International Gymnix Preview and Roster


This weekend marks the big 25th anniversary International Gymnix competition, and it’s going to be an excellent year, with big names from around the world competing at several levels.

The Senior and Junior Cup events will feature teams of gymnasts sent by their national programs, while the Challenge will feature both juniors and seniors competing mostly for their club gyms, though the smaller program federations of Chile and Trinidad & Tobago have registered gymnasts for this event as well.

Three Canadian and two Belgian teams make up the bulk of the Senior Cup, with the Netherlands and Japan also sending gymnasts. Recent 2016 Elite Canada champion Isabela Onyshko will lead the “Canada Power” team while the “Canada Rams” and “Canada Max” teams all feature young seniors hoping to impress as they work toward spots on the Olympic team, including standout first-year Rose-Kaying Woo.

For Belgium, nine of their Olympic hopefuls will contend after going through a selection event a couple of weeks ago. Their first team includes Laura Waem in addition to the three new seniors expected to make major waves this year as they attempt to qualify a full team to Rio, Nina Derwael, Axelle Klinckaert, and Senna Deriks. The second team has veterans Julie Croket and Gaelle Mys on the roster as well as 2015 worlds standouts Cindy Vandenhole and Rune Hermans alongside new senior Julie Meyers. I believe based on their selection results that due to the four-member teams here, Croket’s scores won’t count toward the team totals, so this will be more of a personal test for her.

The Netherlands has only two gymnasts competing, including new senior Kirsten Polderman alongside fan favorite Eythora Thorsdottir. Maartje Ruikes was expected to be the third member, but she unfortunately ruptured her Achilles over the weekend while performing on floor at the Sidijk Tournament. And for Japan, we’ll see new senior and recent WOGA Classic champion Nagi Kajita in addition to Yuna Hiraiwa and the powerful Sae Miyakawa.

The big excitement with the Junior Cup this week was the official announcement of the U.S. team, which features Jordan Chiles, Emma Malabuyo, Gabby Perea, and Deanne Soza. Their biggest competition will be the Canadian team –  where the young superstars Jade Chrobok and Ana Padurariu will lead Victoria Jurca and Haley de Jong – as well as the Russian team, featuring Anastasia Iliankova, Uliana Perebinosova, Valeria Saifulina, and Varvara Zubova.

Other top contenders here include Romania with Olivia Cimpian and the superb vaulter Denisa Golgota headlining their squad and Great Britain featuring the 2016 Welsh junior champion Maisie Methuen. Japan, Belgium, and France will have teams in attendance as well.

The big names on the list for the Challenge include Marisa Dick of Trinidad & Tobago as well as the Chilean gymnasts Simona Castro and Makarena Pinto. Both of these nations have Test Event spots open in April and are still deciding on the gymnast who will represent them in Rio, so this will be a great opportunity for these three to show what they are capable of.

Otherwise, several clubs from Canada, Mexico, Belgium, France, Scotland, and the United States have registered gymnasts here. WOGA will send their newly-qualified junior elite Irina Alexeeva, Kidsport is sending senior Lexy Ramler, Parkettes has five young gymnasts on the roster, Dynamo of Canada will send four up-and-comers (including Brooklyn Moors, who impressed on floor at Elite Canada), and City of Glasgow’s gymnastics club will send this year’s Scottish national champion, Cara Kennedy.

The Senior Cup will be held on Friday at 6:30, the Challenge meet on Saturday at 12:30, and the Junior Cup on Saturday at 6:30. The Senior and Junior Cups will feature team and all-around competitions while the Challenge meet will be all-around only; additionally, all three will act as qualifiers for apparatus finals, with the eight best gymnasts on each event from each division competing for event titles on Sunday beginning at 1:30.

Full lists of all International Gymnix competitors are below. For more information, check out our coverage guide.

Senior Cup 

Belgium Team 1
Senna Deriks
Nina Derwael
Axelle Klinckaert
Laura Waem
Belgium 2
Julie Croket
Rune Hermans
Julie Meyers
Gaelle Mys
Cindy Vandenhole
Canada “Rams”
Madison Copiak
Audrey Rousseau
Sydney Townsend
Rose-Kaying Woo
Canada “Power”
Isabela Onyshko
Kirsten Peterman
Laurie-Lou Vezina
Victoria-Kayen Woo
Canada “Max”
Helody Cyrenne
Shallon Olsen
Meixi Semple
Sydney Soloski
Yuna Hiraiwa
Nagi Kajita
Sae Miyakawa
Kirsten Polderman
Eythora Thorsdottir

Junior Cup

Maellyse Brassart
Manon Muller
Myrthe Potoms
Alysha Senders
Jade Chrobok
Haley de Jong
Victoria Jurca
Ana Padurariu
Lorette Charpy
Assia Khnifass
Alisson Lapp
Janna Mouffok
Great Britain
Taeja James
Alice Kinsella
Maisie Methuen
Ellesse Oates
Soyoka Hanawa
Kiko Kuwajima
Mana Oguchi
Alisia Botnaru
Olivia Cimpian
Ioana Crisan
Denisa Golgota
Anastasia Iliankova
Uliana Perebinosova
Valeria Saifulina
Varvara Zubova
United States
Jordan Chiles
Emma Malabuyo
Gabby Perea
Deanne Soza


Irina Alexeeva, WOGA
Shannon Archer, City of Glasgow
Marjorie Bastien, Viagym
Meleah Bell, Parkettes
Ines Ben Rhouma, Pole Marseille
Amy Bladon, Bluewater
Shaelyn Brown, Capital City
Simona Castro, Chile
Jenna Coleman, Parkettes
Marisa Dick, Trinidad & Tobago
Megan DiPietro, Dynamo
Emilie Dumont, Viagym
Montana Fairbairn, Stampede City
Danae Fletcher, Parkettes
Paulina Guerra, Elite Gymnastics
Goldie Harder, Calgary
Ilka Juk, Omega
Cara Kennedy, City of Glasgow
Chloe Leblicq, FfG
Megan Link, Parkettes
Madai Lopez, Gymnos
Sophie Marois, Viagym
Eloise Monat, Equilibrix
Brooklyn Moors, Dynamo
Jenna Murdock, Can-Am
Fiona Oke, Pole Marseille
Melissa Paries, Pole Marseille
Jordyn Pedersen, Manjaks
Megan Phillips, Gymnix
Makarena Pinto, Chile
Andrea Pirsh, Gymnos
Enya Pouliot, Taiso
Lexy Ramler, Kidsport
Meaghan Ruttan, Calgary
Alix Scandella, Pole St-Etienne
Sophie Shaver, Unigym
Stephanie Sim, Dynamo
Claire Tunnell, Parkettes
Sayge Urban, Dynamo
Emily Walker, Marian

Article by Lauren Hopkins

3 thoughts on “International Gymnix Preview and Roster

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  2. Just curious, don’t you need a 4 person team to compete in Junior and Senior Cups? Why arent the Netherlands seniors competing in Challenge since they only have 2 gymnasts?


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