NCAA Week 2 Preview and Schedule


The second week of NCAA competition is where things get juicy, with tons of SEC match-ups on Friday night while teams that didn’t come out to compete in week one will make their debuts.

Of Friday’s four SEC meets, #1 LSU at #4 Alabama will be the most thrilling. The Tigers murdered the competition at home last week, but now they’re on enemy turf and Bama is looking to come back from its loss to Oklahoma, so this is going to be an epic fight with no clear winner. Just as exciting will be #6 Missouri at #12 Arkansas. While not typically SEC front-runners, the rival teams are close in their skill level and ability, with Missouri looking incredible last week and hoping to keep the momentum going by defeating the historically stronger Razorbacks.

#14 Auburn hosting #33 Georgia should be interesting as well, with the host team out-performing the Gym Dogs last week, but a Georgia not counting as many falls or mistakes could step it up…though I don’t think that’ll happen in front of a rowdy Auburn crowd, so I’d give this one to Auburn in a heartbeat. We’ll also see #3 Florida hosting #15 Kentucky, with Florida’s likely domination at home not particularly interesting, though it’ll be fun to watch Kentucky’s strong underclassmen in their determination and fight to continue building the program.

On the west coast, #5 Utah will travel to #23 BYU for a somewhat easy meet, though I can’t wait to watch BYU’s super entertaining floor routines again. #9 Oregon State is traveling across the border to DII team Seattle Pacific, #20 Sacramento State will host #39 San Jose State, #35 Stanford will hope to come back from major floor issues in a quad meet at #30 UC Davis with #47 Yale and the yet-to-compete Boise State joining them (I can’t wait to see their Olympic freshmen Courtney McGregor and Isabella Amado in action!), and #45 Utah State will host #16 NC State and #50 Bowling Green.

Other Friday meets include an exciting match at #24 Iowa against #26 Michigan State (the Big Ten rivals are currently only 0.025 apart in the rankings which should make this an awesome meet with a super close finish), #21 West Virginia at #38 Pittsburgh, #29 Towson at #31 Iowa State with #61 Oshkosh, #57 Winona State hosting #60 Gustavus, #58 Hamline at La Crosse, and the 2016 third-place NCGA squad Whitewater at Stout.

Saturday is all about the quad meets. I’m most excited to watch #7 Denver against #44 Arizona State, #49 Air Force, and #52 Texas Woman’s. It should be a blow-out season home opener for the Pioneers, who are excited to show off freshman talent Maddie Karr to the hometown crowd. The annual Lindsay Ferris Invitational at #10 George Washington is going to be another strong quad meet, also featuring yet-to-compete squads Cornell, North Carolina, and Penn.

#18 Minnesota will take on #27 Arizona in a quad meet at #28 Maryland that will also feature #53 Alaska, which could see some solid action between the top three squads there, and another don’t-miss meet will be #22 Ohio State hosting #10 Michigan, Washington, and Kent State, with all four teams capable of taking the title. #24 Illinois struggled a bit in its opening meet last week, but will look to come back strong as it hosts Big Ten rival #37 Rutgers as well as #42 Eastern Michigan and #46 UIC.

The final quad meet will be at the Ozone Invitational in Nashville, featuring #43 Temple, #54 Eau Claire, Centenary, and Illinois State…I’m not sure if there’s a way to watch, but it’s always fun to see meets contested on neutral ground. We’ll post streaming links if we find them.

I’ll actually be at Brown’s home opener against #34 New Hampshire and #48 Bridgeport, so pay special attention to our live blog for a little inside action, especially because our favorite human and Gymternet DIII contributor Sarah Keegan will be judging vault!

Sunday’s big meet is #2 Oklahoma hosting #8 UCLA where so many of our favorite former elites — Madison Kocian, Kyla Ross, Brenna Dowell, and Maggie Nichols, aka a good chunk of the 2014 and 2015 gold medal world championship teams — will hope to build on their already impressive starts to their seasons, and where the Bruins will hope to prove that the mistakes on beam and floor in their home opener were just flukes.

#6 Missouri comes back for some more action this weekend at an all-Missouri tri-meet with #40 Lindenwood and SEMO, #13 Cal travels to #24 Iowa, #17 NIU looked hotter than ever last weekend and will hope to keep moving up against #32 Ball State, #19 Penn State will compete at Big Ten rival Nebraska, MAC rivals #35 Western Michigan and #40 Central Michigan face off in Kalamazoo (fun fact — 2008 Olympic silver medalists Sam Peszek and Chellsie Memmel each has a sister at one of these schools, so look out for Skyler and Jessie!), and the east coast will get meets at #55 SCSU (featuring #59 Cortland and West Chester) and at Rhode Island College (featuring #56 Brockport, Ithaca, and Springfield).

As we go into week three on Monday, we’ll see #33 Georgia back again in their annual MLK Jr. Day matinee, this year against #16 NC State, which could get interesting. Georgia has the home advantage and is traditionally a much stronger program, but the visiting team showed clean routines and solid nerves against Florida last week, and could pull off a win if Georgia continues making mistakes.

The full schedule is below. All times listed are ET, the first team listed is the host team, and we’ll update any links as they are updated on each program’s schedule. Once the meet is finished, we’ll replace the links with results. Enjoy!

4:00 pm Ursinus vs West Chester Results (West Chester 191.050, Ursinus 186.875)
6:30 pm Pittsburgh vs West Virginia Results (Pittsburgh 194.025, West Virginia 193.875)
7:00 pm Auburn vs Georgia Results (Georgia 196.800, Auburn 196.075)
Florida vs Kentucky Results (Florida 197.600, Kentucky 196.950)
Stout vs Whitewater Results (Whitewater 187.950, Stout 184.300)
7:30 pm Iowa State vs Oshkosh, Towson Results (Iowa State 194.275, Towson 193.075, Oshkosh 184.025)
La Crosse vs Hamline Results (La Crosse 187.675, Hamline 182.950)
Winona State vs Gustavus Results (Winona State 184.150, Gustavus 182.400)
8:00 pm Arkansas vs Missouri Results (Missouri 195.850, Arkansas 193.950)
Iowa vs Michigan State Results (Iowa 195.475, Michigan State 193.875)
8:30 pm Alabama vs LSU Results (LSU 197.575, Alabama 197.100)
9:00 pm BYU vs Utah Results (Utah 196.900, BYU 194.175)
Utah State vs Bowling Green, NC State Results (Utah State 195.400, NC State 193.900, Bowling Green 193.275)
10:00 pm Sacramento State vs San Jose State Results (Sacramento State 194.400, San Jose State 192.725)
Seattle Pacific vs Oregon State Results (Oregon State 194.525, Seattle Pacific 189.425)
UC Davis vs Boise State, Stanford, Yale Results (Boise State 195.300, Stanford 193.800, UC Davis 193.275, Yale 188.900)
1:00 pm George Washington vs Cornell, North Carolina, Penn Results (George Washington 195.225, Penn 193.275, North Carolina 192.300, Cornell 190.825)
4:00 pm Brown vs Bridgeport, New Hampshire Results (Bridgeport 194.475, New Hampshire 193.975, Brown 192.475)
Maryland vs Alaska, Arizona, Minnesota Results (Minnesota 194.900, Arizona 193.225, Maryland 192.350, Alaska 188.175)
Ohio State vs Kent State, Michigan, Washington Results (Ohio State 195.800, Michigan 195.725, Washington 195.175, Kent State 192.975)
5:00 pm Illinois vs Eastern Michigan, Rutgers, UIC Results (Illinois 195.900, Eastern Michigan 194.725, Rutgers 191.125, UIC 190.850)
8:00 pm Denver vs Air Force, Arizona State, Texas Woman’s Results (Denver 196.350, Arizona State 193.275, Texas Woman’s 192.125, Air Force 189.900)
Ozone Invitational (Centenary, Eau Claire, Illinois State, Temple) Results (Illinois State 192.550, Temple 192.225, Centenary 186.300, Eau Claire 185.950)
12:00 pm Rhode Island vs Brockport, Ithaca, Springfield Results (Brockport 187.600, Ithaca 183.200, Springfield 183.050, Rhode Island 176.375)
1:00 pm Ball State vs Northern Illinois Results (Ball State 194.175, Northern Illinois 193.575)
SCSU vs Cortland, West Chester Results (West Chester 190.650, SCSU 188.650, Cortland 179.050)
Western Michigan vs Central Michigan Results (Central Michigan 194.950, Western Michigan 192.900)
2:00 pm Nebraska vs Penn State Results (Nebraska 195.700, Penn State 192.900)
3:00 pm Iowa vs Cal Results (Cal 195.550, Iowa 194.400)
4:00 pm Lindenwood vs Missouri, SEMO Results (Missouri 196.225, Lindenwood 193.400, SEMO 190.650)
5:00 pm Oklahoma vs UCLA Results (Oklahoma 198.025, UCLA 196.825)
2:00 pm Georgia vs NC State Results (Georgia 196.875, NC State 194.800)

Article by Lauren Hopkins


7 thoughts on “NCAA Week 2 Preview and Schedule

  1. I am excited for Denver meet as well! I was at Minnesota Vs. Denver, and I was most impress by Sam Ogden, Nikole Addison, and Julia Ross. I know Maddie is a big deal for them though, but not who i enjoyed watching the most at all.


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  3. UCLA vs Oklahoma will be very interesting considering almost half of UCLA and a good chunk of Oklahoma consists of olympians/ world team members


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