The Jesolo Event Finals Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the senior and junior event finals at the 2017 City of Jesolo Trophy! Refresh your browser every few minutes for the latest updates, which will appear at the top.

12:05 pm. Senior Floor Final Standings

1. Abby Paulson, United States, 13.900
— Flavia Saraiva, Brazil, 13.900
3. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 13.800

Junior Bars Final Standings

1. Elisa Iorio, Italy, 14.650
— Gabby Perea, United States, 14.650
3. Maile O’Keefe, United States, 14.600

11:59 am. Flavia Saraiva, Brazil, FX- Piked full-in with her chest slightly down and a little bounce, 1.5 to front full with a little stumble back, double pike with a little hop forward, double tuck with a step back. 13.9 (5.1, 8.8).

11:58 am. Gabby Perea, United States, UB- Inbar full to Maloney to Ricna, beautiful pak, van Leeuwen, inbar half to straddle Jaeger caught a little close, some of her handstands are slightly shorter than what you’d expect from her normally, double layout with a step back. 14.65.

11:57 am. Rebeca Andrade, Brazil, FX- Tucked full-in with a bounce back, 2.5 to front layout full, great landing there, and the form on that is perfect. Switch to switch full. Memmel turn to stag jump down to the floor. Double tuck. Double pike nearly stuck, small step back. 13.45 (5.1, 8.35).

11:56 am. Maile O’Keefe, United States, UB- Chow to pak, Maloney to Ricna, straddle Jaeger, a little archy in some handstands, toe on to stalder full to double arabian dismount with a hop. 14.6 (5.7, 8.9).

11:52 am. Abby Paulson, United States, FX- Piked full-in with a step back OOB. Stuck the triple full, excellent form on that one. Hit leaps and a decent double wolf turn. 2.5 to punch front tuck with a small hop forward. 1.5 to front full with a little hop. 13.9 (5.4, 8.5).

11:51 am. Ana Padurariu, Canada, UB- Inbar half to piked Jaeger, inbar piked Tkachev, inbar to bail to stalder to Ray, giant full, full-in stuck. DAMN, this kid has had a DAY. 13.95 (5.3, 8.65).

11:49 am. Elena Eremina, Russia, FX- Full-in tucked with a step back. Memmel turn, tour jete full, 1.5 through to 2.5 to front tuck with a small bounce forward, double attitude turn, double back, you can see her buckle a bit in her back handspring and she sits it. Sadly. That was otherwise strong. 12.55 (5.0, 7.55).

11:47 am. Valeria Saifulina, Russia, UB- Komova II to pak (leg sep), toe shoot, inbar to inbar half (leg sep) to straddle Jaeger, grabs the bar but doesn’t get the dowel over and falls. Stalder to stalder full arched over and she falls again. Gets back on for a full-in with a step back. 11.0 (4.8, 6.2).

11:41 am. Senna Deriks, Belgium, FX- Memmel turn, tour jete full, piked full-in with a hop back, 1.5 to front full with a hop forward, little butt wiggle choreo, bless. Switch to switch full, double wolf turn, double tuck a little buckled but saves it with a small hop, her ending choreo is hilarious and awesome. 13.45 (5.1, 8.35).

11:40 am. Asia D’Amato, Italy, UB- Tkachev to pak, Maloney with leg sep to bail with big leg sep to stalder to Ray, short handstand before blind change to front giant to front giant full (fights through a pretty big arch, impressive) to double front with a small hop back. 13.7 (5.3, 8.4).

11:37 am. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, FX- Double L turn to double pirouette. Double arabian, very nice form, tiny hop forward. Double layout, a little short with a step forward but better than it could be. Memmel turn, excellent choreo bit, 2.5 wolf turn, piked full-in with a step back, switch leap to wolf hop, double pike with a hop back. Really nice actually! 13.8 (5.4, 8.4).

11:36 am. Elisa Iorio, Italy, UB- Ricna to pak, Maloney to bail to Ray, front giant to Endo half to Tkachev, nice. Front giant to Endo full  to double front half-out, excellent! She’s so underrated among the 2003 Italian babies. Really stepping it up this year to come into the spotlight. 14.65 (6.0, 8.65).

11:34 am. Audrey Rousseau, Canada, FX- Big double arabian with a big rebound forward OOB. 1.5 through to back tuck, looked like her arms were bent on the bhs roundoff and she couldn’t get the double tuck out of it so that’ll be a huge smack to her D. Good double pike, though. Just landed a little forward. 12.6 (4.6, 8.0).

11:33 am. Ksenia Klimenko, Russia, UB- Stalder full, leg sep on the van Leeuwen, inbar to toe half (leg sep) to big piked Jaeger, a little too big and she falls. 😦 She was having such a good day in her other two finals! Pak, Maloney, blind change to frongt giant to double front half-out with a step. 12.5 (5.4, 7.1).

11:30 am. Shallon Olsen, Canada, FX- Double double, messy, with a stumble forward, but she keeps it up. Her face is like EEP hahaha. Front tuck through to double tuck with a small bounce back. Split leap to tour jete half. Stuck piked full-in with a little knee buckle. Switch half into the corner before her last pass, a triple full landed short and she totally rolls over her ankle, damn. That looked like it hurt but I think she’s like Aly Raisman where she’s made out of iron. 12.5 (5.3, 7.3).

11:29 am. Carolann Heduit, France, UB- Inbar to toe full a little late, Maloney to Ricna, nice! Front giant to piked Jaeger, pak, van Leeuwen, double front with a step back. Ok, this kid is great. 13.8 (5.7, 8.1).

11:18 am. Senior Beam Final Standings

1. Riley McCusker, United States, 14.200
2. Flavia Saraiva, Brazil, 14.100
— Marine Boyer, France, 14.100

Junior Vault Final Standings

1. Gabby Perea, United States, 14.325
2. Emma Malabuyo, United States, 14.275
3. Ana Padurariu, Canada, 13.975

11:13 am. Victoria Nguyen, United States, BB- She somehow looks younger than the two juniors who just vaulted. I was like why is a junior on beam?! Clean bhs loso loso. Front aerial to ring jump with a big wobble. Great side aerial to back tuck. Full Y turn to full pirouette. Switch leap to Onodi to sheep jump, not the best sheep body shape and there’s a wobble but I love that series. Huge switch ring. Punch front to split jump to sissone. This routine is superb, once she gets more consistent it’ll be a stellar set. Oh, no, but she sits the 2.5 dismount.

11:12 am. Emma Malabuyo, United States, VT- Incredible stuck DTY. Damn. Who knew Emma Malabuyo would one day be one of the best DTY-ers this country has right now? 14.75 (5.4, 9.35). Huge clean FTY with a step back for her second vault. 13.8 (4.6, 9.2). AVERAGE 14.275.

11:10 am. Riley McCusker, United States, BB- Triple wolf turn is actually quite lovely. So is the double. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump. Great extension on bhs loso loso but has a huge wobble on the second loso. Switch to switch half, wobble. Side aerial, double tuck with a step back. Another routine she fought through. 14.2 (5.5, 8.7).

11:09 am. Gabby Perea, United States, VT- DTY, big and clean, solid landing, just a slight bounce. 14.7 (5.4, 9.3). FTY is huuuge and clean but has a huge bounce back. Still should put her in first though. Easily. She and Emma Malabuyo will 100% go 1-2 here. 13.95 (4.6, 9.35). AVERAGE 14.325.

11:06 am. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, BB- Cheats up double wolf turn into a standing position, little wobble after split to straddle jump series, switch ring with a low and crooked back leg, not at 180. Bhs bhs layout with a big wobble and a fall. Punch front tuck, full L turn, side somi, double pike, chest down with a hop. 12.9 (5.4, 7.5).

11:04 am. Asia D’Amato, Italy, VT- Big DTY, mostly clean in the air, a little off-center with a bounce but otherwise a solid vault. 14.45 (5.4, 9.05). Ooh, second is a front handspring layout half! Not the strongest in terms of form with a step to the side and possibly OOB, but liked seeing variation in the junior field, especially from a 2003 baby. 13.45 (4.6, 8.85). AVERAGE 13.95.

11:02 am. Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, BB- Punch front pike mount. Punch front pike to a jump. Tick tock into her bhs layout, a little piked but still love that series so much. Switch leap to switch side, short on the split and then she has a big wobble. Good save. Front aerial to stag ring jump. Switch ring, a little low on the landing. Full turn. Double tuck with a step back. 13.75 (5.6, 8.15).

10:56 am. Marine Boyer, France, BB- Wolf turn, roundoff layout with a check but she holds it. Switch to switch half with a scary wobble but again fights it. Full L turn to opposite pirouette. Front aerial, check, side aerial to split leap to side somi, best part of her routine so far, but still a little bobble at the end. Double pike with a step back. 14.1 (5.8, 8.3).

10:55 am. Elisa Iorio, Italy, VT- DTY, a little low with her chest down and a big step forward. 14.1 (5.4, 8.7). FTY, clean, a little off center, little bounce back. 13.6 (4.6, 9.0). AVERAGE 13.85.

10:53 am. Flavia Saraiva, Brazil, BB- Little wobble on the ending of her bhs loso loso series. Excellent roundoff layout. Switch to sissone. Bobble forward on her switch ring. Punch front to split jump to Korbut, excellent. Front aerial, wobble, sheep jump, wobble. Warning bell dings during her side aerial. Nearly stuck double pike. 14.1 (5.8, 8.3).

10:52 am. Ana Padurariu, Canada, VT- Super clean FTY with just the tiniest bounce in place. She’s also doing all four finals today, like Elisa Iorio. 13.75 (4.6, 9.15). OHHHH MYYYYY GOODDDDDDD, THE MOST PERFECT YURCHENKO 1.5. Stuck! HOW WAS SHE CRASHING THESE A MONTH AGO?!?!?!?!? SOMEONE HAS A NEW AA VAULT!!!!! 14.2 (5.0, 9.2). AVERAGE 13.975.

10:50 am. Rebeca Andrade, Brazil, BB- Little wobble on bhs loso. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring, excellent and fluid connection. Awkward switch half, though, and she wobbles on it. Punch front tuck, a little low, full turn, switch ring, switch leap to wolf jump, side aerial, double pike practically to her knees. Close to the mat if they didn’t actually touch. Big step forward. 13.35 (5.4, 7.95).

10:48 am. Valeria Saifulina, Russia, VT- DTY, not bad! 14.4 (5.4, 9.0). Sat Yurchenko 1.5 though. 12.8. AVERAGE 13.6.

10:46 am. Giada Grisetti, Italy, BB- Nice switch leap, bhs bhs…bhs. Misses the loso AND then falls. Noooo. She’s so pretty to watch. Full Y turn. Front aerial with a big wobble as she’s about to connect it so then she’s like “just kidding.” Onodi with a little bobble. Clean side aerial. Switch leap to ring leap. Double tuck super buckled but stuck. 11.65 (4.7, 6.95).

10:35 am. Senior Bars Final Standings

1. Elena Eremina, Russia, 14.750
2. Riley McCusker, United States, 14.600
3. Ashton Locklear, United States, 14.550

Junior Floor Final Standings

1. Emma Malabuyo, United States, 13.900
2. Carolann Heduit, France, 13.450
— Maile O’Keefe, United States, 13.450

10:31 am. Riley McCusker, United States, UB- Stalder full is late to Maloney to super low Tkachev, Downie is super awkward, Ricna, misses connection to pak, does it later with super crazy leg sep and a close catch, van Leeuwen is clean, blind change to front giant to half-in double tuck. That was a mess but she fought through it. 14.6 (6.0, 8.6).

10:28 am. Emma Malabuyo, United States, FX- Tucked full-in, just a tiny couple of steps on the landing. Great front double full to punch front to stag. Switch ring to tour jete full. 1.5 through to 2.5, tiny stumble on the landing. Double pike with a tiny bounce back. 13.9 (5.3, 8.6).

10:27 am. Elena Eremina, Russia, UB- Nabieva is SO low, her feet barely get over, how did she make that happen?! Into a pak, messy van Leeuwen, inbar to inbar half to front giant to piked Jaeger, toe full to full-out landed with feet apart, steps one back to join the other. 14.75 (6.0, 8.75).

 10:25 am. Ana Padurariu, Canada, FX- Piked full-in with a little bounce back. Switch full to switch ring. Switch half into the corner, 2.5 to barani instead of the front full, quick thinking on her part! Finishes with a double pike, chest a bit down, but solid landing. 13.2 (5.0, 8.3).

10:23 am. Ashton Locklear, United States, UB- Toe full to Chow to pak to Maloney to bail to Ray, all easy for her. Toe half to big straddle Jaeger, full-out, looked stuck or close to it, but her feet were blocked in this angle. 14.55 (5.5, 9.05).

10:21 am. Maile O’Keefe, Russia, FX- Double arabian, a little cowboyed, hop forward. 1.5 through to 2.5. Double tuck with a hop. Stuck double pike. Solid. 13.4 (5.0, 8.4).

10:19 am. Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, UB- Komova II to clear hip, arched, to Tkachev, couldn’t see if it was a Ricna or Galante, but probably Ricna? I don’t remember. Anyway, she fell. Pak, flexed feet and bends her legs on the underswing, van Leeuwen, blind change to front giant full, front half, full-twisting double layout with a step. That was a bummer. 11.2 (4.9, 6.3).

10:17 am. Carolann Heduit, France, FX- Love her opening choreo. Double arabian with a hop. Double L turn. Switch ring to switch full. Whip to double tuck with a step. Memmel turn. Excellent triple full! Double pike with a step. Wow! 13.45 (5.3, 8.15).

10:12 am. Daria Spiridonova, Russia, UB- Komova II to pak to van Leeuwen, oof, legs tucked and she misses the high bar completely. Gets back up for clean van Leeuwen, toe half to piked Jaeger, toe full to full-in with a step. 13.0 (5.4, 7.6).

10:10 am. Asia D’Amato, Italy, FX- Great double arabian with a small hop forward. Tucked full-in with a hop. Double tuck with a small hop back. Double full with slight leg crossing. 13.35 (5.0, 8.35).

10:09 am. Senna Deriks, Belgium, UB- Inbar to Komova II to floaty pak, Maloney to stalder full to Tkachev, nice, blind change to front giant half, full-in with a small hop. Great work! 13.95 (5.6, 8.35).

10:07 am. Elisa Iorio, Italy, FX- She’s in all the finals today. Good for her. Full-in with her chest down and a bounce back. Triple full, great rotation, just a tiny bounce. Switch ring to switch full. Some nice moments in her choreo before the Johnson half. Double pike with a tiny bounce. Front handspring front full to stag. Lovely. 13.15 (5.0, 8.15).

10:06 am. Rebeca Andrade, Brazil, UB- Tkachev to pak to van Leeuwen, toe half to piked Jaeger, toe full to full-out with a tiny bounce back. She’s happy with that! 13.8 (5.5, 8.3).

10:04 am. Zoe Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, FX- Beautiful opening choreo including a triple spin before her double pike, just a step, clean 2.5, switch to switch half, more excellent choreography, and she performs it super well, front handspring front full, and a double full to finish, legs just get a little crossed near the end. 12.9 (4.6, 8.3).

10:02 am. Lorette Charpy, France, UB- Chow half with some leg sep, toe half to piked Jaeger, Ricna, arches over handstand before her pak, which is clean, van Leeuwen with leg sep, giant full, stuck double layout. Great job! 13.65 (5.4, 8.25).

10:00 am. Ksenia Klimenko, Russia, FX- 2.5 to punch front tuck, Memmel turn, good double pike, just a small hop forward, 1.5 to front full, very tight form. Switch half into some choreo, love her little leg choreo into the corner before her final pass, big pause before the run, STUCK DOUBLE TUCK. Where on God’s green earth did this come from???? Damn girl! 13.3 (5.0, 8.3).

9:52 am. Senior Vault Final Standings.

1. Shallon Olsen, Canada, 14.500
2. Sofia Busato, Italy, 14.175
3. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 14.025

Junior Beam Final Standings

1. Ana Padurariu, Canada, 14.250
2. Gabby Perea, United States, 14.150
3. Maile O’Keefe, United States, 14.050

9:47 am. Gabby Perea, United States, BB- Standing full, great. Jumps. Bhs bhs layout. Switch to switch half, front aerial, big wobble on side somi but she fights back, 2.5 with her signature step forward. 14.150.

9:43 am. Ana Padurariu, Canada, BB- Bhs to candle mount, switch ring, solid side aerial loso loso, big beautiful switch half, full turn, front aerial to split jump to back handspring, lovely, switch leap to sheep jump, this kid is giving almost nothing away today. Wolf jump to sissone, double pike with a step back. So so good. 14.25 (5.8, 8.45).

9:41 am. Shallon Olsen, Canada, VT- DTY, wow. Actually really nice and pretty much stuck. One of her best I think. 14.65 (5.4, 9.25). Khorkina with slight leg sep off the table but she gets it back together to have just a small step on the landing. 14.35. AVERAGE 14.5.

9:39 am. Maile O’Keefe, United States, BB- Side aerial loso, again just the one. Full turn. Lovely switch half but a bobble on the landing. Solid bhs bhs layout. Sissone to wolf jump, front aerial to split jump. I can see her coach watching in the vault feed and she’s nodding like YAS. Switch ring into a jump, Double pike with her knees bent and a hop back. Coach pumps her fists and says good job. 14.05 (5.8, 8.25).

9:37 am. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, VT- DTY, clean in the air, chest a little down on the landing, hop back. 14.45 (5.4, 9.05). Lopez, not superb in the air, but not bad, chest down on the landing with a step to the side. 13.6 (4.8, 8.8). AVERAGE 14.025.

9:36 am. Zoe Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, BB- Side somi, front aerial to split jump to wolf jump, nice. Solid bhs loso loso. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her mess that up. Beautiful double spin and same there. She is basically made for beam. Side aerial, switch leap to switch half, one of the best switch half combos in the game. Double full with a step. EXCELLENT execution. 13.85 (5.2, 8.65).

9:30 am. Ksenia Klimenko, Russia, BB- Switch half, good side aerial loso, bent legs on the front handspring into the front tuck, front aerial to sheep jump, clean A jumps, full turn with a check, side somi, switch ring, flexed foot, double tuck with her chest down and a step. 13.9 (5.7, 8.2).

9:28 am. Sofia Busato, Italy, VT- DTY, tucks a bit in the entire second twist, good landing though. 14.4 (5.4, 9.0). Front handspring layout half, a little piked but only a small bounce back. 13.95. AVERAGE 14.175.

9:26 am. Varvara Zubova, Russia, BB- Roundoff supposed to go into Onodi mount but she does like a front handspring and gets stuck halfway through. Front handspring front tuck, some weird leg form, roundoff layout, a little piked. Front aerial to illusion, fall. Gainer loso to loso loso. Switch to sissone, Korbut, full Y turn, stuck double pike with her chest down. 12.25 (5.7, 6.55).

9:24 am. Brooklyn Moors, Canada, VT- Tsuk full, pretty clean in the air, big hop back. 13.75 (4.8, 8.95). Handspring front pike half with a tiny bounce. Nice! 13.5 (4.6, 8.9). AVERAGE 13.625.

9:23 am. Alice D’Amato, Italy, BB- Split leap into a jump, front aerial, bhs to back tuck, switch side, side aerial with a check, full Y turn, switch leap to split jump, nearly stuck the double full dismount. 12.95 (4.9, 8.05).

9:20 am. Desiree Carofiglio, Italy, VT- Tsuk full with a big bounce and a step back to control it. Not super clean in the air. 13.4 (4.8, 8.6). Yurchenko 1.5, actually not bad, a little form stuff going on in the air, but a solid landing. 14.2 (5.0, 9.2). AVERAGE 13.8.

9:19 am. Elisa Iorio, Italy, BB- Split leap mount, tiny pause before side aerial. Clean bhs loso, split jump full not quite at 180, switch leap to split jump to back handspring, tiny check after front aerial, little check after full Y turn, this is really lovely so far. Just the dismount left…double pike with a small hop back. YES! 12.9 (4.7, 8.2)

9:15 am. Good morning! Seniors are starting event finals on vault and juniors are starting on beam. Touch warmups now.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


27 thoughts on “The Jesolo Event Finals Live Blog

  1. Oh my god, seriously how does Riley do the messiest routine of the bunch and get a higher e score than everyone besides Eremina so far? So Locklear goes clean, gets a 8.55, Andrade goes clean and gets an 8.3, yet McCusker messes up almost everything and gets an 8.6. Seriously?


      • the scoring in jesolo has been awful and really inconsistent in comparsion with the recent competitions in doha, stuttgart and DTB pokal, all of which were waaay tighter. it has been like this for quite some time now and it always looked strangely a lil’ bit biased to USA girls – I would say maybe a balance between USA domestic crazy scoring and actually FIG international ‘beggining-of-cycle-standard’. jesolo wasn’t that better or less messy than other meets this year but the 8.7, 8.8’s are popping like nothing which is really strange since all competitions these year looked SUPER tight even for giving 8,4, 8,5’s.

        i wish all competition to be as tight as these first world cups for the rest of the quad but that’s a long shot dream.


    • It’s also called a half-in double tuck. It’s the same thing, just a different way of phrasing it. I never say back-out for skills because people don’t know what that means.


      • I guess I say full-in back-out, too. It’s a trampoline way of referring to things I guess (which I think is more clear). At the end of the day, it’s a pretty unorthodox skill that doesn’t have a “common” skill name (yet) I guess.


        • Yeah, it’s def more trampoline-y. For a full-in on floor I’ll either just say full-in double tuck or just tucked full-in…but some people don’t even know what that is so I’ll say full-twisting double back to give more of a visual. I think the half-in back out makes people visualize that it’s one flip instead of two? That’s the general consensus from what I’ve seen doing quick hits!


  2. I think the judges feel sorry for Riley after that American Cup meltdown. No way she should have won bars or beam! Ashton’s e score should have been higher on beam!


  3. I’m actually getting mad with the overscoring for McCusker. Like damn, okay that kid isn’t bad but if she does messy routines don’t give her high 8’s in execution! That this bars routine won is almost a scandal. Beam was okay tho.


    • Yeah. She gets away with it I think because her technique is pretty close to perfect…so she gets fewer built-in deductions in the way everyone else does. But she makes more mistakes, and the D scores barely reflects them which is super annoying when her routines are far weaker overall.


      • There weren’t really enough other routines to better get on though. Deriks with a better day maybe, Spiridonova had she hit, Mel DJDS had she hit, but it ended up being a really weak final. Even had Riley been five tenths lower, she still would’ve been ahead of everyone else with lower D or falls.


    • Well if she ever gets on to Worlds, I hope she and her coach gets a reality slap on their faces on what should be her real score LOL. I Expect her to be overscored on US classics and P&Gs too


  4. Ok, I get the “why is Reilly so overscored” especially today on bars (only from Laurens description, I didn’t see it). But also based on Laurens description of Ermenia’s bar routine, wasn’t that overscored as well? Where’s the pissiness over that? I don’t know, it just seems like when Russians are overscored I dont see it mentioned in comments nearly as much. Like 2015 worlds, I saw so many comments on how overscored Madison Kocians EF bar routine but not nearly as much as Paseka’s ridiculous EF vault win with her terrible overscored vaults. I dunno maybe I am not looking in the right places. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, Eremina was also overscored. I think Riley’s overscoring was a little more crazy, given the number of mistakes she made and how severe some of them were, but both were definitely laughable.


  5. Most of the Russians (not only them) are underscored compared with US gymnasts. With some exceptions : of course Mustafina and, this week-end, Eremina. The judges seemed to like her very much.


  6. The problem is this crazy code. The more they try to improve, the more they mess with it, you can complain about your underscore, but can’t complain about overscoring of the chosen ones. Really unfair with a sport that girls begin to work hard so early. And it is transforming the sport in a tumbling , spinning robots competition with Miss Universe level jury.


  7. Ana Padariu is my gold nugget of this Jesolo. I liked the rebirth of the Russian floors (Eremina and Melnikova), the French beamers and some Italian kids (the lovely twins), and -again- the artistry of Eremina (and Melnikova). Hurd and Malabuyo are promising, especially Malabuyo is a good dancer. These both and Ragan Smith could make me change my mind and mood about the so standardized US gymnastics. The favoritism of the judges would have been hilarious if unfairness could be painless for these young women.


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