2022 World Championships | Event Finals Day 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of event finals at the 2022 World Championships, held in Liverpool, England!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

6:30 pm. Rings Final Standings

1. Adem Asil, Turkey, 14.933
2. Zou Jingyuan, China, 14.866
3. Courtney Tulloch, Great Britain, 14.733
4. Artur Avetisyan, Armenia, 14.600
5. You Hao, China, 14.600
6. Vahagn Davtyan, Armenia, 14.533
7. Kamoto Yuya, Japan, 14.466
8. Donnell Whittenburg, United States, 14.433

6:25 pm. Donnell Whittenburg USA SR: Maltese, presses up to planche, so hard. Rolls through to Iron cross with his hands wide open. Inverted hang, front giant up to handstand is pretty solid, salto swings out to maltese, a little shaky, but again with hands open. Swings through to planche, shaky in the handstand before the giants into the full-twisting double layout dismount. Not the best but still pretty solid!

6:22 pm. Kamoto Yuya JPN SR: Maltese to inverted hang through to planche, drops to inverted hang for a sec then swings through to inverted cross, maybe a little arched and on the handstand out, back double layout swing through to maltese I think, I couldn’t type for the latter half of this but everything I saw was good, just not quite as perfect as the ones who just went before him. Double double layout with lots of form in the air and a big step. 14.466 (6.4, 8.066)

6:18 pm. Courtney Tulloch GBR SR: Pull to planche, through to maltese, inverted hang with a press up to maltese, inverted hang into the front salto swing to handstand, great, roll through to planche, drops to iron cross, he’s crushing it so far. Inverted pike with a front pike through to iron cross, inverted hang to back giant to handstand, super steady, full-twisting double layout, slight pike but STUCK! 14.733 (6.1, 8.633)

6:15 pm. Zou Jingyuan CHN SR: Swings up to inverted cross and then pulls through to the V cross, this is what he’s hoping to get named for him here, inverted hang through to maltese, front swing through to iron cross, the rest is mostly good, double double dismount ends up a little low with a bit of a lunge forward on the landing. 14.866 (6.3, 8.566)

6:14 pm. Wrapping up the touch for the second half!

6:08 pm. Adem Asil TUR SR: Pulls up to planche, rolls through to maltese, inverted hang front giant to inverted cross, piked swing through to maltese I think, then rolls through to iron cross, inverted hang with a pull up to planche, back giant to handstand is pretty solid, front to handstand also really strong, and he sticks the double double dismount!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD HIS REACTION! 14.933 (6.3, 8.633)!!!!!

6:03 pm. You Hao CHN SR: Inverted cross down to hang then up to planche, just wild. Inverted hang pull to maltese, inverted hang to back giant to handstand, back layout swinging salto to iron cross out to maltese, wow, front pike swinging saltos to roll to iron cross, front giant to handstand, then a double double layout with a huge lunge back, looked like it could have been a fall so that was a good save, but gonna be rough I think. 14.600 (6.7, 7.900) – loses the tie-break to Artur Avetisyan!

6:00 pm. Vahagn Davtyan ARM SR: Maltese through to iron cross, pressed out to maltese, inverted hang with a front swing up to handstand, arches over and swings a bit, piked salto swing through to maltese, opens out into an iron cross, inverted hang, front swing up to planche, back giant to handstand isn’t the tightest, full-twisting double layout, a little rushed but stuck. 14.533 (6.0, 8.533)

5:57 pm. Artur Avetisyan ARM SR: Starts well, maltese with a roll through to maltese to iron cross, inverted hang with a front giant up to a nice clean handstand, front salto swing through to maltese, inverted hang through to iron cross, inverted hang with a front swing up to planche, back giant up to handstand, a little arch with some sway, full-twisting double layout, flared and stuck! Some really nice work in there. 14.600 (6.0, 8.600)

5:51 pm. Athletes are marching out now for rings!

5:42 pm. Uneven Bars Final Standings

1. Wei Xiaoyuan, China, 14.966
2. Shilese Jones, United States, 14.766
3. Nina Derwael, Belgium, 14.700
4. Elisabeth Seitz, Germany, 14.366
5. Sanna Veerman, Netherlands, 14.166
6. Luo Rui, China, 13.800
7. Naomi Visser, Netherlands, 13.233
8. Rebeca Andrade, Brazil, 12.800

5:38 pm. Luo Rui CHN UB: One-arm front pirouette sequence to layout Jaeger, hits her ankles on the bar, HOW does she continue?! Does a giant before the Pak, Maloney to Gienger, has a pirouette in there where I missed the entry but think it was a front 1.5? Hit the dismount with a little stumble.

5:36 pm. Wei Xiaoyuan CHN UB: Inbar full to Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, clean. Inbar half, slight le form, to Healy and Ling sequence to piked Jaeger, and a full-twisting double layout, STUCK! 14.966 (6.6, 8.366) – takes the lead!

5:32 pm. Nina Derwael BEL UB: Short handstand before the Derwael-Fenton (questionable on the catch and likely to downgrade) to Ezhova (slight form in the air) to Chow to Pak to Maloney to Bhardwaj, PHEW! What a series. Good handstand before the van Leeuwen, toe full to full-in with a tiny hop. 14.700 (6.3, 8.400) – this puts her second!

5:28 pm. Elisabeth Seitz GER UB: Short handstand before the Chow to Ricna, blind change to straddle Jaeger, solid. Short before the Church to Pak, arches over slightly in the handstand before the van Leeuwen, good in handstand before the blind full to full-in, stuck with her feet apart! 14.366 (6.1, 8.266)

5:25 pm. Touch now for part two!

5:23 pm. Gymnasts coming up on bars in the second half will include Elisabeth Seitz, Nina Derwael, Wei Xiaoyuan, and Luo Rui!

5:21 pm. Sanna Veerman NED UB: Hop change to straddle Jaeger, Downie to Pak, not bad, some leg form. Maloney to Bhardwaj, again with slight form but wow, toe full to van Leeuwen, slight leg form again, full-in with a hop. Amazed at her hitting twice here, it’s all I’ve ever wanted from her! 14.166 (6.2, 7.966)

5:17 pm. Naomi Visser NED UB: Looked like she wanted a perfect handstand to start but she goes too far over, arches fully, and comes right off. Derwael-Fenton to Ezhova, a bit messy throughout, full pirouette gets a bit stuck to Maloney to Pak to van Leeuwen, toe full to full-out with a great landing. Lots of form in there but will say that her toe point was glorious. 13.233 (6.1, 7.133)

5:14 pm. Shilese Jones USA UB: Great handstand before the stalder full to Chow to Tkachev, nice height there. Toe full to Downie to Pak to van Leeuwen, slightest leg form but this is gorgeous so far. Toe half to front giant to double front, hop forward. Little things in there but they’re all VERY minor. 14.766 (6.4, 8.366)

5:10 pm. Rebeca Andrade BRA UB: Maloney to stalder full, doesn’t get it around, only goes halfway and has to hop off. Does the Maloney to stalder full again, rushes it around into the piked Tkachev to Pak to van Leeuwen, not as clean on that as usual, arches over in handstand before the blind change t piked Jaeger, catches SUPER close, gets the full-in dismount with a step. 12.800 (5.7, 7.100)

5:08 pm. Touch for bars is underway!

We’ll start with Rebeca Andrade, Shilese Jones, Naomi Visser, and Sanna Veerman in the first half.

5:00 pm. Pommel Horse Final Standings

1. Rhys McClenaghan, Ireland, 15.300
2. Ahmad Abu Al Soud, Jordan, 14.866
3. Harutyun Merdinyan, Armenia, 14.733
4. Nariman Kurbanov, Kazakhstan, 14.533
5. Stephen Nedoroscik, United States, 14.400
6. Loran de Munck, Netherlands, 13.533
7. Doi Ryosuke, Japan, 12.933
8. Filip Ude, Croatia, 12.500

4:56 pm. Harutyun Merdinyan ARM PH: Again couldn’t type but this was an excellent routine, super clean, super controlled. 14.733 (6.1, 8.633) – moves into third!!!

4:53 pm. Filip Ude CRO PH: Really struggled with controlling his legs in Russian elements, and then couldn’t make it to handstand for the dismount, just falls right out of it off the horse. Back on to repeat the dismount sequence and hits it this time. 12.500 (5.7, 6.800)

4:49 pm. Ahmad Abu Al Soud JOR PH: Scissors, legs go a bit rushed and wild moving out of them and then after that, has a lot of wide-arm circles that seem super hard but he’s very much in control, one-arm circle, single pommel circles, he’s calmed down a bit. Good movement into the dismount, solid landing. 14.866 (6.3, 8.566)

4:46 pm. Nariman Kurbanov KAZ PH: Apologies, I had a phone call and didn’t see this super in detail, but it was a hit routine! 14.533 (6.3, 8.233) – moves him to second

4:42 pm. Stephen Nedoroscik USA PH: Scissors into his circles looked a bit rushed, Russians on the single handle, circles between the two, one-arm circle, circles on both pommels, legs went a bit awry on a transition, travels in Russians, a little tentative, travels in circles, up and down from the horse to handle in circles, and then strong into the dismount. That leg form break will hurt a bit, won’t get gold but not necessarily out of the podium race I don’t think. 14.400 (6.2, 8.200)

4:37 pm. Rhys McClenaghan IRL PH: Scissors to handstand, REALLY beautiful there, down to circles, Russians on the single handle, excellent, Great hip extension moving to the other handle for circles, Russians in between the handles, then great transitions between levels, travels in Russians, Russians at the end of the horse, more transition work, then super smooth into the dismount. This was superb. 15.300 (6.4, 8.900)

4:33 pm. Doi Ryosuke JPN PH: Scissors to handstand, down to circles, one-arm circle, circles on the single handle, transitions down to the horse and back up again, off on his Russians moving from one end to the other. Does it again with big leg form breaks, but then calms down after that. Fights into the dismount. 12.933 (6.1, 6.833)

4:29 pm. Loran de Munck NED PH: Scissors to handstand, nice, down to scissors into his circles, one-arm swing gets around, Russians on the single handle, then between the handles, really good. Good hips going into his circles, travels in Russians, then in circles, Russians at the end of the horse, circles back and forth, OH JESUS, goes up into the handstand and then drops down to his shoulders and onto the mat. Back on to repeat the dismount sequence. 13.533 (6.4, 7.133)

4:26 pm. Touch warmup time for pommels, which will see Loran de Munck, Doi Ryosuke, Rhys McClenaghan, and Stephen Nedoroscik in the first half.

4:23 pm. Pommels finals coming up soon!

4:00 pm. Yes, medals coming up now.

Here are some fun stats for you!

Women’s Vault:

  • Jade Carey’s win is the seventh worlds vault title for the United States following Kayla Williams in 2009, Alicia Sacramone in 2010, McKayla Maroney in 2011 and 2013, and Simone Biles in 2018 and 2019.
  • Coline Devillard has the third bronze medal win for France, following in the footsteps of Alexandra Lemoine in 1950 and Youna Dufournet in 2009.
  • Miyata Shoko sets the world record for Japan with her fifth-place finish – prior to this, the best for Japan on vault at worlds was Ikenada Hiroko in sixth back in 1966.
  • Lisa Vaelen is the first Belgian woman to qualify into a world championships vault final, and she sets the program record with her sixth-place finish.

Men’s Floor:

  • Giarnni Regini-Moran is the first British man to win a floor title at worlds. Prior to this, the program saw two silver medals, from Dan Keatings in 2009 and Max Whitlock in 2014.

3:56 pm. May be a pause for medals after this? I have no idea what the medal ceremony schedule is but I feel like one is coming up for the first two events.

3:53 pm. Women’s Vault Final Standings

1. Jade Carey, United States, 14.516
2. Jordan Chiles, United States, 14.350
3. Coline Devillard, France, 14.166
4. Ellie Black, Canada, 14.116
5. Miyata Shoko, Japan, 13.999
6. Lisa Vaelen, Belgium, 13.733
7. Yeo Seojeong, South Korea, 13.349
8. Lihie Raz, Israel, 12.599

3:49 pm. Miyata Shoko JPN VT: Yurchenko double, some knee form in the air, another really solid landing for her, not the same stick we saw in the final, but it’s kind of a college stick for a second where it looks like she has it and she just steps into the salute. 14.066 (5.0, 9.066)

Landing on the tsuk 1.5 was awesome! Not bad in the air either. 13.933 (4.8, 9.133)

13.999 average

3:46 pm. Lisa Vaelen BEL VT: Handspring rudi, a little chucked around, leg form both in terms of having bent knees and some separations, also a bit piked down, but the landing is fine, steps back. 14.266 (5.4, 8.866)

Form in the tsuk full is a little better overall, bigger step back on the landing though. 13.200 (4.4, 8.800)

13.733 average

3:42 pm. Jade Carey USA VT: Cheng, form could be a little tighter from the hips through to the feet, but it still pretty nicely done, especially on the landing. 14.733 (5.6, 9.133)

Yurchenko double, super strong, again could go a little tighter in the air, but she gets massive distance, just takes a big hop back. For what it’s worth, I absolutely LOVE this leo she’s wearing. The colors, the design, it’s everything. 14.300 (5.0, 9.300)

14.516 average, now she’s in first!

3:37 pm. Jordan Chiles USA VT: Fantastic Yurchenko double. Really strong in the air, and looks like she nailed the landing, small hop back. Her form in the air is really breathtaking. Maybe to be picky doesn’t go as far as some others, but it’s still very good. 14.500 (5.0, 9.500)!!!

EXCELLENT Yurchenko half-on front layout half, the landing was awesome. This was so so so good. 14.200 (4.8, 9.400)

14.350 average, she takes over for first!

3:34 pm. Touch warmup for the second half of the rotation now, which will feature Jordan Chiles, Jade Carey, Lisa Vaelen, and Miyata Shoko.

3:31 pm. Ellie Black CAN VT: Handspring front layout full, some leg form throughout but suuuuper solid on the landing! 14.200 (5.0, 9.200)

Tsuk 1.5 for the second vault, it looked a little cleaner in the air at first glance, just slight knee bend, small hop forward on the landing, another good one for her! 14.033 (4.8, 9.233)

14.116 average

3:27 pm. Yeo Seojeong KOR VT: Handspring rudi, a bit piked and her leg form isn’t as clean as it could be, ends up really short on the landing and crashes it to her knees and head, oof. 12.666 (5.4, 7.566, -0.3)

Yurchenko double for the second vault, landing looked a little lock-legged, but she was mostly clean in the air. Little step back out. 14.033 (5.0, 9.033)

13.349 average

3:22 pm. Coline Devillard FRA VT: Handspring rudi, one of her better attempts here I think, form wasn’t that bad, slight leg form and a little pike, just steps back out of it. 14.500 (5.4, 9.100)

Yurchenko double for her second vault, little things in the air and she comes up slightly short on the landing, big step forward and she’s also off-center, looked like she lands with a foot OOB. 13.833 (5.0, 8.933, -0.1)

14.166 average

3:19 pm. Lihie Raz ISR VT: Yurchenko double full, a bit rough in the air, and she ends up too short, crashing it forward and then rolling out of it. 12.133 (5.0, 7.433, -0.3)

Tsuk full is much better, some leg separation in the pre-flight but a much much much better landing. Good on her for coming in super last-minute. 12.599 (4.4, 8.666)

12.599 average

3:18 pm. Jessica Gadirova is out with “foot soreness” with Lihie Raz in her place.

3:15 pm. The first four up are Lihie Raz, Coline Devillard, Yeo Seojeong, and Ellie Black!

3:12 pm. Touch is beginning for the women on vault now!

3:07 pm. Men’s Floor Final Standings

1. Giarnni Regini-Moran, Great Britain, 14.533
2. Hashimoto Daiki, Japan, 14.500
3. Doi Ryosuke, Japan, 14.266
4. Benjamin Osberger, France, 14.233
5. Nicola Bartolini, Italy, 14.233
6. Ryu Sunghyun, South Korea, 14.200
7. Carlos Yulo, Philippines, 13.300
8. Milad Karimi, Kazakhstan, 12.100

3:04 pm. Hashimoto Daiki JPN FX: Triple double is a bit deep, but good with his feet. Double double is short with a big hop forward. Front full to randi with a hop back. Double full with a good landing. 2.5 to front layout is stuck. Clean landing on the triple full. 14.500 (6.0, 8.500)

3:01 pm. Ryu Sunghyun KOR FX: Piked double front half with a big hop back. Front full to randi is better. 1.5 to front double full, good save on that landing in terms of keeping it from hopping. Triple full side pass. 2.5 to front layout with a small hop. 3.5 with a small hop forward to finish. 14.200 (5.9, 8.300)

2:57 pm. Giarnni Regini-Moran GBR FX: Triple double, two big steps back but love that. Double double is better on the landing. 2.5 to front layout to rudi. Hit the side pass. Piked double front half with a hop back. Randi with a tiny hop. Triple full to finish, stuck. Great work! 14.533 (6.2, 8.333)

2:54 pm. Carlos Yulo PHI FX: 2.5 to piked double front, SITS IT!!!! Noooooo. Double double layout, little pike down and a hop. Front full to randi, comes out really short from the full and has to hop the randi around. Triple full down the side with a solid landing. 1.5 to front double full, hop back. 3.5 to finish, big hop forward. Looks devastated. 13.300 (6.2, 7.100)

2:53 pm. Benjamin Osberger finishing ahead of Nicola Bartolini on the tie-break and only a third of a tenth behind Doi Ryosuke, how outstanding for him as the alternate!

2:52 pm. Moving into the touch for the second half!

2:49 pm. Benjamin Osberger FRA FX: Randi is clean and stuck. Hit the double double really well in the second line, then a 2.5 to front layout to front full, very nice. Russians are nice. Double full, stuck. These landings today! Front double full to front tuck full, stuck! Triple full, hop back. Fantastic work. 14.233 (5.6, 8.633)

2:45 pm. Nicola Bartolini ITA FX: Randi down the side to start. Beautiful piked double front half. Double double, great in the air, small hop back. 1.5 to front double full, clean. Rudi down the side. 2.5 to front layout, a little arched but good on the landing. Stuck the triple full!!!! YESSSS!!! 14.233 (5.9, 8.333)

2:41 pm. Doi Ryosuke JPN FX: Double double, little slide back. 1.5 went super low and long, to front triple full! 2.5 to randi, got it with no major issues. 3.5 with a little bit of a weak landing and a step. Front full to front double full. Triple full with a hop to finish. The twists!!! So nice. 14.266 (6.2, 8.166, -0.1)

2:37 pm. Milad Karimi KAZ FX: Starts with a stuck double full down the side. Front full to piked double front, NOOOOOO, too far back on his heels and he sits it. 2.5 to double front, also sat. HELP. Double double with a shuffle back. 1.5 to front double full, hop to the side. Triple full to finish with a step. This was depressing. Good recovery after the two falls at least. 12.100 (6.0, 6.100)

2:34 pm. Touch warmup is starting!

2:32 pm. Athletes are marching out now!

2:30 pm. Getting ready for men’s floor to kick off event finals!

Zhang Boheng withdrew. He’s been suffering from wrist and “waist” injuries so I guess this makes sense. Benjamin Osberger is stepping in, which I am really happy about – he had an amazing prelims routine! Just lacked some of the difficulty.


14 thoughts on “2022 World Championships | Event Finals Day 1 Live Blog

  1. Sad for Rebeca having a bad routine here of course, but like…. girl is AA world champion and has FX finals coming up, not too worried about her. ❤ Well done Shilese on a great routine and congrats WXY on a super well deserved gold!!


    • Yeah, seeing her smile when finishing her routine instead of being devastated is like, oh well, she has a medal on this event already from last year, AND she’s the world champ now, this would have been a little cherry on top but not absolutely necessary.


    • Yes, as sorry as I am not to see Andrade in this final, I’m so thrilled for Coline!! So moving to see her reaction – she’s worked SO hard for this!


  2. I know it was a huge deduction but Luo Rui was amazing…. not only did she stay on the bar after hitting her ankles but her form remained impeccable. Truly astonishing.


  3. Gosh, Brody on high bar tomorrow is the US mens last chance to receive any kind of medal at these worlds. smh. Otherwise leaving with nothing! I hope he can come away with something. If he doesnt I hope it lights a fire and changes start happening with the US mens program.


  4. Love this for Giarnni! I like him. And obvs proud of and for Jade, Jordan and Shilese. I knew at least 1 of the Chinese women would be out for redemption. Congrats to Wei!

    Sorry and disappointed in and for Donnell. He’s been here before. But I won’t open another drag session. Wish he had done better.


    • Donnell is great on SR, but his only chance of a world medal in it is if half the others that qualify to the final do something unusual. China, Turkey, Petrounias, Zanetti have had that locked down for awhile.

      Donnell missed VT in qualifying and fell on FX in team finals (still put up a decent score though), otherwise, he’s hit everything, which is better than a lot of the top gymnasts here. He’s done better than most expected.


      • Donnell hitting high bar in the team final is basically like getting a gold medal, that was a TON of pressure and he delivered! He was always going to be struggling to get a medal on any event in this field but agreed, this was still an excellent competition for him.


      • Oh ok. I stand corrected. I hadn’t had a chance to read the live or watch. I just scrolled to results and saw 8th place and thought he flubbed. My bad for assuming.


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