Around the Gymternet: You know, Lean Cuisine is not a meal.


“What documents? The ones @dantzscher said were taken from the Ranch? The ones Steve Penney had removed? The ones Perry told the US Senate under oath we didn’t have? The ones investigators have been looking for, for 2 years? THOSE ones? Yeah, we got those. Oops.” -Never say Rachael Denhollander doesn’t have a sense of humor

Wut happened

The USOC is done with USAG. The U.S. Olympic Committee announced on Monday that it’s sick of USA Gym’s shit and is moving to decertify the org. USAG released a statement saying the new board “has done everything it could to move this organization towards a better future.”

Rachael Denhollander, Aly Raisman, Dominique Moceanu, Jamie Dantzscher, and Simone Biles all approve of the move, but some asked why the USOC had taken so long to act, and why now.

Here’s why. Turns out, it’s because USAG may have found the documents which former CEO and President Steve Penny is accused of ordering to be removed from the Karolyi Ranch. The Walker County, Texas District Attorney has issued a subpoena for the documents, and Denhollander is calling for a search warrant.

Meanwhile, USAG expects to pay up to $150 million to survivors, financial documents show. The filings also show that Penny was paid more than $400,000 in severance pay when he resigned in March 2017.

AOGC is closing. All Olympia Gymnastics Center—the gym where McKayla Maroney and Mattie Larson trained—is closing. AOGC head coaches Artur Akopyan and Galina Marinova have been named in several lawsuits relating to Nassar’s abuse, and Maroney spoke about unhealthy coaching practices during her interview with Gymcastic.

In a letter, Akopyan and Marinova said, “The rumors and accusations in the gymnastics arena create an environment that is unhealthy for our kids and staff, especially for us.”

Since the announcement, other gymnasts have come forward with stories about their time at AOGC. The gym also reached a $1 million settlement with Larson, whose suit claimed the coaches “fueled an abusive, harassing and degrading environment” that allowed Nassar to thrive.

Penny may have had inside help. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating a detective—Bruce Smith, friend of Steve Penny and then-supervisor of the Child Abuse Unit—for trying to help USAG’s public image during 2016 and 2017.

  • SafeSport has a $2.2 million grant from the U.S. gov, but it strangely can’t be used for investigations, causing a backlog.
  • A new report shows that Canada lags behind on protecting athletes from abuse.
  • The Cottbus WC lineup was released (snaps to Spencer).
  • The gymnastics venue for Tokyo 2020 is about halfway done. ETA: Fall 2019.

Required reading (buckle up)

  • Congress forced scrutiny of USA Gymnastics—the USOC should be next (Chicago Tribune)
  • What should USA Gymnastics’ new governing body look like? Survivors, former athletes have ideas (Sports Illustrated)
  • Plenty of highs, lows for Simone Biles after whirlwind year in gymnastics (Houston Chronicle)
  • ‘Seriously, you chose her?’: U.S.A. Gymnastics’ trouble at the top (The New York Times)
  • Gymnasts—and survivors—need more power over their own sport. It’s long overdue (The Boston Globe)
  • The women who took down Larry Nassar on life after the ruling (Glamour)
  • Judge who sentenced Larry Nassar says her rebuke of him helps his sexual abuse victims and many more (NBC News)
  • Everyone believed Larry Nassar (The Cut)
  • Believed, episode four: Gaslighting (Michigan Radio)

Star status

Hawaiian shirt alert. Great Britain’s Louis Smith announced his retirement on Thursday.

Upgrades. Aliya just got back from worlds, but she’s training a standing arabian. Same with Chuso, but with an Yurchenko. #gotobed

Recoveries. Elisa Meneghini announced that she missed worlds because of “emotional crises.” Donnell Whittenburg is inching his way back into shape after shoulder surgery.

Comebacks. Catalina “never coming back *wink wink*” Ponor did a side somi on beam. Speaking of, here’s Nastia doing an aerial walkover on beam 😍

Staying social

Slayers. The Sister Survivors were honored at Glamour’s Women of the Year Summit, and Aly Raisman embraced her silver princess status at the People’s Choice Awards.

Well you’re no fun. The FIG apparently closed the curtain on chalkography and pre-floor choreo.

He had it coming. Apparently Sam Mikulak’s pup wasn’t a fan of the Doha mascot. Or maybe he was? Hard to tell.

Fast times at WCC. Ashton Locklear and Simone Biles reunited in pretty pink leos, plus Ashton is sporting NikeN7, and wait, why is Simone in the gym?

Mirror mirror on the wall. Who has the longest legs of all? Liu Tingting puts the rest to shame.

Trouble sleeping? Endless transitions to soothe the busy brain. Low to high to low to high to…

Since you asked…

All your questions, answered. Except how to pronounce “Qatar” (QA-tar? Qa-TAR? Idk).

Oh, and. It’s what you’ve been waiting for: Leo fashion police, nationals edition (RIP Joan).

Last words

Want Ron Galimore out? Two petitions for you (thanks, Mary): Remove Ron Galimore from the FIG and Remove Ron Galimore from USAG.

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20 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: You know, Lean Cuisine is not a meal.

  1. She was once (2012) at the top of the world.

    Never mind she is the only Olympic AA champion that didn’t get a single other individual medal in the same Olympic games.

    Never mind she only won because Komova casually decided to take a walk around the vault area, and even so it’s a very questionable win.

    Never mind she wasn’t ever capable of reproducing such performance in ANY individual routine before or since.

    Just a year later, Simone Biles comes about and completely overshadows her accomplishment.

    On a direct confront at the 2015 Worlds, Gabby loses and even in a more decidedly fashion, she fails to qualify to AA in 2016 Olympics and again fails to get any individual medal.

    Not even the race card works anymore, since Simone Biles is also African American.

    One gotta feel sorry for her.


  2. USA Gymnastics could profit by emulating what major league baseball did 100 years ago to clean up its act after the black sox scandal by appointing federal judge Kenesaw Landis commissioner. “His firm actions and iron rule over baseball … are generally credited with restoring public confidence in the game,” per Wikipedia, where interested parties can get the rest of the story.


  3. Does anyone know what the deal is with Elisa Meneghini? It sounded like maybe she had some disciplinary issues with the Italian federation. “…sometimes I behaved in a way that doesn’t reflect what you would expect from an athlete like me, but I can assure you that I learnt from it and it won’t happen again.”


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