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“Once Sanne Wevers retires, I think she should publish copies of her diary. It could be the second best-selling diary to come out of the Netherlands.” -A great idea for readers who prefer stories told in D-score. I mean, I’d buy it.

Comp news

European Games happened. Angelina Melnikova had an excellent European Games, taking the all-around title despite errors. Lorette Charpy was solid for second, and Diana Varinska won bronze with a fall. Georgia Mae-Fenton qualified in second but errors in the final left her in eighth. For the men, who for some reason competed at the exact same time, David Belyavskiy and Oleg Verniaiev went 1-2 (live blog). 

In event finals, which for some reason consisted of the top six qualifiers and one per country, Melnikova surprised to win the bars title (after replacing Anastasia Iliankova, who pulled out due to an allergic reaction) and grabbed silvers on vault and beam. Nina Derwael had a redemption beam after falling on bars, taking the title. Anastasiia Bachynska impressed for the floor title, and Teja Belak did an amazing job for vault gold (live blog, women’s results). 

More content. Luba of Gymnovosti fame interviewed people at the Games, so head on over. 

Junior worlds happened. Our lil-est competitors got their shot at the spotlight this weekend, making for some great opportunities for international friendships and adorable moments

The young Russian women did extremely well at junior worlds, winning the team competition (which for some reason was three up, two count), plus every individual title but vault. Team China led by happy man Liang Chow took silver, and Team USA won bronze. Tom Forster posted Facebook updates throughout the week, writing after the team final “I’m so proud of them.” Kayla DiCello won the vault title and beam bronze.

On the dudes’ side, Japan did very well, grabbing team gold as well as the all-around (won by tiny heartbreaker Oka Shinnosuke), pommels, and parallel bars (Event finals day 1 live blog, Event finals day 2 live blog).

Swedish champs happened. Sweden held their nationals at the same time as Euro Games for some reason, and Tonya Paulsson took the title. 

Nastia Cup news. The list of competitions that make up this year’s Nastia Liukin Cup series has been released.

Next up. Universiade is happening this week. Read Lauren’s preview.

Wut else happened

Code news. The FIG Women’s Technical Committee met this month to talk about a new focus on artistry, including what exactly that might mean, in the 2021-2024 Code of Points. The Code will be finalized in November.

Required reading

  • “How much is a little girl worth?”: The painful financial fallout of the Larry Nassar case (Fortune)

Star status

Injuries. Alyona Shchennikova tore her Achilles at Pan Ams verification and will be out for the rest of the season.

Comebacks. John Orozco’s been cleared to train, plus Kohei was spotted upgrading? For some reason.

NCAA corner

Sad news. Maddie “Maddog” Grobmeier, a University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse incoming freshman, passed away after a severe asthma attack that led to heart failure. Our deepest sympathies go out to Maddie’s loved ones.

Oklahoma. Ragan Smith told Inside Gymnastics that she plans to defer until after the 2020 Olympics.

UCLA. Katelyn Ohashi will perform at the Aurora Games, a gala of sorts.

Penn State. Actual human-insect hybrid Ashleigh Gnat will be Penn State’s assistant coach.

Georgia. Emily Schild is getting stronger and kicking ass at her geriatric water workout.

Michigan. Apparently this is what Michigan gymnasts do in their spare time? Why aren’t we seeing triple backs? 

Staying social

Call your legislators. Danusia Francis is lobbying to get a new beam mat at Pan Ams for her unique dismount, but the FIG won’t budge.

Foodstuff. I don’t understand the Gymnastics Food Twitter account, and honestly, I’m not gonna try to.

More shady dealings. Looks like Lexie Priessman has gotten herself mixed up in a pyramid scheme-esque business, much to our dismay. Blink once if you want us to break you out, girl.

Personal hero. This five-year-old nailed Aly Raisman’s 2012 floor routine.

Morgan, across the pond. Morgan Hurd went to Ireland, and showed off her beautiful new bar rou—nope, wait, that’s a fail.

Last words

Apologies for lateness. I have no excuse other than I can’t even.

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6 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: No reason

  1. Is John Orozco making a real comeback? And if he is, is it for Puerto Rico? Based on his posts about a year ago it sounded like he was over USAG for good.


  2. Wait, so is Ragan Smith seriously going to try for the 2020 Olympics? Did she get surgery on her injured ankle? Is she going to get surgery? Or does she think she’s going to compete in the Olympics with that injury?

    I am in disbelief that Lexie Priessman joined an MLM, especially one so gimmicky. My best guess is that she was having trouble finding a job, and was sucked in by someone offering an “opportunity.”


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