Junior Introductions: Maily Planckeel

Introducing Maily Planckeel, a 13-year-old French gymnast who ended her espoir career in 2019 with an all-around win at Tournoi International.

What Have the Juniors Been Up To?

Ready to meet some of your new faves? Check out this recap of the one billion junior meets that happened after worlds.

2019 Top 12 Series 2 Results

Results from the 2019 Top 12 Series 2, held on December 7 in France.

2019 Elite Gym Massilia Results

Results from the 2019 Elite Gym Massilia, held from November 22 through November 24 in Marseille, France.

2019 Tournoi International Results

Results from the 2019 Tournoi International, held from November 16 through November 17 in Combs-la-Ville, France.

2019 Swiss Cup Juniors Results

Results from the 2019 Swiss Cup Juniors, held on November 1 in Wallisellen, Switzerland.

2019 Mediterranean Championships Results

Results from the 2019 Mediterranean Championships, held from September 26 through September 28 in Cagliari, Italy.