The Men’s World Championships Qualification Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for day one of qualifications at the 2017 World Championships in Montreal, Canada!

Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes for the most recent updates, which will appear at the top. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to get to them in the blog!

12:50 pm. Schmidt’s score turned out WAY worse than it was originally lol.


12:46 pm. Bram gets into the final on his second attempt! 14.433.

Casimir Schmidt up again…3.5 to front half stuck. Front full to double front half with a huge hop forward. Double double with a hop back. 2.5 to Rudi is nice. Front 2.5 side pass with a little bobble on the landing. Stuck messy triple with his chest down.

12:43 pm. Bram Verhofstad 2.0! Front full to front 2.5, good. 2.5 to front double full with a tiny bounce. 3.5 to front half stuck! Double double low with a hop. Double full. Messy triple with a step.

12:40 pm. Andrew Smith 2.0! Front full to front 2.5, tiny bobble. 3.5 to front full with a hop back, nice. 2.5 to Rudi, hop back. Stuck double arabian! Hit the pass after that, then a triple full with a tiny bobble to finish.

12:35 pm. EVERYONE is going again. This is the literal dumbest worlds.


12:27 pm. Doesn’t look like they’re letting Bart go again…officials came out and literally took the floor apart so I’d imagine if there was something wrong with it they’d let him go again, but they scored him a 12.766 and that seems to be the end of the floor drama. But there is an official up with the floor judges so we’ll see!

12:24 pm. Koudinov missed his Gaylord full on the first AND second attempts but then got back up and caught it the THIRD time!!!

Hit routine for Arthur Nory!

12:17 pm. Bard Deurloo on floor with a double front half-out hopped back, whip half to double front pike is amazing. Double double with a slight hop. Sat his pass after that. Just does a layout for his side pass.

Omg, he stopped his routine and brought up officials to look at the springs on the floor, BART LOL. Sometimes he’s a drama queen but maybe this is legit? Wonder if he’ll get a redo.

12:15 pm. Casimir Schmidt up on floor now. 3.5 to front half, front full to double front half with a tiny hop, YAS. Double double with a hop back, 2.5 to Rudi is stuck, front 2.5 side pass! Damn. Triple full. That was really solid.

12:12 pm. Front full to front 2.5 for Bram Verhofstad! 2.5 to Rudi, ooh, 3.5 to front half, nice. Double double a tiny bit low with a step. Messy but stuck triple.

Ellis missed a release on high bar, looks stunned for a sec but gets back up.

Yang Hak Seon just nailed the handspring triple full!!! YAAAS that was lovely. Kaz double is also fan-freaking-tastic.

12:08 pm. Andrew Smith of Ireland on floor to start us off…front full to front 2.5 with a stumble. 3.5 to front full with a hop, nice! 2.5 to Rudi with a stumble. Double arabian is a bit squatty but not bad. Stuck double full side pass. Looked like he hit his last pass but I couldn’t see it.

Caio Souza on high bar! Missed his first release, I think it was a layout Tkachev. Got back on and caught a Tkachev half,

Hop back on Kim Han Sol’s vault, but I didn’t see what it was. His first vault, that is. Kaz 1.5 is the second vault, looked good! Could make that final.

12:06 pm. Only four competitors left on floor and Milad Karimi is currently sitting in 7th with two-per-country, so HE HAS A CHANCE!!!

12:03 pm. Lovely p-bars from Jossimar Calvo!

12:00 pm. Onder on floor with a double front pike half, double front half, double double with a step, landings are mostly SOLID. 2.5 to front layout half, beautiful triple full with a hop back.

Saarenketo hit his kaz 1.5 with a big stumble forward. Second vault is a handspring Rudi, not bad.

11:56 am. Tomi Tuuha on vault! Sat his Kaz 1.5. 😦

Arican on floor, double front half out, good. Nice double front. Front double full to front full. 2.5 to front half with a small hop. Stuck double full side pass. This is really nice so far. Triple with a slight stumble back to finish.

Good work from Koudinov on p-bars.

Just an FTY from Oskar Kirmes on vault. Adorable?

11:52 am. Rijken hits high bar until he goes for a stalder and gets one of his feet stuck on the bar. Covered up well but huge mistake.

Epke moves into first place after his high bar! Gonzalez currently sitting 8th on floor after his routine.

Tsuk full from Daniel Radovesnicky of CZE, very clean.

11:50 am. Epke on high bar, did I miss bart?!?!?!?! Yes I did, he got a 14.033. UGH.

Epke has a clear hip to endo full, Cassina to Kovacs, YAS. layout Kovacs, Kolman, stalder 1.5, double double layout with a small hop. YAS.

Gonzalez on floor, looked like I saw a triple and a double double, I was watching Epke but trying to keep an eye on him as well. He looks good…very very very clean. That could get him into the final unless I missed something!

11:46 am. Galli on floor, I of course missed his opening pass, but he hit a big double arabian, and then a 2.5 to front tuck half. Triple full was solid.

Aguero on vault, kaz 1.5, pretty tucked and had a step forward.

Souza on p-bars, front double salto is great, holds a handstand for hours after, hits the dismount.

11:40 am. WHY does every man finish floor with a triple when most are gross?

I might as well watch a single pommels routine in this rotation. You better do it up, Jo Yeong Gwang!!! The whole world is watching. Muscled up handstand at the start and legs are wild on his spinny handstand. Nice flares, and good transition into his travels. . More flares, legs apart in his spinny handstand going into his dismount.

11:38 am. Benda with a double araiban (step forward), 2.5 to front half, I think I missed his opening pass but I’m pretty sure I’ve missed every single opening pass on floor. I’m so used to the women having music, I don’t know when to look over at floor and when I DO look they’re basically done with the routine. TRASH. Double full. 1.5 to front layout, stumbles it back. Underrotated terrifying triple full, hands down.

11:35 am. Kranzlmüller on floor hit his opening double front, double full with a step forward.

11:33 am. Michnak hit his opening pass, double tuck side pass, 2.5 to front full slid over to the side but he stands it up, 2.5 with a big stumble forward, laughing as he comes off the floor.

De Vries on p-bars now, good routine but then he landed his double pike on his back and all I could see from my angle were his legs up over the judges table, bless his soul.

11:29 am. One of the NZ guys just crashed a kaz full…Butler I think. Hit the handspring front half after that.

Nice tumbling from Andres Martinez…solid double double and tucked full-in.

Samiloglu off on a Tkachev, catches the Tkachev half after that.

11:26 am. Arican on high bar, layout Tkachev, HUGE straddle Tkachev, hop on his double lay full dismoun.

DTY from Ellis, nice. Also does a Yurchenko half-on front layout half.

Jossimar Calvo on floor with a 3.5, 2.5 to front half, front double to front full, double full, hit the rest that I could see but I was watching Epke.

Epke on p-bars!! not super controlled tbh…some muscling and then gets lost completely on a one-arm pirouette and flies off. Flying Dutchman for all the wrong reasons.

11:23 am. Carlos Calvo with a really clean tucked double front, and then a piked one right after. Nice! Double arabian with a stumble forward OOB though. Stuck front full to front half.

Fall from the Sri Lankan gymnast on his dismount on p-bars. 😦

Shewfelt from Caio Souza! Nice.

Kaz full with a step to the side from Callum Phillips on vault.

11:19 am. Sorry, things froze on my end but Kim Han Sol’s floor was outstanding! Should get him into the final. Some falls for this Finnish guys on pommels. Moving on to the next rotation!

11:13 am. Park Min Soo, 2.5 to front full with a step, front full to front 2.5, double front half out, hit the rest.

Benda on high bar with a layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev, also hit the full-twisting double layout.

14.933 for Arican on p-bars! Puts him in 6th!

11:07 am. Hit pommels routine from David Jessen. He’s having a really solid day!

Nice hit rings from Devy Dyson!

GORGEOUS p-bars from Ferhat Arican!!! Looks so freaking happy.

Calvo on high bar, Kolman, Kovacs with his legs glued, 1.5, stoop full, Yamawaka, Endo full to stoop half, stalder, flared his double double lay dismount.

11:05 am. Kuzmickas opens with a nice triple full, then a solid front double pike, front double full to front half stuck, 2.5 to front full with a hop, hit the rest, nice routine.

Lovely iron cross on rings from Zanetti but then he gets really wobbly in his handstand before his dismount.

11:03 am. Ugh I couldn’t get my blog to update fast enough to type but Tvorogal had a really great start to his floor, think I saw a double front and a front double full to front half. Just a layout for his side pass though. 2.5 with a step.

Caio Souza on rings with his manbun, good routine.

10:59 am. Koudinov on rings, double pike to double tuck is clean but then his handstand up after that looked a little weird. Fell on his dismount. 😦

Bae on floor, I think I saw a whip half to 2.5 which was cool.

Kranzlmüller hit high bar, nothing super fab but floaty double layout full dismount with a step.

No one on vault this rotation because the Dutch and Irish are like “no”

10:50 am. Hit floor from Radovesnicky.

Saarenketo on floor now…solid double double! Front 2.5 with a large step back. Wide-arm press handstand is slow and controlled. Front double full to front full with a step. 2.5 to front half. Good 1.5 to Rudi. Triple full with a small step back. Nice work!

10:48 am. Park Min Soo on high bar, lovely one-arm swing, bye shoulders!!! Muscled a handstand on a pirouette after that, Yamawaka and then muscled through his handstand after catching, Cassina, Kolman, layout Tkachev, crooked in a lot of his swings, double double layout with a large step forward. Not cute.

David Jessen on floor, double front step forward OOB, 1.5 to front full, great landing, double tuck, pretty flares, clean double full, 2.5 with a step to the side.

10:44 am. I literally forgot floor existed!? I SWEAR I haven’t seen a single routine since Kirmes!!! I guess I only missed two, I feel like I missed a million.

PS, WAG AA preview is coming soon! I was waiting for start lists but guess we’re not going to get the day two one yet so I’ll just figure it out on my own.

10:41 am. Tvorogal on high bar, layout Tkachev, then with a half, Yamawaka, Rybalko, lost his rhythm in his forward swing after that but doesn’t make too muc hof a mess out of it, double layout full-out with a step.

Jossimar Calvo on p-bars, his opening skill was so weird but cool! Wish I could describe it haha. Muscled a handstand after that then arched over a handstand on a pirouette. Bent legs on one-arm swing. He’s actually muscling through most of his handstands. Double front half out low with a step.

10:37 am. Kuzmickas on high bar, layout Tkachev, Tkachev, Tkachev half, full-twisting double layout with a step. So simple, so lovely.

10:36 am. BAE! Yamawaka, Kovacs, Kolman, stalder to stalder 1.5, stoop half, giant full, stuck dismount!

Cingolani, double front, deep landing, looked like he sat.

10:32 am. Galli on vault, kaz full, little tentative on the landing.

Yun on high bar, hit routine, full-twisting double lay with a really deep landing hopped forward.

Phillips on pommels looks strong. Hit routine.

Kirmes on floor, front tuck full to front 2.5, hands down. Double front with a hop. 2.5 to Rudi is good. 1.5 to front full with a tiny hop. Short on triple, kind of a messy landing.

Cingolani up on vault now! Kaz double full, aka tsuk triple, it doesn’t matter, messy ankles and crashes it to his knees.

10:27 am. Onder on vault, NICE CLEAN STUCK KAZ 1.5!!!!!!!!

Soravuo on floor, hit the first three passes that I saw. Actually ended up missing literally all of this but he hit everything.

Devy Dyson on pommels, feet get a little messy in his handstand spinnies, but otherwise seems controlled…until the end, legs start coming apart as you can see him getting tired and then as he transitions to grab both rails he has to pause for a second. No fall though!

Arican on vault, clean kaz 1.5, almost stuck, small step.

10:25 am. Radovesnicky on high bar, Yamawaka, stalder, hop full, Rybalko, Endo full so slow and pretty, Endo, just the one release from him and then a beeautiful full-twisting double layout.

10:23 am. David Jessen of CZE on high bar, he’s the son of Hana Ricna!! Lives in the U.S. and goes to Stanford but competes for CZE. Huge Tkachev, huge Yamawaka, this guy gets air! Stalder to hop full, full-twisting double layout.

10:19 am. Lithuanians on p-bars now! I love them. Kuzmickas is up, held a handstand before a single-arm pirouette for five hours. Solid double pike dismount.

Nory on floor, double front pike with a hop back. Either a triple or a front 2.5 after that, I couldn’t see. Couldn’t see the pass after that either but it was hit. 1.5 to Rudi with a hop. 2.5 to front layout is nice. Clean double arabian with just a tiny bounce. That was really nice!

Lodadio on rings. Muscles up a couple of things it seems. Stuck double double cold!

10:16 am. The dude on p-bars right now is named BAE! And his handstands are kind of bae.


Caio Souza on floor now! Hit opening pass. Loose knees on front double full to front full. 2.5 to front full is better. Triple full at the end is messy and short, chest down and a hop.

Rhys on pommels!! Single bar work is nice, and his transitions from the handles to the horse are effortless. His lines are gorgeous!! Hit routine.

10:13 pm. Kyleab Ellis on floor, big double layout with a slight hop, front layout to double front STUCK! Hit next pass, ended with a front double full. Front full to Rudi is good. Tucked full-in to finish. Solid routine for him!

Aguero on high bar, Yamawaka, bend knees on his swing after that, missed his Tkachev by a mile. Back up for a clear hip to blind change to front giant to Weiler, gets stuck in the Weiler and has to rest his hips on the bar. Deep but stuck double layout dismount.

Casimir Schmidt on pommels, really nice control in the spinny handstand. But then flew off the end of the horse shortly after.

10:10 am. Callum Phillips hit his first pass and then hopped on his double arabian, hit his third pass but I couldn’t see it from here. Triple full a little underrotated.

Oskar Kirmes on high bar, I actually really like him. One-arm swing, clean Kovacs, stalder, Ono I think, it was a one-arm 1.5, lovely Endo full, super floaty double lay full almost stuck. He’s super clean.

Fall from Boudewijn de Vries on pommels. Lovely rings set from Ahmet Onder.

10:09 am. I missed Ferhat Arican on rings! 😦

Jossimar Calvo on vault, Kaz 1.5, hop to the side OOB.

Franz Card on high bar, hit routine but no major releases or anything.

10:07 am. Severin Kranzlmüller starts off on vault with a tsuk full, not bad, just nothing huge.

Butler of NZ on floor, front double full stumbled OOB. Hit the second pass but then stumbled back and sat the 2.5 to punch front, hit 1.5 to front half with a stick, hit a solid double full after that, and then a little step on his triple to finish.

Deurloo on pommels, nice and easy today! Good for him.

10:06 am. Hoping Rhys will sneak into the pommels final!! I love him on this event.

10:02 am. Day two here for the final men’s subdivision!!! Brazil, Netherlands, South Korea, Italy…this will be a low key one but I’m excited!

8:49 pm. Lytwyn on high bar, Yamawaka half, Kovacs to his back, looks a little hurt but thankfully not brutally murdered like everyone else in this evil trash subdivision. Def! Yamawaka, hop full, full-twisting double layout, good landing.

8:45 pm. Jackson Payne on high bar! Kovacs caught a little close, the weird layout half thingy over the bar, I never see those and am always like wtf was that, Endo full to layout Jaeger, YAS! PRETTY! Yamawaka, stalder full, he’s a little crooked on some elements, double double layout to one knee.

8:42 pm. Dalaloyan on floor, I missed his first two passes, caught it from the super low double double, 2.5 to punch front, deep landing, low chest on his side pass but stuck (feet apart), triple is a mess but he hit it.

13.233 for Shirai on pommels, didn’t realize how low his D is!

Lin Chaopan on high bar! Cassina, Kolman, layout Tkachev half, stoop full, loses rhythm a bit, Yamawaka, Endo full is a little late in the pirouette, stoop to hop change, stuck double double with his chest down.

8:39 pm. Belyavskiy on floor, some deep landings.

Shirai on pommels, looks okay to me from here…

Omg I’m missing all of China on high bar…Zhang Chenlong off on his Kolman the second I look over. Looks like before him Xiao Ruoteng only got a 13.766. THIS IS A TRASH MEET. Gets back up for a layout Tkachev, Yamawaka, and hit dismount.

8:37 pm. Nikita Nagornyy hit his triple back on floor and then…fell on his second pass. Looked like a something half-out, I couldn’t see the beginning.  LA LA LA THIS IS THE WORST MEET I’VE EVER BEEN TO.

8:32 pm. Zachari Hrimeche on vault now…Dragulescu, solid landing! hit his second vault well.

Nestor Abad muscling through his p-bars routine, then falls. 1.5 for his side pass. 2.5 with a small hop for his final pass.

Trams on floor, I only saw a few passes but he looked simple and clean.

8:29 pm. Dragulescu for Loris Frasca, not bad actually! Stepped off the mat on his second vault and looks to have hurt his ankle.

Kameyama had some form breaks on his pommels routine.

It’s so hard to follow the start lists because most of the men from this competition have had to leave the competition due to injury.

8:18 pm. David Vecsernyes getting the high bar raised for his tall ass self. Stoop through, stoop half, Kolman, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, Yamawaka right to a stalder full to Endo, double layout full OVER the bar, which I love.

8:16 pm. I think Dragulescu hit his second vault but I didn’t see what…think he does a Yurchenko half-on.

Huuuge 15.766 for Kenzo on floor! 7.2 D!!!!

Zou Jingyuan on p-bars, this is why I wish I knew about p-bars. Only real problem was his legs kind of falling out of a straddle press? The rest was great.

Ignatyev off high bar but I missed the release he fell on.

8:11 pm. Kenzo Shirai hit opening pass, I didn’t see it, but then hit triple double. I can’t see anythinggggggg missed what was after that, front full to front triple full is a disaster lol. Final pass was awesome though.

Dragulescu’s Dragulescu, just a step back. No one here really cares because of Kenzo lol. So different from being in Romania for Euros.

8:10 pm. Audrys Nin Reyes just had a really bad landing on his Re Se Gwang. Was gonna do two vaults but left the podium.

8:07 pm. Nagornyy hit the beginning of his routine from what I saw, Kovacs, layout Tkachev, layout Tkachev half, one-armed swing, low but stuck dismount.

8:03 pm. Bataga on vault with a tsuk 1.5, step to the side. DTY second vault, messy with a step to the side.

Zachary Clay on p-bars, mostly good but got stuck in his straddle press.

Hit and lovely routine from Samir Ait Said on rings. SO SO SO HAPPY HE’S BACK. Never vault again. 14.966!!!

Clay Mason Stephens on floor, I missed his first pass but then he hit a 2.5 to front half, last pass is a triple full, jams his knee into the floor and busts it. Fantastic. Medics looking at him now. What the effing eff.

8:01 pm. Wataru Tanigawa on floor to start things off for Japan. Sat front double full to double front. Nice double front pike half out. Lovely double front pike. Stuck 2.5 to front full. Triple full with a hop.

Boncser on high bar came off on something, looked like he lost his rhythm on a pirouette or something weird.

8:00 pm. This is Milad Karimi btw.


In case you’re wondering why you need to love him.

7:55 pm. Belyavskiy on p-bars, single bar press is nice, so are one-arm skills, good double front half-out.

7:52 pm. Nikita Nagornyy on p-bars, nice handstands, like REALLY nice, even out of his one-armed skills. Double front half-out is great. Love.


7:49 pm. Milad Karimi killed his first pass, then a big front full to front 2.5, STUCK DOUBLE DOUBLE, 2.5 to front double full, YAS. HE IS BEAUTIFUL. Stuck double full side pass. Stuck triple full. MY BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE KILLED IT.

7:46 pm. No Kohei on high bars which means he won’t be able to defend his streak. I’M SO MAD. I WANTED HIM TO ACTUALLY LOSE IT, NOT MISS THE CHANCE DUE TO INJURY!!!

7:41 pm. Xiao Ruoteng, kaz double full with a step OOB.

Hidetaka Miyachi hit the Brettschneider, Cassina, Kolman, Kovacs, one right after another, this is great. Swing is SO fast. Super flared full-in double layout, great landing.

Lin Chaopan also does the kaz double full and it’s legitimately horrible.

7:39 pm. Kenzo Shirai missed a release on high bar, a layout Kovacs. Hit the rest of his routine.

Dmitrii Govorov on floor crashes his double front.

Rene Cournoyer on vault, handspring double front wasn’t terrible, but kaz full threw him off the mat.

7:36 pm. Murad Agharzayev on floor with a crashed double double to start. Punch 2.5 a little low, front double full to punch front tuck and he’s crashes it, and he’s injured. Limps off the floor.

Zachary Clay of Canada starts off vault with a kaz full, low and not great.

7:30 pm. Liu Yang on rings now, finishing off the rotation. Effortless press handstand, double front skills into an iron cross are gorgeous, planche is nice, double front tuck to planche is lovely, inverted cross is killer, last handstand looks off at first but then he pulls it right in line with the apparatus, stumbles forward on his full-twisting double layout though!!! 😦

7:27 pm. Xiao Ruoteng on rings now and I can actually see the whole thing with no one on high bar anymore! Nice planche, front double tuck to planche, iron cross with his hands out like I’m the boss. Lovely pike hold, front double pikes to iron cross, arm looked bent in one angle, a little wobbly in his handstand before his double double dismount, hop forward.

Mitchell Morgans on p-bars, way arched on a handstand before a one-armed pirouette into a second arched handstand. Double pike with a step.

7:24 pm. Hit routine from what I could see of Alberto Tallon on pommels, after a disastrous routine from Joel Plata.

Michael Mercieca on p-bars now, great handstand positions. Until one where he bends over completely. Couple of steps forward on his double pike dismount.

Beautiful rings from Scott Morgan, stuck dismount.

7:23 pm. Tanigawa with a GORGEOUS p-bars routine. I wish I understood more about this event to say things that make sense about it.

My small child Milad Karimi on high bar! Yamawaka, Cassina, Kovacs, something else that I missed, Rybalko, Endo full, double twisting double layout with a little hop.

7:21 pm. Dalaloyan’s second vault is a Dragulescu, think he meant it to be a double front pike half though. But body position was def tucked.

7:18 pm. Lovely p-bars for Kenzo!

Dalaloyan on vault now, Yurchenko triple, hit it! Looked okay from here. Nothing like Kenzo. #blessed

Kohei arched over on a couple of handstands, saltos look good though, bends elbows on handstand before double pike dismount and kind of bounces back, limps off again.

7:15 pm. Excited for Nagornyy on vault! Was supposed to go for a Dragulescu BUT HIS HAND SLIPPED OMGGGG, and he ended up sitting a double front. UGH. Supposed to do kaz double second vault but he only does a…1.5 maybe? Or maybe even just a half. Prob like “well I’m out of the final anyway so eff this.”

Klavora on floor, front full to double front, good! Super twisty second pass that I didn’t see, looked like layout half to front double full to punch front maybe half or something, I couldn’t see the end. Good 2.5 to front full. Stuck double full side pass. Hit the last pass, maybe a double arabian, I hate that I can’t see this corner!!

7:12 pm. Rihard Trams on vault, kaz full, not bad. Handspring front layout half for his second vault is a little messy.

Edgar Boulet looks good on floor, front 2.5 especially.

Murad Agharzayev did a Markelov and almost didn’t even get it over the bar omg.

7:06 pm. I missed Belyavskiy’s vault, wtf? Can they please say when training ends and the actual routines start?! Looks like he had a rough landing and went OOB so I’m not too upset.

On rings we have Lin Chaopan who was fabulous.

7:03 pm. Sorry, Kohei did a Yurchenko half-on 2.5 off. I can’t always see entries for vault so I try to go by number of twists and how they land.

Anyway, I missed Nagornyy on rings but he apparently killed it!!!

7:02 pm. Asato does a handspring 2.5 for his second vault I think. I keep missing every entry but I think that’s what he does? Looked stuck tbh!

6:58 pm. Kaz 1.5 for Kenzo’s second vault, solid.

Kohei does a kaz double but lands horribly and looks like his ankle stings a bit…limps for a bit but then holds his leg up and can’t seem to stand. J F CCCCCCC.

Keisuke Asato, I missed the entry…tsuk double back with a full maybe?

6:54 pm. Kenzo Shirai on vault now, I’m nervous!!! STUCK HIS YURCHENKO TRIPLE CASUAL CASUAL CASUALLLLL

Really clean rings for Botond Kardos.

My small child Milad Karimi had the funniest dismount fall on p-bars. He literally did a pirouette out of the landing. My poor son.

Abad on floor…stuck double front pike! Tucked full-in, good landing. 2.5 to front full with a deep landing and a hop, triple with a little stumble and step back.

Big fall from Edgar Boulet on his Cassina on high bar. Kind of wild in the air. Gets back on and does it again, the hits Kovacs and Kolmvan, off again on layout Tkachev. 😦 Yamawaka, hit the dismount.

6:52 pm. Think Remkes’ second vault was a tsuk double pike, to his knees. 😦

Cotuna hitting floor….

6:48 pm. Bataga on floor, double front with a little skid, double double with a small hop, 2.5 to front full with a step. Triple full a little short.

Clay’s second vault was hit with a step back, I didn’t see what though.

Xiao Ruoteng with a fabulous and hit pommels set.

Remkes goes for a Dragulescu for his first vault, which he crashes. 😦

Nagornyy hit rings, looks thrilled, double twisting double back dismount.

6:46 pm. Joel Plata on floor, everything good from what I’ve seen. Double full stuck. Tucked full-in with a hop back.

Lin Chaopan on pommels is sooooo straight in terms of his body line. He’s an arrow. Great routine.

Can’t really see the Russians on rings but Belyavskiy’s up now. Stuck the dismount!

Clay Mason Stephens with a tsuk 2.5 and a step over to the side.

6:45 pm. Just a casual 40 minute first rotation because TWO INJURIES happened on high bar. I blame the lights. They’re truly awful.

6:39 pm. Audrys Nin Reys is coming upon the podium now. Surprised they’re not giving him another warmup period since he waited so long but maybe that’s what the organizers were explaining to him right before he went up. Kolman, freaking WILD Cassina with his legs going everywhere and his hands nowhere near the bar but he somehow grasps the bar and doesn’t have a problem! Layout Tkachev, stalder Tkachev half, hop full, stalder, double layout dismount with a hop.

6:36 pm. Still delayed on in the first rotation after this injury to Groza…they’re stabilizing him and got him in a collar, now moving him to the board. Team of about ten people on him, including medical staff and his own trainers/coaches. Audrys Nin Reyes, up next on high bar, is patiently pacing along the side.

6:25 pm. Zoltan Kallai on pommels now, doing some scissoring which I know what that is so go me. Single rail work looks god and now he’s traveling away. Hit routine.

Stoop full to Markelov to begin Andrei Groza’s high bar routine, goes for his Tkachev but misses and keeps rotating forward but not fast enough to land on his back and he instead falls on his chest/chin, head snaps back and he’s down. They’re looking at his back and spine-boarding him. Second high bar injury in this rotation.

6:23 pm. Axel Augis on p-bars now, his saltos (tuck, straddle) are fabulous, also good Healy and general work with his turns, double front half with a step, a little low.

Vlad Cotuna of Romania on high bar with a Tkachev, layout Tkachev half caught a little awkwardly, stoop full to Markelov, hit the rest including the dismount.

6:22 pm. Wataru Tanigawa had a nice rings routine btw.

Bank Selmeczi on pommels, his dismount looks like a fall. I mean, didn’t look super hard but guess he hit so there’s that.

6:20 pm. Scott Morgan of Canada opens with a full-twisting double layout then comtinues into a front full to front 2.5, nice, double layout with a hop, hit what was after that, then 2.5 to front 1.5, and a tucked full-in right in the corner to finish. Crowd is thrilled!

6:18 pm. Ursache on high bar with a Yamawaka, messy giant full, Endo full right on the bar, Weiler full is nice, all of his handstands from this angle seem a little bit shy. Literally just that one release. Double layout dismount. Oh Romania.

Frasca of France on p-bars, front pike, messy hop transition to handstand and he comes off.

6:16 pm. Abad on high bar with a layout tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, nice! Also hit layout tkachev half, nice Endo full, and then his freaking hands down on his full-twisting double layout!! UGH.

Rene Cournoyer of Canada with a double front with a hop, double arabian to punch front tuck, double full, tucked full-in with a step.

6:13 pm. Zachary Clay on floor with a double layout, double arabian half-out, front double full, 1.5 to front full, sat it. 2.5 practically stuck.

Uchimura on rings! Can’t see much (his planche is directly in line with the high bar which is kind of cool). Handstands and iron cross both super straight. Oh but one is def way off, the one before his double front pike to double front tuck to iron cross, so is the one before his giants, he’s not great here today….double double with a hop back.

6:12 pm. Guys from Georgia have huge vault difficulty but look a little scary. Pommels now, lovely one arm single rail pirouette from Eltcov but he has a huge issue with his press before his dismount and that’s gonna cost him.

6:10 pm. I missed the opening of Xiao Ruoteng’s floor but he hit his double layout, then stumbled on what came after that, maybe a front 2.5 or something (p-bars is blocking me completely and I can’t see anything in one of the floor corners). Lovely flares, solid triple full.

David Belyavskiy hit pommels, a lovely routine!

6:08 pm. Lin Chaopan of China…double front pike half out, 2.5 to front double full scooted forward, Double double low, looked like he almost put his hands down if he didn’t do it fully, hit pass after that with a hop to the side but I couldn’t see what. Hit the last pass.

Nagornyy on pommels, hit routine.

Kenzo Shirai hit rings.

REALLY bad fall off high bar from Ruben Lopez of Spain. This is their third major injury in like, a few months.

6:04 pm. I’m already overwhelmed about this subdivision. China starts on floor, Russia on pommels, Japan on rings, and a million other people everywhere.

6:02 pm. Subdivision three for men’s qualifications starts in just MINUTES!!!!!

4:45 pm. Standings after two rotations!

1. Manrique Larduet, Cuba, 86.699
2. Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine, 85.431
3. Yul Moldauer, United States, 84.331
4. Nile Wilson, Great Britain, 83.832
5. Pablo Brägger, Switzerland, 83.798
6. Artur Davtyan, Armenia, 81.364
7. Marios Georgiou, Cyprus, 81.232
8. Philipp Herder, Germany, 79.831
9. Kevin Cerda, Mexico, 79.232
10. Eddy Yusof, Switzerland, 79.064
11. Pietro Giachino, Norway, 77.299
12. Reiss Beckford, Jamaica, 77.231
13. Dzianis Sanuvonh, Belarus, 76.732
14. Maxime Gentges, Belgium, 76.364
15. Abdelrahman El Zamzamy, Egypt, 74.431
16. Daniel Villafane, Argentina, 74.298
17. Valgard Rienhardsson, Iceland, 73.964
18. Yogeshwar Singh, India, 73.365
19. Michael Sorokine, Israel, 73.264
20. Odin Kalvø, Norway, 73.198
21. Yordan Aleksandrov, Bulgaria, 72.665
22. Pontus Kallanvåra, Sweden, 72.456
23. Jostyn Fuenmayor, Venezuela, 71.664
24. Kim Vanström, Sweden, 70.265
25. Ahmed El Maraghy, Egypt, 69.865
26. Joao Fuglsig, Denmark, 69.798
27. Siddharth Verma, India, 69.497
28. Joseph Fox, Trinidad & Tobago, 68.263
29. Jon Gunnarsson, Iceland, 68.199
30. Christopher Soos, Sweden, 67.498
31. Ahmed Mosa, Qatar, 61.398

4:43 pm. Looked like Molinari fell on his rings dismount but Daniel Villafane just had a great routine for Argentina!

4:37 pm. Naddour on rings now…looks very slow and steady. Knees touch his nose on his pike hold, lovely controlled planche, one of his last handstands gets a little arched…the second to last one. But he gets it back before his giants into his dismount with a hop.

Ahmed El Maraghy caught his Kolman, straddle Tkachev half, stoop half (messy), stalder half, stoop, stalder, and then ugh, full-twisting double layout to his knee.

4:34 pm. Pietro Giachino of Norway on floor. Double front, double full to front half, low but stuck double arabian got applause. Clean double full. 2.5 to finish.

4:33 pm. On rings, it’s time for Don Don. he’s a beast. Planche is perf. Gets a little wobbling in his last handstand but hits his double double layout with a hop.

4:30 pm. Yul on rings! Everything I can see looks okay, just a little off in some of his handstand positions…planche is nice, last handstand is beautiful before giants to double double with a hop. Lovely.

Kalvø on floor with a super clean double double, 2.5 to front full a little low but he pulls it back up, front lay to front double full gets super messy, clean double full side pass, good triple full with a hop.

4:28 pm. Marios Georgiou on high bar, I missed most of it but he caught everything, I think I saw a layout Kovacs, just a step on the dismount.

4:25 pm. Vega on floor with a front 2.5 side pass to start, then a double front pike with a hop, full-twisting double layout with a hop, front double full to Rudi, 2.5 to front full with a step back to steady, double full, and a triple full with a step to finish.

Brägger hit vault, Yusof about to go now…tsuk double pike (or tuck, his leg form looked weird from here) with a slight stumble back.

4:23 pm. So, pretty obvious, but no one in this subdivision is going to challenge and get ahead of Manrique today. Yul is the closest but he needs almost a 17 to surpass him.

4:19 pm. I wasn’t typing through it but Kevin Cerda of Mexico just had a fabulous floor with a gorgeous triple full to end it.

4:17 pm. Naddour with a 14.966 on pommels puts him in second for now!


Omg Naddour’s single rail one arm thing was great on pommels. Crowd is clapping him along. Looks smooth though!! Excellent, gets tons of applause.

4:12 pm. Kimble just flew off pommels. That’s more like it. I was a U.S. MAG fan for one full rotation.

4:10 pm. Shoutout to Joao Fuglsig for his fab front tumbling! Double front pike and tuck both good, then a front double full. Yay Denmark! But then he stumbled his last pass.

4:06 pm. Yul’s flares on pommels kill me as per usual. But then he fell. All good things are ending.

Clean hit set from Georgiou on p-bars.

4:04 pm. Yogeshwar Singh went for a handspring double front but sat it. #MAGDipa

Eddie Yusof on rings now, looks really controlled, double pike to double front to straddle hold, hit the dismount.

4:02 pm. Pablo Brägger on rings, lovely sequence from his two double fronts into a handstand. Step back on his dismount. Cue the cowbells!

Abdelrahman El Zamzamy just rolled out of his p-bars dismount it looked like.

3:58 pm. Couldn’t see much of Nile’s rings but looked good from here.

Francisco Rojo on floor, I missed his first pass, but the second was a 2.5 basically to his head, meant to punch front but kind of somersaulted out of it.

Excellent rings from Courtney Tulloch! Literally forgot he was here so this was a surprise.

3:55 pm. Noooo Eddie got two-per-country’ed out. 😦 Shame, all three of those routines were beautiful but Eddie’s last pass screwed him after the other two were so perfect.

3:50 pm. Eddie Penev basically stuck a double double layout, front layout to front 2.5 with a hop, 2.5 to front double full, stuck double double omg omg omg omg, 1.5 to front full to Rudi OMGGGGGG, this floor rotation I’m on fire, triple full with a step. DEAR LORD.

3:47 pm. Really enjoyed the Belarusian guys on vault.

2.5 to double front from Donnell, and then he did a front full into a double front pike!! Nice. Hit his double-twisting double layout no problem, 2.5 side pass, CASUAL, double double with the tiniest hop back, AND A STUCK DOUBLE ARABIAN HALF-OUT FINAL PASS!!!  OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD, 15.033!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:44 pm. Moldauer’s up! Front 2.5 is so freaking clean, scoot back. Double arabian half-out almost stuck. Front double full to front full practically stuck. FLARES TIME!!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I screamed the entire time why didn’t they get more applause?!?!?! 2.5 to front half is almost stuck. Literally his landings!!!!! Stuck double full. Triple full with the tiniest bounce, his WORST landing of the meet and still better than 90% of landings here today. GOD he is GORGEOUS.

3:41 pm. One of the Belarusian guys just did a handspring double front and actually looked pretty solid! Yakauleu maybe?

I missed Brägger on pommels but sounded like he hit by the noise of the Swiss fans RINGING COWBELLS.

3:37 pm. Kevin Cerda on HB, wild Kolman but catches it, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, stoop one arm full, mixed grip into his Yamawaka, straddle Tkachev, Endo full, almost everything he’s done has been in front giants. Double double layout is good. That was really nice!

Wibye on p-bars, he looks like a baby. Messy legs in one of his pirouettes.

Ooh, I missed Nile’s p-bars, super low D though. Max up now…lots of screams for him because he’s a hottie. traveling into his flares, will he doe a new element? Literally no clue because I wouldn’t be able to tell what it is. Maybe he’s gonna save it for finals? Beautiful routine though. Actually just looked at the submitted skills and he didn’t submit any so I’m gonna say he’s not ready yet. UGH.

3:33 pm. Fabian de Luna just fell on a high bar release. Back on for a Weiler, double double layout with a hop.

3:31 pm. Francisco Rojo on high bar, good so far, but a fall early on that I missed I think.

Joseph Fox from T&T on rings has a few wobbly elements and isn’t quite straight in his handstands or in his iron cross.

James Hall gets super wild during his traveling on pommels, but other than that it wasn’t bad.

3:25 pm. Kimble on high bar with a Liukin, layout Tkachev to layout Tkachev half, had to muscle through the handstand afterwards, before his one arm full swing, but gets it! Stoop full, god he’s so fast I can barely type this quickly!!! Stoop half, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, Endo, and stuck his full twisting double layout!!!!! That was great aside from that muscle through.

3:20 pm. Sam Mikulak time!! Doubt he’ll do his triple back here but hope he gets to finals because I want him to unveil it so badly. Cassina, Kolman, stalder Tkachev, and he falls. Oh Sam. Looks like there’s a problem with his grip as he’s rewrapping. Or he’s just stalling. Catches stalder Tkachev this time, then Tkachev to Tkachev half, yay combos in MAG. One armed giant, hop full, stalder, and double double lay dismount with a little bobble.

3:17 pm. Gentges on high bar with a crap ton of swinging. I love watching the air ripple through his pants. Looked like a hit routine, I didn’t see the beginning though I guess.

I may have missed a Swiss floor routine…yes, Brägger’s. 13.566.

3:12 pm. Olympic floor champ is here! Front 2.5 to start for Max Whitlock, then a double double stuck cold. 3.5 to front half, yas! His flares are GOOOOORGOUES OMGGGGGGG FFFFF YESSSSSSSSSS. Girls in the crowd are screaming their balls off and I have tears in my eyes. 2.5 to front full and he SITS IT BACK AND PUTS HIS HAND DOWN NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Triple wild at the end. UGHHHHHHHHH.

Filip Ude on pommels, I didn’t see most but it looked like he didn’t fall.

3:10 pm. Nile Wilson on floor, double double with a step back, double front pike with a hop, front double full to tucked front full, 2.5 to front layout. STUCK his triple to finish things off!!!

Robert Seligman on pommels!! NOOOOO, loses his rhythm and kind of flies off. Ugh why GOD WHY. Finishes well. So clean aside from the fall.

The first Norwegian to vault, Harald Wibye, literally did an FTY I’m pretty sure lol. Bless!!! Second vault is is a tsuk 1.5 with a hop.

3:07 pm. James Hall with an opening double double on floor. Stuck tucked full-in. I missed a couple of things after this, def a front 2.5 in there though. Triple full with two steps back to finish.

Shek Wai Hung’s second vault was a tsuk triple, not bad.

Handspring 2.5 from Jorge Vega, just a little messy in the air, and landed off to the side with a step. Second vault is a tsuk 2.5 with a step OOB.

3:05 pm. Yusof on floor, looked hit from what I saw, which was only the final two passes, including a full-in to end.

Shek Wai Hung, handspring double front vault with a large step forward.

3:03 pm. Moldauer high bar time!! Yamawaka, stalder to blind change to one armed giants to stoop full, lots of forward work, until the stoop half, Kovacs with his feet crossed, a one arm swing, Rybalko gets super crooked, but he pulls it back, and then a full-twisting double layout stuck with a little balance check.

2:57 pm. Omg my laptop wouldn’t refresh during Hegi so I’m going by memory, I think he had a layout tkachev half, idk what the eff he did after that, something with a 1.5 or a Def it looked like? Kolman, Yamawaki, stuck his dismount cold.

During this trying time I also saw Whittenburg hit p-bars.

2:52 pm. The Swiss guys are yelling “come on Nile!” as Nile gets ready for high bar.

Here we goooooo!!!! Huge Cassina! Hit Kolman, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, all very clean so far, some nice swings in general with stalders and stoops and hop fulls, and finishes with a double double layout with a step. Great work.

2:50 pm. This rotation has had at least 700 falls on vault. Slash all day there have been about 300,000.

Hit pommels for Marios Georgiou and they were lovely!! I loved his transitions into his flares.

2:47 pm. James Hall up on high bar now…Cassina caught only with one arm and he literally goes flying through the air, I started planning his funeral halfway through that fall because he actually looked like he was going to die, he got so much air. JFC. Gets checked out for a sec before getting back up, Kovacs is good, Kolman also good, I missed a skill after that, caught Yamawaka, looks a little messy at times in some of his forward elements, double double layout stuck.

2:43 pm. Joseph Fox had a layout to double front as his opening pass but had a deep landing that took him pretty far forward. The rest looks okay, nice punch Rudi and double front, deep double arabian.

Joe Fraser on high bar, Cassina, Kolman, fell on his face/arm on his layout Tkachev. 😦 Back up for Tkachev, some one arm giants, and a double double layout, dismount, looked like he did the double twist in the second salto which was cool!

2:41 pm. Marvin Kimble looks clean on p-bars. A little arched in a couple of his handstands though. Otherwise hit!

Omg I’m missing Brägger’s high bar, everything I saw from this point was good including a layout Tkachev half, Rybalko, hop full, and double double layout dismount with a step. The Swiss fans in the crowd are ringing cowbells when their guys hit.

Siddharth Verma had just a layout as one of his passes on floor.

2:38 pm. Yusof perfectly stuck his high bar dismount after getting bck on following that fall.

Andrey Likhovitskiy on pommels, hit routine.

Fabian de Luna ran out of his first vault, second is a handspring double front, sat.

Both Indian guys on floor had falls.

14.633 for Yul on p-bars.

2:35 pm. Time for Yul Moldauer on p-bars! I wish he could do flairs here. Huuuuuuge straddle salto!!! Double front half-out with a great landing.

Big layout Tkachev from Eddie Yusof but then he misses his Tkachev half.

One of the Mexican men just stuck the crap out of his vault…Kevin Cerda maybe? It was messy in the air though.

2:29 pm. Tikumporn Surintornta on rings, last one in this rotation. Double front to double pike is a little shaky as is his muscle up to handstand after. All of his handstands are pretty arched and shaky. Fell sideways on his dismount, looked like a tucked 1.5 double back.

2:28 pm. Euros hero (for some reason, I don’t remember why, I just remember people losing their mind over him) Marios Georgiou of Cyprus with a hpo back on his double double, front double full with a little skid forward, 2.5 to front layout half is GORGEOUS. Clean stuck double full side pass. Front full to Rudi. Finishes with triple, HANDS DOWN, UGHHHHH. I blame his TRASH ROUNDOFF. ALL ROUNDOFFS ARE TRASH IN MAG.

2:24 pm. Here goes Nile on p-bars!! Handstands are gorgeous, Bhavsar, his press handstand from a straddle was lovely, double front with a step back.

Front double pike out of bounds for Omar Mhamed. Literally thought he slipped in his roundoff before his 2.5 but nope. Rest looked okay, not super difficult. Crashed full-in double tuck.

2:22 pm. Sat double arabian at the end of an Egyptian’s floor routine just now.

Gentges on vault, DTY to his face.

2:21 pm. Joseph Fox on high bar, Kovacs, leg form looked weird, stalder, lots of reverse grip work, and a full-twisting double layout.

James Hall on p-bars now, twisty salto, half twist, a little shaky on his single bar regrasp, front straddle salto, good handstand before his double front dismount, a little low but stuck.

2:19 pm. Dan Purvis just crashed a p-bars skill onto his hand, like, crushing his own hand against the bar with his body weight. Looked to be in pain before he re-mounted and then again after he dismounted. Routine overall wasn’t that great, you could see him straining as he muscled through multiple elements.

I missed Tin Srbic on high bar. 😦

2:17 pm. Front double tuck on floor for El Maraghy, who then crashes his next two passes because he gets zero punch out of his twists into punch fronts.

Franco Gutierrez just did a tsuk 2.5 and flew off the podium, I’m crying. The commentator in the arena was like “aaand he jumps back up on the podium, he’s fine!” My lord LOL. Crashed his second vault.

2:14 pm. Saw some of Bulauski’s floor…the double front pike was nice and he had a step on the double double but apparently he had some issues somewhere because the live in-arena commentary was just like “frustrating routine!” haha.

Hegi with a nice salto with a half twist on p-bars, omg his legs on his pike smack him in the face. Bhavsar, I learned that today! Double front half out dismount is good.

2:12 pm. Tsuk double tuck with a full twist for Whittenburg but it’s a complete disaster and he flies off the mat. Yikes.

Brägger on p-bars, I know what a peach is now! He just did one. Nice one-armed skills, full-twisting double back is solid.

2:09 pm. Yusof just lost his rhythm at the end of the p-bars and then completely destroyed his form on the next skill, hopping off after.

Penev’s second vault was a Yurchenko half-on front double full. Good!

Whittenburg with a double front, kind of a crappy landing.

Ilya Yakauleu fell on his first two passes on floor.

2:07 pm. Sanuvonh FX: I only saw the end, a triple full with a little hop.

Moldauer VT: tsuk 2.5 with a hop forward, nice.

Penev VT: Shewfelt with a step, nice.

2:02 pm. Starting subdivision two! Great Britain, the United States, and Switzerland in this one.

12:59 pm. After the first subdivision, Manrique leads 1.2 points ahead of Oleg! MADNESS. Standings…

1. Manrique Larduet, Cuba, 86.699
2. Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine, 85.431
3. Artur Davtyan, Armenia, 81.364
4. Philipp Herder, Germany, 79.831
5. Reiss Beckford, Jamaica, 77.231
6. Valgard Reinhardsson, Iceland, 73.964
7. Michael Sorokine, Israel, 73.264
8. Yordan Aleksandrov, Bulgaria, 72.665
9. Pontus Kallanvaara, Sweden, 72.456
10. Jostyn Fuenmayor, Venezuela, 71.664
11. Kim Vanström, Sweden, 70.265
12. Jon Gunnarsson, Iceland, 68.199
13. Christopher Soos, Sweden, 67.498
14. Ahmed Mosa, Qatar, 61.398

12:55 pm. Eduard Shaulov on floor, 2.5 to front layout, double front half out stumbled back and sat. I can’t even tell what his next pass was, it was like a cross between a tuck and a layout. 2.5 sat. He’s like *random salute I hate myself* and is taking the longest time to walk off the floor. Like this is the most dramatic walk I’ve ever seen.

12:51 pm. I need to write a song that helps me match the skill names to MAG high bar skills because I can not for the life of me get them straight and I triple check them 400 times a day. I’m like oh yeah the Cassina is tucked with the twist NO IT’S KOLMAN!!!!! I mean today I’ve been amazing it at so high five me but I really need a better system so I don’t second-guess myself every second.

Speaking of high bar, it’s Brettschneider time!! Hit his first release, the Cassina, but then fell on his eponymous skill. 😦 Yamawaka, stoop full, Weiler, stoop half, hop full, double double layout with a step back.

12:48 pm. Ivan Rittschik on high bar now! Kolman and Kovacs both good. Beautiful floaty dismount with a hop forward.


12:46 pm. Second vault for Igor is the tsuk double pike with a step back. Should easily get him to the top. And yup, it does! 14.670 average.

12:45 pm. I kind of saw Oleg’s second vault, a tsuk triple, looked under-rotated and low. Actually tbh I remember thinking he put his hands down but he didn’t.

Igor’s first vault is the Dragulescu, looks easy for him.

12:42 pm. I love a nice floaty Yamawaka. Hsu Ping Chien just rocked one. Random Tkachev, aww. Good double-twisting double layout, step forward.

14.466 for Randy Leru! Manrique up now. His saltos are fabulous. I think he also did a peach! Look at me! Skills! I mean he most likely did a peach because that’s a thing that happens. Hit his dismount a little low.

12:40 pm. Aleksandrov on floor, double double, 3.5 hopped forward, OOB. 1.5 to front full, double full with a little hop, 2.5 with a step.

Oleg on vault!! Dragulescu is number one, chest down and a slight step back.

Randy Leru hit p-bars.

12:39 pm. I missed Artur Davtyan’s floor, I hate that all of the events start at different times after the touch warm-up!!!! It’s so confusing, I never know who’s warming up and who’s actually competing.

Philipp Herder on high bar, a little crooked in some elements and then eh crashed his dismount to his hands and knees.

12:35 pm. Manrique now almost a point ahead of Oleg!!! HOT DAMN.

12:28 pm. Oh noooo I missed Igor on rings!!! 14.733, second I’m guessing behind Eleftherios Petrounias, who I missed in the first rotation.

12:24 pm. Marcel Nguyen on p-bars!!! If only I knew what was going on. Perfect handstand held for 45 minutes at the start. Good grip change and transition, double back thingy between the bars, I love when they flip on p-bars. One-armed swing (Healy?), more flipping, full-twisting double back with a step, he is fabulous.

12:20 pm. Tantalidis FX: Double front half out, hit second pass with a step forward. Front full to front 2.5, nice. Sat double front.

Verniaiev on rings! God my view of rings is so awful but the side view is AMAZING. I can’t see some skills but I can see every freaking handstand. DREAMS. He’s prtty straight on his. Stuck double double!!

12:17pm. Konstantinidis FX: double front pike, 2.5 to Rudi, sat front full to double front. 😦 2.5 to front full side pass. Full-in to his hands and knees.

VT: Handspring 2.5, just a little short in the twist. Tsuk 2.5 with a step forward for his second vault.

Hsu Ping Chien off on p-bars.

Artur Davtyan hit high bar.

12:15 pm. Ivan Rittschik PB: Hit routine, nothing super crazy.

Nguyen Tuan Dat VT: Handspring 2.5! I missed his second vault entry but it looked a little messy…maybe a tsuk triple.

12:12 pm. Pontus Kallanvaara is the whitest blondest human I’ve ever seen. He’s like a Malfoy.

Philipp Herder a little muscly in his handstands on p-bars. Way arching on his handstands too. Double front dismount with a big run forward.

Manrique just killed a Dragulescu vault.

12:05 pm. Reiss Beckford FX: Front double pike, double front tuck, front double full to punch front full, double full side pass into a Shushunova (can we call it that in MAG), 2.5 is kind of lovely. Double arabian with a small hop.

12:02 pm. Stephen Lewis FX: Double layout with bent legs in the second flip. Front double full with a huge leap out of it. Double front with a big step. 1.5 to front full. 2.5 with a hop.

12:00 pm. Yordan Aleksandrov on p-bars, loses his strength in a handstand but then like, pushes up out of it like the Hulk.

11:58 am. Daniel Williams on floor is a little messy. Weird landing on his double arabian where he kind of kicked his leg up and looked like he shocked his heel or something. Front tuck full through to front half is a bit messy, double full side pass, 2.5 with a stumble back.

11:56 am. Oleg only two tenths ahead of Manrique right now OMGGGGG YAS I can’t wait for this AA final.

Muscly p-bars from Hirstos Marinov.

11:54 am. This might be weird but I love Artur Davtyan’s hollow shape on p-bars. It’s really pretty. Lots of clean work from him, handstands are immaculate, double pike dismount with a step.

Nikolaos Iliopoulos landed a release on his back on high bar. Full-twisting double layout with a huge hop.

14.733 for Oleg on p-bars, 6.6 D.

11:51 am. Oleg on pommels! Ooh, his one arm swing was really cool!!! This pommels routine feels like it’s 30 years long, it’s like the longest one I’ve ever seen. Legs get fabulously messy on his dismount but he hits no problem.

Tseng Wei-Sheng VT: tsuk double pike, really low but doesn’t hit the mat…second vault is a handspring double front, basically done like Dipa Karmakar #ButtScraper

11:49 am. Jon Gunnarsson put his hands down on his front layout to front half which is such like, an NCAA WAG pass, I never really get to see any of the weaker men in competition but it’s so cute. Squatted 2.5 at the end.

Beauuutiful rings from Manrique with a stuck dismount!

11:47 am. Ahmed Mosa SR: Hit but positions are rough. Solid enough double double dismount.

Timur Kadirov PB: Super messy transitions and his handstands are nearly all arched. Leg form is really rough. Double pike with a hop.

Yu Chao Wei VT: Sat handspring double front. Walks back smiling like “whoopsie daisy!”

11:42 am. Nils Dunkel VT: tsuk double with a large step back

Jostyn Fuenmayor FX: Front double pike, little shuffle. Double front tuck, step. 1.5 to front half. Double full. Rudi side pass. Looked like he sat his 2.5.

Philipp Herder VT: Handspring double front, low with a hop back.

11:41 am. I’m screaming because during the change of rotations there’s a song playing that’s like “ROTATIOOONNN! ROTATIOOOON!!!” I’m SCREAMING.

11:36 am. Caleb Faulk just missed a release on high bar. Cool dismount though, went over the high bar after the release.

Reiss Beckford up now…fell on his Kovacs. 😦 Hit his double-twisting double layout with a step back.

11:33 am. 13.233 for Oleg on floor, yikes? I didn’t see a fall or anything majorly wrong though some of his landings were bad but I guess it added up. Unless I just missed something.

Pakhniuk FX: Double double half-out JFCCCCCC god. Front full to front 2.5 with a huuuuge hop to the side and OOB. 2.5 to front double full, sat it. Double double low with a hop to the side. Stuck double full side pass with his chest down. Triple full, stuck. UGHHHHH I’m so sad about the fall.

11:31 am. I missed Marcel Nguyen on rings but he got only a 14.166, just a 5.9 D, currently in 5th. I also missed Manrique’s p-bars…14.2.

11:29 am. Verniaiev FX: I missed his first pass but didn’t see the 2.5 to double front…looked like maybe a 3.5 to front something or other? Double double with a step back, 2.5 to Rudi, front double full to front half, double full side pass, messy triple with a hop to the side.

Dolgopyat got a 14.666 btw! Moved ahead of Manrique. 6.5 D.

11:25 am. Dolgopyat FX: Double front full-in half-out, I LOOOOVE this. Front full to front 2.5, triple full, so fast it almost looked like a quad. 2.5 to front full, 1.5 to Rudi side pass, hit the end!

Toba SR: I feel like rings is the worst one to live blog because they all do the same stuff and they all look generally good. I have a great angle for handstands though and his aren’t great. Full-twisting double layout dismount.

11:23 am. Hit high bar from Jostyn Fuenmayor.

Excited for Artem Dolgopyat on floor. His teammate Michael Sorokine just went and from what I saw it looked good.

Christopher Soos on p-bars is muscling handstands, good double pike dismount.

Ahmed Aldyani had a fall on pommels.

11:20 am. Ahmed Mosa was moving around on his hands on pommels (correct term) and landed on his back on the horse. RIP.

Messy tsuk double full from Timur Kadirov.

11:18 am. Yudenkov on floor, double front half out, front double full to front half I think, double arabian half out, 2.5 to front full, same weird ass wide arms on his roundoffs that I only recently noticed and hate so much. Double full side pass. Triple full with a little bobble.

11:15 am. Kyle Shewfelt just brought us ketchup chips in case you were wondering if he’s the most amazing human.

11:13 am. Reiss looks good on p-bars. I don’t know why I understand zero skills on this event but I don’t. He looks super clean though, hopping around on his hands and stuff. Double pike with a low chest and a step but otherwise he’s pretty.

11:07 am. Only p-bars going right now…Iceland and Jamaica, the two best countries on p-bars. Jk, I’m actually excited to see Reiss Beckford.

Oleg leads AA right now and Manrique is right on his tale, just about 0.7 behind him.

Iceland’s Valgard Reinhardsson hit his p-bars for what it’s worth.

11:05 am. 14.466 for Manrique, 6.0 D / 8.466 E. I’m still getting my bearings…we didn’t get here until right after the first subdivision, where Oleg murdered the p-bars, so I’m stil trying to get a general sense of where everyone is.

14.433 for Vahagn Davtyan on rings, btw. I didn’t see much of it (high bar kind of blocks rings for me) but it looked good to me.

10:59 am. Just arrived in the arena for MAG subdivision one! Gonna do my best…I know the guys but not many of the p-bars and pommels skills but I’ll try my best and therefore no one should criticize me.

Andreas Toba just muscled up a handstand and got it maybe halfway where he needed it to be on pommels. 😦 Lots of leg separation too. Like big leg separation.

Manrique Larduet on floor…front double pike, small hop. Biles with a hop. YES I’m gonna call it a Biles. Hit the pass after that but I couldn’t see, something to a punch front, and then a double arabian half-out and double front side pass. Perf 2.5 to front full. Finishes with a double arabian with a hop. REALLY well done.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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45 thoughts on “The Men’s World Championships Qualification Live Blog

  1. Gymnastics live blogs make me so nervous but i’m so thankful for your blogs. Also, I love how you said “Double back thingy between the bars”, I haven’t mastered MAG either, that would be me too haha. ❤


    • HAHA thank you! 🙂 I try with MAG but literally just don’t get pommels or p-bars at all. One of these days when I have time I want to learn the skills and I mean, I know what to look for in terms of things looking good or awful but yeah, I never know what ANYTHING is on these events.


  2. Don Don got an 8.0 for execution on that second vault (and .3 ND). I do not understand vault scoring at all. I know it’s higher E than other events but still!


  3. I remember cheering for Marios Georgio at the Olympics, don’t know why thou, probably just because he always seemed thrilled that he was actually there, like really enjoying his time.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You’re right – no new skill for Max this champs. He said in an interview it was huge and not ready yet. He wouldn’t elaborate on the skill itself, though I’m not sure I’d be able to pick it out anyway! Thanks for the great coverage!


  5. Do we need to be concerned that you are gonna steal the tiny person from KAZ? 😂😂😂 he looks so precious though so I understand 🤗


  6. Kenzo’s floor:
    triple double layout
    triple double tucked stuck
    2.5 to 2.5
    front full front triple full hop, almost oob
    3.5 front full
    15.7, currently in the lead


  7. Jesus how many competition ending injuries were there throughout the day? It looks like over half a dozen in the third subdivision alone


      • Oh my goodness I can’t even imagine. Here’s to hoping the final subdivision for the men and then the women’s qualifications go better tomorrow.


        • Wait mens qualifications isnt finished yet? they have one more sub? My lord. No Simone No Kohei… my gosh. People gon be scrambling for them golds. Its like the Yukon Gold Rush up in there! 🙂


        • @Dnuts – one more session left before women’s quals tomorrow morning. Has both Brazil and Netherlands, so still a few big names to keep a watch on


  8. Omg, Kohei is out of the AA. This championships is so wide open now it’s not even funny. I agree with one of the above posts how this is like the Yukon Gold Rush lol. But speedy recovery for Kohei and it’s a bit concerning to learn about the number of injuries that happened recently. Not sure if the lights have anything to do with some of them, but I’ve heard some gymnasts expressing how bright they are.


  9. I’m looking at the live scoring and I see for Casimir Schmidt:
    Exe. : 8.133 | Diff. : 6.100 | Pen. : ACCEPTED

    Can anybody explain what that means?


  10. Rebeca Andrade is out. I’m not happy, she was supposed to win vault. I hate world championships. because someone always gets hurt.


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