MAG Qualification Day 1 Live Blog


The Gymternet is excited to bring all of the action of World Championships to you live, thanks to our reporter on scene, Kensley Behel! Refresh the page every five minutes or so for the most up-to-date action. Most recent updates will appear on the top. Thanks for joining us, and enjoy!

Japan leads Day 1 of qualification. Led by star, King Kohei Uchimura, who also is currently leading the AA, Japan holds almost a 2 point lead over six time defending champ, China. Great Britain remains in 3rd nearly 4.5 points behind Japan.

7:11 pm. Uchimura maltese (perfect) azarian iron cross (so well controlled) kip to badddd inverted iron cross, johansson, to yami to iron cross, invert, giant to arch handstand, double double to finish. 14.8

7:09 pm. Tanaka (JPN SR) maltese, To V cross, giant to V cross, kip yami Johansson, to handstand, giant handstand (arch,) back double tuck into double double tuck dismount. Flung it back a little – the tap seemed off – and had to take a step back.

7:05 pm.  Kaya (JPN SR) invert, up to high maltese, azarian to high maltese, iron cross, invert, yami to johansson to iron, invert, L sit, press to handstand (arch) giant to super archy handstand, back giant to super archy handstand. Ends with almost stuck 1/1 double lay. 14.033

7:02 pm. Xiao (CHN FX) Quad, 3.5, 1 ¾ Thomas, 5/2 to front 1/1, nice flairs, Very arched handstand with NO toe point, Triple to finish.

6:58 pm. Liu (CHN FX) front 1/1 to front 2/1 both tucked, back 5/2 to front 3/2( stumble) 1 ¾ Thomas, nice russians, Holds steady through the wide arm press, back 2/1 small hop, Triple to finish with a small hop back. Not the cleanest form. Not exactly what you expect from China.

Headed into the last rotation of this subdivision. Japan maintains the lead by 2.756 over China. Great Britain remains in 3rd for the Team Competition.

For the AA Kohei maintains the lead. Japan’s Kaya moves into 2nd, and China’s Xiao remains in 3rd.

Japan moves to rings and China to Floor. China can do some damage here to close the gap!

6:53 pm. Volkaert (BEL FX) Back 1.5 to front 2/1, front lay to front 5/2, stuck double Arabian, back 5/2 to front tuck 1/1, russians, wide arm press, stuck back 2/1, Stuck the triple then took a small hop back! Really nice routine for Belgium. 14.633

6:48 pm. Kaya (JPN PH) flairs all the way down the horse to start, presses a bit for the traveling handstand, more flairs, scissor to handstand, lots of single pommel work, circles down the horse. Great dismount and a huge fist bump! 15.3

6:45 pm. Uchimura (JPN PH) Beautiful set from him. Finally some redemption for this team on horse. 15.133

Zhang (CHN HB) Cassina, kolman (bent arms) stalder rybalko, tak 1/2 ,, lay tkatchev, rybalko, endo 1/1, tak 1/1, yami (bent arms) Double Double to finish but was gassed – He had to tuck heavily at the end. 15.0

6:42 pm. Tanaka (JPN PH) scissor to handstand scissor to handstand, Lots of single pommel work, magyar sivado, sat down in the middle of the horse, isn’t able to make the dismount properly.  ( I don’t think he will be credited.) 13.433

6:41 pm. Lin (CHN HB) 1/1, tak ½, straight tkatchev 1/1, ½, kolman, stalder rybalko (wrong way?) stalder 1/1, to layed out jaeger, tak 1/1to yami (fall)….comes back up and dismounts beautifully.

Xiao 14.466 (CHN HB)

Kato 14.566 (JPN PH)

6:36 pm. Andrew Smith (IRL V) Tsuk Double 14.266

Japan still holds the lead by almost 3 points but this time China has moved into 2nd place.

Uchimura still leads the AA followed by Tanaka (JPN) and Xiao of China.

6:27 pm. Shirai (JPN FX) 3/2 to front double, triple double tuck, handstand roll to pike through to handstand, tuck full to front 3/1, back 2.5 to 2.5, full twisting side somi, Finishes with a quad twist. 16.1

6:24 pm. Uchimura (JPN FX) back 3.5 to 1.5 , tuck full to randi, back 2.5 to front double full, 1.5 through to  fell on his double double ( wasn’t able to punch right,) 1 ¾ thomas,  triple to finish.

6:13 pm. Uchimura (JPN FX) LONNGGG wait before he can go. He actually put his sweats back on. This is getting ridiculous. It’s probably been 5 minutes. We are Now at 10 Minutes.

6:12 pm. Lin (CHN PB) 1/1, peach ½ peach Diam, double tuck, half pirouette, bhavsar to L sit to handstand, Tippelt, Healy, Great double pike to finish.

6:08 pm. 12.366 for Neill (IRL SR)

Andrew Smith (IRL SR) Straddle planche, forward roll to joh, to yami, tries to go to straddle planche but lands in straddle sit, handstand, back to handstand, strait to handstand, full-in tucked to finish.

6:07 pm. Kaya (JPN FX) double piked Arabian stuck cold, front 2/1 to front tuck 1/1, Russians, Back 3/2 to front lay stuck cold. Back 5/2 to Barani stuck. Back 2/1 smallest of hop, RO to triple to finish. Really the only skill with visible form issues. 14.566

China to PB and Japan to the FX. Begium to High Bar and missed group to Rings and Vault!.

At the halfway mark, Uchimura holds strong by almost a point over Russia’s Belyavskiy. Japan holds over a 3 point lead over Russia. China remains in 4th behind Switzerland.

5:52 Uchimura (JPN HB) piked kovacs, cassina (bent elbows) stalder, rybalko, tak ½, right in to kolman, (push up,) endo 1/1, Yami, stalder (grip change,) giant ½, qust, double double. 15.366

5:48 pm. Tanaka (JPN HB) Cassina, rybalko, change grip, giant ½, rybalko, to mixed grip, yami, endo 1/1, tak 1/1, giant ½, quast, Perfectly stuck and flared out double double. 15.0

5:47 pm. Kato (JPN HB) Tak 1/2 , straight tkatchev, kolman (close) stalder, stalder rybalko, tak 1/1 tami, endo, giant 1/1, quast, double double stuck cold! 15.0

Liu (CHN V) Kas 1.5. China probably wishes they could have reproduced the others after his. He came in still twisting and had to sit it. 13.133

5:45 pm. Deng (CHN V) Kas 2/1 I feel like these vaults are just carbon copies of each other.

5:43 pm. Lin (CHN V) Kas 2/1! Good

5:42pmXiao (CHN V) Kas 2/1 15.166

Hayasaka (JPN HB) Tak ½, lay tk, stalder, ½, tak 1/1, yami, endo1/1, endo, 1/1, giant1/2 Double Double to finish. Basically landed on his knees it was so deep. 14.533

Uchimura’s Inquiry was rejected!

Uchimura still in the lead with a 31.099 followed by Kenzo with a 30.699

Japan 122.755, China has moved into 4th with a 117.199.

5:32 pm. Tanaka  (JPN PB) Back up to handstand… healy, peach, peach ½ peach, Stutz, Opened out of the double pike SO EARLY. It was cool to see. Not bad too early he just actually had that much height! 15.758

Current inquiry on Uchimura’s score. His score did seem low and they spent A LOT of time on it.

5:25 pm. Liu (CHN SR) Maltese perfection (push to inverted iron cros, joh to Iron cross, push to inverted cross (little high) planch, yami to maltese, lower to iron cross, So much control! Back giant to handstand. STUCK layed out full-in. 15.866

Uchimura (JPN PB) – last half – Suarez, belle , giant ½, giant suarez to back toss to handstand. Great double pike to finish. 15.466

5:21 pm. Neill (IRL FX) Double tuck Thomas, back 3/2 to frotn 1/1 (step out, Arabian…. Finishes with a nice triple. 13.3

Kato (JPN PB) Back to handstand, peach half (step) peach, dimitrenko (off)L sit press to handstand, Tippelt, Belle, Healy ½ (struggle) Suarez, back toss to handstand (struggle)…Rough set but finished with a beautiful stuck double pike!

5:17 pm. Xiao (CHN SR) Maltese to bounce cross, front pike to Iron cross,joh to yami to straddle plance to Lsit, Pushes to handstand, giant handstand, Finishes with a nice double double layed out 14.3

Kaya (JPN PB) …..Tippelt, Stutz to 1 bar press, Stuck double pike to finish. 15.233

Gentges (BEL V) DTY 14.4

5:14 pm. Lin (CHN SR) Awkward maltese to bounce cross, joh to Iron cross (very confident ) Yami to somewhat shaky straddle planche, swinging back double tuck to L sit, Handstand, giant handstand, (struggle back to handstand,) double double to finish. Small hop back.

Shirai (JPN PB) finishes with a great double pike.

After a lackluster pommel horse performance, China find itself in 7th after 1 and Japan is in the lead after a stellar Vault rotation.

We are now heading to rotation 2. It is no shock that Uchimura is leading the AA.

5:05 pm. Rzepa (POL FX) Front layout to barani, front 1/1 to front tuck 1/1, pike dive roll, RO 2/1, Russians, Side somi, Runs to do a round off and stumbles. Runs fast to the corner to try and redo it. Finishes with a round off 5/2 that he sits. Very encouraging crowd after! 11.866

5:01 pm. Zhang (CHN PH) scissor to handstand, Big leg separation on traveling elements. Struggles through the dismount and has to push. Is not able to complete the turn and I don’t think he will get credit for a D dismount. We will see. 13.066

4:58 pm.  Uchimura (JPN V) Yurchenko half on with 2.5 off 15.633

4:55 pm. Shirai (JPN V) OMG!!! Yurchenko triple STUCK COLD! Right down the middle. 15.533

VT 2. Kas 1.5 looks like he went for the stick but was under rotated ever so slightly and had to take a step back.

You (CHN PH) Struggles a little in the first handstand but good into the second. Maybe some ever so slight leg separation. Slight knee bends here nd there. Looks like he may have hit his foot on the horse. 14.2

4:51 pm. Tanaka (JPN V) Kas 1.5. Right down the middle but almost stumbled to his bottom. Took several steps back. 14.16

Hayasaka (JPN V) Kas double! Huge vault – maybe not allll the way around. But good direction.  15.2

Deng (CHN PH) Starts traveling all the way down the horse. Sits down in the middle but finishes nicely.

4:47 pm. Lin Chaopan (CHN PH) scissors to handstand, scissors to handstand, This is what pommels should look like! Great routine!

Kazuma Kaya (JPN V) Kas 1.5 Right down the middle! Great! Just a small hop. 14.766

What a showdown between the two best teams in the world!

We are live with China and Japan in Subdivision 3!

2:49 pm. Hambuechen (GER PH) scissor Fall NO- that’s not allowed, Fighting through the Magyar Sivado, Makes the dismount.

2:45 pm. Braegger (SUI V) Kas 1.5! Small hop back! 14.8

Nguyen (GER PH) Point your toes!! Lots and Lots of leg separation, Super loose throughout. Balks the dismount. Gets back up to redo  it. Is quite successful. Not an easy thing to do so good for him.

Belyavskiy (RUS SR) Runs backwards out of his dismount off the mats.

2:43 pm.  Toba(GER PH) scissor to handstand scissor flip flop sequence, swinging well, struggles with the dismount has to press a lot and in the end just isn’t able to and has to come off.

Capelli (SUI V) Huge Handspring Double front.

Yusof (SUI V) Tsuk Double pike. Chest a bit low but his team erupts in cheers. SO.LOUD. This team is on fire today. They mean business! 15.00

2:41 pm. Hegi (SUI V) Beautiful high vault from him. A little off center but he almost stuck it! Maybe a slight shuffle.

Herder (GER PH) Nice routine. 13.833

2:33 pm. Hambuechen (GER FX) Double Double lay out stuck , back 5/2 to Barani, back 3/2 to front full stuck, beautiful flair sequence! Take note people!!!! Perfect wide arm press held strong, 1 and ¾ layed out Thomas. HOLDING MY BREATH!!!! OMG Stuck Full-in to finish! Chest was a little low but we won’t really talk about that! We will talk about how he fought for that stick! HAPPY 28TH BIRTHDAY FABI!!!!

2:30 pm. Bretschneider (GER FX)  3/2 to double front (stuck) front 2/1 to barani, 1 and ¾ Thomas, RO double full (stuck,) RO 3/2 to front 1/1, Come on!!!! Triple full to finish with only a small hop! YAY!

2:29 pm Palma Simoes (POR V) Handspring with 1.5 twists

Planche, lowered to a very high maltese, back up to maltese, joh, yam to straddle place, huge bend in the handstand, back up into handstand, giant giant double double

2:27 pm. Stretovich (RUS PH) .  flip fop to handstand twice, some leg separation on travels, Fell of on some one arm work. Looks a little defeated. Afterwards didn’t seem to work so hard to squeeze his legs together through the end of the routine.

Da Costa Almeida (POR V) Tsuk double full.

2:26 pm. Baumann (SUI SR) Invert to planche (strong) giant to handstand, back giant to handstand, joh, to yami, ,to straddle planche, to L sit, press to handstand (some wobbles) Nice double double to finish. Small hop forwards.

2:24 pm.Herder (GER FX) Double pike Arabian hop forward, back 5/2 to front lay (slide) back 1/5 to front full (slippery feet and jumps straight into the floor (may be considered a fall) flairs to press, beautifully stuck double twist. Triple full to finish.

Onto the 5th Rotation

2:13 pm Hambuechen (GER HB) Cassina (little piked) kolman, layed out tkatchev, rybalko, tak ½ (pause on the top of the bar) yami, stalder rybalko, giant ½, rybalko, stalder, Stuck his double double and the entire arena goes crazy!!!!15.2

2:10 pm. Bretschneider (GER HB)Double pike, cassina, rybalko, tak 1/1quast, weiler, tak ½, amazingly stuck double double. Decided to play it safe. Hopefully he will make finals and we will see the double double and he will get it named after him! 15.066

2.06 pm. Nguyen (GER HB) endo 1/1, 1 arm , tak 1/1, yami (legs) koman(good) layed out kovaks, giant ½, tak 2 (legs) straight into kovacks, Great double double!

Ri Se Gwang (PRK V) His own vault! Incredible! Really well done! 15.533….15.24 average!

Abliazin (RUS FX) punch 5/2 twist, out on double double layout straight, Just fell and now he is out of the finals.

2:04 pm.  Toba (GER HB) Endo 1/1, tak 1/1, tak ½ (huge split) tkatchev ½, giant ½, kovacks (legs apart) kolman (legs apart) tkatchev (bent arms) quast, rybalko, giant ½ stuck the double double layed out but super pike and sloppy knees. 13.966

2:01 pm  Kuksenkov (RUS FX) FHS front 2/1 to barani, whip to double Arabian ( small step back) 1 3/44 tucked roll out Thomas, some nice russian work, archy wide arm press, back 2.5 to front 1/1  Finishes with a triple twist that he bounces out of to his knees.

1:55 pm. We are rotating to the 4th rotation. At the halfway mark respectively, here are the team and AA standings.

  1. Russia 149.496 2. SUI 177.863 3. GBR 176.662 4. GER 176.497
  2. Belyavskiy (RUS), 2. Kuksenkov (RUS) 3. Braegger (SUI)

1:50 pm. Nguyen (GER PB) peach, peach ½, DIAM, Dimitrenko, Stutz 1 arm to immediate healy, double tuck (couldn’t see where he started from to call the name) , healy, AMAZING double pike with the tiniest of hops 15.2

1:47 pm. Hegi (SUI FX) Thomas, FHS front 2/1 to Barani, back 5/2 to front 1/1, nice press, v press down, some russians, back 2/1, Nice triple to finish. Just a step back.

1:44 pm. Hambuechen (GER PB) ½ pirouette peach, giant go to handstand, turn ¾ press to handstand, Stutz (perfect) Tippelt straight to Healy to an interesting combination to a perfect stuck double pike. THIS IS WHY HE’S THE MASTER! 15.133

1:42 pm. Krimmer (GER PB) peach to 1 bar peach ½ giant , Dimiitrenko, Healy, stutz, beach basket to L sit, press to handstand, Great double pike to finish! 14.766

Yusof (SUI FX) Stuck his dismount to huge heers from the crowd

The Michigan Men’s gymnastics team has some competition for team chalking from Team Germany

Herder (GER PB) Up to handstand, peach ½, peach, ½ transition to Bhavsar, up to ½ pirouette to Tippelt, Healy, DIAM to Stutz, double pike to finish.

Baumann (SUI FX) FHS front double twist to barani, back 2/5 to front tuck 1/1, double Arabian(stuck) front double tuck rollout, some beautiful Russian work to perect split to wide arm press to pike trhough to straddle up to handstand, RO double twist to finish. 14.266

After two rotations, combined scores are as follows: 1. RUS  121.531  2. SUI  119.197   3. GBR 116.731    4. GER 116.298 5. BRA 115.130

AA: Belyavskiy leads with a 30.663 and Hambuechen is 10th

Russia is on High Bar, German on P Bars, and Switzerland on the Floor.

1:30 pm. Palma Simoes (POR FX) double arabian, almost stuck triple, RO double twist, FHS 1.5 twists, Russians, side arm press (slight arch)into planche push to handstand (impressive) back 1.5 to tuck front 1/1, back 2.5 to finish (small hop)

1:27 pm. Belyavskiy (RUS PB) Peach to 1 bar, Tippelt, ½, bhavsar, ½, Healy, hop to ¾ press, Stutz, double front ½ out.

1:25 pm. Hegi (SUI HB) yami /2, tak ½, Liuken, endo, tak 1/1, yami, endo (big press) back giants ½, quast, ,kicked out of his full twisting double lay a little early and has to take a step forward. 15.033

1:20 pm. Bucher (SUI HB) giant stalder  fybalko, tak ½ to ovacs, to rybalko, endo, back giants, quast, Stuck his double double layout cold. This team is on fire drilling their landings!

Bretschneider (GER V) Fell on his Handspring double front. 13.6

1:19 pm. Toba (GER V) Super powerful run. Kas 1.5! Gets a huge hug from his coach and high fives all around from the team. He looks very pleased! 14.733

1:17 pm. Almeida (POR FX) Double Arabian piked, small hop, front lay to frong double twist (stumble)… Nice press, 1 ¾ tucked Thomas, Double Arabian with a very very deep landing.

Nguyen (GER V) Tsuk double) Some form issues there but landed well. 14.333

1:16 pm. Hambuechen (GER V) Again just a Yurchenko double twist. Really nice block off the top. A little off to the side. 14.5

1:14 pm. Krimmer (GER V) Just a Yurchenko double twist but will executed. Right down the middle and only a small hop forward. 14.3

Huge Vault rotation for Russia. Russia with a 60.832, Switzerland with a 60.732, Germany with a 58.432. Interesting that all three teams are head of all of the teams from the first rotation. Granted, GBR did have a poor first rotation. We will see how things line up after this next rotation.

1:06 pm. Georgiou (CYP FX) Front lay to front double twist. Double Double tucked, wide arm press, V hold kick out, RO 1.5 tuck, Front full tucked to Barani, RO to single Arabian, dive roll, back 2.5 to finish. 13.3

1:03 pm. Braegger from Switzerland just stuck his double pike of PB cold. Papaevripidou from CYP went down on his last pass on floor and grabbed his knee. He had to be medically lifted from the mat.

Nguyen (GER SR) Maltese, bounce iron cross, back up to straddle planche giant to handstand joh, yami, back up to handstand, (long hold) BEAUTIFUL full twisting double layout. 14.5

1:00 pm. Abliazin (RUS V)  Tsuk double pike 15.533 for vault 1. Vt.  2 Yurchenko ½ on 2/5 off. Avg. 15.483

12:57 pm. Hambuechen (GER SR) Beautiful maltese, azarian cross, bounc cros (low on shoulders) up to straddle planche, a little wobbly in the handstand but then controls it, johnasson to handstand, Really almost stuck is full twisting double lay out. 14.333

Ignatyev (RUS V) Handspring Double front right down the line! 14.766

12:53 pm. Toba (GER SR) Maltese, maltese, back to handstand front giant to handstand,joh to yami to low straddle planch, iron cross, L sit, really has to push into the handstand Almost stuck the double double! Just a small step 14.633

12:52 pm. Nagornyy (RUS V) Beautiful Dragulescu vt. 2 T

12:51 pm. Phillip Herder (GER SR) high maltese, bounce iron, azarian, cross, back giant to johansson, yami to staddle planche to archy handstand to handstand, Good double double !

We are now live with subdivision 2!

Team scores: GBR 354.427, BRA: 349.057, PUR: 331.327

11:51 am. Whitlock and Wilson are tied up with a 88.365. Whitlock is currently listed in 2nd place though. There could be a tie breaker already in place that lists him ahead. Purvis had the meet of his life today. Currently in first with an 88.956

11:48 am. Wilson (GBR PB) , back up, peach ½, peach to 1 bar ,peach, dimitrenko, back toss, Tippelt, Healy, Double Pike to finish. Really clean routine. If he would just point his toes a little it would be perfect! 15.5

11:46 am. Purvis (GBR PB), back to handstand, peach ½, peach to 1 bar, Healy, peach, diam, stutz, giant, Great double pike to finish. 15.358

11:43 am. Whitlock (GBR PB) Peach, Dimitrenko, double back from hands, peach basket to straddle cut through, tippelt, straddle catch, Healy, giant ¾ press through to great double tuck.

Bevan (GBR PB) Got stuck upside down on the Dimitrenko, peach ½, peach, giant to double tuck, double tuck from handstand, Tippelt, healy, giant to handstand, stutz, double pike to finish.

11:35 am. De Souza Bitencourt (BRA FX) 2/2 with a step forward 1.5 to double, fhs 1.5, 1 ¾ tucked Thomas, wide arm press, v press to extended  2.5 to tuck 1/1. triple to finish

Smith (GBR PH) peach basket, struggles with the revers e up, can’t complete the Healy and has to take an extra swing,, Stutz, diam, back reverse straddle, giant 1.4, straddle press up, Timer layout off. Not great.

After 5 Whitlock: 73.665, Purvis: 73.598, Oyakawa Mariano: 73.299

GBR: 295.359, BRA: 291.208, PUR: 278.561

11:23 am. Guscinas (LTU PH) cut, magyar sivado, actually is working really nicely through. Triple Russian dismount to finish.

11:17 am. Campos Souza (BRA HB) Giant ½, quast, kolman (leg separation) giant ½, tak 1/1, struggles, yami, to gienger, endo (struggle) tak 1/2 straddle tkatchev, stalder, double double to finish. 12.975

Konecny (CZE SR) Iron, reverse to Iron, back up to straddle sit, straddle planche, giant to wobble handstand, wobble straddle planche, L sit, push to handstand (Not even close like maybe ½ a second hold and it wasn’t even really a handstand.) Stuck his dismount though. 11.7

Barretto Junior (BRA HB) 1 arm, giant ½, kolman, giant ½, falls on straight tkatchev, back up now, redoes to straddle kt ½, tak 1/1, to yam to endo, endo 1/1, giant 12, Form on full twisting layout was AMAZING. But it was just too slow and he stumbled to his knees then ran out.

11:14 am.  Thomas (GBR V) vt.1 Yurchenko double pike right down the middle. Chest a little low and a small hop at the end but great vault!

Vt. 2 Run seemed off. Sat his handspring double front. 14.43 average

11:10 am. Whitlock (GBR V) HUGE Yurchenko Triple! I mean his height is incredible! Some crossed legs and a big step after but huge vault for him! 15.166

De Souza Bitencourt (BRA HB)  yami, endo 1/1, back giant, tak ½, kolman, straight tkatchev, straddle tkatchev ½, 1/1, giant 1/, stalder, stuck his full twisting straight cold!

Bevan (GRB V) Tsuk double pike. Falls to his knees 13.866

11:07 am. Fouro Da Silva (BRA HB)stalder rybalko, tak ½ (leg split) tkatchev, giant rybalko, hopstand, tak ½, to yami, endo 1/1, ginat ½, quast, Missed the dismount but he landed well.

Purvis (GBR V) Great Yurchenko 2.5 only a tiny bit off line and a small hop. His run seems so slow, but it works for him.

Wilson (GBR V) Kas 1.5. A little messy in the air but good landing.

11:06 am. Brinn Bevan on Vault just did a Tsuk Pike timer and did a back handspring out of it! And WOAH Thomas’ height on his block is unreal in person!

11:01 am.  After 4: AA: Purvis (GBR) 58.598, Whitlock (GBR) 58.499, Wilson (GBR) 58.099.

Team: GBR: 235.194, BRA: 232.793, PUR: 222.562.

11:00 am. Bruno Decidet ( CHI HB)  tak ½, giant ½, tak1/1, to yami, back giant ½ , stalder ½, endo, back giant, hop change, giant ½, double double tuck to finish.

10:54 am. Wilson (GBR SR) invert to maltese, back up to maltese, bouce cross, invert, johansson to yami to straddle planche (legs a little low) azarian cross, back giant to archy handstand, front giant to archy handstand. Almost sticks full-in. small step. Big fist bump from him. 14.966

10:51 am. Bevan (GBR SR) Invert, maltese with chest to high, johansson, up to good straddle planche to L sit ( not sure he is holding them long enough ) handstand to double tuck to shaky handstand to yami up to handstand. Double double with small hop back. 14.233

10:49 am. Whitlock (GBR SR) up to planch (little wobble) L sit, push to perfect handstand, yami to johanasson, up to straddle planche, back to handstand, giant double tuck to handstand, finishes with a double double with a small step. 14.433

10:46 am. Purvis (GBR SR) . Iron, pack to iron, invert, johansson to yami to good straddle planche to L sit, press to handstand, giant to handstand, Perfectly stuck double double to finish. 14.9

Perez – Rivera (PUR V) Tsuk double. Little bend at the hips and a hop back. 14.033

10:43am Thomas (GBR SR) up to high maltese, up to tilted planche, L side  to yami to straddle planche(struggles) to L sit awkward press to handstand, johnasson, a little wobbling in the handstand but stuck his full twisting double layout cold. 13.9

Morales Casado (PUR V) Tsuk double 14.133

10:40 am. GBR to Rings, PUR to vault, and BRA to PB.

10:34 am. Max Whitlock leads the AA with a 44.066 at the halfway mark followed by Daniel Purvis (43.698,) and in 3rd is Brazil’s Arthur Oyakawa Mariano.

Team Results at the halfway mark: GBR: 176.662 BRA: 174.578  PUR: 166.264

10:28 Perez Rivera (PUR SR) Another NCAA gymnast here. He is from Michigan. Iron cross, into invert, back up to Iron, into invert, up to straddle planch but struggles goes into straddle sit tries to go to go back to straddle planche but can’t quite hold it, up into handstand but huge arch bend, yami series and back up to handstand. Struggles again. Sticks his dismount! 12.2

Max Whitlock almost of on his flairs, his rhythm changes after like he is nervous but now it is under control. Seems to struggle with hand placement on the dismount a little. Not his cleanest set but I would imagine that would still get him to finals.15.266

10:26 pm. Smith (GBR PH) Huge cheer for the double Olympic medalist, cut to handstand, cut to handstand, smooth circles but slow and very measured. Some leg split on the Russians on the pommels, travels well down the horse, BEAUTIFUL dismount! Should bring a big score. 15.533

10:25 am. Torres (PUR SR) Up to planche yami to pike yami to iron, struggles on straddle planche, iron, backswing up to handstand (struggles to hold)  big step back on double double dismount

Bevan (GBR PH) Good swing, up to starveling hhandstand, pikes through the spindles, good flairs, flairs out the dismount. 14.666

Campos souza (BRA) stuck the vault 14.966.

10:21 am. Wilson( GBR PH) up to handstand, cuts up to handstand again, pikes his hits through the swing, good Russian, easy up to the handstand! Good!

Zanetti (BRA V) Handspring double front! Good vault! 14.816

10:19 am. Oyakawa Mariano (BRA V) Yurchenko 2.5! Great! Right down the middle. Small hop after. Big cheer from his teammates.

10:16 am. Purvis (GBR PH)up to handstand, circling well, really smooth swing, some slight leg separation here and there,  Great dismount! Solid routine to start. 14.466

De Souza Bitencourt  (BRA V) Kas 1.5! Right down the middle 14.766

10:11 am. GB headed to pommel horse where they can do some serious damage if they hit. Puerto Rico to rings, Brazil to Vault!

10:08 am. Nile Wilson currently leads the AA with a 29.4

10:05 am. Good morning from Scotland. After a rough start on High Bar for team GB, they came back with a fabulous final floor set by Max Whitlock (15.2) Other highlights of the rotation include at 15.433 on the rings by the reigning Olympic Champion, Arthur Zanetti! We will soon begin in the 3rd rotation in Subdivision 1 of the Men’s Qualifying session.

Article by Kensley Behel


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