Kramarenko Takes the Title at Bundesliga

Competing as a guest for the team from TZ DSHS Köln, Ekaterina Kramarenko of Russia won the all-around title at Germany’s Bundesliga competition on April 25.

Kramarenko had a few mistakes in her performance, including some bobbles across beam, but for the most part seemed relaxed in the team atmosphere and had a very nice FTY, earning a 14.2 to help her to a total of 55.950. She was a great leader for the team from Köln, helping them finish fourth.

The competition featured both junior and senior competitors. 15-year-old Tabea Alt of Germany, in her final season as a junior, finished less than a tenth behind Kramarenko with a 55.900 to earn the silver medal. Alt vaulted a huge FTY, showed very clean work on bars (including a near-stuck full-twisting double layout dismount), and performed a very energetic floor routine, though had a few mistakes there including a step out of bounds on her double arabian and on the 1.5 to double full.

Her beam was a highlight of the competition, however. She will be Germany’s savior here, and in Mannheim showed especially excellent work on her side aerial + loso + loso series. She also hit her sissone to side somi, switch half, and double tuck for a score of 14.6.

In third place was Sophie Scheder with a 53.350. She didn’t have the best outing in Mannheim, including on bars where she caught the Ray to high bar insanely high and close, over-arched on an inbar half, caught her Church almost at her armpits, and then peeling off for her dismount far too early, crashing it on her hands and knees. She got truly lucky there, as it was a bit of a scary fall, but she normally does a full-twisting double back and fortunately had the foresight to not twist.

It was a very rough routine, and then she also had an incomplete floor exercise, doing a simple layout as one of her passes to earn just a 12.4 there. She did look strong on beam, however, earning a 14.3 after hitting her bhs loso, side somi, full Y turn, and gainer layout dismount.

Antonia Alicke narrowly missed the all-around podium, placing fourth after showing some generally messy form on bars (though she does have some unique individual skills, including a layout double full dismount) and beam (lots of bent legs, though when she’s clean, she’s gorgeous). She did have a nice FTY on vault, however, and her floor was the best of the day, earning a 13.8 for her great 2.5 to front full opening pass, stuck double full, Rudi, roundoff double tuck, and a lovely triple spin.

The junior Florine Harder had a nice day on vault and beam, Leah Griesser had some good performances everywhere but bars, and new senior Pauline Tratz had the best vault of the day, hitting a gorgeous FTY for a 14.4.

Several gymnasts competed a handful of events, including 2014 national champion Kim Bui, Elisabeth Seitz, junior Maike Enderle, and Pauline Schäfer.

Bui had decent performances on vault, bars, and floor, the latter of which still uses the bizarre 90s sax jam that reminds me of this classic Saved by the Bell scene. She had no major issues here, but stumbled a few landings and wasn’t using her full tumbling arsenal (including doing just a layout for one of her passes), so she’s clearly still in off-season mode.

Seitz competed everywhere but floor. She hit her FTY nicely, but had several issues on beam, including stumbles on her punch front and side aerial and a fall on her switch half. Her bars were great, though. Her 14.75 was the high score of the day, and she looked fantastic, competing a Maloney to Ricna, Jaeger, Downie to pak, van Leeuwen, and toe full to full-in dismount. A tremendous effort on her part, and great to see her truly back.

Enderle, who becomes a senior next year, also competed everywhere but floor, showing a clean handspring front tuck half-out on vault, some promising bars work with only a few nervous mistakes (handstands and the like, but she hit an inbar to inbar full, a Komova II to pak, a tidy van Leeuwen, a piked Jaeger, and a double front and looked pretty great while doing it!), and then a mostly strong beam, aside from a fall on her standing arabian. It’s a risky skill, and even with the fall she managed a 13.0 because the rest of her work is comparatively great, including her front aerial to sissone, sheep jump, bhs loso, side aerial, switch leap to illusion turn, and a Steingruber dismount.

Finally, Schäfer competed on beam only, earning just a 12.8 with some bad luck from the start as she fell on her mount. But it’s an awesome mount – her backwards springboard jump to split with nothing but her feet (and tremendous leg strength) holding onto the beam. She unfortunately didn’t have a good enough grip, however, and had to hop off just a second after hopping on, and then she also fell on her eponymous skill, the side somi half. She hit her bhs loso, front aerial to side somi (a very quick connection there!), double turn, full turn to side aerial, and gainer layout dismount. Without the falls, this would have been a tremendous routine.

As far as the teams go (since that’s really what this competition was all about), MTV Stuttgart (featuring Alt, Alicke, Bui, Seitz, and the delightful future star 12-year-old Emelie Petz who won her age division at this year’s Junior Championships) finished first with a 215.350, TG Karlsruhe-Söllingen (featuring Tratz, Enderle, Griesser, and juniors Isabelle Stingl and Emma Höfele) placed second with a 202.000, and TG Mannheim (the youngest team by far, featuring Harder and fellow 2000 babies Amelie Föllinger and Rebecca Matzon as the oldest alongside 2002 babies Hala Sidaoui and Tashina Gräble and then the 12-year-old Muriel Klumpp) was third with a 199.600.

Full results are available here.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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