heduit, 13.233 from Aline Friess, and 12.8 from Marine Boyer, making for a very nice 41.099 team total.

Mexico pulled in a 39.065 on vault.

3:33 pm. Natalia Escalera MEX VT: Tsuk full, very nice on the landing!

3:30 pm. Freja Petersen DEN FX: Double pike with a hop back OOB. Front full, some leg form and a hop. Slow double tuck, crashed hard onto her head but she seems okay enough to finish her dance.

3:29 pm. Ahtziri Sandoval MEX VT: Nailed the handspring front layout half! Really solid on the landing.

3:28 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA UB: We jumped into this routine just as she was struggling a bit on her front giant sequence at the end. Looked like she hit the dismount. The rest must have been good – she goes 14.400! That moves her into fifth place.

3:26 pm. Camille Rasmussen DEN FX: OKAY we see you with the huge double layout!!! Front tuck through to double full with a little hop back. Looked like a switch to tour jeté half leap pass. Full turn. Pretty solid double tuck. Switch full at the end. Fabulous!

3:25 pm. Carolann Heduit FRA UB: Weiler half to Maloney to Ricna, a little bit of form after catching but doesn’t cause any problems, Ray, same thing after the catch, she just does a weird bend in her legs. I think a Pak and van Leeuwen after that, I’m going from memory though, and she hit the double front dismount a little deep but didn’t look like she moved her feet.

3:23 pm. Mariana Parente POR BB: Jumped into this a second late, hit some acro that I saw and a then a really nice triple wolf turn! Good on the 1.5 dismount as well.

I saw one pass from Caitlin Rooskrantz on floor earlier, by the way, a 1.5 to front full. We just cut to Naveen Daries for literally the salute at the end of her routine, and nothing else.

Haven’t seen France on bars yet!

3:22 pm. Cinthia Ruiz MEX VT: Went for a Yurchenko 1.5 but was a little rough around the edges and ended up sitting it, sadly.

3:21 pm. Cassandra Loustalot MEX VT: Handspring front pike, landed a little forward with a hop from the looks of it.

3:19 pm. So excited to finally be able to live blog! We’ve got France and Mexico coming in the sixth subdivision, as well as individuals from Denmark, Luxembourg, Portugal, South Africa, and Trinidad & Tobago.


26 thoughts on “2022 World Championships | Women’s Qualifications Subdivisions 6-10 Live Blog

  1. I
    In your earlier message you included Korea among the bubble teams, with your comment “I’m also really into South Korea.” That calls for a followup. So, then how did Korea do? With official channels silent on qualification results, You’re our only source for such information.


    • South Korea scored a 153, which is already out of the top eight. If you’re looking for specific scores/info, she didn’t cover that subdivision in this post, but you can find more details on Twitter or other bloggers. I believe Spencer and Jessica (aka Balance Beam Situation and Gymcastic) are both in the arena and are able to provide information beyond just the tenuous streams.


    • South Korea ended up having one of its top AAers only able to do bars in qualifications due to an injury, and between that and beam being a bit of a disaster, they fell about 5 points short of what they were capable of. I think they could have been in the same range as Australia and Belgium had the team been fully healthy, and maybe a little higher even. Probably not the team final, but even with not everything going to plan today, the team’s 13th place finish was the best for South Korea since 1987, when they finished 10th.


      • I’m at home on my wifi and it appears that the stream has just ended shy of two hours and no-one has tried to get it going again, by the looks of things. Feels fitting for it to be a shambles being hosted in my home country!!


    • I’m in the arena. She was helped off the podium after vault and limping. Hopefully just a precaution. Nothing looked wrong with her vault landing. But she hopped straight away ☹️. Will be devastated if she can’t do floor finals.


      • Aww, that’s very sad. One of the coaches said she downgraded her bars dismount as well, and they’re not sure quite what the extent of her injury is or whether she’ll be able to continue in team or individual finals. I hope she’s okay!


  2. Thank you for trying so hard to love blog this despite the stream being a nightmare!
    Just so you know, assuming you’re using local time for Liverpool your times are all 1 hour out because the UK changed from daylight savings to normal GMT+0 at 2am this morning.


  3. A lot of problems on beam today and that shook up team scores quite a bit – not even one athlete hit 14+!

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the finals when teams can’t toss a score since hit rates are so low.

    If Flavia is injured, Brazil has no hope. Flavia not making beam and Rebecca not making vault finals really sucks.


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