Around the Gymternet: Hamlet didn’t say that. That Polonius guy did.


Some people also call it Schaefersalto2.0.” –Helene Schäfer on her innovative side somi to back bounce. Some people also call it spinal trauma.

Comp news

What happened at home. Your future NCAA stars were crowned at JO Nationals this weekend, with incoming Wolverine Natalie Wojcik taking the Senior F title. Grr, aargh.

And abroad. Luo Huan took the all-around title with a 54.400, plus bars silver, at the Chinese championships. At Gymnasiade, Ukraine’s Anastasiia Bachynska turned heads with all-around, vault, and beam gold.

Psst: The long and winding road to 2022 worlds will end in Liverpool.

What happened

Martha said she “misspoke.” Martha Karolyi’s lawyer released a statement on Wednesday saying the former coach “misspoke” when she said in a May 2017 deposition that she first learned of Nassar’s abuse in the summer of 2015. Reminder: The Karolyis’ recently filed lawsuit against USA Gymnastics et al. alleges that the couple was first tipped off after the 2016 Olympics.

But there are doubts. Survivor attorney John Manly said the statement “is simply a lie.” Meanwhile, the OC Register found that a month after making the 2017 deposition, Karolyi made six corrections to it, but did not correct the statement about when she learned of the abuse.

Survivors don’t believe her, either. They say Martha and Bela Karolyi knew about Larry Nassar’s conduct in 2015 but failed to alert authorities, and called on Texas officials to investigate the couple at a Thursday press conference.

  • Nike took steps to become a sponsor of USAG in January, during Nassar’s sentencing hearing.
  • Paul Hall has been named British Gymnastics’ new men’s head coach.
  • Brazil’s men’s gymnastics team might lose one of their biggest sponsors in light of allegations that former coach Fernando Carvalho Lopes sexually abused more than 40 gymnasts.
  • Marian Dragulescu is still at odds with the Romanian federation.

The state of Michigan

Survivors told the House what’s up. Survivors spoke at the Michigan House on Tuesday, urging lawmakers to pass a package of bills aimed at preventing sexual abuse, though the bills have run up against opposition from some interest groups.

A trustee went rogue. Michigan State University Trustee Brian Mosallam released a document on Tuesday calling for an independent investigation of how the uni handled Larry Nassar’s abuse.

A donor is in hot water. A major MSU donor allegedly said “These girls are going to ruin the state of Michigan. We have to stop them.” Survivor Sterling Riethman says she overheard the comment, but the donor says Riethman “misheard” him.

Engler’s ready to settle. Interim University President John Engler says he’s ready to be done with MSU, but he wants to settle the over 300 lawsuits against the university first.

Admins knew about Strampel. For a decade. Three university administrators knew about former dean and Larry Nassar’s former boss William Strampel’s behavior as early as 2005. 

Harrison and Boyce spoke to the press. Survivor Christine Harrison said she’s “embarrassed” to be getting her degree from MSU, and Larissa Boyce talked about telling MSU coach Kathy Klages about Nassar’s abuse over two decades ago.

Required reading

  • This thread, written by survivor Lindsey Lemke, has all the stats you need to know about sexual assault on campus.
  • The U.S. Olympic Committee must face its failures and take action against sexual abuse (The Washington Post).
  • A letter to gymnastics coaches: “We are firstly coaching people and then gymnasts, not the other way around.”
  • How former MSU president Lou Anna Simon set the school on a course to disaster (The Chronicle of Higher Education).
  • MSU faces a choice with Mosallam’s proposal (The Athletic).
  • Rachael Denhollander reflects on one year since she first testified against Nassar.
  • The USOC has a long road ahead with several lawsuits (Associated Press).

NCAA corner

UCLA is still at it. Team UCLA was at Dodgers Stadium, and Felicia Hano threw out the first pitch.

And since they’re so keen on monopolizing all talent, Peng-Peng Lee and Hallie Mossett sang the national anthem before UCLA’s softball game, and Katelyn Ohashi threw out that first pitch, a grounder.

Grads said goodbye. Kennedy Baker took a one-second video every day for her last-ever semester as a Gator, and LSU graduates looked damn amazing.

Yeah that’s a no-no. Former Georgia coach Charlie Tamayo, who was fired in January, was apparently dismissed for making unauthorized credit card purchases.

Condi called out the NCAA. Condoleezza Rice called the NCAA’s rules “incomprehensible” and says that student-athletes should be able to profit from their likenesses.

Star status

Comebacks. Elena Eremina has started training again, and Rebecca Andrade is expected to start again soon. Plus, Laurie Hernandez did a front aerial on beam *swoon*.

Upgrades. Olivia Dunne is training a barani to a ring jump, and U.S. junior Anna Huber is training a van leeuwen straight into a giant.

But mostly, Trinity Thomas did a 2.5 into a double layout.

Staying social

Gymnasts failed, big. Take a look at some of our favorite #gymnasticsfails, and tell us your own (fails, or favorites).

Gabs went undercover. Watch this horrifying gif of Gabby Douglas’ prosthetic face peeling off on Undercover Boss, at your own risk.

The pit. She was in the pit. Simone Biles’ dog is cute just about everywhere, but here she is being cute in the pit.

Because you asked…

What would Romania’s 2015 team have looked like? What if I hadn’t missed that train in 1998 and had bumped into my true soulmate, film actor Ewan McGregor? The world will never know.

Need to know

Read our interview with British floor queen Latalia Bevan, and once you’re done, help Jordan Bowers’ family travel to her competitions.

Last words

Spencer of The Balance Beam Situation is here to remind us that the 1998 Reese’s Gymnastics Cup happened only 20 short years ago. If this makes you ashamed to be an American, a consumer, and a human being, then you’re in good company.

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4 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: Hamlet didn’t say that. That Polonius guy did.

  1. The highlight of MSU Is all those graduates who refused to shake Englers hand and instead dropped teal flowers at his feet. Also is Hernandez back seriously, or is she just playing around in the gym? I want to take her comeback seriously, but the only time she says anything about going back to training, or posts videos where she does a front aerial or backhand spring or anything, an announcement about her newest venture or project closely follows, which makes me think that she’s just trying to keep peoples attention to promote what she’s doing rather than actually being serious about her gymnastics.


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