2015 U.S. Championships Junior Day 1 Live Blog

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The Gymternet is excited to be back in action at the 2015 U.S. Championships for the first day of junior competition! We’ll be live blogging everything that happens today right here on the site. Most recent updates will appear at the top. Refresh this page every five minutes or so to see what’s going on.

3:07 pm. Standings after Day 1

1. Jazmyn Foberg, MG Elite, 58.35
2. Laurie Hernandez, MG Elite, 57.95
3. Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams, 57.4
4. Jordan Chiles, Naydenov, 56.7
5. Gabby Perea, Legacy Elite, 55.95
6. Sydney Johnson-Scharpf, 55.6
7. Shilese Jones, Buckeye, 54.85
8. Christina Desiderio, Parkettes, 54.65
9t. Grace Quinn, Texas Dreams, 54.55
9t. Shania Adams, Buckeye, 54.55
11. Abby Paulson, Twin City Twisters, 54.4
12. Deanne Soza, Arete, 54.3
13. Morgan Hurd, First State, 54.2
14. Trinity Thomas, Prestige, 54.0
15. Maile O’Keefe, Salcianu, 53.9
16t. Alyona Shchennikova, TIGAR, 53.7
16t. Emily Gaskins, Palm Beach, 53.7
18. Abigail Walker, Texas Dreams, 53.6
19. Elena Arenas, Georgia Elite, 53.1
20. Tori Tatum, Twin City Twisters, 53.0
21. Margzetta Frazier, Parkettes, 52.75
22. Olivia Dunne, ENA Paramus, 51.7
23. Rachel Baumann, WOGA, 51.45
24. Aria Brusch, Cincinnati, 50.6
25. Megan Freed, Parkettes, 50.55
26. Emma Malabuyo, Texas Dreams, 50.25
27. Olivia Trautman, Twin City Twisters, 40.3
28. Colbi Flory, Texas Dreams, 37.7

3:02 pm. Soza UB- Toe full right on the bar, into the TKatchev, Ray is great, my heart is pounding. Toe half to Ezhova and she falls onto her head. DAMN. That was scary. UGHHHHH. HOW IS SHE SO GOOD AT THIS IN TRAINING. Inbar Ray to high. Full-twisting double layout pings off a tiny bit early but she hits with a small step. 12.35

Freed BB- I missed this whole thing due to #SozaBarsDrama but apparently she hit! 13.6

Gaskins FX- Double arabian, out of control. Tucked full-in, out of control. Double tuck. Double pike with legs apart but hit. 13.55

2:58 pm. Flory VT- scratched

Tatum UB- Toe full, piked Jaeger, bail to toe shoot, clear hip to toe on, full-in stuck! Very nice routine for her! 13.45

Hurd BB- Full turn, solid jumps, bhs loso loso great. Sissone to side aerial and she grabs the beam then falls. #Crying Back pike is great. Wobble on switch half. 2.5 is PERFECT. P E R F E C T. 12.75

Johnson-Scharpf FX- Dos Santos!!!!!! And it’s GREAT. Sass time. Tucked full-in. 1.5 through to 2.5. Believe it was a double pike to finish. Great job. 14.35

2:54 pm. Walker VT- Adorable little FTY. 13.5

Brusch UB- Missed all of this which is a bummer. I loved it at WOGA Classic! 11.95

Hernandez BB- Front aerial, hit flight series, HUGE sheep jump! Wobbled on something but I missed what. Side aerial. Double tuck with a step. Not her best but not bad either! 14.15

Jones FX- 1.5 through to double back (was it a full-in? I missed the first flip), second pass as the 1.5-in I believe. Double pike. 13.75

Baumann VT- FTY with a bent body line throughout and a step forward. 13.35

2:49 pm. Chiles FX- Gets the arena to herself at least at the beginning. Double arabian to stag, great control. Front double full to front lay landed a bit low but hit well. 1.5 through to 2.5 is good, just a little hop to bring her feet together. Bounces wildly out of last pass. 13.65

Desiderio BB- Grabs the beam on her double wolf turn. GRRRRR. Your turn shouldn’t be your problem skill! Bhs bhs layout with her leg coming up. Solid punch front. Wobble on switch to switch half, which she lands a little sideways. Side aerial. Sits 2.5. UGH CHRISTINAAAAAAAA. I am Joan Crawford in “Mommie Dearest” right now. 13.15

2:45 pm. Paulson UB- Toe full to Chow to pak, nice. Jaeger is clean. Double arabian dismount hit. 14.0

Dunne BB- Switch to switch half, back tuck, side aerial, bhs loso with a wobble but she holds on, punch front tuck, switch ring, double tuck with a step. 12.75

Shchennikova FX- Ugh, sat double Arabian hard. Hit second pass. 1.5 to front full is great. It’s creepy quiet in here, people! CHEER AND STUFF. 2.5 to stag with a little bounce. 12.65

2:43 pm. O’Keefe VT- FTY off-center but looked clean to me. 13.5

Frazier UB- Van Leeuwen with some leg separation, Jaeger, stalder to straddled pak, super high full-in but with some clear form issues. 13.0

Arenas BB- Didn’t see details but saw that she hit. 12.85

Perea FX- Tucked full-in, missed her two middle passes but did see that she hit both, I believe one was a triple full. Double pike with two steps back. 13.7

Smith VT- DTY, one of her strongest I think but she was off-center. 14.7

2:40 pm. Malabuyo VT- FTY with a bounce. She starts her run roughly halfway down the runway and that’s ADORABLE. 13.4

Thomas UB- Weiler half, toe full, double pike with a bounce 12.85

Foberg BB- Bhs loso is good. Punch front, side aerial, switch to clean sheep, front aerial, hit dismount! 14.35

Adams FX- 2.5 to front tuck is good. Double pike. 13.35

Quinn VT- Actually a really solid DTY! 14.65

2:38 pm. It’s the Jazzy and Laurie show! Jazzy leads right now with 44.0, Laurie 2nd with 43.8, Chiles 3rd with 43.05, Smith 4th with 42.7, Perea 5th with 42.25, Soza 6th with 41.95, Desiderio 7th with 41.5, Hurd 8th with 41.45, Johnson-Scharpf 9th with 41.25, Adams 10th with 41.2.

2:33 pm. Hernandez UB- STalder full to Tkatchev, Downie is great, Ricna, doesn’t connect to pak, pak on its own is good, Endo half to Ray, full-in with a little bounce. Nice! 14.9

Jones BB- Punch front tuck, double tuck with a step 13.35

Walker FX- Double arabian with a crazy bounce. 1.5 through to double full. Double tuck with a little bounce. Nice Memmel. Nails double pike. Her back flexibility is insane.

2:31 pm. Brusch VT- Powerful and clean FTY. 13.8

Desiderio UB- Hits Tkatchev, toe on, bail with some leg sep to toe shoot, hit full-in! CHRISTINA HIT BARS. 13.0

Chiles BB- Flight series looked great. Wobbled on something in there, looked like a leap maybe? Front aerial with a check. Punch front tuck to wolf jump. Hit double tuck. 13.55

Smith FX- Big double layout. Love her wave before the second pass. 1.5 through to triple is GREAT. Just a bounce but the rotation was nice. Double arabian with a slight hop. Double pike with a bounce. 14.55

2:28 pm. Frazier VT- DTY, big, just hops feet together 14.4

Dunne UB- Nice Tkatchev, her skills overall are low difficulty but done well today, no big errors, double pike with a tiny bounce 12.6

Shchennikova BB- Nails bhs loso loso, working very steadily overall. Side somi, double pike and walks off the podium like she’s Aliya Mustafina. LIL DIVA. 13.3

O’Keefe FX- Big triple full bounced back, 2.5 almost OOB but holds onto it with one foot like a pro, double pike 13.6

Paulson VT- Decent FTY. 13.4

2:22 pm. Quinn FX- Tucked full-in. 1.5 to 2.5 with a step out. Double pike. Front double full I think is her last pass but I missed the start of it. 13.75

Perea BB- Full turn, front aerial + sissone + split jump. SOLID bhs + bhs + layout. Switch ring. Side somi. 2.5 with a step. So much promise in this kid.

2:17 pm. Foberg UB- Van Leeuwen, giant half to straddle Jaeger, Church to pak is good, Maloney to Gienger is great, giant full, full-in with a little hop. All of her handstands were just a hair off but otherwise a very good routine. 14.8

Adams BB- Only saw the dismount, a slightly under-rotated 2.5 jumped into position but seemed like a hit routine 13.9

Malabuyo FX- She’s so dainty. Completely flubs her wolf though, LOL. It was like, a funny flub, not just bad form. Nice double pike. Near-stuck double tuck. Good for her after her other issues today. 13.6

Arenas UB- Saw from the Tkatchev, toe full with a little break, but hit going into the pak, giant half to front half, clean double layout with a little bounce 13.75

2:14 pm. Trautman VT- DTY, not super tidy, step, 14.4

Freed UB- Toe full to low Tkatchev, Ray, catches but slips off. Bad day for her. Hits the rest from what I could see. 12.2

Gaskins BB- Bhs loso solid. Little hesitation after the flight series. Switch to back tuck good. Sits double pike. UGH. 12.8

Flory FX- 2.5 comes in super low and she sits the front tuck. Double tuck is good. Hit last two passes.

Thomas VT- FTY, clean, little bounce 13.8

2:12 pm. Tatum VT- FTY, clean 13.7

Hurd UB- Inbar full to Tkatchev, inbar to pak, toe on to Ray, some front giant stuff, Stalder full to full-in with a hop. Some tiny little errors but overall good! 14.0

Johnson-Scharpf BB- Front aerial with a pause before the sheep, side aerial, switch ring, 25. with a hop 13.35

Baumann FX- I saw the first and last passes, a double pike and a 2.5. 13.5

Soza VT- Big and clean DTY with a step back 14.8

2:10 pm. After two rotations, Chiles leads with a 29.5 followed by Foberg with a 29.2, Hernandez with 28.9, Desiderio with 28.5, Smith with 28.15, Perea with 27.95, Johnson-Scharpf with 27.9, Shchennikova and Jones with 27.75, Hurd with 27.45. That’s the top ten! Soza 14th right now, but has a DTY and huge bars coming up.

2:09 pm. J.O. Program of the Year is North Stars!! Congrats New Jersey for killing it.

2:01 pm. O’Keefe BB- Nailed bhs bhs layout. Full pirouette. Swich half with a check. Side aerial with a tiny check. Front aerial to sissone to split jump is clean. Switch ring, another tiny check. Double tuck with a little bounce. 13.75

Frazier FX- Huge wait for Trinity’s score for some reason. Looks a tiny bit jittery but is standing there for 100 hours. Big double arabian to stag. Double tuck with a small bounce. Very nice double pike to finish.

1:57 pm. Arenas VT- I missed it, assume FTY. Yup, 13.8.

Perea UB- Toe half to Jaeger, nice. Lovely pak. Maloney, clean, very clean and straight double layout with a step. Beautiful! 14.3

Quinn BB- Wolf turn and it was not cute. Punch front to wolf jump. Bhs loso with tucked legs. Hit double pike. 13.05

Thomas FX- HUGE double layout, unfortunately bounced OOB. Front lay to front double full. Double pike bounced back. Powerful little thing. Hit last pass. 13.6

Dunne VT- FTY, goes a little wild off to the side but she actually does a great job of pulling it back to center! 13.15

Shchennikova UB- Inbar full to some sort of shaposh (I missed the entry) to inbar to huge piked Tkatchev to pak!!! YES!!!!! Maloney to inbar half to stalder half to front half, stuck double layout!!!!! YAAAAAAAS. Some form stuff but YAS. 14.55!!!! 6.5 D-SCORE!!!!!!! SCREAMING.

1:54 pm. Foberg VT- DTY, a little unsure of the landing but otherwise one of her better ones this week. Just a bit low…she has the Aly Raisman / Aliya Mustafina problem of bending that one knee in anticipation of the landing. 15.0? Okay.

Adams UB- BIG Jaeger! Lovely pak. Hit routine. 13.9

Malabuyo BB- Wolf turn. Off on side aerial. This definitely isn’t her day. Fight, kid. Switch is nice. 2.5 with a step. 13.15

Trautman FX- Big double layout. Actually a nice double wolf turn. 1.5 through to double tuck with a little bounce. 13.25

1:51 pm. Watching a little replay of Ragan’s beam…goes a little wild on the pike full but otherwise good!

1:47 pm. Gaskins UB- toe full, Maloney to pak with leg separation, toe on, Nunno clapping on the side. Stalder half to Jaeger is good, more clapping from Nunno who hops off the podium. Double layout with a little bounce and Nunno is very happy. Definitely better than she looked at Classics! Difficulty is SUPER low though. 12.7

Flory BB- Wolf 1.5 is actually nicely controlled. Solid bhs loso. Aww, a fall. I missed the skill though. Punch front. Check on side somi. Sheep with some form issues. Hits double full. 12.25

Soza FX- Double double!! Great. 1.5 through to double tuck a tiny bit low but hit. Double turn in attitude! Double pike is great. 13.5

1:44 pm. Freed VT- DTY, totally tucked and she lands to her knees. 12.75

Johnson-Scharpf UB- Jaeger, low Tkatchev but she catches it, pak is good, stalder to toe on to Ray, hit double layout. Good job! 13.2

Baumann BB- Off on very messy double wolf turn. Nice front aerial but misses connection to jumps. 2.5 with a step. 12.45

Tatum FX- Double pike, double full, great 2.5 to front tuck! 13.15

1:42 pm. Hurd VT- Clean FTY, bounce back. 13.6

Jones UB- Nice Jaeger, Maloney, hit dismount, hit routine! 13.3

Walker BB- Sheep is good. Missed everything after that up to the double tuck with a step. 13.5

Brusch FX- Big piked full-in. Ooh, whip to double pike. Very fun routine. Big double pike to finish. 12.95

1:40 pm. Desiderio VT- DTY, quite messy and very low, 14.2

Chiles UB- Tkatchev to bail is great, toe full to Gienger caught a little close, stuck full-in! Big applause. 14.55

Smith BB- Nice bhs layout, punch front, I feel like I missed a lot of this. Switch ring. Pike jump. Double pike to finish is hit! 14.5

Paulson FX- Only saw the end, the double tuck. Good. 13.65

Hernandez VT- She’s just gonna do the DTY. Good. Hops over to the side and OOB. 14.55

1:31 pm. Malabuyo UB- Fell on a release and looks hurt. Landed on her back. Chris is talking to her and she looks okay now. Just took a minute to get up. Beautiful pak. Fell again but I missed where. Poor kid, and she gets crazy applause when she comes off. My heart. 10.1

Trautman BB- Off on standing arabian. Rest is good so far…switch side, side somi, double tuck with a step. 12.65

Foberg FX- Double layout full, her best all week! Hit double double. Tucked full-in with a little step. I missed her last pass because of Emma’s little drama but pretty sure she hit. 14.2

1:28 pm. Adams VT- FTY, a little balance check, tee hee, I don’t know why that was adorable? 13.4

Flory UB- Caught Jaeger and hit double layout. 13.6

Soza BB- Switch to Onodi, YAAAAAAS. Front aerial + split + sissone, nice. Side aerial. Punch front tuck, pause before wolf jump. Bobble on bhs + loso but she saves it. Full L turn to full pirouette, a little check on the latter but the L turn was BEAUTIFUL. Double tuck with a step. 13.65

Freed FX- Tucked full-in. 1.5 + 2.5. Ugh, crashed double pike. 12.0

1:24 pm. Johnson-Scharpf VT- DTY, NICE. Looked clean in the air from what I could see. 14.7

Baumann UB- Very slow and steady. Toe on to toe half to front giant to Jaeger. Didn’t see the rest but no falls. 12.15

Tatum BB- Saw the dismount, a hit double back 12.7

Hurd FX- BEAUTIFUL front full to front double full to stag. BEAUTIFUL. I’m like, crying?! Double pike with a bounce that she controls nicely. She works harder on landings than anything. The middle choreo of her routine kills me. Gorgeous. Beautiful 2.5. WHY AM I IN TEARS. 13.85

Gaskins VT- DTY, decent form, a big lunge back and a little off-center. 14.65

1:22 pm. Warmup for the second half! I have to say Ragan’s score for bars is excellent considering that big mistake.

1:19 pm. Brusch BB- Off on standing full. Hit flight series, switch to split jump. Double pike a bit low but hit. 11.9

Hernandez FX-So much energy in every hand motion she does. Hits double arabian to stag PERFECTLY. Zero of the mistakes she made all throughout training. That’s Laurie! Front lay front double full front tuck, great. I picture Kara Lovan’s broken ballerina choreo in the middle of Laurie’s routine. Double tuck with a bounce. Hit double pike to finish. 14.35

1:15 pm. Smith UB- Inbar, Jaeger is no problem (she missed it earlier today), stalder to Ricna, beautiful pak, goes over in handstand on the low bar but keeps it together, stalder full, and hits full-in with a hop. PHEW. That little low bar mistake could have been a big problem but she did a great job keeping her cool. 13.65

Paulson BB- Gets the wolf around. Check on side aerial. Think that was supposed to be in combination. Yes, here’s the side aerial loso loso, an excellent combo!! 2.5 hit. 13.35

Desiderio FX- Double double a tiny low but hit. 1.5 through to double back with a step. Hit third pass but I missed what it was. Double pike to finish. 14.3

Walker UB- Only saw the dismount, a hit full-in. 13.35

1:12 pm. Maile O’Keefe’s cheering section here is HUGE!

Chiles VT- DTY right down the middle, little bounce back. So much better than the Amanar. 14.95

O’Keefe UB- Tkatchev, bail to toe shoot, tiny form issues. Clean double front. 13.05

Frazier BB- Floaty bhs loso! I might have missed a fall. 11.85.

Dunne FX- Big piked full-in, side of her foot just touches OOB. Excellent whip whip to double tuck!! Selling this routine like crazy. LOVE! Near-stuck double pike to finish. Great job! 13.2

Jones VT- Good DTY! 14.45

1:10 pm. Jordan Chiles and SJS just noticed themselves on the big screen. Adorable!

Perea VT- Clean FTY right in the center. 13.65

Quinn UB- Muscles before the Endo half but hits! Hits Tkatchev. Full-in nearly stuck, just a tiny hop. 13.1

Thomas BB-  So far so good. Nice back pike, 2.5 dismount with a hop forward. Hit routine. 13.75

Arenas FX- Double pike to start, 1.5 to front full with a step. A bit low on her third pass. Finishes with clean 2.5. 12.7

Shchennikova VT- FTY a little over to the side and she steps out-of-bounds.

1:08 pm. Warmups are beginning! HERE WE GO!

12:54 pm. The arena is clearing out! Six minutes until competition. Who’s excited?!

12:41 pm. Everyone’s winding down. Nice 2.5 from Morgan just now, steps slightly to the side. Inbar work from Emma Malabuyo on bars. Grace Quinn up now…leg separation on the toe half and muscles up the Endo before hopping off. Emily Gaskins’ vaults are looking solid. Ragan on bars…inbar to stalder half to front giant to Jaeger, falls. Hits the rest though. Someone from Maile O’Keefe’s family just screamed out “LET’S GO MAILE, YOU GOT THIS.” Adorable.

12:28 pm. Nothing super exciting from the third rotation. Laurie just hit a great double pike on floor, and Jazzy had a powerful double double…out of bounds but good. Laurie crashed her double arabian, same as yesterday. Morgan is sticking her tumbling on floor! Really fighting for it too. Ooh, this is my first time seeing Maile O’Keefe all week. Clean handstands, Maloney, Tkatchev, bail with a little leg separation. Jazzy’s full-twisting double layout is out-of-bounds.

12:10 pm. Rotation three is getting started. Crowd is on their way in! SJS just stumbled out of a 1.5 through to 2.5. Nice 1.5 to front full from Alyona Shchennikova. Christina Desiderio killing it on beam. Rachel Baumann is in elegant black and white. Big Dos Santos for SJS!!! Lots of clean Texas Dreams FTYs.

12:03 pm. “Blank Space” is on, THANKS NASTIA. Ooh, Megan Freed just caught her bail with her elbows completely bent and just like, handstand-ed out of it. Great save. Laurie on bars now so I’m here for this. Hope she’s going for it all. Endo half to Ray is clean, oh, that was all for this turn. Bummer. Elena just went for a super aggressive Tkatchev but flew WAY over the bar and landed it on her feet before sitting. Hit it the second time though! Good job.

11:56 am. Morgan’s looking great on bars. Multiple wolf turns are happening simultaneously on floor and both were hilarious. BLESS. Olivia looks really clean on her Tkatchev, Jazzy’s hitting her bar connections and Laurie also looks good aside from some leg separation on her pak.

11:48 am. Laurie’s vault, I caught the end of it and she landed it facing forward and sat it so I can only assume it was an Amanar. It definitely wasn’t a 1.5 so unless she’s randomly doing like a handspring full or a Mustafina or something, Amanar’s a safe bet. Now sure if she’ll compete it because she only did it once and sat it but that was surprising for sure. Moving rotations now!

11:37 am. Laurie’s looking good on vault…nice Jaeger and toe full to BEAUTIFUL pak from Gabby Perea on bars. Jazzy hits a nice DTY but bouncing out of the landing a little, maybe on purpose. Olivia Dunne just stuck an FTY but it was a little off-center. Lovely form though! Christina Desiderio’s DTY is a little crunchy and I’M PRETTY SURE LAURIE JUST WENT FOR AN AMANAR.

11:32 am. Trinity Thomas is working a nice double layout on floor! Parkettes are in the same shade of purple they warmed up in. One of the Twin City Twisters girls (Abby it looks like from here) is doing a great triple full. Double pike from Tori Tatum just now. I love that the group currently on vault is all northeast gals…New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware represent! And then Elena Arenas from Georgia is there.

Olivia Dunne is in her pink leo from Classics. Love it. Beautiful Jaeger from SJS just now, then Tkatchev is also good, and she hits her dismount. Trinity Thomas’ tumbling is EFFORTLESS. Every time I see her I’m dying at how good she is. Nice 2.5 to front tuck for Tatum.

11:30 am. First rotation of general stretch is starting! I love the Texas Dreams leos, which are magenta with sleeves that do an ombre black to silver effect. IT’S BEAUTIFUL. Here’s a far away view of the MG Elite leo.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 11.30.30 AM

11:26 am. The juniors are just finishing up general stretch. There’s SO much hot pink here today…but a few others stand out in different leos, including Sydney Johnson-Scharpf in her blue and watermelon, Morgan Hurd in her beautiful white and blue leo from Classics, Emily Gaskins in a “Little Mermaid”-esque shimmery blue and green, and the MG Elite girls in a FABULOUS sublimated yellow, white, and pink that makes them look like lemonade. It’s seriously gorgeous.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

14 thoughts on “2015 U.S. Championships Junior Day 1 Live Blog

  1. Its exciting to see the top4 within 2 points of each other. Too bad Norah is not here to also be in the mix. Still anyone’s game for those top4


  2. So in love with Gabby Perea right now. She’s so impressive for a 2002 birthday and it’s crazy that she’s in the mix for the top 5 the way she is!


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