Janas Returns for Stuttgart Bundesliga Win


The second Bundesliga meet of the year saw a win from the star-studded Stuttgart team, even without the extra muscle from Olympians Elisabeth Seitz and Tabea Alt in action.

Instead, it was two-time Olympian Kim Bui who led them to their second consecutive win, earning a 55.1 to place second in the all-around while contributing the top score of 14.2 on bars as well as a 13.6 on floor. The team also saw big scores from first-year senior Carina Kröll, who had a 54.3 for third place in the all-around, contributing good scores across the board, including a 13.6 on floor to match Bui there for second.

But the biggest news for the Stuttgart club was the return of Kim Janas, who has spent the past year and a half dealing with injuries and recovery. Janas, 16, tore her ACL for the second time just after Euros in 2015, and then early this year, she dislocated her elbow on bars, taking her out of contention for Rio despite being Germany’s biggest rising star as a junior.

She only returned on bars this weekend, but it was a triumphant return after so much time away, and she earned the third-best bars score of 13.65 for what was a lovely routine. Janas demonstrated excellent technique on her Maloney to Pak, Jaeger, and tucked toe-front half dismount, which she stuck to the applause from a super supportive crowd. With everything that has gone wrong for her over the majority of her senior career, she can now hopefully go into the next quad to finally do what she’s meant to accomplish in this sport.

The other Stuttgart competitors included 13-year-old Emelie Petz, who performed everywhere but bars, Belgium’s Dorien Motten competing everything but beam as a guest, and Antonia Alicke, who put up a beautiful set on beam, easily her best routine ever on this event for a fourth-place 13.55.

The team from Karlsruhe-Söllingen placed second, led by top juniors Isabelle Stingl in fifth place with a 52.35 and Emma Höfele in eighth with a 50.4. Stingl had mistakes on bars, but put up a superb vault for a 14.25 and had the third-best score on beam with a 13.9 while Höfele, who won last week’s German Cup, fell on bars to place eighth with 50.4.

Olympic alternates Leah Griesser and Pauline Tratz also helped out a bit on this team. Griesser competed everywhere but vault, falling on bars but showing outstanding work on beam for a 13.7 and floor for a 13.6, the second-best of the day, while Tratz contributed a solid vault, earning a 14.4, the best score of the day there. Additionally, first-year senior Maike Enderle helped on vault and bars, while junior Sidney Hayn balanced her on beam and floor.

Hungary’s 2016 Olympian Zsofia Kovacs made a guest appearance for Köln, helping them finish third, one spot up from the first Bundesliga back in May. Kovacs easily won the all-around even with downgraded vault and bars, earning a 55.6 and posting top-three scores on all four events. It was great to see her hitting her routines, which has been a problem in the latter half of this year despite a near-perfect start to her first year as a senior; she shockingly fell on two events at the Olympics, narrowly missing out on the all-around final, and then also had falls at the world cup in Szombathely earlier this month, but everything went super smoothly in Stuttgart yesterday and once she adds her full difficulty back in for next year, she should be a major all-around contender internationally.

Sarah Voss was fourth all-around with a 53.9 after a relatively consistent day of her own, Jenna Büttner was 13th with a 48.1, and both Sarah Sonnenschein and Elisabeth Wagner also competed for this club.

Without Olympic stars Pauline Schäfer and Sophie Scheder, Chemnitz-Altendorf fell a couple of spots in the overall rankings, finishing fourth. Their top performer was Pauline’s little sister Helene Schäfer, who was sixth all-around with a 52.15, a solid score for the junior who will reach the senior ranks next year. She has great skills on beam, though still needs to figure out consistency there, which has been an issue in some recent meets this season.

The team also saw performances from Lisa Schöniger in 16th with a 47.5, Anuschka Maltzan in 18th with a 47, Jasmin Haase on vault and floor, and Nadja Schulze on bars and beam.

Schulze surprised with the best beam of the day, earning a 14.55 for what was the performance of a lifetime. Opening with a roundoff layout stepout mount, Schulze also showed lovely work on a full Y turn, side aerial to layout stepout, and a stuck double back dismount with only a couple of tiny wobbles throughout the set. She’s never been a major contender for any teams, but as the ranks will likely thin out a bit early next quad, I could see her being a solid contributor on this event, often one of Germany’s weakest.

Some other good work came from Mannheim’s first-year seniors Amélie Föllinger in seventh with a 51.8 and Rebecca Matzon in ninth with a 50.3, and then 13-year-old Leonie Papke of Tittmoning was tenth with a 49.75 after good work on beam.

In the second league, it was mostly the guest performers who stood out at the top, with Dyonnailys Supriana of the Netherlands representing Hannover and placing first all-around with a 52, and Hungarians Dorina Böczögö and Luca Diveky placing second and third with scores of 51.85 and 50.1, respectively, with Böczögö competing for Ries and Diveky competing for Ulm. Böczögö was especially excellent on floor, earning an event-best 13.9 for what was an excellent routine, and Supriana posted the top bars score of 13.1.

Lucienne Fragel of Dresdner was fourth with a 49.05 and had the top vault score of 13.95, Marlene Bindig of Dresdner was fifth with a 48.55, Dalia Al-Salty — another Hungarian guest — represented Heidenheimer and placed sixth with a 47.9, Finja Säfken of Hannover was seventh and had the best beam score of 12.75, Julia Vietor of Dresdner was eighth with a 47.55, Sarina Maier of Kirchheim was ninth with a 47.15, and Tamea Friedl of Heidenheimer was tenth with a 46.3.

The third league just finished competing this afternoon, and seven-time Olympian Oksana Chusovitina of Uzbekistan won the all-around with a 53.35. Competing as a guest for Herkenrath, which placed third in this division, 41-year-old Chusovitina had a great day, including a 14.75 for her tsuk 1.5 on vault and a 13.95 on beam, excellent work on her two best events. Just another day of being awesome from the woman who will literally never retire from this sport, and we are blessed for that.

As a side note, she actually had another gymnast her age at this meet, with Silvia Wentzell — who competed vault and bars in the second leauge for Dortmund — only a few months younger than Chusovitina. Wentzell, who works as a coach, is a regular at the Bundesliga competitions, staying in the mix and keeping up with the young kids just for fun.

Jasmin Mader of Austria helped out Lahn-Dill with a 51.1 for second in the all-around while Spain’s Carolina Sanchez represented the Tittmoning II team with a 50 all-around, placing third. The top gymnast from Germany in this league was junior Julia Plattenhardt of Berkheim, the European Championships alternate who placed fourth with a 48.4 after a mostly good day aside from a rough patch on beam.

Full results from this competition are available here. The third and final Bundesliga of the season will take place in Heidenheim on November 12, with Stuttgart aiming to take the overall title for 2016.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

6 thoughts on “Janas Returns for Stuttgart Bundesliga Win

    • The eight best are in the first league, the next eight best are in the second league, and the next eight best after that are in the third league. The previous year’s overall bundesliga rankings determines which league each club is in, so if Stuttgart placed 8th overall in the first league 2016 and a team in the second league had a higher score than them, that team would move up into the first league and Stuttgart would move down to the second for 2017.


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