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Ellie Black

“As I’ve been training, I guess I would say I am better than I was in Rio.” -Simone Biles showed us what she’s been up to. Psst: A glimpse into the next 25 years?

The Commonwealth Games

How’d the ladies do? We got you covered. Team Canada took its first women’s team title in 28 years, and won the medal count. The Aussies were hit with a stomach bug, but still took the team bronze. Ellie Black won the all-around. South Africa’s Claudia Cummins got hurt, and Charlie Fellows says favoritism abounds at British Gym. Full results.

But what about the dudes? We didn’t forget. England raked in 11 medals, including the men’s team win, with Cyprus in a surprise fourth. England’s Nile Wilson took the all-around and high bar titles, and two silvers. Rhys McClenaghan of Northern Ireland made us all cry with his gold on pommels and a Kodak family moment. Commentators got punny. Full results.

NCAA corner

Regionals: LSU, Nebraska, Florida, Washington, Oklahoma (Oh that? It’s a ten), Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia (way to rally, ladies), UCLA (featuring special guest India McPeak), Arkansas, Utah (come here often?), and California all punched their tickets to St. Louis.

Meanwhile: Miss Val is making progress in the upper arm strength department. Note: Here at The Gymternet our official stance on pull-ups is “no.”

Committed: Trinity Thomas is heading to Florida.


Here are your U.S. Pac Rims and Junior Pan Ams teams. Since nothing is as it once was, we also have videos and scores from the weekend’s verification camp.

What’s happening

Org failure: While USA Gymnastics denied using non-disclosure agreements as part of investigations in a statement to the Senate, at least two NDAs have been filed between the org and abused athletes.

Two gymnasts who allege that they were abused by their coach beginning at age 12 signed the agreements in the late 2000s. Now, they want to be released from the NDAs.

The women also allege that they were asked invasive questions during USAG’s investigation of the abuse, and that Steve Penny failed to take steps to prevent future abuse despite promising to do so.

Feeling overworked? So does the U.S. Center for Safe Sport. They’ve responded to 506 inquiries and reports in just over a year, and investigated more than 250.

Korbut speaks up: Russian legend Olga Korbut accused her former coach Renald Knysh of rape and physical abuse on Russian TV last week, after first publicly accusing him in 1999. Korbut also wrote on Facebook that a museum in Moscow will not return her gold medal from the 1972 Olympics. 

The state of Michigan

#MSUShameOnYou: The Michigan House of Representatives released “alarming” findings from their investigation of how Michigan State University handled Larry Nassar’s abuse on Thursday.

The report claims that MSU failed to act despite growing complaints and missing medical records, and that it mishandled the 2014 Title IX investigation. The House also recommended over 30 new laws to help prevent future abuse.

Boomerang: MSU’s chair of radiology has been cleared of any wrongdoing after being suspended in February. Dr. Suresh Mukherji was suspended for allegedly failing to cooperate with the Larry Nassar investigation, but the university found no evidence of obstruction.

  • Larry Nassar’s Michigan medical license has been permanently revoked because duh.
  • MSU’s Interim President John Engler said the lawsuits may not cause a rise in tuition after all.
  • MSU students and staff honored survivors by forming a human teal ribbon.

Required reading

  • “I never knew how afraid they were that I wouldn’t believe them, because that’s not an option.” Inside how MSU Police Det. Lt. Andrea Munford and Michigan Assistant Attorney General Angie Povilaitis built the case against Larry Nassar (Lansing State Journal).
  • “How Big Colleges Prey on Fan Loyalty to Fight Back Against Scandals” is a must-read (Deadspin).
  • Check out this profile of Nancy Hogshead-Makar, a “champion for women in sport” (Outside).
  • Editorial: MSU knew about Strampel’s behavior, and did nothing (The Detroit News).
  • Two former Olympians say it’s “time to clean house” at the U.S. Olympic Committee (The Washington Post).
  • The NCAA needs a policy change to curb early recruiting (NCAA Gym News).

Star status

Moves: Russian-born Irina Alexeeva of WOGA will compete at Russian Championships in two weeks.

Injuries: Russia’s Alla Sosnitskaya broke her leg on a bars dismount at the Stella Zakharova Cup.

Upgrades: Hungary’s Szekely Zoja is working on some impressive new skills, and Italy’s Asia D’Amato is training an Amanar.

Staying social

Famous people: Retired bases-ball player David Ortiz wore a “Girl power” t-shirt to honor Aly Raisman at the Red Sox opening day. Raisman also met Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel last week. Meanwhile, I once threw up in front of Marky Mark.

Red-handed: Justin Ah Chow’s coach caught him live streaming practice.

Meme winner: Praise Margzetta Frazier for laughing at her own “in midair” face.

Lights, camera: Danell Leyva is ready for his closeup.

Last words

If you felt compelled to take a picture of all of your screens this weekend, you may be feeling achy in the head. Toby here can help.

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5 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: Screen sickness

  1. Does Irina competing at Russian Championships mean that she’s throwing in the towel trying to get US citizenship in time for worlds/olympics and maybe trying to get onto the Russian team, or is it a just cause kind of thing?


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