Field Set for Junior Japan International


The competitors are set for the 2015 Junior Japan competition, and it’s shaping up to be one of the strongest international junior meets of the year.

In addition to the U.S. sending their previously announced 2015 and 2014 junior national champions Laurie Hernandez and Jazmyn Foberg, the competition will also feature the likes of 2015 European Youth Olympic Festival bronze medalist Anastasia Iliankova and Elena Eremina of Russia, top Chinese juniors Liu Tingting and Lu Yufei, 2015 British junior champion Catherine Lyons, and 2015 gold and silver junior national medalists Megan Roberts and Jade Chrobok of Canada.

It’s an absolutely stacked line-up, and while the American ladies stand to be the top performers here, it certainly won’t be an easy sweep. Russia opted to keep their top juniors, Daria Skrypnik and Angelina Melnikova, at home, sending 2001 babies instead. Canada also sat out its top gymnasts, Shallon Olsen and Rose-Kaying Woo, both of whom have spent the season competing in the senior ranks domestically. But many of those on the list are 2000 babies and Olympic hopefuls, so you can guarantee federations hope to use the steep competition in Japan as a measure of their ability for 2016 in the absence of being able to send these gymnasts to world championships.

The official list of competitors is below.

Emily Whitehead
Jade Chrobok
Megan Roberts
Liu Tingting
Lu Yufei
Carina Kröll
Lina Philipp
Great Britain
Catherine Lyons
Hong Kong
Chun Mei Cheung
Ho Yat Cheung
Koko Dobashi
Natsumi Hanashima
Nagi Kajita
Kiko Kuwajima
Stefania Orzu
Denisa Stanciu
Elena Eremina
Anastasia Iliankova
South Korea
Yeo Seojeong
United States
Jazmyn Foberg
Laurie Hernandez

The 2015 Junior Japan International will be held from September 22-23 at the Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium in Yokohama, Japan. The first day of competition will feature all-around finals and event qualifications while the second day will feature event finals.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

3 thoughts on “Field Set for Junior Japan International

  1. I don’t quite get how exactly japan will try to do what with 4 gymnasts. I thought you can only have 2 per country sent to the competition. I know japan is host but what exactly will happen? So japan will get to have 4 but only 2 max can be on podium? or like 2 exhibitions?

    This is competition is AA only from what I understand right?


    • usually smaller meets like this the host country just sends a ton of gymnasts to test them all out. like how italy is with jesolo or how the US used to be with the american cup before it became a world cup event- the 2008 american cup had 4 american gymnasts competing.


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