The World Championships Qualification Live Blog – Subdivision 1

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision one of women’s qualifications at the 2017 World Championships in Montreal, Canada!

Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes for the most recent updates, which will appear at the top. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to get to them in the blog!

6:19 pm. Standings After Subdivision 1

1. Amy Tinkler, Great Britain, 52.831
2. Ana Perez, Spain, 52.732
3. Georgia Godwin, Australia, 51.874
4. Alice Kinsella, Great Britain, 51.365
5. Cintia Rodriguez, Spain, 48.832
6. Irina Sazonova, Iceland, 47.932
7. Agustina Pisos, Argentina, 47.898
8. Talia Folino, Australia, 47.699
9. Agnes Suto-Tuuha, Iceland, 47.098
10. Dominiqua Belanyi, Iceland, 46.566
11. Rianna Mizzen, Australia, 45.331
12. Mette Hulgaard, Denmark, 44.906
13. Pamela Arriojas, Venezuela, 43.765
14. Anastasija Dubova, Latvia, 43.365
15. Mackenzie Robinson, Jamaica, 43.332
16. Marija Ribalcenko, Latvia, 35.998
17. Milca Leon, Venezuela, 33.431

Amy Tinkler leads vault with a 13.983, Georgia-Mae Fenton leads bars with a 14.533, Ana Perez leads beam with a 12.933, and Claudia Fragapane leads floor with a 13.933.

6:07 pm. Perez FX: Whip whip through to tucked full-in, YAY! Love her little choreo bits. Front layout through to double tuck with just a small step. Double full with a hop. Nailed the double pike. YAY ANA!!!! Aside from her bars dismount she had a fabulous day. 12.966

6:06 pm. Rodriguez FX: Nice double pike. Clean double full with a hop. Hit her final pass. 12.7, 8.3 E which is actually quite good for today lol.

6:02 pm. Fernandez FX: Hit the tucked full-in to start. Practically stuck the double pike. Front layout full with a small step. Double pike with a little bounce. 12.366

Fragapane BB: Her mount is literally just…sitting on the beam. LOL. Bless. Hit the arabian! Bhs layout is piked with a wobble. Standing full landed on one leg, major wobble but stays on. Tuck jump half with a wobble. Full turn, Wolf jump full slightly not all the way around but covers it up. Double pike hopped back into a lunge. 11.933, for a hit routine she got below a 7 E score.

5:58 pm. Leon FX: Sat double arabian to start. Double turn, leaps aren’t actually bad. Crashed double tuck. Front layout is super arched but she didn’t fall! 8.766

Kinsella BB: Loooovely double spin!! Switch to switch side to straddle jump, wobble. Off on side aerial loso. Front aerial, big wobble but also a big fight. 2.5 with a hop forward. 11.2

Dubova UB: I missed most of this…but didn’t see her fall. Just a layout dismount. 10.366

5:54 pm. Arriojas FX: Double pike with a lunge back. Nice double tuck with a step. Hit the last pass. 11.7

Ribalcenko UB: Big pak, kip cast, kip cast again, toe on to toe shoot, caught in a dead hang still in the straddle, wild legs on blind change but then tries to muscle up the handstand and can’t. Comes off. Does the same thing a second time. Comes back just for the double tuck dismount. 7.766

Tinkler BB: Side aerial loso with a stumble back. I missed a couple of skills until her full turn to a jump, front aerial to split jump, switch half not at 180, double full with a hop. 12.066

5:53 pm. Folino FX: Full wolf turn, punch front, great layout series! But the layout i piked. Switch leap, supposed to connect to something but she doesn’t. Hit the jump series. Wobble on a leap after that. Just a back tuck dismount…did she balk? Looked like maybe her handspring into it was a little weird but I actually remember her doing a back tuck at Gymnix too and also being confused about it. 10.933

Pisos UB: Caught her release, toe full to pak with flexed feet, Maloney to bail to toe shoot, and hit the double front dismount. Yay for her! Looks THRILLED! 11.966

5:50 pm. Vaquie UB: Caught her pak, then later a bail to toe shoot, double pike with a little stumble back. 11.4

Sazonova FX: 2.5 to front half, not bad. Solid landing on her double tuck. Double pike with a step back.Switch half into the corner for her last pass, a solid double full. 12.033

5:47 pm. Bonzo UB: Toe half to Jaeger, pak, back up to high, bail to toe full to toe shoot, hit doulbe tuck dismount. 11.833

Hulgaard VT: Practically stuck her handspring front tuck! Good end to a not-great day but I just love that she’s still competing and trying to get Denmark to the Olympics some day. 12.741

Belanyi FX: Hit double tuck to open, stumbled out of turn, hit the pass after that. Hit the last pass. 11.366

Mizzen BB: Loso mount with a wobble and a fall. The slowest triple wolf turn I’ve seen in my existence. Bhs loso with bent legs on both, big wobble. Hit a front acro skill but I only saw the end of it, prob aerial or punch front. Good jump series. Side aerial with a big wobble. Time for another wolf turn! Double this time. Crashed double tuck. 10.166

5:44 pm. Suho-Tuuha FX: Lovely double full. Hit her front full at the end as well. Very pretty routine. 11.966

Robinson VT: Hit her Yurchenko layout. 11.866

Godwin BB: Wolf turn, side aerial to jump series, switch leap to front aerial, switch ring, back leg isn’t great, lots of New Zealands in the crowd yelling COME ON GEORGE it sounds like. Double pike. Hit! 12.666

5:42 pm. Amy Tinkler holds the lead with a 40.765, followed by Alice Kinsella with a 40.165 and Ana Perez with a 39.766.

5:38 pm. Perez BB: Switch to switch half to back tuck, landed on one foot basically, small stumble but held it. Full L turn is so controlled. Lovely bhs loso. So floaty. Punch front tuck to split jump, so solid! PLEASE! WE NEED THIS! Great side somi. Side aerial also solid. Just the dismount left! Double pike with a step. YAAAAAAAY!!!!! After that first issue, that was excellent! 12.933

5:34 pm. Fernandez BB: Layout stepout mount is excellent! And then she nails her bhs bhs loso. Split to wolf jump, ring jump with a check, full turn with a check, off on her side somi and the whole crowd goes “awwwwww.” Side aerial with wobbly arms, switch side with a wobble and a fall. Double pike with a step back. 10.033

5:32 pm. Arriojas BB: Layout stepout mount with a step back and then a fall. Full L turn, off again on bhs loso, switch to full Y turn, leg up, side aerial, fell again. Hit a leap after that. Front aerial, balked her dismount, danced back into place, double full with messy legs and a step. 8.166

5:29 pm. 14.533 for Georgia-Mae Fenton!!! She looked SO much better than she has in the past few months, that was such a happy surprise!!!

Ribalcenko VT: Sat her handspring front tuck. 11.466

5:27 pm. Grisane VT: Sat her first vault, I didn’t see what though. 11.533. Tsuk layout with a hop for vault two. 12.8, average 12.166.

Milca BB: Bhs loso, fall. Side aerial with a big wobble but stays on. Punch front right to her crotch. GODDAMN someone save this child from herself. Switch half with a wobble. Hit the front layout dismount. 7.466

5:25 pm. Wang FX: Double pike, double tuck with a small hop back. Hit pass after that, maybe a front full. Hit the final pass too. 11.666

Fenton UB: Ricna half to Ezhova, YAY! Maloney to clear hip to Ricna to bail to toe full to toe shoot, the Brits are going NUTS!!!!!!!! Full-in with a step and SHE IS SOOOOOOO FREAKINNNNNNG HAPPY!!!!!!! ALL of her teammates ran over and were smiling so much. Best she’s done it. 14.533, 5.9 D, 8.633 E!

5:24 pm. Tinkler UB: Nice handstand before toe full, a mess, to Maloney to Tkachev with bent knees to pak, nice handstand before clean van Leeuwen, a little short on her handstand before her blind change to Markelov, misses the bar and somersaults out of it. LAWD. Full-in dismount with a step. 13.066

Maquie VT: Clean handspring front tuck with a hop. She was good! 12.6, 13.083 average.

5:21 pm. Folino UB: Toe full, Maloney to pak, nice. Some good handstands! Messy van Leeuwen, blind change to Jaeger, Double pike with a step. 13.2

Winther FX: Crashed double tuck to start, step back on her second pass. Front layout with a hop. 10.0

Sazonova BB: Punch front is good, switch half is a little low, side somi, lovely bhs loso, jump series with a solid wolf jump, double tuck stumbled back and sat. UGH, so good until that point. 10.3

Vaquie VT: Super clean flared FTY! Nice job. 13.566!

5:19 pm. Belanyi BB: Bhs loso, full turn, side aerial with a large wobble, front full with a small hop. 11.0

Bonzo VT: Second vault is a Yurchenko half-on front tuck sat. 11.3, 12.216 average

5:15 pm. Pisos VT: Not bad, stumbled it back a bit. I can barely see vault from here so I’m prob missing a ton of form but whatever. 12.966

Derek FX: I missed her first pass but she hit her front tuck through to double tuck, crowd loves her too! 2.5 low with a slight stumble forward. Gorgeous leaps in the middle section. Double full, some messy legs. 12.9

Bonzo VT: Messy ish FTY with a hop back. 13.133

Mizzen UB: Weiler to Weiler half to Maloney to Hindorff to pak, bad pak and she has to start her swing again, kip casts a few times before messy van Leeuwen, tucks her legs and then completely misses the bar. Giant full to full-in with her chest down and a step. 11.866

5:12 pm. Kinsella UB: Jaeger, pak, Maloney to bail to toe full (arched) to toe shoot, short handstand before toe-on to double pike with a hop. 13.533

Suto-Tuuha BB: Hit her mount which was some sort of fancy mount but I didn’t see. Side aerial. Split jump to wolf jump. Wobbled on a leap after that. Hit her dismount. 10.866

Robinson FX: Double pike with a hop back. Some nice leaps in there! 1.5 with a hop forward.Kind of fell out of her double turn. Overall a hit routine! 11.533

Dubova VT: Tsuk back tuck, messy. 11.666

Godwin UB: Weiler to Weiler half to Maloney to pak to toe on to van Leuwen, nice! caught her piked Jaeger, giant full, hit the double pike. Not bad! 13.0

5:08 pm. Rodriguez BB: Hit her bhs loso. Switch to split leap, wobble on her side aerial, nice front aerial, ring leap is solid, double full with a small hop, good work! 12.066

Hulgaard FX: Double tuck with a big bounce. 1.5 with a step. Front full with a hop. Hit! Yay, I like her. 11.366

5:07 pm. Well this subdivision is BASICALLY horrible. Amy Tinkler leads the all-around with a 27.699.

5:03 pm. Colom UB: Stalder to Bhardwaj, SUPER wild in the air with her leg form but she somehow catches it! Crowd lost their damn minds. Loses her rhythm after, though, and has to hop off. Late in her toe full, Maloney to Gienger, some leg separation, Toe half to front giant half, hit her feet on the low bar on her double layout and fell forward. 10.633

4:59 pm. Leon UB: Wild Gienger with legs completely apart, falls. Clear hip to stalder, arches over befoe big Tkachev, but then swings back and has to kip cast which is a big deduction. Hit feet on the low bar as she’s coming down for her pak, continues the salto through to the ground. Damn. That looked scary for a second. Pak the second time, hits her feet on the ground but stays on. Toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, bends legs and hits her feet on the low bar AGAIN my GOD. Giant full, crowd is supporting her, hit her feet ON THE HIGH BAR GOING INTO HER DOUBLE LAYOUT. She hit her feet THREE TIMES MY GOD. I just about screamed every single time. Fell on the double layout obviously. Looks like “meh just another day” though LOL. 5.166 with an E score of 1.466 I am literally a dead person.

4:57 pm. Arriojas UB: Giant full on the bar, blind change to straddle Jaeger, hit her feet after catching, pak, toe shoot, double pike with a lunge back. 11.466

4:51 pm. Winther BB: Roundoff bhs mount with bent knees. Bhs loso, knees are tucked the whole way through. Fall. Switch to split leap to split jump, leaps are def not close to 180. Side aerial, off to the side and she falls. Split jump half with about 90 degrees in the split. Front layout with a hop. 7.566

Sazonova UB: Toe full to Maloney to pak, leg sep, toe shot, blind change to Markelov, nice! Double pike with a little bounce in place. 12.433

Pisos FX: High double tuck with a hop back, front layout full. She has a nice presence and kind of effortless leaps. Double spin in the corner before her double full to end. Beautiful job! 11.966

4:50 pm. Ambrosio FX: Double tuck, a little low with a hop forward. Double pike low with a hop back. Hit routine. 11.8

Folino VT: Another FTY with a good landing. A little loose in the air. 13.4

4:48 pm. Derek BB: Floaty bhs loso, got applause. Front aerial, nice switch half, lovely! Sissone to wolf jump is great. Side aerial with a bobble. She’s rocking it. Switch leap. Gainer tuck full, NICE! 11.833

Mizzen VT: FTY right down the middle, good landing! 13.266

4:46 pm. Robinson BB: Good flight series, pike jump, full turn, side somi with a wobble but saves it from becoming a fall, double tuck stumbled back and sat. 9.9

Vaquie FX: 1.5 through to double tuck, hands down. Double pike, step back. Hit front full. 11.233

Godwin VT: Hit, didn’t see what it was, prob an FTY? Tsuk full? 13.475

Belanyi UB: Nice Jaeger, toe shoot, double layout! Good work. Seems happy with it. 11.6

4:44 pm. Tinkler VT: Nice DTY, some loose knees but a solid landing and mostly clean in the air. 14.366. She’ll be doing a second vault as well, a tsuk full. A little messy and off to the side but not bad. 13.6 with a 13.983 average.

Suto-Tuuha UB: Clear hip to clear hip full, legs a mess in the pirouette, big Gienger with leg separation, nice bail to toe shoot, hit the dismount. 11.5

4:41 pm. Perez UB: Hop change to piked Jaeger, looked far but no problems catching. Church, nice! Ray to pak, NICEEEE!!!! YAS ANA. Maloney to Gienger, close but GIRL IS GETTING IT. Giant full, some leg sep, full-twisting double layout SAT GOD WHY WHY GOD WHY. 12.733

Hulgaard BB: Hit flight series and then a back tuck after that. Side aerial is pretty but too far over and she falls. Sideways straight jump full. Gainer pike dismount. 9.766

Ribalcenko FX: Sat double tuck second pass. 1.5 is a mess and she stumbles it back, almost sits. Squats instead. Front layout full with a step forward. 10.233

4:40 pm. Kinsella VT: DTY, why do I feel like I haven’t seen her do a double before? It’s messy, low, and with a big step to the side. It sounded like her knees were cracking but I think it was just her feet on the mat. But it was still a VERY rough vault for her knees. 13.666

4:38 pm. Rodriguez UB: LOOOVELY toe point on her toe shoot. Toe half to front giant to front half, Off on her release and pounded her fist, looks SOOOO MAD at herself. Short handstand before bail to toe shoot, toe full, full-in with a step. 11.433

Wang BB: Solid bhs loso. Came off on something after that. Gainer pike dismount with a big hop forward. 9.666

Dubova FX: Wobbles her wolf turn around. Y turn full into the corner. Front layout with a step forward. Layout full is the only other pass I saw. 10.4

4:34 pm. Ana Perez leads after the first rotation with her 14.1 on vault. A MOST MAGICAL 14 in a field full of multiple 10s, 9s, 8s, and even a 6.

4:32 pm. Pisos BB: Lovely low beam choreo at the start. Bhs loso with a step back, actually not bad! Front aerial. Switch to switch half with flexed feet but hit. Split leap to side aerial with a wobble, Split jump to sissone, Side somi. She’s doing really well! Wobble on her full turn. Tapped the end of the beam with her foot before her dismount which is a deduction now. Layout 1.5 dismount. Best one in the rotation! 11.0

4:31 pm. The beam judging is SOOOOOOOO FREAKING SLOOOOOOOOW.

4:28 pm. Ambrosio BB: Loso mount! Hit it. Front aerial with a big wobble and a fall. Wobble on bhs loso. Switch to straddle jump. Tour jete half, a little short with a wobble. Side aerial, hips are way off balance and she falls. Switch side, good. Front layout full dismount with a step. 9.233

4:23 pm. Arriojas VT: Yurchenko layout, not bad. 12.433

Bonzo BB: Bhs loso with bent knees, switch half, front aerial, misses a foot and slides off the side. Hit the rest. 8.966

Folino FX: 2.5, double tuck with a step back, front tuck through to double full, super messy legs. Oh. My. God. Her leap before her last pass maybe hit 50 degrees. Oh mylanta. Crashed double pike. 10.166

4:20 pm. Grisane BB: Front aerial, hit bhs loso flight series after that, side aerial with a check, side somi with a check, split the beam on a split jump OUCH, split jump to wolf jump with a wobble, squatted 1.5 with a hop. 9.433

Sazonova VT: FTY great landing! 13.166

Mizzen FX: Did a split full that maybe reached 100 degrees at the start, front tuck through to super cowboyed double tuck, fell forward and hands down. 1.5 to punch front. Crashed double pike. 😦 10.033

Leon VT: I missed hers! 12.033

4:19 pm. Claudia seemed thrilled with her floor score, by the way!

4:18 pm. Godwin FX: A little weird in her wolf turn. WENT OUT OF BOUNDS ON IT LOL NO. Either that or her heel went out before her run. Flag went up. Double layout. Hit second pass, ended with a front full. Double tuck with a stumble. Double pike a little low with a hop forward. 12.733

4:15 pm. Ribalcenko BB: Had about a 90 minute wait for this. Hit her wolf turn, wobble on her switch leap, big pause before bhs back tuck, leg form on the bhs is heinous, side aerial, puts her hands down then falls. Side somi, hands down again and she falls. Fell again on a jump. Split jump to wolf jump is good. Tuck full dismount and the crowd gave her some love. 6.533

4:11 pm. Robinson UB: Canadian competing for Jamaica! Has lots of fans here. Caught straddle Jaeger, Ray! Pak, catches close and has to hip circle around the bar but gets her rhythm back, toe shoot, double tuck dismount with a step. 10.033

Fragapane FX: Yaaaay this music. Full-twisting double layout to stag jump, solid enough. Double layout to split jump, the jump looked awkward. Double arabian, just the smallest hop. She’s on fire. Double pike, low with a hop. 13.933

Belanyi VT: Handspring front tuck I think, looked okay from my view. 12.6

4:08 pm. Perez VT: DTY, hit! Solid, just a little low. Couldn’t really see leg form but for her, that was one of her better attempts I think. 14.1

Hulgaard UB: Short handstand before blind change to straddle Jaeger, hit her foot on the bar. Took an extra swing but keeps going to bail, clear hip, stalder to Ray, nice toe point on the Ray. Giant full, hit the dismount. 11.033

Tinkler FX: Full-twisting double layout, good! Chest a little down with a bobble on the landing. Double double, chest down a little there as well but just a small hop to the side. Has the crowd clapping along. Front layout to front full, large step forward and OOB. Last pass is a double pike, nearly stuck. Good work! 13.33

Suto-Tuuha VT: Yurchenko layout, stumble back. 12.766

4:05 pm. Rodriguez VT: Clean Yurchenko layout, 12.633

Wang UB: Clear hip to toe shoot, short handstands, hit the dismount. I don’t think she did any releases. 10.466

Dubova BB: Ring leap with a wobble, big pause before bhs loso, legs are fully tucked. Front aerial, sissone to cat leap, side aerial, hey, she’s hitting!! Stuck front layout! That was really nice for her! 10.933

Kinsella FX: 1.5 through to triple full, just a hop back. 2.5 to punch front right into the corner. Memmel to full pirouette, fell out of it a little. Double tuck with a stumble, back leg flew up. Double pike with a slight stumble back. 12.966

4:04 pm. Warmups! I’m so excited! Spain looked so excited walking out and getting introduced.

3:56 pm. Athletes are marching out now! We get Spain, Iceland, and Venezuela on vault, Denmark and Jamaica on bars, Latvia and Argentina on beam, and Great Britain and Australia on floor in the first rotation.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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39 thoughts on “The World Championships Qualification Live Blog – Subdivision 1

  1. My thoughts: Why didn’t they balance out the rotations more? There’s 7/3/6/6. Could have shifted the ESP or VEN gymnasts over and made it 5/5/6/6


  2. Is there any news why the Williams sisters aren’t on the Jamaican team?

    Also the livestream wasn’t on bars and I read that Wang was on bars and was soooo confused why potato was in sub 1 haha my bad


  3. Do gymnasts bounce out of landings during podium training and one touch because they are trying to save the wear and tear of going for the stick? Feel like I see it a lot on FX, VT and HB, especially.


  4. DTY is new for Kinsella, I think she did it first at whatever world cup she was at- Paris or Varna. I’ve forgotten who did which!


  5. Looks like GB will be lucky to qualify anybody into the AA final. Those beam E scores were brutal. Hope Fenton and Fragapane aren’t hit too hard for being first subdivision.


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