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Hello readers! It’s been a busy week for me off the gymternet, so I’ve had to take some time away from the website. Now that the holidays are around the corner and things are slowing down a bit, I thought I’d take this time to recap the last week in the gym world with you! I also want to let you know we have a lot of great things coming up.

In addition to some great WAG and NCAA articles, we are excited to announce that we’ll also be adding MAG, rhythmic, and tumbling/trampoline articles. We’ll slowly roll out coverage for these disciplines beginning in the new year, and have some fantastic writers coming on board to help us out. We know a lot of our readers’ knowledge is limited beyond WAG, so a lot of our introductory posts will help you learn the basics – scoring, skills, and ‘meet the gymnasts’ posts so you’ll know what to look for when we start covering competitions.

Now on with what we missed over the past week!

Grishina Will NOT Compete at Voronin

So, Anastasia Grishina will not make her elite comeback at the Voronin Cup this week. Despite last week’s reports on TASS that Grishina, Viktoria Komova, and Ksenia Afanasyeva would all compete in Moscow, Komova is actually getting a cyst removed in Germany, and Grishina was reportedly on vacation in Thailand when the announcement was made and had no intention of competing (though she is back training at Round Lake now and will hopefully make her return to competition soon). It was likely a reporting error on part of TASS, as neither gymnast planned on competing. Afanasyeva, who returned to competition at the DTB Challenge in Stuttgart early this month, will be the headliner it seems.

Biles WILL Compete at the American Cup

Well, she’s expected to. You all know how often this roster can change! The two-time world champion Simone Biles competing close to home in Arlington, Texas would be a big deal for the sport…you know NBC is already getting their fluff ready. Typically, Martha Karolyi sends whoever is in the best shape at the camp in the week preceding the Cup…even if someone had already been announced. Like, in 2013 we were planning on seeing Kyla Ross compete for the first time since the Olympic Games, but that was announced two months prior to the competition and by the time they were getting ready to ship off to Massachusetts, Ross was dealing with minor injuries while Biles and Katelyn Ohashi ended up looking more prepared.  Biles is typically one you can depend on in terms of readiness, but last year she had to withdraw due to a shoulder injury, so take this early announcement with a grain of salt.

Florida Added Two More Commits and Places First in Preseason Coaches’ Poll

Yep – MG Elite superstars Jazzy Foberg and Laurie Hernandez have both committed to the elite magnet University of Florida. Both are set to enter in the 2018-2019 season, allowing them to fully focus on the 2016 Olympic Games over the next two years before even having to think about preparing their Gator chomps. Speaking of Florida, they came in first this year in the preseason coaches’ poll, earning 756 points and a total of 19 first place votes from other NCAA coaches. The reigning co-national champions more than made up for last year’s losses with a stellar recruiting class this season, which includes former international elites Kennedy Baker, Ericha Fassbender, and Grace McLaughlin in addition to level 10 superstar Alex McMurtry. Last year they lost only two major contributors – Mackenzie Caquatto and Alaina Johnson – so they’ll be coming in stacked and hard to beat.

2016 U.S. Meet Sites Announced

USA Gymnastics announced the competition schedule for the Olympic year, including WAG Classics, Nationals, and Trials. The schedule looks confusing on the surface, but basically the MAG team will be named earlier than the WAG team – we all know how Martha loves that last minute announcement! – so you just need to know that MAG Nationals will be WAG Classics, MAG Trials will be WAG Nationals, and then WAG Trials will stand on their own. The full schedule is below:

June 3-5 | Hartford, Connecticut | MAG Nationals | WAG Classics

June 23-26 | St Louis, Missouri | MAG Trials | WAG Nationals

July 8-10 | San Jose, California | WAG Trials

That’s all we have for you tonight! Stay tuned for new coverage as well as a brand new athlete feature in the coming days and weeks!

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  1. Please, add acrobatics gymnastic!! it is part of gymnastics just as trampoline, tumbling and RG!!

    Anyway, nice blog! I love to read you.


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