2015 U.S. Championships Podium Training Live Blog

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The Gymternet is thrilled to be reporting live from podium training at the 2015 U.S. Championships in the adorable Indianapolis, Indiana on this gorgeous morning.

The juniors begin general stretch at 9 am and seniors will begin at 11:30 am ET. We’ll update here as often as possible – refresh your browser every five minutes or so for the latest. Most recent updates will appear at the top.

1:57 pm. That about wraps things up for today! I’ll post interview clips later on today as part of our preview series before the meet begins tomorrow!

1:27 pm. Gabby’s floor music has grown on me so much honestly. LOVE. Another hit DTY for Brenna. Maloney to Tkatchev for Aly is hit this time. So is the whole routine. Good job. Interview time! Will be back soon.

1:24 pm. WOGA girls look great on bars. Madison looks especially solid, hitting every skill with ease. Brenna’s DTY was great this time around. Gowey looks decent on bars but is having a few little form issues. Sticks the double layout though! Aly on bars has the uusal leg separation on her toe full, misses her Tkatchev out of the Maloney though.

1:13 pm. DTYs for Bailie so far, just as Maggie sticks a double tuck. Bailie’s done on vault so it doesn’t look like we’ll see the Amanar today! Simone landed a perfect Amanar, you go lady. Maggie’s dance through on floor went well. Nice DTY from Nia. Maddie Desch’s DTY is beautiful! I saw a timer from Brenna, who looks like she’s about to vault now…DTY. Yay!

1:08 pm. Brenna floor time! Dance through. Great routine for her. Going on for the fourth rotation now!

1:04 pm. Aly’s Amanar is better this time around…still a little tucked in the legs but she stood it up. Nia’s floor is fun. Ashton looks good on bars, by the way, still being spotted a little on her dismount though. Nia does a triple L turn to double pirouette on floor! Skinner off on her bhs tuck full on beam. Kyla sticks her double front bars dismount a little low but no major problems. Gabby’s beam looks great, by the way. I’ve been kind of paying attention but haven’t seen her miss anything.

1:01 pm. Aly goes for the Amanar but her legs are fully tucked in anticipation of the landing. I LOVE Bailie’s bow and arrow in her floor routine. And this routine has already grown on me tremendously and I love all of it actually. Amelia looks good on bars, by the way…good Weiler, Ricna, pak salto, she’ll probably connect the two in competition. Loses form on the giant full but nails the dismount.

12:58 pm. Brenna’s piked double front is AWESOME. Gowey’s warming up vault but the WOGA girls aren’t. Another DTY from Aly. Simone dance through. And another DTY from Aly. Gowey looks done with vault so maybe she’s not competing there? She just did a couple of timers. Girls might be saving vault for later training, though. Aly’s just chillin’ by herself. Kyla hit the Bhardwaj! ZERO problems!! Got applause. Jaeger, hop to double front and she sits.

12:52 pm. Maggie’s wolf turn actually is pretty nice! And she just did a timer for a full-in! She’s killing it on beam in general, hitting everything. Prepping for the full-in for real this time and hits it! With a spot, but she wasn’t short or anything. Bailie’s double layout is a little short. Aly nails a DTY as a timer. Kyla nearly sticks her double front bars dismount. Bailie does a double arabian to stag decently.

12:49 pm. Brenna’s attacking beam now. Hit the double tuck easily. Madison is off on her layout full again. Hits it this time but it’s piked. BUT SHE HITS!

12:41 pm. Ooh, a Gowey floor routine!! Lovely choreo. Nia looks good on beam…it’s otherwise pretty slow right now. Polina working bars…toe half to blind half, just a double tuck and she bends her ankle on the landing a bit. Gonna go back up again it seems. Polina does the full-in this time and it’s great. Maddie Desch is off her her bhs layout full. Hits double pike.

12:38 pm. Hit bar routine from Skinner! Form issues as per usual. ALY FLOOR TIME. This really is the perfect music for her. Dance through. Polina just hit her piked Tkatchev to pak but then lost herself on a toe on after the pak. Another fall for Simone on beam, who’s like, I’m just gonna use today to get every mistake out of my system. Nails full-in dismount. Love Lauren Navarro’s bar construction.

12:34 pm. Nice Jaeger from Maggie. Another stuck double layout. Nia stuck her double pike beam dismount COLD. NICE. Aly just did a double pike to split half! LOVE. Gabby on bars now…inbar full to piked Tkatchev to pak is great. Inbar to inbar half to Endo half to Chow is my fave. Beautiful! Nailed dismount just as Kyla hit her DTY.

12:32 pm. Gabby’s toe full is right on the bar. Inbars look better this time, especially the inbar half. Now “Fight Song” is on!!! YASSS COME ON YOU MIGHT ONLY HAVE ONE MATCH BUT YOU CAN MAKE AN EXPLOSION! I want a montage to this song right now. Nice double pike from Maddie Desch off beam. Skinner has one of the better pak saltos of today which is hilarious. Aly’s 1.5 through to double arabian to punch layout is perfect.

12:28 pm. Polina is in the same leo as Bailie and it’s very confusing. Kyla hit her DTY no problem. Bailie’s beam dismount is a little short. Maggie fell out of a toe full but is hitting now and looks good everywhere. Stuck double layout cold. Simone falls on her bhs loso loso. Madison Kocian is on floor now with a dance through so it seems she will be back in the all-around for this meet.

12:25 pm. Rotation two! “Bad Blood” is playing some come on Nastia, let’s get our girl gang and do some damage. Gabby is barely piking her inbars…I watched a Russian bar routine last week and their inbars are like, fully piked, whereas most U.S. inbars are like, basically just toe-ons. Rest of her routine looks great though!

12:21 pm. Bailie just stuck her full-in absolutely cold. Beautiful. Everyone’s pretty much done with beam, but Aly is WORKING. No one goes as hard as she does. Also, um, I didn’t see Maggie Nichols vault once. Maybe saving it for closed training later? She’s on the p-bars podium with her coaches.

12:15 pm. Maddie Desch is hitting her handstands right on top of the bar. Lovely. Alyssa Baumann’s double pike looks awesome off beam. Aly’s connections are excellent. OOOOH in the straddle pak rotation, Maddie Desch’s pak is A DREAM. Beautiful and clean. Aly over-rotates her Patterson this time and takes a step forward. Better than the alternative! Skinner’s Cheng was just great, nice block actually.

12:12 pm. Kyla’s floor is looking lovely. Remember when she was like the “robot” on floor and now she is actually expressive? DO WORK. Gabby’s working Yurchenko timers after her DTY mishaps earlier. Aly sat her Patterson. Skinner hit her Amanar this time but the landing was SUPER deep. How do you stand up out of that?! NO ONE KNOWS.

12:07 pm. DTY from Gabby Douglas is good. Bailie’s pak is looking scary. Lauren Navarro hit her DTY. Skinner’s DTYs are excellent. Nia’s bars look somewhat more polished compared to Classics. Gabby just sat a DTY. Brenna is hitting everything on bars again but her pak is a bit straddled. Oh, man, Bailie…speaking of straddle paks, hers is a hot mess. Skinner just sat an Amanar. She’s still going for it.

12:01 pm. Rotation one is now for seniors! Everyone’s busting out double pikes on floor. Maddie Desch hit her bars dismount well, Skinner’s DTY is great, and Nia Dennis just hit her double layout off bars! So far so good. Ms Raisman across the arena is on beam, hitting her front pike to wolf jump, bhs layout to split jump, Brenna hit her Tweddle to Ezhova, Maloney, Church to pak with split legs…van Leeuwen…COME ON GIRL. Full-twisting double layout nailed. Yay Brenna. And Aly nails her Patterson.

11:53 am. Back for senior general stretch! Going to put up some junior interviews if I can!

11:19 am. Alyona is in the same leo as Twin City Twisters which is very confusing. She’s on floor right now and looks clean. Margzetta has a deep landing on her full-in but she hits. Abby Paulson on bars does a toe full to Chow to pak, nice. Interviews now! I’ll be back in a bit.

11:16 am. Full SJS routine on floor now and it’s fabulous. Jazzy is looking good on beam with a punch front to wolf jump. I think there are three Weilers in this bars rotation!

Deanne Soza on bars…toe full  goes over and she takes an extra swing but gets back in control for the Tkatchev. Ray, toe half, gets stuck and hops off.

11:13 am. SJS is back on floor so she looks like her beam mishap didn’t take her out. PHEW. With all of her progress in the last year this is great news. Just busted out a double arabian and looked great. Lovely front aerial to split jump to wolf jump for Morgan on beam just now. Followed by beautifull bhs loso loso.

11:08 am. I do love Gaskins on floor in terms of her performance but her tumbling definitely needs some work. Beautiful turns though. Trinity Thomas’ Weiler looks excellent. Oh man Abi Walker can BARELY get over the table. ADORABLE. Chiles is doing a dance through. Olivia’s leaps are lovely on beam.

11:00 am. Final rotation! I don’t see SJS on the floor podium. Olivia is looking clean on beam. Jordan Chiles’ tumbling looks solid. So does Gabby Perea’s. Mostly basics right now though. Be back in a bit when they’re doing mad skills! Decent DTY for Ragan just now, before I post.

10:51 am. Megan’s looking better on bars now. Ray bail, toe shoot, all good, and she hits the dismount. Apparently SJS had a beam mishap but I don’t know her status. Will try to find out. Laurie’s looking better on bars now, and hits her dismount really well.

10:49 am. Whenever Ragan’s music comes on I just get SO HAPPY. I love her little wave. 1.5 through to triple is a little low but rotated well. Clean double wolf turn though she prepped for 45 minutes. Nice Tkatchev from Olivia Dunne, pak is good, toe shoot, double pike with a step.

Morgan on bars now…gets stuck on her inbar full and hops off. Inbar full is perfect this time, right into the Tkatchev. Inbar to pak, toe on to Ray, perfect handstand before her giant half, stalder full right on the bar and straight into the full-in, but she puts her hands down there. What a bar routine though.

10:46 am. Freed looks frustrated with bars. Desiderio does just the full-in which she lands very well and her form is much better too. Love Emma Malabuyo’s pretty floor music. Falls out of her wolf turn. Jazzy on bars, Maloney to Gienger is great, a ton of height out of her full-in. Now it’s Laurie’s turn. Misses Ricna for the second time today. I feel like she can have the worst training and then go out and kill it.

10:41 am. Rachel Baumann’s up on floor…dance through but her music is super dramatic. Someone else has used this recently but I can’t place it. WOLF TURN. Desiderio is powering through bars. Full-in is super messy and she puts her hands down. Olivia is working some solid inbars on bars. Abi Walker’s dance through on floor is so far so good. Alyona is doing a somewhat scary DTY. Margzetta is landing hers a bit low as well.

10:38 am. Morgan on bars has some leg separation on her pak but hits a nice Ray, good handstands, I love her leo up close too. Super sporty. Full-in with a tiny hop. Double arabian to stag from Ragan on floor just now. Megan Freed just fell on bars…Margzetta Frazier is looking good on vault. So sad she’s not with Parkettes this year…for those who didn’t know, she had to leave because the commute was too much. Such a bummer.

10:31 am. Third rotation! Really nice tumbling from Texas Dreams on floor. Elena Arenas is working bars…ooh, bends her knees on her pak. Seeing Olivia Dunne’s leo a little closer now and it’s GORGEOUS. Looking good on bars, too, stuck double pike!

10:21 am. Perfect stuck double pike from a Texas Dreams gal just now! Looks like a taller one. Colbi or Grace. Alyona Shchennikova is working inbars, which look nice. Sorry I was kind of in and out this rotation. I got busy up here but will be fully back for the third! Which is coming soon.

10:13 am. Jordan Chiles had a lovely van Leeuwen just now. I can’t tell who’s on floor but I love this crazy techno she’s busting out. VERY clean bar work from Gabby Perea…legs glued for everything. Double layout with a step. SJS is looking clean on bars. Stuck full-twisting double layout!

10:09 am. Second rotation has begun! Jordan Chiles is being spotted on her bar releases at the moment. Beautiful triple on floor just now, I think from Abby Paulson. Emily Gaskins just hit her double layout off bars…she has some form stuff going on, just not looking clean in general, but not bad either.

9:50 am. LOVE Megan Freed’s floor. Her music is so fun. Christina up now, dance through. Laurie’s working her double arabian on the side and she stuck it this time, perfectly, savoring it before going up into the stag. Emma Malabuyo has a nice full-in dismount off bars. Vault is done!

Laurie going up on floor again now. Double arabian to stag is perfect. I feel like she just needs to warm up to things, haha. Dance through for the rest.

Someone just sat a double back off beam…Tori Tatum I’m pretty sure. Think Deanne Soza is up now. Fabulous Onodi. All of her skills look really clean and sharp. Slight wobble on a bhs loso. Finishes with a double tuck.

9:46 am. Morgan’s floor routine now and it’s effing beautiful. Clean tumbling too. 2.5 to finish had just a tiny little step. Another deep landing for SJS on her DTY but she didn’t crash it so that’s good. Rachel Baumann on bars is only doing a double pike off.

Laurie’s floor now…over-rotates double arabian OOB and can’t make the stag. They stop it so Maggie Haney can give her some pointers. Olivia Dunne is doing some fabulous turns, btw. Her routine’s up now, just a dance-through but she looks great.

9:43 am. Elena Arenas hits a double pike to start her floor, then a 1.5 to front full. SJS is having problems on vault. Gaskins did an FTY. Ooh, I love Elena’s choreo in the middle part of her routine. This routine as a whole is excellent. Jordan Chiles looks good on vault, sticking to the DTY.

9:39 am. I think I spot Olivia Dunne in a shimmery leo on floor. Nice double layout from Christina. Abi Walker on bars hit her full-in. Rachel Baumann in black and pink on bars…similar style to the green/black some others have on.

Jazzy Foberg’s going through her floor routine now. Full-twisting double layout is a bit short but she doesn’t have problems standing it up. Dance through now featuring a double tuck from Megan Freed. Nice double pike from Olivia after Jazzy finishes!

9:35 am. Laurie just crashed a double arabian and then Christina Desiderio sat a double tuck, running back out of it. TOO MUCH POWER. Laurie nails her double arabian to stag this time around. Comes into it with MUCH more determination, you can tell.

I can’t tell Colbi Flory and Grace Quinn apart from here…think it’s Grace on bars now, muscling stalders but getting through it. Emily Gaskins is in black and silver on vault, wolf turns are happening on beam, ooh, and a nice standing arabian from someone…a TCT girl maybe? Morgan’s sticking everything on floor.

9:23 am. First events are starting! They’re going in the rotation order for tomorrow’s session, with the start list found here. Just basics right now. I think Megan Freed just busted out a 1.5 through to double tuck on floor, double pike from Laurie Hernandez.

Texas Dreams on bars working giants. I think I see Morgan Hurd tumbling…she’s in black. Elena Arenas in what looks like black and green, kinda similar to the Buckeye leos I’m seeing on vault. Oooh, Morgan just stuck a double pike.

9:17 am. Good morning! Juniors are currently finishing up general stretch. We have kind of a bird’s eye view at the media table so it’s hard to see faces and details super well but as things go along and they start rotations it’ll be easier to pick out who is where. MG Elite is in a simple and athletic blue (love it). The Texas Dreams leos look fun as usual…what looks like a sublimated pink on top, then white, and then blue (but different from another sublimated leo here that two girls are in…theirs is red, white, and blue and looks more sporty Team USA whereas Texas Dreams’ leos look more sassy…love ’em both).

Article by Lauren Hopkins

18 thoughts on “2015 U.S. Championships Podium Training Live Blog

    • If everyone did them as well as Simone I don’t think I would have a problem with it. But half of them look off, most of the girls wave their arms around a lot and take a long time to set it up which disrupts the flow of the routine in my opinion.

      So glad Kyla was looking sharp today, she’s the main one I’m rooting for this weekend!


      • I agree this wolf turn is disruptive on many routines. The Bailey fx before had a nice flow to it. Then the wolf turn completely disrupts it before the 3rd pass and the the music change just made it worse. Just my opinion but I thought the linsey stirling music sounded better.

        Wolf turns need to go away in many of these routines….. I hope it won’t become another fad like pink and also get picked up internationally. That will be a real disaster…


  1. So no amanar for bailey or gabby? does this mean that only Maggie and aly will do amanar (aside from simone) if they get on worlds team? well, skinner’s cheng might get a second chance if she can also bring in her amanar….


  2. Bailey’s routine is growing on you to the point you love everythinggggg about it?? …..evennnn….say…. *cringes* the beached whale slide? p.s. the bow and arrow? brenna dowell ncaa floor anyone? ….anyone?


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