The Hopes Championships Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the 2017 Hopes Championships! We’ll update every few minutes, so refresh your browser as you see fit, with the most recent updates appearing at the top. Enjoy!

5:10 pm. Ui Soma wins the 12-13 session while Kaliya Lincoln wins 10-11!

Hopes 12-13 Ranking

1. Ui Soma, San Mateo, 51.200
2. Katelyn Rosen, Olympia Hills, 50.750
3. Sophie Butler, Discover, 50.500
4. Claire Dean, Head Over Heels, 50.200
5. Kaylen Morgan, Everest, 50.000
6. Mya Witte, Genies, 49.800
— Cally Swaney, First in Flight, 49.800
8. Caitlin Smith, Stars Houston, 49.550
9. Hailey John, Orlando Metro, 49.450
10. Jamison Sears, World Class, 49.200
11. Alyssa Arana, Universal, 49.150
12. Reese Drotar, Airborne, 49.050
13. Gabriella Ladanyi, Stars Houston, 48.800
14. Ava Siegfeldt, World Class, 48.600
— Samantha Wu, West Valley, 48.600
16. Rayna Light, Golden City, 47.800
17. Sydney Morris, 1st Class, 47.150
18. Chavala Shepard, Hopes and Dreams, 47.100
19. Jamie Wright, World Class, 46.450
20. Samantha Brogden, Love Gymnastics, 43.650

Hopes 10-11 Ranking

1. Kaliya Lincoln, Airborne, 51.000
2. Kailin Chio, Gymcats, 49.700
3. Mia Viola, RGA, 49.400
4. Lundyn Vandertoolen, Olympus, 48.800
— Ryan Fuller, San Mateo, 48.800
6. Levi Jung-Ruivivar, Paramount Elite, 48.450
7. Karleigh DiCello, Hill’s, 47.600
8. Azaraya Ra-Akbar, Hill’s, 47.000
9. Analisa Lopez, United, 46.400
10. Joscelyn Roberson, North East Texas Elite, 45.450
11. Kaylee Wilson, Paramount Elite, 45.100
12. Amalia Wyatt, Capital, 42.950
13. Riley Harris, World Champions, 42.450
14. Chloe Cho, Wallers GymJam, 42.150


5:06 pm. Wilson BB- Front aerial to sissone, side aerial, layout full dismount.

Wyatt FX- Omg NEW YORK NEW YORK, YAS! Double pike to start. Switch ring is nice. Front layout. Full Y turn. 1.5 with a step.

5:04 pm. Smith BB- Bhs layout, not bad! A little piked. Tuck jump full, side aerial, good double tuck dismount.

Light FX- Nice 2.5 to start! Double full, set looked weird but still got it around. STUCK double pike COOOLD. Yas!

Swaney UB- Giant full, huge pak, stalder to toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, double layout with a small hop.

5:03 pm. Lincoln UB- Pak, stalder to Ray, blind change to front giant half, sky high double tuck looked stuck! That should do it for her in the 10-11 category!

5:00 pm. DiCello UB- Pak with some leg issues but she gets it under control, toe shoot, double tuck with a great landing.

Lopez VT- Yurchenko layout, not bad.

Wu BB- Front aerial to split jump to sissone, bhs loso loso with a check, and then she put her hands down. 😦 Switch to switch half, a little short, pause before the back pike. Side aerial. 1.5 with a step.

Siegfeldt FX- Tucked full-in with a hop back. Double tuck with a slide back. 1.5 through to double full with a step OOB.

Rosen VT- FTY, a little short, may have put her knee down.

4:57 pm. Harris VT- Yurchenko back tuck, literally almost missed the table because she’s so tiny, literally almost crashed to her head.

Viola UB- I think I saw an Endo in there! Toe shoot, hit dismoun.t

Jung-Ruivivar BB- Front aerial, bhs loso with slightly bent knees, off on her side aerial. Noooo, she’s another one who was having a really good day. 1.5 dismount.

Vandertoolen FX- Open double tuck, good 1.5 to punch front to stag.

Morgan VT- Huuuuuge FTY, a little wild though, step back and OOB.

4:50 pm. Roberson BB- 1.5 wolf turn, Onodi, ugh noooo, a fall! Split half, switch side, straddle half, I think the two are supposed to be connected, bhs loso loso, front aerial to split jump to sissone, side aerial back tuck, this routine is STACKED! Double pike low but hit. Shame about the fall, she’s FAB on this event.

Wright FX- Stuck double pike, 1.5 to front full. Switch ring to switch half. Tour jete half. Clean stuck double full to finish. Great job!

4:49 pm. Brogden BB- Front aerial, bhs loso, slightly bent knees, split leap to split jump to back tuck, side aerial off to the side and she falls. Double full with a hop.

Shepard FX- Nice double tuck, but landing is a bit short, chest down. Hit second pass…something into a front lay half I think? 2.5 landed OOB. Good double full to finish.

4:46 pm. Morris BB- Good flight series, side aerial, over-rotates punch front and puts her hands down on the beam, some squatty choreo kinda stuff which is weird, double full with a step back.

Dean FX- 1.5 to front full, squatted and messy on the full but she stood up out of it. I think I missed her first pass. That was def her second. Double pike to finish, great landing.

4:44 pm. Witte UB- Archy on handstand but pulls it back, front giant half, pak, stalder to toe on to toe shoot, double pike with a step and coach Jana Bieger looks happy!

4:40 pm. Soma VT- Yurchenko layout, nice and clean, just a little close to the table.

Chio UB- Bail, toe on to toe shoot, clear hip, blind change to front giant half to double tuck stuck cold. Nice!

Cho BB- Messy wolf turn. Stumbled something back and then fell. Off again on a switch half. Hit double full dismount.

John FX- Some crazy choreo that I love. Omg, this floor is super cool. Double tuck with a step back.

Butler VT- FTY, really nice!! Stuck almost.

Ra-Akbar UB- Inbar to stalder to toe shoot, nice! Clear hip to toe on, HUGE double pike, ugh, noooo, to her knee! She was so good!

4:38 pm. Fuller VT- Nice clean Yurchenko layout.

Drotar UB- Toe on to toe shoot, she’s so long and pretty to watch. Double tuck with a step forward.

Ladanyi BB- Leaps into a back tuck. 1.5 with a big step forward.

Sears FX- Double pike, nice! Little shimmies in her choreo. 1.5 to front layout. Full L turn. Big double tuck.

Arana VT- Another solid Yurchenko layout.

4:33 pm. Hopes 10-11 Leaders After Rotation 3

1. Kaliya Lincoln, 38.950
2. Kailin Chio, 37.200
3. Lundyn Vandertoolen, 36.650
4. Levi Jung-Ruivivar, 36.550
— Mia Viola, 36.550
6. Ryan Fuller, 36.250
7. Karleigh DiCello, 36.200
8. Azaraya Ra-Akbar, 35.400

Hopes 12-13 Leaders After Rotation 3

1. Ui Soma, 38.850
2. Katelyn Rosen, 38.150
3. Caitlin Smith, 37.900
4. Hailey John, 37.650
5. Claire Dean, 37.600
6. Cally Swaney, 37.500
7. Mya Witte, 37.200
8. Sophie Butler, 37.050

4:32 pm. Siegfeldt BB- Layout series isn’t bad! Front aerial is a little wonky. Side aerial, loooovely scale! switch to switch half with a little bobble, back tuck, double full with a hop back.

4:27 pm. Jung-Ruivivar UB- Nice lines. Good pak, just slight leg sep. Stalder to toe on to toe shoot, good. She’s really pretty here. Giant stuck double tuck!!!! WOW. Simple routine but nice.

Vandertoolen BB- Bhs loso, good. Double full dismount.

Morgan FX- Double arabian with a small hop. Kind of wild 2.5. Double tuck with a step back. Cool flippy choreo to the floor! 1.5 to front tuck. Her twisting position is weird…but she’s a great tumbler!

Wu UB- Nice pak, clear hip to toe on to toe shoot, and hit the rest. She’s looking very happy.

4:24 pm. Viola VT- Solid Yurchenko layout.

Roberson UB- Flew down to her pak, she’s so tiny omg. Clear hip to toe on to toe shoot, omg, she’s so small she couldn’t get to the high bar!!!! Double pike a little low with a big step forward.

Wright BB- I missed most of this except for the 2.5 dismount. I think it was fully hit.

Harris FX- Double pike a little low with a step back. Nice switch ring, but a little late on her leap after that. Hit the rest.

DiCello VT- FTY, really good!

4:20 pm. Ra-Akbar VT- Yurchenko layout, good.

Brogden UB- Clear hip to blind change to front giant half to bail, more like an overshoot. Came off right after that. Back on for low double pike dismount.

Shepard BB- Full turn. Switch to split to back tuck. Double full with a little bounce in place.

Butler FX- Piked full-in, stumbled OOB. Hit second pass. Nice 2.5 to front layout! Double pike is good. She has great D on all events…just needs to control it a bit better.

Witte VT- FTY, a little whippy.

4:16 pm. Soma FX- Double pike, tiny hop with her chest down. 1.5 to front layout, a little arched. Switch half. Double full with a hop forward.

4:15 pm. Dean BB- Off on bhs loso loso. Too bad, she was having a great day up to that point. Switch to switch half. Really nice 2.5. Ugh, so mad about that fall, she’s so good!

4:13 pm. Arana FX- Double back with a hop. Double full.

4:10 pm. Morris UB- Piked Jaeger, far away from catching. Someone moved the chalk bowl to the floor so she had to jump off the podium to rechalk. Toe on to pak which she misses and has to clear hip around. Toe shoot, good full-in.

John BB- From what I saw this was good but I didn’t get to write anything down.

4:07 pm. Cho UB- Stalder to toe shoot, aww, caught it but then peeled off. Just a layout dismount. She’s from Wallers, btw, thus the UCLA leo haha.

Sears BB- Slipped on her punch front and fell. 1.5 dismount with a hop.

Fuller FX- Double pike with a step back. Carly Patterson’s music I think. Or sounds like it. I LOVE BIG BAND, bless the mini resurgence we’re getting. 1.5 to front layout. Switch to tour jete half. Double full with a hop.

4:03 pm. Drotar VT- Really nice extension on her Yurchenko layout.

Wilson UB- I missed this whole thing but it was hit!

Wyatt BB- Nice flexibility stuff at the beginning. Off on her flight series. Switch to split to back tuck. Front aerial, good jumps, back pike, and a double full dismount. Good aside from the floor.

Rosen FX- Tucked full-in! Not bad! Front tuck through to stuck double tuck. Double pike. Great tumbling!

Chio VT- Yurchenko tuck full! Not bad. Just a step.

Ladanyi UB- Stalder to toe shoot, double tuck dismount.

4:01 pm. Lincoln VT- Really nice FTY.

Smith UB- Hit routine.

Light BB- Good front aerial to split jump. Beautiful bhs loso loso! Double full with a hop.

Lopez FX- Hit everything that I could see. Finished with a double full lunged back.

Swaney VT- FTY, pretty tucked in the air.

3:57 pm. Hopes 10-11 Leaders After Rotation 2

1. Kaliya Lincoln, 25.400
2. Mia Viola, 24.950
3. Kailin Chio, 24.900
4. Ryan Fuller, 24.650
5. Lundyn Vandertoolen, 24.250
6. Joscelyn Roberson, 23.900
7. Levi Jung-Ruivivar, 23.750
8. Azaraya Ra-Akbar, 23.550

Hopes 12-13 Leaders After Rotation 2

1. Ui Soma, 26.000
2. Claire Dean, 25.750
3. Caitlin Smith, 25.400
4. Sophie Butler, 25.150
5. Katelyn Rosen, 25.100
6. Alyssa Arana, 24.850
7. Hailey John, 24.750
— Samantha Wu, 24.750

3:54 pm. Witte FX- Straddle full, omg “WE’RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD” BLESS YOUR HEART. Double pike is very nice, lunge back. Omg, it’s like a The Wizard of Oz remix. How adorable. 2.5 with a lunge forward. Switch to switch half. Big front full to finish. That music, lol.

3:50 pm. Ra-Akbar FX- Double pike, 2.5 to front tuck OOB, good showing off of her flexibility here in the middle, double tuck with a small hop, good work.

3:48 pm. Wright UB- Stalder to toe on to toe shoot, inbar to toe half, hit the dismount.

Butler BB- Front aerial to split ring jump, bhs bhs LAYOUT FULLLLLL ugh, had it at first but then she fell. NOOOOO that was ballsy. Switch to switch half to back tuck, missed her feet and fell again. Side aerial to straddle jump. Front aerial with a big wobble. Sheep jump. This routine is stacked. Double pike with a step.

3:46 pm. Soma BB-A little tentative on some skills, good back tuck, huge floaty bhs loso, great double full!

Chio FX- Hit first pass, then punch layout to front lay full. 2.5 to finish only slightly short.

Brogden VT- Yurchenko layout, not bad.

Shepard UB- Nice straddle Jaeger! Good hit routine and she looks very happy.

Roberson VT- Yurchenko pike, really open pike.

3:45 pm. Dean UB- Piked Jaeger, pak, toe shoot, nice double pike! She also had the lovely FTY a rotation earlier.

Morris VT- Yurchenko layout, pretty solid.

3:42 pm. Cho VT- Yurchenko pike, soooo short oh my goodness. Bless her heart.

John UB- Toe on to pak, toe shoot, stalder half to front giant, double pike with a couple of steps back, and then she drops back and sits. So good to that point!

Arana BB- Good side aerial. Double full dismount.

Drotar FX- Double tuck a little short, double full, another one with lots of lovely little choreo moments.

3:36 pm. Fuller BB- Switch leap, nice extension. Back tuck, solid. Front aerial to split jump to sissone. 1.5 wolf turn. Bhs loso. She has the whole arena to herself and is handling it like a pro. Clean side aerial. Double full with a step. Great work!

3:31 pm. Sears UB- Toe on to pak, very clean! Then on the low bar got her grips stuck a little, some foam popped out of them but it didn’t phase her at all. Double pike with a step back.

Rosen BB- Good flight series. Side aerial. Front aerial to split jump to sissone. Double pike a little low with a step back.

Swaney FX- Spooky weird piano music. Hit first pass, a double tuck. Stuck double pike with her chest down slightly. Good double full to finish.

3:30 pm. Lopez BB- Triple series and double full dismount both done nicely.

Lincoln FX- Huuuge double pike! Perfect 1.5 to front pike. Sky high double tuck. LOVE.

3:28 pm. Light UB- Hit routine but I was saving the old stuff and didn’t get to type any of it out!

Wyatt UB- Short on some front giant handstands, catches bail with legs in a V and then drags them under the bar. Tries to keep going but then gets a little messy and hops off. Toe on, double tuck dismount with a good landing.

3:25 pm. Siegfeldt UB- Jaeger, clear hip to a handstand that she tried to hold onto but she went over and had to hop off. Back on for clear hip to pak, hit a good double pike dismount.

Smith VT- FTY, not bad.

Morgan BB- Nice clean wolf turn. Good split leap half. Bhs loso with a bit wobble but held onto it. Front aerial, legs are a little bent. Side aerial with a bobble. Back tuck. Good double tuck with a small hop back.

Wilson VT- Yurchenko pike with a step back, a little short.

DiCello FX- Double tuck with a step. Hit her second and third passes but I didn’t see what, and her last pass was a double full, really nice.

Ladanyi VT- Another solid enough FTY. Just some leg form issues and not huge.

3:22 pm. Jung-Ruivivar VT- Yurchenko layout.

Vandertoolen UB- Pak, a little close. Went into a bit of a dead hang. Hit double tuck dismount.

Harris BB- Front aerial with a wobble, fell on something after that but I didn’t see what. Side aerial, double full with a hop.

Viola FX- Sat double pike. Mustafina?!?!?! 1.5 to front layout. Double full. She’s fabulous. Shame about the fall.

Wu VT- Nice FTY.

3:20 pm. Hopes 10-11 Leaders After Rotation 1

1. Mia Viola, 13.200
2. Kaliya Lincoln, 12.850
— Kailin Chio, 12.850
4. Lundyn Vandertoolen, 12.700
5. Ryan Fuller, 12.400
6. Joscelyn Roberson, 11.950
7. Amalia Wyatt, 11.850
8. Ra-Akbar, 11.250

Hopes 12-13 Leaders After Rotation 1

1. Sophie Butler, 13.350
2. Chavala Shepard, 13.300
— Claire Dean, 13.300
4. Hailey John, 13.200
5. Ava Siegfeldt, 13.000
6. Kaylen Morgan, 12.900
7. Jamison Sears, 12.850
8. Ui Soma, 12.650

3:13 pm. Chio BB- Nice full turn, excellent flight series! Switch leap to switch half, just a tiny bit short on the latter. Front aerial, double full. Great work.

Morris FX- Omg Austin Powers music, I CAN’T. I’M DYING. Punch front tuck through to double tuck, sat OOB. 1.5 through to double full with a little bounce. THEN SHE RAN FORWARD AND DOVE INTO THE FLOOR. BLESS. Good work on her turn and she has some nice sassy choreo moments. Just needs to sell it a bit more, which will come with age. Front full.

3:08 pm. Soma UB- Beautiful handstand before stalder full to pak, nice! Archy handstand before toe on to toe shoot, more great handstands, stalder half to front giant half, double pike with a step back.

Drotar BB- Bhs loso, solid. Split jump to sissone. Side aerial. Good double full dismount.

Cho FX- UCLA leo! Same leo Anahit wore at EYOFs this week too. Hitt he beginning from what I saw. Some lovely moments in this, oooh, her middle choreo section is GORGEOUS. All of her passes were solid.

3:06 pm. Dean VT- Beauuutiful FTY!! Great landing, too.

Swaney BB- Bhs loso loso underrotated but she somehow holds onto it! Switch to switch half to back tuck, a little short on the second leap. Front aerial is good. Side aerial. Hit the dismount.

Ladanyi FX- HAVA NAGILA, YAAAAS. Hit first pass and then 1.5 to punch front. Sky high double back, nearly stuck.

Arana UB- Toe shoot, open stuck double pike.

3:04 pm. John VT- Decent FTY.

Fuller UB- Pak, stalder to Ray, great double pike dismount.


3:01 pm. Second half of rotation one starting now!

Wyatt VT- Yurchenko pike.

Rosen UB- Nice pak, blind change to front giant half, hit the dismount.

Lincoln BB- Wolf turn, really nice flight series. Tiny wobble after front aerial, good jump series, full turn, punch front with a couple little steps, side aerial, REALLY nice double pike!! Better landing position than many seniors.

Wilson FX- Hands down on double pike to start. 😦 Stuck double full. 1.5 to front tuck.

Sears VT- Yurchenko layout, good.

2:56 pm. Smith FX- 1.5 through to 2.5, good landing. Double pike with a small hop back. Full L hop turn to full pirouette. Punch front through to double full. Double tuck with a hop.

2:51 pm. Wu FX- 2.5 to punch front, YESSSSS! SO pretty! L turn to full pirouette. Tour jete half. 1.5 to front full is also gorgeous, just landed a little low. Switch to switch half. STUCK DOUBLE PIKE!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS.

2:49 pm. DiCello BB- Good bhs loso flight series. Split jump half, a little short. Switch to split jump to back tuck is a nice series. Wolf jump to sissone, side aerial, 1.5 dismount. Good work throughout that set.

2:48 pm. Jung-Ruivivar FX- Really nice presentation! WOWWWW yes, she has some GREAT moments in this routine. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Double pike with a stumble back. 1.5 to front layout. Good double full. That was beautiful.

2:47 pm. Viola BB- Nice side somi, a little fight to stay on. Double full is great. I missed the beginning of this but think she hit everything.

Lopez UB- Pak caught close, clear hip to toe on to toe shoot, double layout with a step.

2:45 pm. Light VT- Yurchenko layout again, not bad.

Morgan UB- Beautiful handstand before GORGEOUS van Leeuwen! Toe half to huge straddle Jaeger, another perf handstand before her bail, a little off on the catch, toe shoot, toe on to giant half to double front with a step, YES. That was a Hopes routine that prob would’ve made it to the EYOF bars final, just for a little perspective.

2:42 pm. Wright VT- Yurchenko pike, bless! Really clean though.

Harris UB- Pak caught very close and she had to muscle out of it. Stalder is nice, legs apart in pirouettes, double pike with a step.

Vandertoolen VT- Good Yurchenko layout

Witte BB- Jana Bieger’s gymnast! Love seeing Jana here. Hit routine from what I saw, including double tuck with a couple of steps.

Roberson FX- I LOVE THIS TINY KID. Good double pike. Really fun and adorable routine. Great jumps! 1.5 to front full with a little stumble back. 2.5 to front tuck got a little wild coming out of the 2.5 but she still stood it up. She’s sooooooooo cute.

Siegfeldt VT- FTY, steps back.

2:37 pm. Shepard VT- FTY, not a ton of height but still well done.

Butler UB- Toe half to Jaeger, toe on to pak, a little bent, clear hip, toe shoot, excellent double layout.

Ra-Akbar BB- The Hills girls here are so great, so I’m excited for this! Bhs loso, aww, and a fall. Good front tuck and side aerial. Double full. Really nice aside from the fall!

Brogden FX- Really fun jazzy big band music! Hit everything I’ve seen so far. Finishes with a double tuck with a little bounce.

2:33 pm. I can’t get over how tiny some of these girls are!!!!

Chinese Olympian Ling Jie is here as a coach for WCC, which is kinda cool! They have a really tiny girl, Riley Harris. Little Everest kid Kaylen Morgan just did a fab double front off bars in warmups! Sky high.

2:30 pm. The competition will begin shortly! Sadly we saw a couple of injuries in warmups…one girl, Karis German, looked like she hurt her foot or ankle, but she really wanted to compete and came to the bars podium in a boot and on crutches to give it a whirl, though I think they realized pretty quickly that this wasn’t a great idea. She just seemed to really want to get out there, but I overheard a coach say to her “you should still be really proud of yourself!” after she was sitting down icing her foot. She’s sitting in the crowd now looking more than slightly gutted.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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6 thoughts on “The Hopes Championships Live Blog

  1. Roberson is definitely adorable. I also like her music. (Also I watched her routine from the vault feed because I didn’t realize the it was the vault feed and not floor until the girl on vault went flying across the view, lol)


  2. Ughh Sydney Morris. Great warm up on floor and bars then loses her mind during competition. It’s literally copy and paste from Hopes Classic.


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