2022 World Championships | Men’s Team Final Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the men’s team final at the 2022 World Championships, held in Liverpool, England!

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9:31 pm. Final Standings

1. China 257.858
2. Japan 253.395
3. Great Britain 247.229
4. Italy 245.995
5. United States 245.692
6. Spain 244.027
7. Brazil 241.362
8. South Korea 232.828

9:28 pm. Donnell Whittenburg USA FX: 13.466 (6.3, 7.166)

Caio Souza BRA SR: 13.933 (6.0, 7.933)

9:26 pm. Hashimoto Daiki JPN HB: Goes for the full-twisting Tkachev and has a VERY hard fall. Back on for a Cassina, Kolman, layout Tkachev, Tak full finished nearly under the bar, stalder, hop full, and a double double layout, deep but stuck. 13.133 (5.7, 7.433)

9:24 pm. Yumin Abbadini ITA PH: Starts out beautifully with super extended flair work, but then muscled into the handstand for his pirouette into the dismount and crashes. I’m going to die.

Lucas Bitencourt BRA SR: 12.966 (5.2, 7.766)

9:23 pm. Jake Jarman GBR HB: Layout Tkachev and straddle after, both solid, blind change is a little crooked, Tak, opens out of that nicely, does a lot of front giants before the Endo, turns around for the stalder, and a full-twisting double layout with a hop.

9:21 pm. Zhang Boheng CHN FX: I can’t even pay attention because the whole crowd just screamed and I think it’s because Italy fell on pommels. So far so good for him though, I started typing at the randi side pass, front double full to barani, clean on both. Small hop on the triple full. 14.266 (5.8, 8.466)

9:19 pm. Kamoto Yuya JPN HB: Tak half to Layout Tkachev, big Cassina, Kolman caught a little weirdly but nothing major, Tkachev, toe-on to stalder, blind change, front inbar to handstand, double double layout, a little close to the bar with a couple of baby steps back but this was mostly nice. 14.200 (6.0, 8.200)

Lee Junho KOR SR: 13.166 (5.0, 8.166)

Joel Plata ESP PH: 13.133 (5.4, 7.733)

Brody Malone USA FX: 12.866 (5.6, 7.266)

9:17 pm. Nicola Bartolini ITA PH: Lovely work throughout, just little form things here and there with his hips mostly, but leg shape is very nice, beautiful routine overall. 12.766 (4.7, 8.066)

Diogo Soares BRA SR: 13.033 (4.5, 8.533)

9:15 pm. Joe Fraser GBR HB: Tak half to Kolman, amazing, huge Cassina, big layout Tkachev as well, beautiful in the air, Zou Li Min, Tak full finishes under the bar, stalder, and a double double layout with some leg form and a step forward. 14.000 (5.8, 8.200)

9:13 pm. Yang Jiaxing CHN FX: Clean 2.5 to front layout. Couldn’t tell if the second pass had 1.5 or 2.5 twists, I’m tired, but it was solid. Clean double full. Great triple full to finish. 14.200 (5.7, 8.500)

Ryu Sunghyun KOR SR: 13.200 (5.0, 8.200)

Thierno Diallo ESP PH: 13.533 (6.0, 7.533)

9:11 pm. Doi Ryosuke JPN HB: Cassina, stalder 1.5, Tak full was very nice! Tak half, Kolman, hop full, German giants open out nicely to handstand, and a double double layout with a little bobble on the landing! 14.700 (6.4, 8.300)

Asher Hong USA FX: 13.933 (6.0, 8.233, -0.3)

9:10 pm. Carlo Macchini ITA PH: Good start for him. Mostly clean throughout, just minor things and a muscle to the dismount but he’s VERY happy with that. 13.300 (5.0, 8.300)

Nestor Abad ESP PH: 11.633 (4.4, 7.233)

9:09 pm. James Hall GBR HB: Cassina and Kolman go well. Tkachev is caught, blind change to Tak full, a little stuck in handstand there and saves it from going over into the wrong direction, Tak half, stalder, full-twisting double layout with a couple of steps back. Really strong start! 13.700 (5.5, 8.200)

9:08 pm. Sun Wei CHN FX: He started before I could type, but had a hit routine, just not the greatest landings at every turn. Loved his little bow at the end. 13.866 (5.3, 8.566)

9:06 pm. Based on team final scores at Euros for Italy on pommels and Great Britain on high bar, Italy can legitimately do this. I’m screaming internally.

9:01 pm. Rotation 5 Standings

1. China 215.526
2. Japan 211.362
3. Italy 207.629
4. Great Britain 206.429
5. Spain 205.728
6. United States 205.427
7. Brazil 201.430
8. South Korea 194.062

8:59 pm. Caio Souza BRA PH: 11.400 (5.4, 6.000)

Lee Junghyo KOR PH: 10.300 (5.2, 5.100)

8:57 pm. Joe Fraser GBR PB: Didn’t see the first two routines here but they both went 14+ though I think Regini-Moran had some mistakes, he was down at least half a point from quals. Front pike up to handstand is lovely to start, a little weird on a pirouette before a salto with a half turn, transition to the single rail was excellent, and back as well, everything else looked superb aside from one muscle up on a pirouette near the end, double front half, stuck! 15.000 (6.5, 8.500)!!

8:54 pm. Yang Jiaxing CHN HB: He caught his Cassina one-handed as one of his hands slipped off, and though he had to bend his knees while circling around, he managed to stay on! The rest of the routine was fine, hits the double double layout a bit low maybe but seemed stuck! 13.433 (5.6, 7.833)

Ryu Sunghyun KOR PH: 8.933 (5.2, 3.733)

Rayderley Zapata ESP FX: 13.933 (6.2, 8.033, -0.3)

Tanigawa Kakeru JPN PB: 14.300 (6.3, 8.000)

8:52 pm. Giarnni Regini-Moran GBR PB: 14.233 (6.4, 7.833)

Brody Malone USA HB: Seeing a replay, Cassina and Kolman go well, layout to straddle to piked Tkachevs, nice, blind change to Tak full, really late finish, Tak half is short, double double layout with a couple of steps back. 14.366 (6.3, 8.066)

8:51 pm. Nicola Bartolini ITA FX: Randi with a bit of a hop back. Piked double front half is gorgeous. Small hop on the double double. 1.5 to front double full with a little tiny adjustment hop out of it into his transition to the corner. Clean double full, that was stuck. Nice 2.5 to front layout, again a tiny bounce. Triple full, some ankles and a small hop to finish. 14.333 (5.9, 8.433)

8:49 pm. Joel Plata ESP FX: 13.966 (6.0, 7.966)

8:48 pm. Zhang Boheng CHN HB: Big Cassina and Kolman, German giants, literally what is happening in these, I’ll never know, stalder out of them, and a double double layout with a hop back. 14.433 (6.2, 8.233)

Kamoto Yuya JPN PB: Had a little bit of an issue with a pirouette at the start where he finished leaning forward, but cleaned up after that with some very nice turns, big straddle salto, clean double back. 14.766 (6.5, 8.266)

8:45 pm. Lucas Bitencourt BRA PH: Scissors at the start are maybe a little low but lifts them up on the second turn, bends his legs in the circles between the handle and horse, then has some leg separation that he fights through. Hip form could be tighter, but I say that about everyone, ugh, then while circling across the horse he got a bit low and his bum hit the handle, couldn’t recover from that, came off. Back on to finish strong into the dismount. 10.600 (4.7, 5.900)

Lorenzo Casali ITA FX: 13.700 (5.5, 8.200)

James Hall GBR PB: 14.033 (5.9, 8.133)

Colt Walker USA HB: 11.700 (5.3, 6.400)

8:44 pm. Nicolau Mir ESP FX: 13.866 (5.3, 8.566)

Sun Wei CHN HB: 14.666 (6.3, 8.366)

Kim Jaeho KOR PH: 12.333 (4.9, 7.433)

8:42 pm. Tanigawa Wataru JPN PB: Sorry, my brain can NOT do p-bars tonight, but this was a very nice hit, capped off with a stuck dismount! Fantastic work. 14.933 (6.3, 8.633)

8:39 pm. Diogo Soares BRA PH: ALL I WANT FROM THEM IS HITS! Starts well with the scissors, muscles a bit up into the Busnari and fights through it but then comes down out of it and hits the side of the horse, coming off. Back on for flairs, mostly nice, feet could be more extended, Russians across the horse, muscles into the dismount, gets that really well. Good comeback. 11.900 (4.7, 7.200)

Donnell Whittenburg USA HB: Tak full is a little late, and the Tak half as well but not as late, hop full, layout Tkachev, stalder 1.5 was a bit rough, Endo was very nice, Zou Li Min, Yamawaki, some form in his overall line, double double layout, wobbles a bit with a hop forward, but a great hit! 13.133 (5.4, 7.733)

8:38 pm. Yumin Abbadini ITA FX: Starts with a nice 2.5 to front layout and then a clean arabian double front. Double full is clean as well. Front full down the side, stuck that. Triple full, nice in the air, very nice, big hop to the side though. 13.733 (5.1, 8.633)

8:34 pm. Rotation 4 Standings

1. China 172.994
2. Brazil 167.530
3. Japan 167.363
4. United States 166.228
5. Italy 165.863
6. Spain 163.963
7. Great Britain 163.163
8. South Korea 162.496

8:31 pm. Colt Walker USA PB: Wasn’t typing but had some really nice handstand work, very controlled in pirouettes, no major mistakes but perhaps not as clean as quals? Tiny hop on the double front dismount. 14.366 (6.2, 8.166)

8:29 pm. Carlo Macchini ITA HB: Pegan! Good. Piked Kovacs, then a Kolman, very pretty, stalder, Rybalko finished at horizontal, Zou Li Min, Tak full was a bit late, gets the Tak half, hop full with some hip form, clean stuck full-twisting double layout! 14.300 (6.1, 8.200)

8:28 pm. Zou Jingyuan CHN PB: Wasn’t typing but this was beautiful! He’s everything. 15.766 (6.5, 9.266)

Arthur Mariano BRA FX: Lovely piked double front, small hop. Front double full to front tuck down to front support. 1.5 to front full is good. Great arabian double front to finish. 13.700 (5.3, 8.400)

8:24 pm. Joel Plata ESP HB: Zou Li Min, Tak half right to Kolman, nice, huge Cassina, layout Tkachev pikes a bit and ends up a little close, as does the straddle Tkachev after, Rybalko, Tak full finishes a little late, hop full, and a super clean full-twisting double layout, small hop. Lots of little things in there but this was great. 13.900 (6.2, 7.700)

Kim Hansol KOR FX: 13.133 (6.0, 7.133)

Hashimoto Daiki JPN VT: Oof, haven’t seen it yet, but rough score. Replay shows a kaz double, short in the rotation by a hair, and lands really low and kind of smushed down into the mat, big step to steady it. 13.866 (5.6, 8.566, -0.3)

8:23 pm. Brody Malone USA PB: Some very clean finishes to his pirouettes at the beginning, balked the one-arm pirouette, though, just had an empty swing before the one-arm pirouette, which was nice, but that’s a big mistake. Tippelt was very nice. Double front with a hop. 13.966 (6.0, 7.966)

8:22 pm. Courtney Tulloch GBR VT: handspring double front half, not super controlled on the landing, big lunge back. 14.500 (5.6, 8.900)

Zhang Boheng CHN PB: 14.366 (6.4, 7.966)

8:21 pm. Yumin Abbadini ITA HB: Endo, Tak full was late but pretty, Tak half to vertical, Kolman twisted a bit late but he got it around, stalder Tkachev caught really close, straddle Tkachev, hop full, toe-on, stalder, and a double double layout with a hop back. 13.633 (5.6, 8.033)

8:19 pm. Caio Souza BRA FX: Front full to double front, great landing. Second pass looked like a half-in full-out double tuck, love that. Front double full to front tuck full, a little iffy on that landing. 2.5 to front layout is good. Triple full, some ankles and a step back but another great routine for Brazil! 13.866 (5.6, 8.266)

Nestor Abad ESP HB: 13.133 (5.3, 7.833)

8:17 pm. Asher Hong USA PB: Wasn’t typing but another hit from him, he’s doing really well at these worlds, just his vaults have been a bit off. 14.533 (6.0, 8.533)

Ryu Sunghyun KOR FX: 13.766 (5.8, 8.066)

Tanigawa Wataru JPN VT: 14.766 (5.6, 9.166)

8:16 pm. Yuri Guimarães BRA FX: 14.366 (5.9, 8.466)

Jake Jarman GBR VT: Looks like a miss. Getting a replay now, kaz 2.5, comes out of it too low, flies forward to his hands. 13.733 (6.0, 8.033, -0.3)

8:14 pm. Matteo Levantesi ITA HB: Zou Li min was nice, also caught a couple of connected releases, Yamawaki was pretty, stalder, hop full, and a lovely double double layout with a small hop. 13.433 (5.4, 8.033)

8:13 pm. Doi Ryosuke JPN VT: Shewfelt, stuck! Wobbled on the landing a little so a balance deduction but his feet did not move! 14.700 (5.2, 9.500)

Nicolau Mir ESP HB: 12.466 (4.7, 7.766)

8:12 pm. You Hao CHN PB: Nice handstand at the start, double back with a beautiful catch and fluid transfer back up to handstand. Same with the back pike, some leg form on a half pirouette, gets a front half salto that looks like it could have been a little sharper, double pike, damn, he’s doing every salto. Tippelt is clean, great handstand before the double front half, hop on the landing. WELL. 14.666 (6.3, 8.366)

8:11 pm. Giarnni Regini-Moran GBR VT: Kaz double full, some leg separation on the pre-flight and some knees in the air, just takes a big lunge back to steady the landing. 14.600 (5.6, 9.000)

8:10 pm. Kim Jaeho KOR FX: Front full to front double full, also hit the first pass but I didn’t see what it was. Full-in with a medium bounce back. Clean double full. 2.5 to barani lands with a foot OOB. Triple full with a little step to the side. 13.400 (5.3, 8.200, -0.1)

8:06 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. China 127.996
2. Brazil 125.598
3. Italy 124.497
4. Spain 124.464
5. Japan 124.031
6. United States 123.363
7. South Korea 121.997
8. Great Britain 120.330

8:02 pm. Courtney Tulloch GBR SR: Planche through to maltese, inverted hang out to maltese, superb line on that, inverted pike with a swing through to double pikes to handstand, front pike through to iron cross, good giant to handstand, full-twisting double layout, some hip form but an excellent landing! 14.666 (6.1, 8.566)

8:00 pm. Joel Plata ESP PB: Loses himself a bit on a pirouette at the beginning, ends up crooked and moves his hands forward, pike up to handstand took a minute to muscle up, Makuts was fine, Tippelt was clean, double front half with some leg form but a solid landing. 14.266 (5.8, 8.466)

7:58 pm. Kamoto Yuya JPN SR: Inverted cross, arched and swung a bit on the handstand, the double layout swinging salto was a bit arched and sloppy, into a maltese, double double layout ends up a little messy and low. 14.233 (6.4, 7.833)

Matteo Levantesi ITA PB: Strong on the Tippelt and Bhavsar, also had a strong salto half element, double pike with a good landing, good routine overall! 14.266 (5.9, 8.366)

Lee Junho KOR HB: 12.500 (5.4, 7.100)

7:57 pm. Joe Fraser GBR SR: 14.033 (5.6, 8.433)

Sun Wei CHN VT: Kaz double, nice in the air but goes really crooked and lands with his legs in a giant mess, ends up taking a big lunge off the mat. 13.833 (5.6, 8.533, -0.3)

Diogo Soares BRA HB: Had a beautiful Kovacs and Kolman, and the layout and straddle Tkachevs were great as well. Stalder, full-twisting double layout, landing not quite there, but strong overall. 13.800 (5.7, 8.100)

7:56 pm. Nicolau Mir ESP PB: Hit everything I saw at the beginning, had an especially strong straddle salto, and hit the dismount with a step. 13.733 (5.9, 7.833)

7:55 pm. Asher Hong USA VT: Tsuk double tuck with form in the air and a big lunge back off the mat and OOB. 14.533 (6.0, 8.633, -0.1)

Nicola Bartolini ITA PB: 13.866 (5.1, 8.766)

Ryu Sunghyun KOR HB: 13.300 (5.1, 8.200)

7:52 pm. Hashimoto Daiki JPN SR: Maltese, swings through to inverted cross, shakes a bit, swinging saltos through to iron cross, swings through to another iron cross, inverted hang with a giant up to handstand, holds that well, front giant to handstand a little shakier but gets there, double double layout with a small step. 13.866 (5.9, 7.966)

Thierno Diallo ESP PB: 14.266 (6.1, 8.166)

7:51 pm. Caio Souza BRA HB: Hit everything at the beginning pirouette-wise, Kolman with some form, Cassina with major leg breaks, but catches! Layout Tkachev, blind change to Tak full, almost to vertical, into the Yamawaki to Gienger! Love, this is going so great for him with some form aside, double double layout with a big lunge back. 13.900 (6.3, 7.600)

James Hall GBR SR: 13.600 (5.2, 8.400)

Zhang Boheng CHN VT: Kaz double I think but his hand position on the block is very handspringy instead of a kaz? So could be a handspring randi. A little ambiguous in that sense but it’s very strong overall! 14.966 (5.6, 9.366)

7:50 pm. Yang Jiaxing CHN VT: Kaz double full, leg form in the air and a lunge back. 14.533 (8.933)

Colt Walker USA VT: Handspring randi, oof, ends it kind of low with massive lunges back. 13.900 (5.6, 8.400, -0.1)

Lorenzo Casali ITA PB: 13.933 (5.8, 8.133)

Kim Jaeho KOR HB: 13.033 (4.7, 8.333)

7:49 pm. Sorry, my apartment is apparently leaking into the one below and someone is bugging me at my door. I missed a few routines in there but am trying to catch up now!

7:44 pm. Arthur Mariano BRA HB: Layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to piked Tkachev, very nice. Hop full, blind change, and then he comes off on the full-twisting Jaeger. UGH. Tak full has some form, to Yamawaki, stalder, double double layout with a little hop.

7:43 pm. AHHH, MAG team standings two rotations in…

7:40 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Brazil 85.032
2. China 84.664
3. South Korea 83.164
4. Italy 82.432
5. Spain 82.199
6. Japan 81.832
7. United States 80.530
8. Great Britain 78.031

7:38 pm. Tanigawa Kakeru JPN PH: Didn’t see this routine but he only went 11.000.

7:37 pm. Donnell Whittenburg USA SR: Maltese through to iron cross, a bit swingy as he goes into handstand, salto elements up to maltese, inverted pike up to planche is super clean, arched a bit on the handstand after that, great landing on the double double layout dismount. 14.466 (6.0, 8.466)

7:35 pm. Lucas Bitencourt BRA PB: Muscled a couple of handstands early on, and then legs went super wild on a full pirouette. Got the Tippelt with no problems. Double pike with a hop. 13.633 (5.6, 8.033)

Zhang Boheng CHN SR: 14.133 (6.2, 7.933)

7:32 pm. Joe Fraser GBR GB: Had a mistake early on where he went up into handstand on the pommel, ended up dropping his hand down to the horse. Also lost his hips and legs shortly after that and again later on in the routine, I don’t know how he fought through either of those but it got MESSY, it probably would have been better for him to just fall? Finally on the third massive leg break he rolls over the table and comes off. Back on with some wild legs right away, muscles into the dismount. That was rough. 10.466 (5.6, 4.866)

7:29 pm. Doi Ryosuke JPN PH: Oof, he came off right away! Looked like in his circles on the single pommels, he was leaning super far back while in the circle and couldn’t get it around. Gets it when he remounts, speeds up into the Russians across the horse, travels in circles back and forth, handstand into the pirouette dismount was strong. 13.033 (5.6, 7.433)

Asher Hong USA SR: 14.033 (5.9, 8.133)

Nicola Bartolini ITA VT: 14.600 (5.2, 9.400)

Caio Souza BRA PB: 14.600 (6.0, 8.600)

7:27 pm. You Hao CHN SR: I keep missing the start of routines, but he had the double straight salto in his routine, a beautiful iron cross, arched slightly on a handstand at the end, and hit the double double layout with a big step back. 14.633 (6.5, 8.133)

Jake Jarman GBR PH: 12.566 (5.1, 7.466)

Rayderley Zapata ESP VT: Sadly sat his handspring double front. 12.533 (5.2, 7.633, -0.3)

Ryu Sunghyun KOR PH: 13.733 (5.6, 8.133)

7:25 pm. Brody Malone USA SR: 13.766 (5.9, 7.866)

Lorenzo Casali ITA VT: 14.533 (5.6, 8.933)

7:23 pm. Hashimoto Daiki JPN PH: Really excellent flairs with literally no pause into the scissors up to handstand. Moves well on the single handle, travels across in Russians, then goes back into flairs to travel back and forth, slightly bent elbows up into the handstand pirouette for the dismount, but very good work from him! 14.433 (6.0, 8.433)

Joel Plata ESP VT: 14.666 (5.6, 9.066)

7:22 pm. Kim Jaeho KOR PB: Walked out of one pirouette, but the beginning was mostly very nice. Tippelt was very nicely controlled. One-arm pirouette out of it, arched over on a half pirouette after that, double pike with a hop back. 13.733 (5.4, 8.333)

7:21 pm. Zou Jingyuan CHN SR: Sorry, wasn’t typing again, but everything here was very strong! 14.866 (6.3, 8.566)!

Matteo Levantesi ITA VT: Handspring double front, a bit cowboyed, lands OOB with a large step forward. 13.800 (5.2, 8.900, -0.3)

7:19 pm. James Hall GBR PH: Wasn’t typing but he had some mistakes halfway through his routine that he fought through, but then another mistake that threw him off completely, unfortunately. 12.200 (5.6, 6.600)

Nicolau Mir ESP VT: 14.100 (5.2, 9.000, -0.1)

7:17 pm. I can’t wait until the annual “people declaring Brazil a medalist four rotations in” party only to scream when they get to pommels.

7:13 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Japan 43.366
2. Brazil 42.799
– Great Britain 42.799
4. South Korea 42.232
5. China 41.032
6. Spain 40.900
7. Italy 39.499
8. United States 38.265

7:10 pm. Jake Jarman GBR FX: Big triple double to start. Double double then is also really solid. 2.5 to front layout to barani. Triple full down the side is casual, some form on everything so far but nothing super severe. Front full to randi landed well, and a 3.5 to finish, again with the form on everything but this was killer. 14.433 (6.3, 8.133)

7:08 pm. Kim Hansol KOR VT: Handspring randi ends up really low with a massive step forward off the mat. 13.666 (5.6, 8.366, -0.3)

Rayderley Zapata ESP SR: 13.600 (5.5, 8.166)

Yang Jiaxing CHN PH: I saw some of this, he had some MASSIVE form breaks at one part that followed him through a couple of skills but miraculously stayed on for a hit! 13.433 (5.7, 7.733)

Doi Ryosuke JPN FX: 14.366 (6.2, 8.166)

7:06 pm. Stephen Nedoroscik USA PH: Everything really nice at the beginning. Hips could be a bit more extended in his hips throughout, lost some leg form with bent and separated knees on a skill at the end of the horse, but brought everything back together instantly and cleaned up again into the dismount for a hit! 12.966 (5.1, 7.866)

He says after on camera: “sometimes it happens but glad I stayed on for my team.”

7:03 pm. Giarnni Regini-Moran GBR FX: Triple double had a big step back OOB, but the double double was better. 2.5 went a bit low and long into the front layout but he got THAT into a rudi, love that pass, clean double full side pass. Piked double front half, CASUAL, hit the pass after that, not sure what it was, I only saw the landing was good, and the triple full had some crossed legs but a solid landing.

Yuri Guimarães BRA FX: Really deep landing on the handspring double front. 13.733 (5.2, 8.533)

7:02 pm. Zhang Boheng CHN PH: Wasn’t typing during this but he’s looked great in everything I’ve seen, SO fluid today, tiniest form break on one element and piked his hips a bit as he lost steam near the end, but had absolutely no struggle into the handstand for the dismount, super solid. 13.966 (5.7, 8.266)

7:00 pm. Hashimoto Daiki JPN FX: Triple double, deep with a hop forward. Double double, better chest position on the landing but he still hops. Front layout full to randi, clicks his heels together. Clean double full. Really nice 2.5 to front layout. Triple full to finish with a hop back. 14.500 (6.0, 8.500)

Lee Junho KOR VT: 14.300 (5.2, 9.100)

Matteo Levantesi ITA SR: 13.166 (4.7, 8.466)

Nestor Abad ESP SR: 13.800 (5.3, 8.500)

6:58 pm. Brody Malone USA PH: Scissors with turns went well, one-arm swing and then good in his circles on the single pommel, also works well when he transitions between the handle and the horse, some leg breaks when traveling, and his hips start to close a bit, but UGH, doesn’t get anywhere near handstand, just kind of rolls off of his shoulders instead and off the horse. That’s rough. Gets back up and does just the dismount to finish. 11.733 (5.8, 5.933)

6:57 pm. Joel Plata ESP SR: Just hit a really great routine with a stuck double double! 13.500 (5.0, 8.500)

6:56 pm. Sun Wei CHN PH: 13.633 (6.1, 7.533)

6:55 pm. Arthur Mariano BRA VT: Yurchenko 2.5 with a step forward and a smile on the landing. 14.566 (5.2, 9.366)

Asher Hong USA PH: 13.566 (5.6, 7.966)!

Kim Jaeho KOR VT: Kaz 1.5 with a big hop forward, but very nice in the air. 14.266 (5.2, 9.066)

6:53 pm. Yumin Abbadini ITA SR: Presses out to planche, shaky as he swings out of that to handstand, salto elements through to L sit, swinging a bit. Double double dismount with a step back. 13.033 (4.7, 8.333)

6:51 pm. Tanigawa Kakeru JPN FX: Piked double front half with a tiny bounce back. Front double full to front layout. Double double, a bit low with his chest but stuck cold. 2.5 to front full down the length of the floor, casual. Arabian double front half, a bit low and deep there, but again, his feet barely budge. 14.400 (5.7, 8.700)

6:49 pm. Athletes have marched in and are beginning the touch warmup now!


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        I think I’m traumatised from watching Joe’s pommels.

        Too much stress for one competition!


  1. Since Japan & China’s scoring system for domestic events are not much different from FIG, I think I can give my perspective about their gymnasts’ performances tonight. Many have applauded China for being so smooth & consistent, as well as feeling sorry for Japan for missing the gold after such high Q score (260.695 compares to China’s 257.858 in final). But the truth is both team had 9 underperformed routines, & here’s the details for each gymnast under 22-24 CoP:

    – Sūn Wěi: On FX, he has good routine would score high 13, & he got 14.000 in September, so 13.866 is inform. On PH, his ability could reach mid 14, so 13.633 is not a satisfying performance. On VT, Sun got 14.900 twice in September, hence he also underperformed tonight with 13.833. On HB, 14.666 is a good result as he usually has consistent routine from mid to high 14.
    – Yáng Jiāxìng: On FX, his highest score was 14.300, so 14.200 is great. On PH, his ability could reach low 14, hence 13.433 is not him being inform. On VT, 14.533 is a good result as he usually has consistent routine from mid to high 14. On HB, Yang also underperformed as 13.433 is lower than his usual high 13 to mid 14 score.
    – Yóu Hào: On SR, he underperformed with 14.633, lower than his high 14 to low 15 usual. On PB, 14.866 is also an unsatisfying result as his ability is around mid 15.
    – Zhāng Bóhéng: On FX, he usually got around mid 14 so 14.266 is a little bit underperformed. On PH, 13.966 is him being inform as his routines were consistent with low 14. On SR, it’s the same case with FX as his 14.133 is a little lower than his usual scores around mid 14. On VT, 14.966 is only 0.37 lower than his highest score of 15.000, the jump is excellent. On PB, 14.366 is really an underperformed routine as his usual were low to mid 15. On HB, 14.433 is a little bit lower than his ability of reaching high 14.
    – Zōu Jìngyuán: both routines are incredible. On SR, his best result was 15.000 & tonight he gets 14.866. On PB, he reaches the highest score of the year with a solid 15.766.

    – Ryōsuke Doi: his ability were around mid 14, twice reached 14.766, so 14.366 is quite good. On PH, a fall definitely costs great deduction as he only scored 13.033 compares to his usual low to mid 14. On VT & HB, Doi both gets 14.700 as his highest personal results of the year.
    – Daiki Hashimoto: On FX, he conducts a good routine of 14.500, only 0.233 less than his season best. On PH, his ability is around mid 14 & he got 14.433. On SR, Hashimoto usually reached low 14 but he once scored 14.433 (& that performance was actually better than others of his), so it’s a good result, but he could be better. On VT, 13.866 is absolutely not a good jump compares to his usual of high 14. On HB, a fall definitely costs great deduction as Hashimoto only scored 13.133, much lower than his ability of low to mid 15.
    – Yūya Kamoto: he underperformed in all of his 3 routines tonight. On SR, he only scored 14.233 compares to his ability of mid to high 14. On PB, 14.766 is quite lower than his several low-to-mid-15 performances this year. On HB, Kamoto’s good routine can reach mid to high 14, hence 14.200 is not an inform one.
    – Wataru Tanigawa: On SR, 14.100 is a good result as it’s only 0.166 lower his season best. On VT, Tanigawa a little bit underperformed with 14.766, given his ability could reach low 15. On PB, excellent performance with only 0.100 behind season best.
    – Kakeru Tanigawa: On FX, he reached his season best with 14.500. On PH, as Tanigawa reached low 15 twice this year, his 11.000 performance tonight is a disaster. On PB, his good routines usually score low to mid 15, unfortunately the dismount at the end makes him only score 14.300.

    Finally, I try to calculate for those routines which I think is underperformed, I replace them with the gymnast’s lowest score amongst his usual good ones this year. For example, Doi’s good PH routines were usually low to mid 14 with the lowest was 14.100, so I use it instead of his 13.033 performance tonight. The results are 262.879 for China & 262.696 for Japan, meaning that they are equally strong, but both teams mess up multiple times in this final & scored lower than their abilities 5.021 & 9.301 respectively. In the end, China wins with 4.463 margin as Japan conducted more serious mistakes: falls on PH, sidestep on VT, fall on HB…


    • Wow, based on Qualification scores I thought Japan was the strongest & others are far behind, & China won because the Japanese made many mistakes. Didn’t expect China was underperformed too.


    • Very informative and knowledgeble, thanks for that.
      I had the chance to be in front of PB at Stuttgart 2019 and still remember vividly Zōu Jìngyuán’s PB … I had never seen such purity and lightness and amplitude on the event. Even ‘simple’ skills looked gorgeous. Close to an experience !


  2. At the end of the day, USA has no choice but to emphasize difficulty. Yes this was perhaps the one meet in a generation they could have medaled going clean, but this wasn’t the goal — Paris and Los Angeles is.

    Keep in mind if they had used Yul or Paul, they still would be counting Brody’s PH and Colt’s HB and lost Asher’s PH (the best PH today) and Donnell’s HB (hit). Yul and Paul’s hit rates on PH/HB was rough and that’s why they didn’t make the team. Brody and Colt were the only two on every high score variation prior to naming the full team. They chose the right team and they’re working on it.

    Brody had a horrible day, Colt wasn’t far behind, Donnell hit 2/3, Asher hit 5/5. I can’t wait to see what Fred Richard can bring and if this motivates others back to the forefront stronger. Team USA really does have a lot of depth right now and if they stick to the plan, it can change their Olympic prospects.


    • Does Stephen Nedoroscik train another apparatus ? (towards the 2024 Olympics I mean)
      I can understand why he’s on the team, his scoring potential being huge but I would equally understand if he was not. I don’t think any MAG team can afford to include a one-event specialist.
      Just for example, in France (not the same expectations, I know ….), Cyril Tommasone (former world silver medalist on PH) and Samir Ait Said (former world bronze medalist on RI) are requested to compete three events to pretend to a spot on team. I know the later trains FX and VT right now, and I think the former trains PB and HB.


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