The Montreal Bars Preview


Moving right along after yesterday’s vault preview, I’m excited to dive into my absolute favorite event, the uneven bars.

There is a ton of depth in the bars final this year, especially at the very top, but there’s also kind of a large separation between those who are capable of medaling and those who will just be fighting for spots in the final. I’ll get into both, and will also talk about those who could be the biggest borderline threats should anyone at the top not make it.

I think the three best bar workers in the world right now are Anastasia Iliankova, Fan Yilin, and Nina Derwael, and in a perfect world, these three will get on the podium. They have it all — difficulty, solid form, consistency, insane skills and connections — and I think if everything goes according to plan, it will be some combination of these three who end up medaling.

I think I love this especially because back at the European Youth Olympic Festival in 2015, Derwael won the silver on bars a tenth over Iliankova with the bronze, so the fact that they went from among the best junior bar workers in Europe to now leading the field alongside Fan, one of the 2015 world champions, is my favorite thing ever. It’s not always certain that gymnasts who do well at smaller continental meets as juniors will continue that standard going into senior careers at the international level, but both of them have continuously gotten better in the past two years, and now here they are at the top of the game.

Both Derwael and Iliankova had 6.2 start values as juniors, and now as seniors under a new code, they’re matched once again at 6.3, about the equivalent of a 6.8 last quad, showing that both have continuously been working hard to grow as competitors on this event. Their routines are both exciting and jam-packed with huge, unexpected connections, like Derwael with her Ricna half to Ezhova and Iliankova with her epic Hindorff to Pak to Maloney to clear hip half to Ezhova series.

I love that Iliankova leaves no stone unturned with her bars set. Every skill has a purpose and a reason for existing, getting one huge skill — a Shang — out of the way at the beginning, with every subsequent skill leading to something else in a way that efficiently maximizes her difficulty potential.

My one question with her is how favorably she’ll be scored next week. Her big scores — including a 15.275 in Russian Cup event finals, the best score for any gymnast on bars this year — all come from domestic meets, and she’s only competed internationally once this year, at the challenge cup in Osijek, where her scores were a full point lower than her highest at home. It’s hard to use Osijek as a benchmark because her difficulty was lower there and in May, she looked nothing like she does now. But even if her Russian Cup execution scores were a half point higher than her routines would be internationally, she’s still among the top three.

Derwael, meanwhile, has been killing it internationally. After winning the European bars title in April, she got back to work right away, and over the past few weeks she’s earned scores of 14.7, 14.8, and 14.9 at meets in the Netherlands and in France. Derwael is ready for this, and if she medals, she’ll be the first Belgian woman to win a world medal in history, which is incredible.

At one point not too long ago, it looked like Fan — who struggled at nationals in May and didn’t get a spot on the Asian Championships team — might not do an international meet again. She moved from the national team training center back to her provincial gym, and seemed like she was going to end her career at the National Games like so many of her teammates. But then, in Tianjin, she showed an incredible effort on her strongest event in both qualifications and event finals, earning a 14.933 both times with a D score of 6.3.

Fan’s work in Tianjin was fabulous, with a Komova II to Pak to Chow to Gienger, and then her intricate front pirouette series done directly into her dismount. She told the press that she should be able to get back up to a 6.5 D score by next week — likely by adding an inbar full back in before her Komova II — which would give her the highest D score in the world this year. Fan, who is the only returning 2015 bars champion, hopes to defend her title in Montreal, which she’s absolutely able to do if she can just push through her own nerves.

Not too far behind these top three we have Elena Eremina, who has a 6.4 D score when she hits every connection and gets every skill credited, though she’s only made the 6.4 happen once this year, and in her eight most recent routines, her D score average is just a 6.1. Both her Nabieva and her layout Jaeger tend to be a bit piked, so if the judges want to be picky, this is where she’ll take her biggest hits, and she also struggles to connect everything at times, kipping between skills to knock off a tenth or two depending on what she misses.

On a fully hit day, Eremina could be competitive with the top three. Like Iliankova, even though her Russian Cup scores are a bit unrealistic, they’re not so far off that they’d be impossible. She’s more than capable of a high 14 with a clean routine, and she could definitely upset one of the other girls I’ve discussed if her stars end up aligning.

My biggest outside medal hopeful is Elisabeth Seitz of Germany, who is long overdue for recognition at worlds. Her form can sometimes be hit-or-miss, but with a 6.1 D score and a 100% hit rate for her six routines from Euros to this month’s German world trials, she’s one you can’t count out. After narrowly missing a medal at the 2016 Olympic Games, Seitz is undoubtedly ready to make this happen, and I can’t wait to see her fight.

Germany is taking another two fabulous bar workers with them to Montreal, including Universiade silver medalist Kim Bui and the inventive little Tabea Alt, who has two new skills she’s hoping to get named — a Zuchold half and a stalder to front tuck half dismount. Neither Bui nor Alt will come in as a medal hopeful, but both have the potential to make the final and should score well enough to get there, so their main objective is beating one another for that second spot behind Seitz. (It’s also necessary to note that Bui has competed bars 12 times this year and has hit every single routine, which is kind of amazing. No one else comes close to a record like hers.)

There are quite a few gymnasts who have D scores in the 5.8 to 6.2 range who could factor in, but Ashton Locklear of the United States, aka Little Miss Controversial, can outscore most of them with a 5.5 if she shows one of her stronger routines. Difficulty isn’t everything, and Locklear makes her routine look so freaking easy, she’ll absolutely be one of the top bar workers there even without sky-high difficulty.

It’s actually so funny to me that people are complaining about this, because generally in the wide world of the gymternet, all we see is people complaining about gymnasts who chuck skills that look ugly. Now, here’s someone with a routine that probably won’t medal if the top gymnasts hit, but is so well-executed, so beautifully-done, and so effortlessly fluid, and everyone hates her for not having enough difficulty. Yeah, I’m here for routines with a solid balance of both strong difficulty and top-notch execution, which is what some of the best bar workers in this field have, but on bars especially, give me simple and pretty over difficult and sloppy any day of the week.

In 2013, five of the gymnasts who made the bars final had difficulty scores in the 6.1-6.3 range, which in this quad would be around a 5.6-5.8. Locklear is right at the border of that, and so of course her 5.5 with an E score close to a 9.0 will challenge gymnasts with a 6.3 who can barely scrape together an 8.0 in execution. Difficulty isn’t everything, and while Locklear won’t be a frontrunner in a field like this without at least a few more impressive skills, she also won’t be fully left behind and absolutely has a chance to challenge if one of the top bar workers doesn’t hit when it counts.

As a side note, Locklear shockingly has the second-highest average on bars in 2017, just half a tenth behind Iliankova. Obviously when everyone’s hitting, she won’t be second-best, but this is a testament to her execution and consistency, both of which matter. In a final with lots of pressure and nerves, Locklear will be able to handle it and others might not have that ability.

Some of the gymnasts with super high difficulty that won’t necessarily score through the roof in execution on this event include Rebeca Andrade of Brazil, Jonna Adlerteg of Sweden, Luo Huan and Liu Tingting of China, Rianna Mizzen of Australia, Larisa Iordache of Romania, Diana Varinska of Ukraine, Georgia-Mae Fenton of Great Britain, and Zsofia Kovacs of Hungary. All of these gymnasts could make the final happen should they have an exemplary day in qualifications, but it’s hard to say how they’ll look because they all have impressive skills, but either fall into the category of generally strong bar work but lack the consistency to hit regularly, or weaker bar work with form not quite near the top gymnasts.

My favorites in this group are definitely Varinska, Adlerteg, and Andrade. I am continuously impressed with Varinska’s insane Tkachev half to Jaeger and think she’s generally quite overlooked by judges who pick her routines apart in ways they don’t generally do with some of the other more well-known gymnasts, and Adlerteg’s routines are phenomenal, though it’s hard to say where she’ll fit in right now as she’s only been back in competition for about three weeks after taking nearly 18 months off due to an ACL injury.

I love that Andrade could make it into both the vault and bars finals, a rare combination of talents that some of my favorite gymnasts have possessed. Her bars aren’t the tightest or most polished, but she has a super difficult routine with a 6.1 start value, and she’s definitely capable of a mid-14 on a good day; not a top score, but under the right circumstances, it puts her in contention for the final. My one concern with Andrade is that she’s spectacularly inconsistent with what she can do on bars, but both of her routines in Varna earlier this month looked fabulous, the best she’s been all year. Let’s hope that’s the Andrade who shows up next week!

As for the rest, I think they all have great qualities, but it’ll be a toss up as to what they’ll be able to make happen in Montreal. I also think that some of these have scored incredibly well in fields in which they’ve been clear standouts, but when compared back to back with the more polished in this field, they’ll (hopefully?) be judged accordingly.

A generally clean routine from Iordache, for example, looks incredible relative to a weak Romanian field, and so an 8.5 E score is legitimate compared to gymnasts who shouldn’t get more than a 7.5 for a hit routine. But up against sharper bars gymnasts, little weaknesses like her lack of extension, fluidity, and tight leg form will really stand out, and an 8.5 for her would translate to a 9.0 or better for someone who is hitting her mark in those areas.

I do need to give a crap ton of credit to Luo, though. She’s competed 13 uneven bar routines this year and hasn’t fallen once. Of those routines, 11 have been at a 14.15 or better, with her top score a 14.533, so she’s definitely the sneaky one of this bunch, the one who maybe doesn’t look like she’s going to bust in with a killer set, but who ends up absolutely destroying the competition like “what, like it’s hard?” She’s a bars robot, and so is Bui for that matter (Bui also has a hit record of 100% having competed 12 routines this year), and sometimes it’s these consistent under-the-radar gymnasts who end up stepping up.

I also need to bring up U.S. gymnasts Ragan Smith and Morgan Hurd, both of whom are also on the short list for the bars final depending on how things go for them relative to everyone else. Smith, who hasn’t always been solid on bars, has been killing it this season, and while she falls into that category of gymnasts who have weaker form than some of the top girls, she does have a 6.0 D score and is capable of scoring high enough to fit in directly with the rest of those on the border of getting in. No one considered Simone Biles much of a bars gymnast back in 2013 (or ever), and yet she got into the final as a surprise thanks to high difficulty and a hit routine, which Smith could also make happen.

That’s if Smith can outscore Hurd, however. Hurd has been limited on bars due to an elbow injury, so while her potential this past spring showed that she could possibly do big things here, she physically wasn’t able to accomplish what she hoped. Hurd’s difficulty has been a bit low, at around a 5.6, but at camp she added a Fabrichnova dismount to bring her to a 5.8, which combined with a generally lovely set puts her directly in line with nearly all of the final hopefuls here. We’ll see how she looks in training this weekend, but I have a sneaking suspicion we’re going to be wowed by the changes she’s made over the past month.

In the same vein, we also have Angelina Melnikova of Russia hoping to be in the mix should Iliankova or Eremina run into trouble. Her form still sometimes leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s much better than it was earlier in the year, and she’s another one with high difficulty (she’s at a 6.1 when she hits everything) who can surprise. Again, she’ll have to beat her own teammates before she can worry about beating an international field, but she’s definitely capable of around a mid-14 on a good day, which is right where she needs to be if she wants to take advantage of any mistakes her teammates make.

Now for some personal favorites…all I want in life is for Evangelia Plyta to make it through one damn routine and my life will be complete. The Greek gymnast has some incredible skills, though you’d never know it from looking at her scores (she averages an 11.183 in 2017) because she always falls. She’s a heartbreaker, but God, I love watching her on this event.

The top Canadians here, Ellie Black and Isabela Onyshko, could also have outside shots at the final depending on the circumstances, especially Black with her aggressive swing and big skills, Melanie de Jesus Dos Santos of France often looks flawless on bars, Asuka Teramoto of Japan is capable of impressive scores, and you have to keep an eye out for Cintia Rodriguez of Spain, who is hoping to get her toe shoot full named for her, finally, after training it for years.

By the Numbers | Best Bars Score

Rank Athlete Nation Meet Score
1 Anastasia Iliankova Russia Russian Cup EF 15.275
2 Elena Eremina Russia Russian Cup QF 15.175
3 Fan Yilin China Chinese National Games EF 14.933
4 Nina Derwael Belgium Paris Challenge Cup EF 14.900
5 Angelina Melnikova Russia Russian Cup AA 14.825
6 Ashton Locklear United States City of Jesolo Trophy AA 14.750
7 Elisabeth Seitz Germany 1st Bundesliga 14.750
8 Zsofia Kovacs Hungary Elek Matolay Memorial AA 14.734
9 Georgia-Mae Fenton Great Britain British Championships AA 14.600
10 Ragan Smith United States U.S. Classic 14.550
11 Kim Bui Germany American Cup 14.533
Larisa Iordache Romania Romanian Championships EF 14.533
Luo Huan China Chinese Championships EF 14.533
14 Rianna Mizzen Australia Australian Championships EF 14.500
15 Rebeca Andrade Brazil Varna Challenge Cup QF 14.450
Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos France City of Jesolo Trophy AA 14.450
17 Liu Tingting China Doha World Cup QF 14.366
18 Tabea Alt Germany German National Team Cup 14.350
19 Morgan Hurd United States Stuttgart World Cup 14.200
Jonna Adlerteg Sweden Szombathely Challenge Cup EF 14.200
21 Diana Varinska Ukraine Paris Challenge Cup EF 14.050
22 Asuka Teramoto Japan All-Japan Student Championships AA 14.000
23 Ellie Black Canada Universiade AA 13.966
24 Ana Perez Spain London World Cup 13.833
25 Lorette Charpy France City of Jesolo Trophy AA 13.800

By the Numbers | Best Bars Difficulty

Rank Athlete Nation Meet Score
1 Elena Eremina Russia Russian Cup QF 6.4
2 Fan Yilin China Chinese National Games EF 6.3
Nina Derwael Belgium Paris Challenge Cup EF 6.3
4 Anastasia Iliankova Russia Russian Cup EF 6.2
Jonna Adlerteg Sweden Szombathely Challenge Cup QF 6.2
Larisa Iordache Romania Paris Challenge Cup QF 6.2
7 Rebeca Andrade Brazil Varna Challenge Cup EF 6.1
Angelina Melnikova Russia Russian Cup EF 6.1
Elisabeth Seitz Germany German Worlds Trials 6.1
10 Zsofia Kovacs Hungary European Championships QF 6.0
Kim Bui Germany European Championships EF 6.0
Liu Tingting China Doha World Cup QF 6.0
Luo Huan China Chinese National Games EF 6.0
Ragan Smith United States U.S. Championships D1 6.0
Rianna Mizzen Australia Australian Championships EF 6.0
16 Tabea Alt Germany German Worlds Trials 5.9
Diana Varinska Ukraine Paris Challenge Cup EF 5.9
Ellie Black Canada Koper Challenge Cup EF 5.9
19 Georgia-Mae Fenton Great Britain British Championships AA 5.8
Morgan Hurd United States Worlds Selection Camp 5.8
Ana Perez Spain European Championships AA 5.8
Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos France Paris Challenge Cup EF 5.8
23 Evangelia Plyta Greece Greek Championships AA 5.7
24 Lorette Charpy France Paris Challenge Cup EF 5.6
25 Ashton Locklear United States U.S. Championships D2 5.5

By the Numbers | Average Score in 2017

Rank Athlete Nation Score
1 Anastasia Iliankova Russia 14.585
2 Ashton Locklear United States 14.513
3 Fan Yilin China 14.353
4 Ragan Smith United States 14.338
5 Nina Derwael Belgium 14.332
6 Luo Huan China 14.284
7 Elena Eremina Russia 14.208
8 Kim Bui Germany 14.119
9 Elisabeth Seitz Germany 14.041
10 Larisa Iordache Romania 13.997
11 Zsofia Kovacs Hungary 13.867
12 Morgan Hurd United States 13.813
13 Liu Tingting China 13.806
14 Tabea Alt Germany 13.737
15 Asuka Teramoto Japan 13.718
16 Lorette Charpy France 13.567
17 Rebeca Andrade Brazil 13.481
18 Ellie Black Canada 13.464
19 Angelina Melnikova Russia 13.442
20 Jonna Adlerteg Sweden 13.422
21 Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos France 13.420
22 Diana Varinska Ukraine 13.344
23 Rianna Mizzen Australia 13.303
24 Georgia-Mae Fenton Great Britain 13.239
25 Ana Perez Spain 12.888

Tomorrow you’ll get a peek at the ridiculous beam field in our preview for that event, with the floor preview coming Friday, and the all-around preview on Saturday, and of course, over the weekend we’ll have our podium training live blogs straight from Montreal!

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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45 thoughts on “The Montreal Bars Preview

  1. I just want Eremina to win a world title anywhere. I love her stuff on every Event (except vault) and Bars is her best chance, so I hope she can win it here although I’m here for her being like “surprise!” And winning the all around. I also wouldn’t mind Andrade making the podium although I’d rather see Derwael and Yilin joining Eremina.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m really rooting for Varinska to bring Ukrainian gymnastics back on the map. Her bars routine is insane and she’s so aggressive, but it’s the consistency I’m worried about. My dream podium would comprise of Derwael, Seitz and Varinska; honestly too many good ones too choose from!

    I know this is the year after the olympics, but why do I have this weird feeling that all of the event finals, particularly bars and beam, are going to have some major upsets or surprises. Its gonna be a nail biter for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m still mad at Derwael’s lack of sportsmanship when Becky Downie getting injured. Actually I’m just gutted both Downies aren’t in Montreal. Bars final will be exciting for sure.


      • Becky was injured in bars final at Euros. Nina was filmed smiling when it became clear she had won the gold. She was not smiling at Becky being injured, she was happy because she was the European Champ. Some people seem to think she was celebrating Becky’s injury, which was not the case from what I saw on the live feed and what people who were actually there have reported.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Read my reply below, people like to make up drama in gymnastics and so they invented that Nina “celebrated” when Becky fell even though that’s literally not the case at all, but these people saw a half second clip on TV of Nina smiling so it MUST BE TRUE!!!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

    • I’m upset about both but especially Ellie- she had a great chance this year, but next year is a busy one for GB. I am glad that Alice and Georgia get to have some more international experience/exposure though. I can see Alice especially being an asset for the team later on if she upgrades a bit.


    • Actually, Nina did not have a lack of sportsmanship. I’ve said this about 1000 times before but I was there and none of you commenting on it were. I was about 10 feet away from Becky when she got injured, much closer than Nina was, and it took me a minute to realize she was injured. The SECOND Nina realized, she immediately got concerned and the first thing she asked me after the meet was if I knew how Becky was doing. These girls are FRIENDS. They’re not like “yay she got injured!” When Nina saw her fall, she realized she won gold and was momentarily excited, but it took me, her, and everyone there a little while to figure out she was injured because at first, she didn’t look like it. I was literally 10 feet away looking at Becky and Nina the whole time. I had an above-view being in the front row of the stands, and Nina was below the podium quite a bit away. The way Becky was laying on the mat, there’s NO WAY Nina could have seen her where she was. I was looking at Becky directly from above, super close to her, and this is what it looked like in my POV: she fell, she looked annoyed at herself, she looked like she was going to get up, she raised her hand which at first I thought she was saying she needed a minute but was getting up, because she didn’t look hurt, and then she grabbed her shoulder (I thought she was grabbing her chest), and THEN people rushed onto the podium to help her. Literally her own coaches didn’t know at first lol. Please stop the BS with this whole “Nina was glad she got injured!!!!” nonsense. It’s literally not true, the girls are friends, Nina felt horrible for Becky, and fans watching on live streams know ZERO of what happens and yet seem to feel the need to craft stories about it regardless because they saw a split second clip of Nina smiling before she knew anything was wrong. My first reaction when Becky fell was “OMG NINA WON!!!!!” and I think I even typed that in my live blog. Because this was a HUGE DEAL for a Belgian gymnast to win a medal at Euros. The second I realized Becky was injured, my emotions went from “omg YAY NINA!” to “omg I hope Becky is okay.” And I can guarantee you that’s how most people in the arena who were excited for Nina but then also concerned for Becky felt. Including Nina. As a gymnast it’s never “fun” to win when one of your friends and biggest competitors has a fall. It was a bittersweet win for Nina because it came with an injury to her friend, and there was absolutely ZERO lack of sportsmanship. Literally stop with the stories and bullshit. It’s exhausting.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I think part of the buildup of the “DERWAEL IS A HEARTLESS BITCH THAT RELISHES IN THE SUFFERING OF HER COMPETITORS” misconception was that in the broadcasts Ellie was crying (because when is she not), and Eremina looked extremely concerned, and Nina was the only one smiling. It made sense for Ellie to cry over her sister falling regardless of the fact that it meant that she was getting on the podium, but Elena would have no reason to really be concerned over her falling, so I think it led people to think that they all immediately knew something was wrong. I can understand why people would think that way based on the broadcast alone; I actually thought that Derwael didn’t care that Becky got injured until you cleared the air. But i think its ridiculous that people are still saying it on this site, where you have said what actually happened countless times.


        • Yeah, I think it’s just possible that Nina wasn’t paying as close attention as the others…I noticed her across the room for much of the final when she wasn’t competing, not really watching the routines, and just kind of staying in her own world, probably to deal with nerves. But yes, I will defend her for 1000 years, she absolutely cares about Becky and was so upset to hear she was injured.


      • I’m so thankful you finally put this to rest! Nina is young and talented and from everything I’ve seen of her other than that unfortunate tv cut, she seems very kind and humble and I’m sure she would never wish to win that way. Very excited that the top 4 all have very different routines and use a variety of skills!

        Liked by 1 person

    • “poor mans Beth Tweddle on bars.” wow that’s exactly how i feel about Nina thanks for putting it into words lol sorry nina just cant stop comparing her to tweddle


      • The British should have helped Beth sooner & she would jhave had more success. Things like getting her body shape a bit better , her teeth fixed . From the first I saw her in 2002 she had amazing swing . I lo ed it that , fhough they clearly expected gold in London she was happy & dignified with bronze .


        • So her teeth prevented her from having success earlier? And I think three world titles, and the first individual Olympic medal for Great Britains Women’s gymnastics is success enough. She didn’t get more success earlier because she was a late bloomer in the sport, it had nothing to do with her body shape and definitely had nothing to do with her teeth.

          Liked by 2 people

        • I am familiar with the gym & public comments in 2002 right thru to the celebrity tv appearances in 2013.

          Life is cruel but you can help someone to present better , why not? Why expose them ?

          She did have them fixed so I rest my case .


    • Nice! Since all of routines we’re turning into uneven bars sometimes I was thinking why not take out the low bar, is it saved that from happening with transitions? No. Gymnasts have been using the low bar for years.
      If we are talking recently, Mustafina did stalder work way back in 2010, on top of being the innovator of the high to low, low to high bar transition combo that all the top bar workers used, with Vika being the innovator of the low to high, high to low transitions, with her inbar Shaposhnikova that bears her name. Beth Tweddle had nothing to do with it.


  4. I really want Fan, Ilyankova, Derwael AND Eremina on the podium #MakeBiggerPodiums !! As much as I like Ellie Seitz I hate her form. It’s like Larissa, I would LOVE her to finally be world champion but her execution has deteriorated so much…

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I can’t get over the averages ranking, really puts a different perspective on the whole thing! That was not a top 5 I would expect, well I guess that BOTH Ashton and Ragan are in it. Tbt to Ragan’s bars 4 years ago.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Exactly! I remember you talking about it on gymcastic a few months ago and I went back and watched 2013 & 2014… just woah. And i mean shes not like top bar worker E score wise , but will still get higher than a lot of other competitors in the 6.0 d score range who are in the mix for the final.


        • Yup! It’s incredible. She literally didn’t make the national team in 2014 because of how bad her bars were, because with her low scores, she placed 7th and they only took 1st through 6th! She was added later that fall, but man, that was a rough meet for her, and it’s amazing how far she’s come.


  6. You and I are exactly the opposite when it comes to bars! I’m so here for the huge skills and gutsy combinations regardless of whether the form is questionable. I prefer aggressive bars, where I feel most people prefer elegant bars.

    This field is one of those wonderful fields where I can’t decide who I want to medal most! Hopefully that means I’ll be excited about the podium whatever it is!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m rooting for Aston she’ll surprise people this lady will prove a lot of people wrong and her politics should have nothing to do with her gymnastics. I feel she’ll knock it out of the park. A lot of these scores from others were inflated through out the year

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I hope that Ilyankova is properly recovered from her back injury that has been reported in the Russian media – she was only declared fit to compete this week. Hope that the coaches are not pushing her back too early.


  9. I miss Varinska’s inbars, I know she probably took them to avoid injury, but they were sooooooo beautiful.

    I mean most gymnasts do inbars that are basically glorified toe-ons and then there were Diana, if you haven’t seen the routine from the ukranian cup you should


  10. I’m really hoping Fan Yilin and Ilyankova will medal! Fan because I just love the intricate Chinese work and I really like how compact her routine is this year, and Ilyankova because she has one of the most exciting bar routines I’ve seen so far this year. Not sure who’d I’d want for the 3rd medaller – Derwael, Eremina, or Liu would all be great. This year is pretty deep with a lot of variety, so I’m hoping everyone hits for a close and exciting bars final.


    • I’m hoping for Yilin, Ilyankova and Eremina! It’s three exciting routines all with different skills! So nice to see some variety. Just hoping that Eremina goes for the piked jaeger because she will get so much deduction if she attempts the layout… Anyway, from what i’ve seen of the training videos, the UB final is gonna be lit!


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