2018 World Championships Live Blog | Men’s Team Final

Welcome to the live blog for the men’s team final at the 2018 World Championships, held in Doha, Qatar!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

6:42 pm. Final Standings

1. China 256.634
2. Russia 256.585
3. Japan 253.744
4. United States 251.994
5. Great Britain 248.628
6. Switzerland 244.294
7. Brazil 243.994
8. Netherlands 240.660

6:41 pm. Russia falls short by less than half a tenth. I’m LEAVING.

6:37 pm. Nagornyy RUS HB: I’m having a heart attack. Layout Tkachev, layout Tkachev half. All eyes on him. OMG HE MUSCLES OUT OF THE HANDSTAND. PEOPLE LEGITIMATELY SCREAMED LMAO. I CAN’T HANDLE THIS. Stoop half. straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, one-arm pirouette, stalder, double double layout stuck.


6:33 pm. Sorry, I’ve been fully ignoring pommels and rings because it’s SO STRESSFUL WATCHING HIGH BAR AND FLOOR. I’m having a heart attack.

One of the Brazilian guys had 100 falls on p-bars. Mariano I think. 😦

Whitlock GBR PH: I saw most of this. Flairs are lovely, nice extension through his straight leg spins, hit the dismount, fab work.

6:30 pm. Xiao CHN HB: OFF ON HIS LIUKIN!!!!!!!!! Hit his releases after that, them muscles through a front giant pirouette. Double double layout with a step.

Shirai JPN FX: Hit his first pass, then a 3.5, short, almost doesn’t get it around, puched into whatever he does after that. I’m great! QUAD, casual, almost stuck like a BOSS. Hit the pass after that. I’m trying to watch him and Xiao IT’S TOUGH. Triple full to finish.

6:29 pm. Mikulak USA FX: 2.5 to double front, solid. Front double full to front tuck full, little bounce. Flairs are solid. 1.5 to front full, stuck cold. Double full stuck, brings his heels together. Triple full, a little low, little hop back.

Really the only issue for the U.S. today was Sam’s pommels fall, right? I’d say this was a HUGE EFFING SUCCESS with this team of mostly small children.

6:28 pm. Dalaloyan RUS HB: Cassina, Kovacs, layout Tkachev, layout Tkachev half, stoop half, ankles apart, stoop to front giant to hop change to Yamawaki, full-twisting double layout, stuck with a bobble in his torso.

Fraser GBR PH: Hit routine!

6:25 pm. Tanigawa JPN FX: Hit the first pass, then a piked double front half-out, looked pretty tucked in the legs though. OMG then sits his piked double front! And literally does a pushup out of the fall LOLLLL. God bless. Double full. 2.5 to front full with a hop. Triple full.

Schmidt NED SR: Fell on his dismount. 😦

6:24 pm. Lin CHN HB: Cassina, Kolman, both done well in the air, really awkward/late full pirouette, Yamawaki, muscles out of the handstand, has to do the Yamawaki again into Endo, front giant full, double double layout stuck. Well, Russia’s back in it…

6:22 pm. Moldauer USA FX: Clean randi with a little bounce. Arabian double front half-out, super clean and stuck. Front double full to front full, stuck! Beautiful work so far. Flairs time! So gorgeous. Solid 2.5 to barani. Clean double full. Superb triple full, little bounce.

Gischard SUI SR: Hit what I saw pretty well. 1.5 double tuck, step back.

6:20 pm. Kaya JPN FX: Double front half-out, super clean. Piked double front, hop forward. 2.5 to front full. Clean double full. stuck the next pass and landed the last pass well.

Belyavskiy RUS HB: One-arm pirouette, little adjustment. Layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, Yamawaki. German giants. Double layout full-out, little step.

Rijken NED SR: This was pretty shaky and wobbly throughout.

Hall GBR PH: Had a fall. 😦 😦

6:19 pm. Bitencourt BRA PH: I missed this.

Baumann SUI SR: Hit routine.

6:17 pm. Van Wicklen USA FX: Piked double front half-out, solid. 2.5 to front full I believe? Or 3.5? Yeah, 3.5. The next is a 2.5 to barani. I love when guys make a 3.5 look easy. Hit his side pass. Stuck the pass after that. Beautiful double arabian, little hop back.

Sun CHN HB: Layout Tkachev half, Yamawaki, double double layout with a step back, then a bobble. Good routine.

6:13 pm. Rotation 5 Standings

1. China 216.134
2. Russia 215.186
3. Japan 211.645
4. United States 209.028
5. Great Britain 208.129
6. Brazil 208.095
7. Switzerland 203.229
8. Netherlands 201.762

Damn, that fall for Russia…they’re SO CLOSE.

6:12 pm. 16.2 for Zou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:08 pm. Mikulak USA HB: Cassina, Kolman, excellent, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev to straddle half, one-arm pirouette, stoop half, stalder, double double dismount, stuck. INCREDIBLE.

Zou CHN PB: He’s gorgeous and golden at everything he does. Just muscles his legs together on one of his handstands, but otherwise flawless. Tiny step on the double front half-out dismount.

6:06 pm. Hegi SUI PH: Had a fall.

6:04 pm. Souza BRA FX: I missed the beginning but believe he hit everything. 1.5 to front full after his “dance break” which is what I call the nonsense part of MAG floor. Triple full with a bounce to finish.

Dalaloyan RUS PB: Had a fall early on SO KILL ME. The rest is very nice, double front half-out stuck with his chest down. Shame.

6:03 pm. Uchimura JPN HB: HUUUUUGE layout Kovacs. Cassina after that, also great, Kolman is perfect, MY GOD. Stalder 1.5, stoop full, gets a little crooked but no problem into the Yamawaki to Endo to stoop half, hop full, double double layout, little scoot back.

6:01 pm. Cunningham GBR FX: Hit his first pass then a huge double front half-out. Third pass also good. Double double, a little low, hop. 2.5 to Rudi after that I think. Triple full, some ankle form, chest down, but stuck.

Lin CHN PB: Nice salto work up to handstand, some adjustments on one handstand but everything else looks really nice.

5:59 pm. Modi USA HB: Layout Tkachev, hit another release after that, then a straddle Tkachev half, Endo to End full, double double layout deep but stuck!! Guys are pumped. Akash is freaking out, he’s so proud and looks like such a tiny little man next to Colin. I’m dying.

Gischard SUI PH: Believe this was hit.

5:57 pm. Belyavskiy RUS PB: Pretty flawless, double front half-out, low, but pretty much stuck.

Mariano BRA FX: Piked double front, little hop. Tucked full-in little bounce. Hit routine.

5:56 pm. Whitlock GBR FX: Randi is nice. Step on his second pass. Everything else hit but I wasn’t typing. Triple full with a step.

Deng CHN PB: Mostly perf, double front pike with some windmill arms but stuck.

Tanaka JPN HB: Cassina, a little close, Kovacs, Kolman, looked like he almost caught it with one hand but keeps going with no problems. Little step on the dismount.

Louwije NED PH: I believe this was hit.

5:55 pm. Baumann SUI PH: Had a fall.

5:51 pm. Nagornyy RUS PB: Very fluid in his opening. Some leg form issues. Really low on the dismount, big step forward.

Zanetti BRA FX: Piked double front low but hit. Hit the second and third passes.

Van Wicklen USA HB: Layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev to straddle half, one-arm pirouette, stoop half, dismount stuck with some windmill arms.

5:47 pm. Bevan GBR FX: Good piked double front half. Solid double layout. Great piked double front. Hit a combo pass near the end, then a clean triple full with a hop back to finish.

Schmidt NED PH: Hit routine!

Shirai JPN HB: Yamawaki, hit his next two releases, both very well, I think one was either a Cassina or a layout Kovacs, I was looking at floor and saw it out of the corner of my eye. I’m so impressed with his improvements here! Double double layout, a little deep with a hop.

5:43 pm. Rotation 4 Standings

1. Russia 171.920
2. China 170.001
3. Japan 169.046
4. United States 167.528
5. Brazil 166.163
6. Switzerland 166.097
7. Great Britain 165.530
8. Netherlands 163.696

5:40 pm. Tanigawa JPN PB: Swings up to a lovely handstand, then one-arm swing back up. Wobbly and a bit arched on a handstand after that, and the next handstand is piked. Calms down after that and the rest is lovely.

Hall GBR HB: Cassina is great, Kovacs, Kolman, all good. Blind change to stoop full, stoop half, stalder to hop full, double double layout, a little deep, step back.

5:38 pm. Barretto BRA HB: One-arm pirouette, straddle Tkachev to layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, excellent! Stoop half, layout Tkachev half, stoop full, Yamawaki, the guys watching him are FREAKING OUT. Full-twisting double layout, biiiig step back and the look on his face is like OHHH FFFFFFFFFFFFF but he holds it.

5:37 pm. Rijken NED FX: Double front OOF, stumbles it forward and then randomly punches out of it, a tuck onto his back. Front double full to front full, sits it. UGH. Hit his side pass at least. Double full after that. 2.5 stumbled back to finish. Poor dude.

Mikulak USA PB: Everything looks smooth and in control. His basket thing to a press handstand is effortless. LETS GO BRO. Stuck the double front half-out. He really wants to make up for that pommels fall, you can feel it.

5:36 pm. Bevan GBR HB: Beautiful Kovacs! Kolman, peeled off on his one-arm giant REALLY hard onto his side. Gonna take him a minute to get his breath. Back on stalder to hop full, double double layout, big step back.

5:34 pm. Uchimura JPN PB: Lovely routine! Stuck the dismount.

Brägger SUI FX: Double double, hop back. Hit his second pass. Then an arabian double front half-out. Solid 2.5 to front full. Triple full, good, step back.

5:32 pm. Deurloo NED FX: Double front half-out, whip half to double front, hop forward. Stuck the 1.5 to front full. Either 2.5 or front double full to barani after that, nice. Arabiand ouble front, step back.

Souza BRA HB: Low key paid attention while other stuff was happening, caught everything and then stuck his double double layout.

Moldauer USA PB: Fab routine, step on the dismount.

5:30 pm. Xiao CHN VT: Kaz double, looked good to me!

Lankin RUS VT: Kaz 1.5 with a little step.

5:29 pm. Gischard SUI FX: I missed his first pass but he hit. Double double half-out, good, double double, little bounce. 2.5 I believe to barani.

Fraser GBR HB: Yamawaki, Cassina, Kolman, double double layout hopped back slightly. One of his better HBs I think? Form-wise anyway.

5:28 pm. Dalaloyan RUS VT: Yurchenko triple, stuck cold. Russia’s like “The gold is ours, everyone. Congrats to US and only us. :)”

Tanaka JPN PB: Had a fall early on. YIKES. Muscled something severely after.

5:26 pm. Schmidt NED FX: I didn’t see his first two passes but saw that he hit. Front double full to front full after that is solid. Hit his side pass with some leg form errors. Hit the pass after that. I’m catching the endings but never the pass itself. Triple full to finish, solid.

5:25 pm. Modi USA PB: Gets crazy on a transition, leg form falls apart completely but good job bring it back under control.

Sun CHN VT: Beautiful kaz double, step back.

5:22 pm. Lin CHN VT: Kaz double, a little rough in the air , step on the landing.

Yusof SUI FX: Hit his first pass. Front double full to barani after that I think, then a 1.5 to front full. Hit his next two passes, one with a step back. Last one had a step I think.

Mariano BRA HB: Layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, fab. muscles a front handstand before his Yamawaki to Endo. Double double layout with a hop, not bad!

Nagornyy RUS VT: Dragulescu STUCK COOOOOOOOLD aisdjfaskfljasdkajsdf;lkjadsf MY GODDDDDDD BYE

5:18 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Japan 128.414
2. Russia 127.365
3. Great Britain 126.465
4. United States 125.829
5. China 125.569
6. Netherlands 125.264
7. Switzerland 124.798
8. Brazil 124.630

5:15 pm. Hegi SUI HB: Yamawaki half, Def, very nice, Kolman, blind change to stoop full to Yamawaki to Endo full, muscles through it, good cover, hop full, full-twisting double layout with a step. Almost there.

5:13 pm. Bitencourt BRA PB: Ankles apart in his one-arm pirouette, comes out of a handstand and muscles it back. Moving slow and stady after that. Always a little short in his handstands and pirouettes, almost every time. :-/  Hit his dismount.

Mikulak USA VT: Kaz 1.5, hop forward, looked okay in the air.

5:12 pm. The internet went completely out for five minutes but I kept typing through it in my little notepad app so everything that happened during that time is below! 🙂

5:09 pm. Tanigawa JPN VT: Another suuuuuuuper long wait for TV. Handspring piked double front, damn! Nice.

Zonderland NED HB: Endo full, huge Cassina, ankles apart at the end, huge Kolman to Gaylord, YAS, stalder, hop full, double double with a scoot back.

Xiao CHN SR: I didn’t see most of this, SORRYYYY

Bevan GBR PB: Also missed this.

5:07 pm. Souza BRA PB: I believe he had a fall at one point but I wasn’t watching him. Just saw him leave and come back. Hit the dismount.

Dalaloyan RUS SR: Iron cross, saltos back up to iron cross, gets a little shaky on his straddle planche for a second, then is leaning pretty far forward on one of his last handstands. The next handstand almost reverses that mistake. Solid on the dismount though.

5:06 pm. Brägger SUI HB: Cassina, clean, Kolman also very clean, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, muscles the handstand out of it, but gets it up, stoop half, Rybalko, stoop full, hop full, full-twisting double layout flared and stuck cold. MMMMMM aside from that muscle up it was asjf;laksjflkasfd GORGEOUS I’m dead.

5:04 pm. Hall GBR PB: A little weird on his salto catch, double front half-out, chest fully down and he’s a bit sideways.

Sun CHN SR: Nice double saltos to maltese is nice. Handstands look good. Double double, hops his feet together.

Van Wicklen USA VT: Dragulescu, not as good as it was in quals but still solid, chest down a bit with a step.

5:02 pm. Barretto BRA PB: Weird adjustment in his L sit. Lots of form issues, including on his dismount.

Nagornyy RUS SR: Saw from the straddle planche. Good work, stuck the double double dismount.

Rijken NED HB: Layout Tkachev, then a straddle, Rybalko, stoop full, stuck his full-twisting double layout, fab.

Kaya JPN VT: Kaz 1.5, almost as good as Yul’s but not quite there.

5:01 pm. Moldauer USA VT: Kaz 1.5, long wait for him because of TV reasons I think. Anyway, beautiful in the air and stuck COLD. Legit just moves his upper body slightly. Dayuuuum bro.

4:58 pm. Fraser GBR PB: Not his best, lots of moments where I glanced over and his leg form was iffy, also really low and forward on his dismount, step forward.

Baumann SUI HB: Big Yamawaki, muscles up before Endo full, layout Tkachev, stalder 1.5, double double layout with a step back.

Deng CHN SR: Iron cross, something between a planche and a maltese it looks like, not quite in either position. Planche after that. Handstands aren’t great at all tbh. Hit the dismount.

4:57 pm. Lankin RUS SR: Hit everything I saw, double double, hop with his chest down.

4:55 pm. Duerloo NED HB: I missed the very beginning, caught from his Cassina, huge Kovacs to Kolman, the latter a bit messy, huge Yamawaki to Endo half, stalder to hop full, double double layout dismount with a step forward.

Shirai JPN VT: Yurchenko triple, great in the air, just a bit low on the landing.

4:52 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Great Britain 85.666
2. Brazil 84.956
3. Japan 84.282
3. Netherlands 83.765
5. Switzerland 83.665
6. Russia 83.664
7. China 82.696
8. United States 82.097

4:48 pm. Schmidt NED PB: This was a BEAUTIFUL routine. Double front stuck.

Belyavskiy RUS PH: Much better than qualifications just in his general demeanor and confidence on the horse. Tighter form too. Obvs important. Lovely job.

4:47 pm. Xiao CHN PH: I lost internet for a sec so wasn’t typing but hit routine!

Uchimura JPN SR: Same as above, also hit!

4:44 pm. Mikulak USA SR: Iron cross is nice, saltos up to handstand, double double dismount with a great landing.

Bevan GBR VT: Kaz double, I didn’t see the landing but it looked good in the air.

Hegi SUI PB: Oh nooo, gets a little messy in one of his handstands and has to like, walk it around. Rough but no falls I guess.

4:42 pm. Tanigawa JPN SR: Page was refreshing during this so I wasn’t typing but hit routine with a solid double double dismount.

Zanetti BRA VT: I didn’t see what he did but saw his landing pretty low and stumbled back.

Kuksenkov RUS PH: Hit routine! Everything I saw was great.

Zonderland NED PH: Muscles a tad in one of his handstands, 1.5 pirouette was also a little shaky. Form overall is a little iffy. Caught his salto way forward and had to press it back. Piked double back with a hop.

4:40 pm. Cunningham GBR VT: The Biles. 🙂 Pretty solid, I couldn’t see the landing well though.

Zou CHN PH: Looked like his leg got caught a couple of times but not severely enough to destruct his rhythm. Otherwise fab.

Brägger SUI PB: Saw most of this and it looked okay, double front is a bit cowboyed and low, step forward.

4:39 pm. Moldauer USA SR: I missed most of this while watching p-bars but caught his double double dismount which was LITERALLY PERFECT in the air and on the landing.

4:38 pm. Rijken NED PB: Nice handstand into a one-arm pirouette back to handstand, moves his hands a lot in handstands and makes some adjustments which is like the one thing I know on pommels that’s naughty. Lovely press to handstand. Piked double back with a step.

4:36 pm. Souza BRA VT: Kaz double, pretty rough on the landing, stumble back.

Nagornyy RUS PH: The pommel horse KING and CHAMPION. Best pommels worker IN THE WORLD. One-arm swing was nice. That means he’s a fancy ass pommels king. Idk, he looks pretty good until one transition where his legs get wild but he very quickly corrects and finishes VERY strong. Just that one huge break.

4:35 pm. Baumann SUI PB: Short on one of his handstands, salto up to press handstand was nice though. Pirouetting is lovely. Double front half-out, little hop.

Kaya JPN SR: Maltese swung through to iron cross, saltos to iron cross, elbows are severely bent. Almost fell completely over on his last handstand, arched like crazy but pulled it back. Hit the dismount.

4:34 pm. Hall GBR VT: Kaz 1.5, looked lovely in the air, hop forward.

4:32 pm. Mariano BRA VT: Kaz 1.5, looked good from here.

Modi USA SR: Nice press up to L sit. Maltese. Double saltos up to iron cross. A little shaky in one of his handstands. Double double, hop back.

Sun CHN PH: Fell onto his back I think on his Russians but wasn’t watching super close. Back on, hits the rest. So I guess forget about what I said in my preview…they apparently don’t want to make up for their qualification mistakes! But Russia could still self-destruct so…ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE.

4:30 pm. I’m going to be ignoring p-bars the most during this rotation but will try to watch as much as I can, especially for Epke and Oliver!

4:28 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Russia 43.199
2. Brazil 42.899
3. Netherlands 42.466
4. Great Britain 41.766
5. Japan 41.733
6. Switzerland 41.399
7. China 40.798
8. United States 40.632

4:25 pm. Deng CHN FX: Piked double front, big hop forward with windmill arms. Hit his second pass a bit short, then hit his third as well. Then goes for a front double full. Triple full is clean with a good landing.

Mikulak USA PH: Fall, I missed on what, I think on his handstand pirouettes. I mean. Nothing in life lasts. Flairs look good and he gets a little wild with his arms while in his travels. A little precarious in his handstand during his dismount but oh well.

4:24 pm. Bitencourt BRA SR: I missed most of this but he hit, and had a nice piked double front dismount, step forward.

Yul Moldauer put in an inquiry on pommels but it was rejected FYI.

4:22 pm. Brägger SUI VT: Sat his kaz 1.5. 😦 😦 😦

Tanigawa JPN PH: Hit routine! Some form breaks in the middle.

Dalaloyan RUS FX: Front layout to randi. Front layout to piked double front. Both good. Double double, hop back. After that was a 2.5 to front double full I believe. Triple full is a little rough and low.

4:21 pm. Hall GBR SR: So far so good, L sit to press handstand was really nice, goes the tiniest bit crooked and arched on his last handstand, double double stuck cold to finish!

4:19 pm. Lin CHN FX: Piked double front half-out, good. Front full to randi, solid. Double double is wild and low in the air, gets it around but hops to the side. 2.5 to Rudi is good. Clean and stuck double full side pass. Triple full, ankles crossed a bit, step on the landing.

4:17 pm. Zanetti BRA SR: Just hangs there for 45 minutes at the start before going up to a planche, drops down, and then back up to a planche which he swings through to a maltese, just artistic in the way he moves through every skill. Double pike to maltese. Hit the dismount.

Deurloo NED VT: Kaz 1.5, maybe a tad short, hop forward. Knees were a tad loose in the air as well.

Yoder USA PH: Showing a really fluid swing today, some leg breaks throughout, but he’s working through it, lovely work into his handstand before the dismount!! FAB. They WANT THIS.

4:15 pm. Kaya JPN PH: Gets a little rough near the end but overall a good routine.

Nagornyy RUS FX: Triple back, bounce back OOB. Twist to double front, stuck. Double double, hop. Hit the pass after that, I think a 2.5 to front full to barani or something like that, then full-in side pass. Flared triple full with fab rotation, great landing.

4:14 pm. Fraser GBR SR: Nice saltos into his straddle planche, good L sit pressed to handstand. Arched on his last handstand, double double with a little hop.

Yusof SUI VT: Kaz double pike, step. Solid.

4:12 pm. Souza BRA SR: Hit routine.

Moldauer USA PH: Beautiful flairs as always, very in control, especially while traveling. HIT ROUTINE. Guys are going nuts.

Xiao CHN FX: 3.5 to barani, 2.5 to Rudi, both very nice. High double layout, hop back. FLEW back out of his next pass and crashed it. Flairs just while Yul is doing his which is SO pretty to watch. Hit his next pass. Triple full, a little short with a hop.

Schmidt NED VT: Hit his kaz 1.5 well.

Oh daaaamn Kohei got a 14.133 on pommels.

4:11 pm. Gischard SUI VT: Kaz 1.5, very clean in the air, step forward/sideways.

4:09 pm. Louwije NED VT: Kaz full, hop back, some ankles in the air.

Lankin RUS FX: Triple back, baby hop. 3.5 to front full, think his foot went OOB. 2.5 to front double full, fab. Double double, tiny hop. Big stumble on his side pass. Almost hands down. HERE WE GO. Don’t do this to me Russia. Triple full, hop back.

Uchimura JPN PH: Scissors, muscles handstand, gets it a little low. Otherwise hit!

Bevan GBR SR: Hit routine, hop on his double double dismount.

4:08 pm. I’m going to try to focus on floor and pommels right now, but will get what I can of the others. Thankfully they’re all visually in relatively the same direction.

4:06 pm. Walk-in has happened and we’re ready to go!

Russia and China start on floor, Japan and the United States on pommels, Great Britain and Brazil on rings, and the Netherlands and Switzerland on vault. Reminder that at worlds this year, the countries are alternating, so you’ll see Lankin start on follow, then Xiao, then Nagornyy, then Lin…and so on. It’s gonna make things CRAAAAAAZY!!! Just kidding, it had literally no effect on anything when they did it at Pan Ams.


29 thoughts on “2018 World Championships Live Blog | Men’s Team Final

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  3. Before this started I thought 4th for the US would be the best they could do and I’m really proud of them considering the age and lack of experience. I wish the gap between Japan and the USA was smaller considering the mistakes that Japan made. I hope they can build on this. And I know he only had the one major mistake today but I still think Sam needs a sports psychologist. I love his gymnastics and I want, nay need, for him to hit all six when it counts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • They really could have challenged for bronze without that fall, which is amazing! Yes, they had to rely on mistakes from Japan to make it happen, but it’s such a young and inexperienced team and they’re lacking the difficulty and star power that the Japanese team has. The young guys pretty much all made mistakes in qualifications so the fact that they came back here and were awesome is so great for them and for the program.


  4. Hopefully this group of US guys can grow and stay healthy. They have to get those D scores up to be competitive. A GB at full strength plus Russia, China, and Japan leaves the US in the dust at this point.

    Russia has really come so far. To be competing for gold at this point is huge for them. They may not have won it, but if this is a sign of things to come for them, that is a VERY positive thing.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. So tense. Exciting to see that a gold medal can be decided by the last 2 routines on HB. I thought it was lost for Russia when Arthur fell from the PB but when Ruoteng fell from the HB, I saw David and Dmitry trying not to smile and hiding their mouths, and I thought, please Nikita, finish your routine with a quadruple pike and 5 twists. The Chinese are solid of course but the Russian team is so charismatic and nice to watch that I really hoped they could do it. After vault, I thought, « this is it, they can do it… ». Sad.
    What’s more sad is that the gymnasts receive their in front of an empty arena. Totally empty. During the competition, there were only other gymnasts, friends and families who left to greet the competitors backstage and there were no more than 100 people left. That’s crazy. No locals except the organizers and the staff.
    At least the atmosphere is super friendly, warm and cozy because we always see the same faces and everyone is super involved. But this is so sad…

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s unfortunate that the stands are so empty, but honestly, what could FIG realistically expect when they selected Doha? It isn’t as if Qatar is super easy to get to, or known for being super fans of the sport. Qatar’s total population is 2,694,849. To put it in perspective, New York City’s population is 8.55 million. London’s is 8,787,892. It’s great to spread events like this out, to truly make them international and not just bouncing between North American, Europe, China and Japan, but this is the trade off.

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      • i thought ethiad has direct flights to doha from just about anywhere? always want to try out their flight and emirate…lol…

        Yep, russia came so close!! was hoping for a new team champ since it’s been japan and china for a while now…. hopefully next yr?

        is it me or japan underperformed a bit? maybe next time king kohei will be back doing aa in tf?


        • When I meant super easy, I was thinking like in Europe where you can drive to another country. Qatar is on the eastern coast of the Arabian peninsula with many volatile regions surrounding it. So you would have to have the money for airfare and a hotel, plus the tickets and a passport (which traveling in the EU doesn’t require and which you wouldn’t need to visit another state or Canada from the US). This is a serious impediment to a lot of fans.


        • It’s an impediment for fans, yes, but a lot of the athletes from Europe and Asia are LOVING it because it’s so central and they still get to travel and see a new place. The athletes LOVE that it’s here, and the Qatari federation treats them like royalty. Going to North America is really hard for some European and Asian countries, and going to Asia is hard for some American and European countries…especially because most programs don’t have a ton of budget. Qatar is reasonably priced (my hotel room in a 4 star hotel was $70/night compared to Stuttgart next year where a similar hotel would be $250+) and relatively inexpensive to fly to (I spent $600 which is similar to most European flights for me coming from NY, and far less than flights to Asia/Oceania/South America). This ended up being a relatively affordable trip for me, whereas Stuttgart is going to be very expensive, so I think a lot of federations and athletes enjoy that this city is a good compromise and is centrally located for pretty much anyone. It’s also why a lot of gymnasts from all over the world choose to attend the Doha World Cup compared to Melbourne, which gets mostly Asian gymnasts, or the European meets, which get mostly European gymnasts. Not to mention that hosting it here makes it affordable for countries from this region that can’t otherwise afford worlds, which is why we saw Iraq and Syria here, which was incredible. So…I get that fans, mostly U.S. fans, find it out of the way, but it’s really not that bad, and for most of the athletes, it’s a fantastic city for a meet, and they are absolutely loving it!


        • It’s Qatar Airways. It flies to and from many cities in the world and Doha is quite easy to join directly but it takes 7 hours from Europe on average and longer from anywhere else. Etihad and Emirates are from the United Arab Emirates (Dubai among others). The country is isolated in the region for political reasons and non people from nearby countries are coming.


        • It only took me about 5 hours from London (I flew NY to London to Doha), and most people I’ve talked to from mainland Europe said it took 4-5 depending on where they’re coming from! That’s pretty quick. And if you think about worlds being in the U.S., that’s a 20+ hour flight for Asian and Oceanic countries, and if worlds were in Japan or China, that’s a 20+ hour flight for the American countries so…it’s kind of a compromise to have it here. That’s how I’ve looked at it, and many of the athletes as well.


        • As I live in France, Stuttgart is a very good location for me next year 🙂
          Just a train ticket at 100€ and I’ll be there in 3 hours. But Montreal was a bit more complicated (I love the country though). The situation is not the same for gymnasts / federations and for fans. Qatar has money and can treat the athletes well. Their comfort and their conditions for training are paramount, so if they like it, that’s for the best. I had some reservations about visiting Qatar (mostly regarding human rights issues); I like the country so far and I really enjoy the worlds – it’s like a family reunion in a small committee. But my boyfriend came with me last year in Montreal. This time, I couldn’t convince him…
          PS: 5 hours from London? Did you fly on the Concorde? It took me 7 hours from London and it was an A380… 😢

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        • Yup! Five hours, maybe five and a half including taxi-ing, but it was shorter than my flight from NY to London! I was kind of bummed because it was overnight and I wanted to sleep…we left London late (around 10:30 pm in London) and arrived right at 6 am in Doha (so like 4 am in London).

          Absolutely agree about what the athletes want is number one. Fans tend to think decisions are made based on their comfort but it’s ALL about the athletes, and should be. This was a great compromise for all athletes and they’re really loving it here!

          I also had the same reservations about the human rights issues here. I decided to come because I like traveling to unfamiliar places when there is something like world championships happening because you’re surrounded by people you know and it makes the culture shock a bit easier, so as someone who enjoys traveling to all kinds of places, I’d rather come now than on my own at some other time, but I understand why many wouldn’t want to come and I hope any athletes who had concerns with these issues raised these concerns with the FIG. But yes, the athletes are always treated well here at the world cup and now world championships…they’re all having a lot of fun and are loving the city and the Aspire center. I think it’s also nice that they can move freely around the arena and watch the competition without fans there asking for photos the whole time…that was a big problem for many of the athletes in Montreal when they were around the arena or out in public, and here they’re more free to walk around the sports park, the mall, the hotels, and they’re not surrounded by people asking for things. I know it’s nice to have those moments at times but last year lots of athletes missed busses and were chased down in the arena because of it and the coaches talked about it being a huge problem with the organizers not putting up enough barriers and things like that, and the athletes also had to enter certain spaces through a public entrance…it made it harder for them to do their own thing. Here, they are walking around the arena and no one is bothering them!


    • Even though the crowd is small, it is a LOUD and CRAZY one! There are a lot of athletes and families, yes, but there are also a lot of people there who have never seen gymnastics…they interview them during the meet. Mostly expats, not a lot of locals, so I wish they marketed it better and made more seats available for kids from schools or something, but the excitement from them is really fun and the place was SO LOUD at so many moments, which is great. It was never going to be a Montreal or a Glasgow, but I’m glad the people there are super invested and having fun. Also, as someone who has been to dozens of meets in the U.S. where it’s mostly club kids and their parents who don’t pay attention, scream only when someone ‘famous’ not competing happens to walk by (like Laurie at the 2017 American Cup), and are out of their seats for the whole meet buying merch and food, this crowd was 100% better. They stay engaged and invested the entire time and have so much fun. It’s not the best situation to get crowds in but the crowds there are doing what they can to support the athletes. So much screaming tonight.


      • i guess they should’ve handed out free leftover tickets to the locals when they knew those tickets wouldn’t sell at last minutes. That’s a perfect way to promote to the locals as well as filling up empty seats!

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      • I know! I was sitting between the Japanese, the Brazilians and the Americans!!! There was a competition in the stands too, easily won by the Japanese.
        I guess that whe lose in quantity but win in quality. Considering what it takes to come to Doha, the public that comes from abroad is very motivated and encourages the gymnasts.
        As for the locals, more than 80% of the population in Qatar is made of expats, and that includes a minority of white collar Westeners and a large majority of people from Asia that Qatar « invites » as a cheap form of labor (with confiscated passports – I’d rather not comment on this issue more than this…) and who can’t afford the entrance. So yes there are a few expats who are eager to go to different kinds of events – especially in a country where there are not that many (and there’s also a tennis cup this week).
        As I said, it’s very pleasant because the atmosphere is very friendly and you recognize most people after just 5 days.
        I got mad in Glasgow when entires families got up every 5 minutes without waiting for the rotation to 1/ buy disgusting food and drinks or 2/ go to the toilets to evacuate the junk food after digestion. The good balance was the Paris Cup last month: a huge arena that was completely full, mostly local people who encouraged the French gymnasts but who were also very supportive of all the other athletes: the way they screamed for each vault and each tumbling was insane and they did it for every gymnast.
        But here in Doha, in terms of image, it’s not very good for the sport to show empty stands during a World Championship final. It’ll maybe change with WAG but I think that’s the tone for the rest of the meet. But I’m not surprised: when I checked the number of available seats for sale just one week ago, it was still high.

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  6. US women TF line up finalized:

    Vault: McCallum, Hurd, Biles
    Uneven bars: Hurd, McCusker, Biles
    Balance beam: McCusker, Eaker, Biles
    Floor exercise: Hurd, McCallum, Biles

    guess they figure they would gave riley another chance at beam and give hurd a rest before AA… i am hoping riley will kill bars and beam… superwoman biles is anchoring everything of course. let see if she will do the biles vt again.

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  7. Considering the lack of depth this year the US Men did an amazing job. 4th was honestly the best they could have hoped for without multiple Yusuke on PB level disasters from Japan. And since Sam got his obligatory fall out of the way today on PH maybe that means he’ll hit clean for the rest of the week and finally walk away with an individual medal!

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  8. That arena is sad! The sport deserves better. Does FIG ever go, hmm bad call to choose it for sales purposes? These gymnasts work so hard, they deserves all eyes to watch them. 🙂 But I’m sure the people there are cheerful and exciting, just haven’t seen a World competition that looks like a national Woga meet or something. 🙂


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