The European Championships Senior Women’s Master Team List

This afternoon, the UEG released the nominative rosters for European Championships, to be held beginning August 2 in Glasgow.

With just under a month to go, several federations have also announced their teams, and we’re expecting many more to become public in the coming weeks. A full list of all teams is below, and we’ll change the “nominative” status to official once the rosters are announced by each federation.


Confirmed by Österreich Fachverband Turnen on July 10. Tamara Stadelmann is the alternate.


Confirmed by Marina Nekrasova on Instagram on July 31.


Confirmed by Gymfed on July 2. As of July 26, Julie Meyers and Rune Hermans both withdrew due to injury, with alternate Senna Deriks taking their place (Belgium will only send four).


Confirmed in official start list as of August 1.


Confirmed in official start list as of August 1.


Confimred by Gloria Philassides on Instagram Stories on July 31.


Confirmed by Dominika Ponizilova on Instagram Stories on July 30.


Confirmed in official start list as of August 1.


Confirmed by Suomen Voimistelu on July 19.


Confirmed by Fédération Française de Gymnastique on June 27. Louise Vanhille is the alternate.


Confirmed in official start list as of August 1.


Confirmed by the Deutscher Turner-Bund on July 12. Sophie Scheder, originally on the nominative roster, withdrew due to a finger injury and she was replaced by Emma Höfele. Michelle Timm is the alternate.


Confirmed by British Gymnastics on July 6. Becky Downie was injured in training on July 31 and unfortunately had to withdraw from the competition. Her replacement is Taeja James.


Confirmed by the Greek Gymnastics Federation on July 4.


Confirmed by Nemzeti Sport on July 15. Zsofia Kovacs, originally on the nominative roster, is out with an abdominal injury and was replaced by Noemi Makra.


Confirmed by Fimleikasamband Islands on July 3.


Confirmed by Gymnastics Ireland on July 4.


Confirmed by the Israeli Gymnastics Federation on July 29. Originally four gymnasts were on the nominative roster for Israel, but Ofir Kremer, Meitar Lavy, and Shailee Weiss were removed from the team after an internal control meet.


Confirmed by the Federazione Ginnastica d’Italia on July 27. Martina Maggio and Lara Mori, both on the nominative roster, were out of the running due to injury, while Elisa Meneghini, also on the nominative roster, ended up not being invited to the selection camp. Francesca Linari, Caterina Cereghetti, and Sofia Busato were named in their place.


Confirmed by Anastasija Dubova on Instagram on July 31.


Confirmed in official start list as of August 1.


Confirmed in official start list as of August 1.


Confirmed by the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Federation on July 20. As of July 28, Eythora Thorsdottir has withdrawn due to injury; Naomi Visser is her replacement.


Confirmed by Norway Women’s Gymnastics on Instagram on July 31.


Confirmed by Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska on Instagram on July 31.


Confirmed by the Federação de Ginastica de Portugal on July 17. Mariana Marianito will replace Rafaela Ferreira, who was originally on the nominative roster.


Confirmed by the Federatia Romana de Gimnastica on July 26. Anamaria Ocolisan was injured during training in Glasgow and withdrew from the team.


Confirmed by TASS on July 20. Maria Kharenkova and Viktoria Komova, originally on the nominative roster, were replaced by Lilia Akhaimova and Irina Alexeeva.


Confirmed by the Slovenska Gymnasticka Federacia on July 9.


Confirmed by Gimnasticna Zveza Slovenije on July 26.


Confirmed by the Real Federacion Española de Gimnasia on July 23. As of July 26, Nora Fernandez had to withdraw due to injury; alternate Andrea Carmona is her replacement.


Confirmed by Svensk Gymnastik on July 26.


Confirmed by the Schweizerischer Turnverband on July 2. As of July 8, Giulia Steingruber will no longer be able to compete due to an ACL tear; alternate Anina Wildi is her replacement. As of July 26, Lynn Genhart had to withdraw after fracturing vertebrae; alternate Thea Brogli is her replacement.


Confirmed by Göksu Üctas Sanli on Instagram.


Confirmed by the Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation on August 1.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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46 thoughts on “The European Championships Senior Women’s Master Team List

      • This team is not great on floor. Alice and Kelly are OK, Becky doesn’t train it. Georgia I don’t think we’ve seen complete floor for a while, so who knows. GB obviously value Lucy for her DTY more than Taejas floor, which is weird because if she hits she’s a genuine medal contender.


        • James has a habit of not hitting her FX. She is wildly inconsistent. Stanhope is a guaranteed 14.5 on VT.
          James could show a 14.000 but more than likely it will be in the 12s due to errors. Simm is also a guaranteed 12.8-13.0 score.
          Even if they used James on FX, Stanhope’s DTY will bring in way more than Simm or Fenton on VT in difference, rather than James on FX over Simm or Fenton.


    • Yeah, where is Iliankova, or Nabieva? Also, Kharenkova has not shown herself to be fit for competition. She seems out of shape even though the potential is there. Glad to see Komova back on the team.


      • Akhaimova has been injured, so I think they decided to go with Kharenkova for that reason, especially considering she could provide on Beam what they would’ve gotten from Akhaimova on floor. As for Iliankova, she should be on the team over Perebinosova. Maybe they find Iliankova too inconsistent across all four, I mean she hit only a single Bars routine over the course of the Russian Cup, even if she did ultimately get silver AA. They could decide to see how she does in preparation for Euros and put her back in if she does well. On paper this seems solid for TF:
        VT: Melnikova, Komova, Simakova
        UB: Melnikova, Komova, Perebinosova
        BB: Melnikova, Kharenkova, Komova
        FX: Melnikova, Kharenkova, Simakova
        But this lineup offers little to no backup if someone doesn’t come through. Still, Mustafina, Nabieva, Trykina and Alexeeva are all still in contention for a spot along with Iliankova, this is only nominative are there’s a month until competition.


  1. Umm interesting choice from Russia? I’m surprised to see Kharenkova and Perebinosova on the team instead of Iliankova and Akhaimova


  2. Kharankova and Perebinosova over Iliankova, Nabieva, Akhaimova? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

    Also, where is Ioana Crisan?


    • Crisan pulled out of Koper Challenge Cup after qualifying the bars final due to some pains. I don’t know if she has recovered. Currently she is the only Romanian with 5.0+D bars, but her execution is no better. She might not be able to contribute on other events – her beam is difficult theoretically but she hasn’t had a single clean routine in any competitions since 2017, and she hasn’t bring back her floor routine yet, while everyone else except Golgota on the team seems able to do floor with 5.2D and 7~8 E)


        • It depends…not usually more than 6 weeks for processing time so I think they could work out worlds this year. Euros cut it close because she was named to the Bulgarian team when the cutoff for claiming spots came up, so I’m guessing they didn’t have time to get her approved? Ireland had a similar issue with a junior not yet having a license (she just got hers approved yesterday) but since they are sending a full team, they signed up for four spots initially, and then determined the athletes for those four spots when the nominative list was due. For Bulgaria, I think they just originally submitted for those two individual spots, so they’d have to remove one of those gymnasts and add Laney in if she got her license in time. But worlds def shouldn’t be a problem.


  3. Romania will be sending a team as young as their 2014 WC squad with 4 totally new faces, lead by the only veteran Ocolisan. Good luck…


    • But unlike 2014 the new faces have utilised world cup experience. They have 3 world cup medal winning gymnasts from this year including ocolisan and theyr’e training under forminte now so i think it will go decently for them. Line up prediction:
      Vault: ivanus, ocolisan, golgota
      Bars: Ocolisan, Golgota, Ghiciuc
      Beam: Ivanus, Iacob, Ghiciuc
      Floor: ivanus, ocolisan, golgota


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  6. I really don’t understand the Netherlands. They are not bringing Sanna Veerman? Really? She has the most potential AA by far, also the strongest FX. (Doesn’t she have a DTY, too?) That’s crazy to me. She’s a first-year senior, she needs that experience. And it’s not like she’s worse than some people on that team. But the Netherlands sometimes have drama with team choices, too so maybe that’s just another one.


      • The team isn’t official yet, but Visser will likely be the alternate…I think they just like sticking with the veterans right now, and Visser still hasn’t proven herself fully in international competition, though she did have one really good performance at the friendly meet. But they’re going on more than just that one meet even if it was a high score for the Dutch athletes.


      • But being the best AA in Netherlands doesn’t matter. There is no AA finals this year, all that matters is the team. It is 5-3-3 in TQ and TF. Netherlands needs to put together a team of 5 that fits best. Visser doesn’t really rank amongst the top 3 on any event, except maybe UB. But UB is more than covered with Sanne, Celine, and Eythora. They need Van Pol and Volleman for VT and FX.

        Liked by 1 person

    • She hasn’t really shown this year that she has what it takes to do well on a major international team, though she has had some good individual results. She is also just coming back from an injury right now, so she’s not quite where she needs to be and I think they’d rather not risk someone with her potential at a major international event!


  7. I’m sure a thousand of you know the answer to this, but I’m a newly minted every year fan (instead of a four-year fan): Are there typically ways those of us from the US can stream and watch Euros?


    • It’s streaming on the European Gymnastics Website, but looks like only for the seniors 😦 and I don’t know if it’s geo-blocked.


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  9. Lynn Genhart is out. Replaced by Thea Brogli. Poor Switzerland not having much luck on either the women’s the men’s side this year! Hegi and Yusof are out for the men.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Also Rune Hermans is no longer on the Belgian team, they are only taking four gymnasts.

    And Martina Maggio is out of contention for Italy. Another knee Injury 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Ukraine’s team has been confirmed and Titarenko is on the team after all!

    View this post on Instagram

    – 2 серпня (кваліфікаційні змагання у жінок) в Глазго розпочнеться жіночий чемпіонат Європи зі спортивної гімнастики. Розпочне змагання доросла збірна, яка приїхала до шотландської столиці наступним складом: Ангеліна Радівілова, Діана Варинська, Валерія Осіпова, Яна Федорова та Альона Тітаренко. Дівчата виступлять у 2 потоці (15:15-17:05) й розпочнуть свої виступи з вільних вправ. 3 серпня (кваліфікація до фіналів на окремих знарядах, командний фінал та фінал багатоборства) у боротьбу вступлять наші юніорки – Анастасія Бачинська, Дар’я Муржак, Тетяна Мокляк, Єлизавета Губарева й Катерина Куліній. Виступатимуть українки в 4 потоці (20:30-22:45) й розпочнуть з вправ на колоді. 4 серпня пройде командний фінал серед жінок, а 5 серпня розіграють медалі у фіналах окремих видів гімнастичного багатоборства. БАЖАЄМО НАШИМ ДІВЧАТАМ ВЕЛИЧЕЗНОЇ УДАЧІ! НІ ПУХУ!

    A post shared by UKR🇺🇦Gymnastic Federation (@ukr.gym.federation) on


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