2019 World Championships | Event Finals Day 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of event finals at the 2019 World Championships, held in Stuttgart, Germany!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Ibrahim Colak, Turkey, 14.933
2. Marco Lodadio, Italy, 14.900
3. Samir Aït Saïd, France, 14.800
4. Eleftherios Petrounias, Greece, 14.733
5. Arthur Zanetti, Brazil, 14.725
6. Denis Abliazin, Russia, 14.666
7. Artur Tovmasyan, Armenia, 14.200
8. Nick Klessing, Germany, 14.166

1:08 pm. Colak, Lodadio, and Aït Saïd have qualified to Tokyo!!!! Petrounias has NOT.

1:05 pm. Samir Aït Saïd FRA SR: Started off nicely, control down into the hang before pressing Into the maltese. Handstand shakes a tiny bit but the shape is good. Saltos were a little rough up to the maltese. Inverted back up to planche, presses down to iron cross, nice transition. Inverted swings through to handstand, short…eeeeek. Full-twisting double layout stuck! 14.800 (6.2, 8.600)

1:02 pm. Tovmasyan ARM SR: Planche, swings through inverted to maltese, and then down to iron cross. Inverted hang to handstand, nice shape there. Saltos up to maltese, swinging on the handstand at the end and then has a big step back on the dismount. That’s an uh oh for his Olympic bid… 14.200 (6.1, 8.100)

12:59 pm. Petrounias GRE SR: Our Lord! Swings through to a planche, then down to a maltese, seamless. Swings through to another maltese with his hands basically already open.  Arched in handstand after but pulls back. Through to planche and down to iron cross. Inverted hang swings through to another cross. Double pike up to handstand, some sway in his back. Step back on the double double dismount, a tad bit low. Not his best but still fantastic. 14.733 (6.3, 8.433)

12:55 pm. Lodadio ITA SR: Presses right up to a planche, INSANE. Through to maltese. Saltos up to iron cross, fantastic. High planche, legs are a little low. Iron cross, opens his hands, got that one. Inverted hang to handstand, just a tiny swing in that. Double double stuck!! Brilliant. 14.900 (6.3, 8.600)

12:51 pm. Colak TUR SR: Presses up into a planche then swings through to a maltese, lovely. Inverted hang before going back up to planche, swings through to his saltos up to maltese, lowers to iron cross, nice smooth transitions. Pike swing up to iron cross. Inverted hang before swinging up to handstand, maybe a hair short there. Piked double front stuck. IBRAHIIIIIIIM!!!!!!!!!!! 14.933 (6.2, 8.733)

12:49 pm. Klessing GER SR: Iron cross, planche, legs dip a little. Into a handstand, saltos up to his maltese, legs again are a little low compared to his upper body. Arches over the handstand after that considerably but pulls it back. Triple back!!! Step back. 14.166 (6.1, 8.066)

12:45 pm. Zanetti BRA SR: Planche, swings through to an inverted pike, then back up to a planche. Rolls through the rings into the maltese, opens his hands. Saltos are tight into the maltese. Through to an iron cross. Inverted hang with a pike swing through to an iron cross. Inverted up to a handstand, arches over a bit but fights. Full-twisting double layout with a hop back. 14.725 (6.2, 8.525)

12:42 pm. Abliazin RUS SR: Planche, maltese, he’s pretty straight there. Good salto elements into his planche, had one handstand where he was a little short and had to muscle up, a little low on his DDLO dismount with a step on the landing. 14.666 (6.3, 8.366)

12:40 pm. Rings is about to finally be exciting because there are three Olympic spots on the line!!


1. Nina Derwael, Belgium, 15.233
2. Becky Downie, Great Britain, 15.000
3. Sunisa Lee, United States, 14.800
4. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 14.733
5. Simone Biles, United States, 14.700
6. Daria Spiridonova, Russia, 14.633
7. Liu Tingting, China, 14.400
8. Elisabeth Seitz, Germany, 13.566

12:29 pm. Derwael BEL UB: Nabieva, clean, Derwael-Fenton to Ezhova to Chow to Pak to van Leeuwen, excellent. Toe full, just tiny ankle separation, stuck the full-in. 15.233 (6.5, 8.733)

12:26 pm. Spiridonova RUS UB: Lovely handstand before the inbar full (late) to Komova II to Pak to van Leeuwen, nice. Inbar half to piked Jaeger, slightly short on the handstand before the toe full, late, to full-in, a little crooked with a step back. 14.633 (6.3, 8.333)

12:23 pm. Liu CHN UB: She was apparently struggling in training earlier today. PLEASE TINGTING. Chow to Pak, clean on both. Maloney a little low to Gienger, low with some leg separation. Blind change to Ling to Healy to Healy 1/2, a little late, and she was rushed in that whole sequence, low double layout with a hop. 14.400 (5.9, 8.500)

12:20 pm. Melnikova RUS UB: Inbar full arches back, to low Maloney to Pak to van Leeuwen, lovely handstand out of that, crooked on inbar half to piked Jaeger, blind change is crooked and short, toe full to full-in, good landing there. Again impressed with her fight through those iffy moments. 14.733 (6.3, 8.433)

12:17 pm. Seitz GER UB: Maloney to Ricna, muscles through the blind change to piked Jaeger, Downie, huge, to Pak and she can’t get it!!! Looks like she catches she’s too high, bends her knees to try to get it, but can’t, and has to hop off. UGH. Van Leeuwen, blind full to full-in. Bummer. 13.566 (6.0, 7.566)

12:15 pm. Lee USA UB: Nabiveva to Pak to Maloney to Bhardwaj, excellent. Good van Leeuwen. Late on the 1.5 into the piked Jaeger. Full-in with a tiny bounce. A very strong routine. 14.800 (6.4, 8.400)

12:11 pm. B. Downie GBR UB: Would be fabulous to see both Downies not only get individual medals, but within an hour of one another! HERE FOR IT. Stalder full, a little rushed, to Maloney to to Hindorff, good. Downie, Tweddle to Ezhova, catches a bit but no problems into the van Leeuwen. Full-in, a little low off the bar, little stumble. Some little things throughout, but really nice fight at the two iffy moments with the stalder full and Ezhova. Not even an issue. 15.000 (6.5, 8.500)!!!!!

12:09 pm. Biles USA UB: Hop change before her Weiler half to Maloney to Tkachev, nice. Handstand before the toe full was very well done, piked Tkachev to Pak, super clean. Very nice on the van Leeuwen.  Fabrichnova stuck. DAAAAAAAMN SIMONE. 14.700 (6.2, 8.500)


1. Max Whitlock, Great Britain, 15.500
2. Lee Chih-Kai, Taiwan, 15.433
3. Rhys McClenaghan, Ireland, 15.400
4. Zou Jingyuan, China, 15.000
5. Kazuma Kaya, Japan, 14.866
6. Cyril Tommasone, France, 14.833
7. Shiao Yu-Jan, Taiwan, 14.733
8. David Belyavskiy, Russia, 13.566
9.  Daiki Hashimoto, Japan, 13.333

11:54 am. Shiao TPE PH: I am obsessed with there being two Taiwanese gymnasts in a pommels final, first of all. Super quick hand work on his Russians. Lovely routine. 14.733 (6.0, 8.733)

11:51 am. Zou CHN PH: Very nice routine, but just not as exciting as the other two we just saw before him. Just “great” compared to “brilliant.” 15.000 (6.3, 8.700)

11:46 am. Lee TPE PH: GOD HIS LEGS ON EVERYTHING HE DOES. He is so brilliant. So much control and absolutely a gorgeous dismount. Fantastic routine. 15.433 (6.5, 8.933)!!!!!!!!!

Btw I’m LIVID about Rhys coming in behind Max by a tenth. LIVID. I just don’t have time to type a diatribe about it at this very second.

11:42 am. McClenaghan IRL PH: HERE WE GOOOOOOO! His first world final ever. Good handstand down to the scissor work, single pommel work with a BEAUTIFUL hip position. Super quick hand work between the pommels. Legs get a little low to the horse at one part but he quickly pulls up and finishes super well. Beautiful routine. Absolutely gorgeous. 15.400 (6.4, 9.000)

11:39 am. Hashimoto JPN PH: Love this wee behbeh. Scissor to handstand, kinda drops down heavily out of it, rushing a bit, then rolls onto his shoulder and comes off. 😦 😦 😦 Rhythm looked totally off throughout. Gets back up with a nice high swing. More aggressive this time around. Beautiful work into his flairs. Lovely extension. A little wild in his dismount but nice recovery after a bummer fall. 13.333 (5.9, 7.433)

11:36 am. Kaya JPN PH: Started out well, lovely handstand out of the scissors, holds it nicely. Single pommel circles are clean. Travels nicely, hip form gets a little weak as he transitions into his flairs, but gets it back on track and the rest is lovely. 14.866 (6.6, 8.266)

11:32 am. Belyavskiy RUS PH: Scissor work up to handstand back down to more scissors,  really nice one-arm swing, loses his leg form on his…Russians? Maybe? But pulls it back together. Gets his single-pommel work out of the way but then his hand slips I think? He falls hard onto his back on the horse and makes the greatest face. Ugh. Hit the rest. 13.566 (6.4, 7.166)

11:31 am. Whitlock GBR PH: Took his hand off of one of the pommels early on which was weird. Triple Russian on the single pommel, working slow and steady into the Busnari. Flairs are very nice. Triple Russian on the end. Beautiful handstand pirouette dismount. That was a very nice routine, his hips looked better to me today compared to qualifications but still aren’t exactly where they need to be. 15.500 (7.0, 8.500)

11:26 am. Tommasone FRA PH: Really nice transitions back and forth between handstands, down into his scissors. Good single pommel work, travels smoothly, Russians, and a clean transition into the dismount. Fab! 14.833 (6.3, 8.533)

11:18 am. Medal ceremony is happening, btw. I haven’t passed away!


1. Simone Biles, United States, 15.399
2. Jade Carey, United States, 14.883
3. Ellie Downie, Great Britain, 14.816
4. Shallon Olsen, Canada, 14.733
5. Qi Qi, China, 14.650
6. Alexa Moreno, Mexico, 14.633
7. Lilia Akhaimova, Russia, 14.366
8. Yeo Seo-jeong, South Korea, 14.183

11:01 am. Carey USA VT: Cheng, leg form looks better than it has, just some slightly soft knees. Small hop back. 15.166 (6.0, 9.166)

Second vault is the Amanar, actually excellent in the air, but her landings are always her issues, and this one is not good. Takes a big step to the side off the podium. 14.600 (5.8, 9.100, -0.3)

Average 14.883

10:58 am. Akhiamova RUS VT: Handspring rudi, piked coming off the table but she does well to straighten out. A little rushed in the air, some leg form throughout, and a lunge back. 14.700 (5.8, 8.900)

Second vault is the tsuk double full, short in rotation, actually pretty decent in the air, but just not a lot of power, ends up really deep with a big lunge back. 14.033 (5.6, 8.733, -0.3)

Average 14.366

10:54 am. Moreno MEX VT: Handspring rudi, tons of power, but a bit too much, runs back out of the landing with several big steps. Leg form deteriorates closer to the end of the vault, but she starts out well. One of those steps back went OOB. 14.466 (5.8, 8.766, -0.1)

Second vault is a tsuk double, stuck it!!!!!! DAMN, Alexa! Now I’m so mad about the steps on the first vault. I’m sure she’s madder. Pretty great in the air, just some leg separation on the pre-flight and second twist. 14.800 (5.6, 9.200)

Average 14.633

10:51 am. Olsen CAN VT: DTY, good power there, just a tiny bit soft in the air, mostly noticeable on the second twist. Right down the center, and a small hop back. 14.600 (5.4, 9.200)

Cheng for her second vault, better than it looked in the team competition! Still some knee form, the first half twist is fine but then for the rest of the twist she starts tucking. Solid on the landing. 14.866 (6.0, 8.866)

Average 14.733

10:47 am. Yeo KOR VT: Starts with her eponymous handspring front double full, sits it. UGHHHHH. 😦 Tons of power, but just came up a wee bit short on that landing. SO CLOSE. 13.933 (6.2, 8.033, -0.3)

DTY for her second vault is very good. Just slight form issues on the second twist, and just a hop back/to the side. 14.433 (5.4, 9.033)

Average 14.183

10:45 am. Qi CHN VT: DTY, good.

Second vault was the Rudi, a little short, not a ton of amplitude off the table. Mostly good in the air, just some slight pike at the hips. Chest is down on the landing. 14.700 (5.8, 8.900)

Average 14.650

10:44 am. Biles USA VT: I lost internet for a few minutes but she hit both her Cheng and her Amanar incredibly well. Some of her best work on both tbh. She’s like I refuse to let Jade Carey beat me. Cheng, 15.333 (6.0, 9.333). Amanar, 15.466 (5.8, 9.666). Some of her best.

Average 15.399.

10:37 am. E. Downie GBR VT: DTY, a little buckled in the landing, but tons of power, excellent in the air, and just a small hop back. 14.600 (5.4, 9.200)

Second vault is the Cheng, HUGE, greatin the air, big hop back but that’s definitely one of the better Chengs being competed right now. Better than Jade Carey’s even. 15.033 (6.0, 9.033)

Average 14.816


1. Carlos Yulo, Philippines, 15.300
2. Artem Dolgopyat,  Israel, 15.200
3. Xiao Ruoteng, China, 14.933
4. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 14.800
5. Lin Chaopan, China, 14.700
6. Nikita Nagornyy, Russia, 14.166
7. Kim Han-sol, South Korea, 13.833
8. Dominick Cunningham, Great Britain, 13.566

10:29 am. Cunningham GBR FX: Full-twisting double layout, good. Double front half-out, hands down. 1.5 to front double full, stuck. Double double, just a little low. 2.5 to Rudi, good. Triple full with a little hop back to finish.

10:25 am. Yulo PHI FX: Full-twisting double layout to start, looooovely. Piked double front half-out, stuck in the corner. 2.5 to randi? DAMN SON.  3.5 to barani. Clean double full. His twisting is so perfect in the air. Front full to front double full. Gorgeous triple full to finish. Fantastic. 15.300 (6.5, 8.800)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:21 am. Xiao CHN FX: Punches into a randi, stuck. 3.5 to barani, stuck and beautiful in the air. Double double, stuck with his chest down, little arm swing to hold the stick. 2.5 to front double full, another little arm bobble but his feet don’t move. Clean stuck double full. Triple full, ugh, a little short, chest way down and a small hop forward. Gorgeous routine overall. 14.933 (6.2, 8.733)

10:18 am. Dalaloyan RUS FX: Front layout to beautiful piked double front half-out, stuck, YAAAAAS. Front full to piked double front, loses his leg form a bit but good landing. 1.5 to randi, clean. Double double, stuck cold. 2.5 to front…tuck half? Weird. Def not what he meant to do. Triple full, almost stuck, just scoots back two baby steps. 14.800 (6.2, 8.600)

If you had told me in 2017 that I’d one day be able to easily live blog MAG floor I’d be laughing so hard AND YET HERE WE ARE.

10:15 am. Lin CHN FX: Piked double front half-out, another kick-out I really liked. 2.5 to front double full, a little seated in the landing but gets it up. Piked double front, clean, small hop. Front full to randi, nice. Clean and floaty double frull side pass. Triple full, good rotation, lands it stuck with his feet staggered. 14.700 (6.2, 8.500)

10:11 am. Kim KOR FX: He skipped the all-around final to focus on this. 3.5 to front full, CASUAL, easy. Piked double front half-out, his kick-out is CRAZY good. 2.5 to Rudi, came up really short in rotation. Double front half-out is really low. 1.5 to barani for his little side pass, fine. Triple full, a little low again with a hop. That E is going to be pretty far down today. Or should be. 13.833 (6.3, 7.533)

10:07 am. Dolgopyat ISR FX: Double front full-in half-out, SO frigging hard, I’ll never get over it. Front full to randi, good. Double double, little hop back. 2.5 to front double full. 1.5 to Rudi, fab. Arabian double front half-out stuck. DAAAAAAMN. 15.200 (6.4, 8.800)

10:06 am. Nagornyy looks mad about his floor. From what I saw, he was definitely off compared to the all-around.

Damn, just a 14.166 (6.2, 8.266, -0.3)

10:05 am. I just switched streams because NBC’s airing of the Olympic Channel is still on the all-around final but the Olympic Channel is already in the middle of Nagornyy’s floor.

Anyway, he went OOB on his triple back, double front pike half-out  with a step, clean double full, I’m watching from the replay so I’m sure I’m missing stuff. Half-in half-out at the end was stuck.

10:03 am. Aaaaand my groceries just arrived. GOOD TIMING because this still hasn’t started. Brb omg.

9:59 am. The Olympic Channel is still showing the men’s all-around final replay. HURRY UP.

Starting with men’s floor finals today in Stuttgart!

96 thoughts on “2019 World Championships | Event Finals Day 1 Live Blog

      • Wow, nice insult. Same “corruption” that gave Maria Paseka two undeserved world vault titles with probably the fugliest vaults I have ever seen. But I’m sure you overlooked it when it was an overscored Russian. Hypocrite.

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        • Yeah, vault scoring was just dumb today. Carey was overscored relative to Downie, but so were a lot of the gymnasts from other countries. Downie deserved the silver, definitely, but I don’t think it’s because Carey’s American. The judges were barely separating anyone today, unless they had a massive error. A ton of the vaulters got the same E-score as Downie for obviously worse vaults. Very annoying final.


      • Darling, you should be quiet about overscoring with Russian and Soviet Union history in the sport.
        And about this yeast, Melnikova got a big present as third in AA. She flopped in the bars, hit her fpot in the low bar, she messed with pirouette, and still was overscored also in the vt. I like her , I prefer her winning a medal in AA then Nina with only bars ( I just think she is overscored in beam and floor- her floor is not good at all) , but common , you shouldn’t complain of anybody else’s overscoring being Russian. Most corrupt in history on that matter. Never forget Čáslavská.


    • I agree that Downie deserved the silver. Unfortunately, what happened today is what has been happening for years in elite WAG. Chengs and Amanars seem to get an automatic E score bonus on top of their higher D value, even when they are done very poorly, while easier vaults like DTYs and FTYs get the appropriate E score deductions. This is annoying both because it often interferes with results (as it did today), and it also encourages gymnasts to perform difficult vaults that are unsafe for them to perform.

      To be clear, I’m not saying Amanars are unsafe for Jade Carey. She’s normally not so out of control on the landing. All I mean is that seeing a vault like hers today consistently get scored like it did today tells an athlete who can put an Amanar to her feet, but in a manner that is likely to rip her knee to shreds: “Hey, just do it! You might get a Worlds medal you otherwise couldn’t!”


  1. Not trying to hate but don’t understand the E score thooo Becky is way cleaner especially on this skill combination :
    An entry straddled tkatchev 1/2 (F) + half turn to low bar (D)

    And Becky also got tighter forms and what separates these two is E score (because they both got 6.5 D)


      • Yes, that’s part of it, and Becky is also a bit rushed going into some of her skills whereas Nina is more fluid in her swing. Nina I think has more ankle separation errors than Becky, which are the more noticeable errors, but Becky has a greater number of swing and rhythm deductions, which aren’t as noticeable but do add up. Nina’s biggest benefit on bars is her swing. She’s a very natural bars swinger. Becky is also pretty natural compared to most gymnasts, but she rushes a few things and never quite builds the rhythm that Nina has. When you see them back to back, you can see that Becky is really working for her swing whereas Nina’s is effortless. That’s what it usually comes down to and why Nina is able to still score well despite any form issues.


        • Ohhh I see … Yea I did see that Nina’s swing is more fluent than Becky’s, but I didn’t think it mattered because all I cared (and I thought) only forms, handstand angles, and release height that are taken into account when calculating E score…


        • Yeah, there are definitely rhythm and swing deductions for uneven bars. One is “amplitude of swings and casts” which have 0.1 and 0.3 deductions, which they can take on basically every swing if they want to, and there’s a “poor rhythm” deduction that’s 0.1 which can also be taken for each skill/swing. I’d say that’s where the bulk of Becky’s deductions come from as opposed to the more visible form deductions.

          Some commentators say Becky has a “heavy swing” because of the way she uses the push and pull of the bars so obviously in her swing, but I prefer “power swing.” Even though it’s not as “natural” or “fluid” I love a girl who can power swing bars. It reminds me of high bar and creates some real opportunity for big difficulty, which is why Becky’s so good. I feel like she could do a legit MAG HB routine and be amazing.


        • Power swing?? Is it similar to Ou Yushan’s swings on Junior Worlds UB EF where she kinda pushed the bars in order to cast and swing (like she had to “break” her hips in order for her to swing)?? Is that why her E score was low??


        • I’d have to rewatch her routine because I have a short term memory when it comes to routines, haha…but yeah, usually if you can see a lot of push on the bars, that’s very MAG and I think “power swing” makes sense as a way to describe it. All gymnasts work with the bars because #physics and working with the bars the right way will give you a little help from the bars in terms of getting more lift off of them for releases…but the more fluid gymnasts don’t show that effort, and then the more power-swing gymnasts have more of an obvious push and pull with the bar…like if you picture a dude on high bar really pulling down on the bar before a big release when he swings down so that it releases him higher, that’s kind of what Becky does, but just not as insanely obvious as a high bar guy. Nina’s also doing that, but more discretely I think, so you can’t really see it happening, if that makes sense.


    • So, he’ll have to start going to the world cups basically NOW. He has four to attend, and with Courtney Tulloch the biggest competition for him there, I think he has a good shot at winning three of them to get the series title. PLEASE ELEFTHERIOS.


        • So I read that Liu Yang will not be going to any more world cups? I’m not sure if that’s the case but if he DOES, he’ll be tough competition for Petrounias.


  2. I’m baffled at the description of Biles’s UB as being so clean, other people’s as being messy, iffy, fighting through things . . . and they all get around the same (sometimes exactly the same) execution scores. I’ll have to watch this, but it baffles me, just reading about it. Did Biles have some form issues you missed, or are they just more critical of her?! <– Hahaha paranoid conspiracy theory, I know.

    Bummer about Seitz coming off! ;-(

    BTW I LOL'd seeing Sunisa taking 3rd and 5th place before you fixed it. 😉 I was like, "Damn, she was so good she took TWO spots!"


    • I’ve honestly been surprised by Biles’ E scores here compared to others because I think she’s cleaned up a TON this year and looks better than she ever has, and yet she can’t seem to get into the high 8s…I started out not loving her as a bar worker and not wanting her in the final but she’s really changed my mind here. I’d have to watch her routine today again because my guess was an 8.8 at least but I’d guess it’s coming down to her swing, which is fine but not exactly that of a traditional bar worker. I think if she had a more natural swing she’d be in the 9s. Basically I feel like Biles’ errors are not the obvious form breaks, but definitely more of the swing stuff, similar to Becky Downie.


        • Yeah, that’s the only thing I can think of…when I watch routines I do notice swing and things like that but I never mark it down as a “form issue” or write about it as being worthy of a deduction…but then when I go back and try to think about why one routine with more noticeable deductions may have outscored a cleaner routine I’m like oh yeah, it’s gotta be the swing. It’s also like Riley McCusker on beam getting like 7.6+ E scores internationally for falls, because the little things we don’t even pay close attention to are so perfect, the more noticeable things don’t matter as much.


    • Yes, I think Biles is a little underscored on bars. I’m not upset she didn’t medal. I don’t need her to medal on everything. But just in general I feel there’s a subconscious body-type thing that subtly affects bar scoring. In the same way that “tall/thin” is sometimes considered more automatically artistic on floor. Shorter, more compact and/or thicker body shapes seem to score .2-.3 less on bars a lot of times. Not just Biles. I think Downie, for one, was just as clean as Derwael.


  3. Sorry but her mediocrity on bars really blows it for me. Khorkina was great on all four apparatuses and has multiple medals in all of them: the mark of a true GOAT. You can’t just offset your mediocrity on bars with other events. I’ll give she is the best on VT and on FX TODAY when artistry doesn’t matter, but on BB she has been vulturing an extremely weak field. Dudnik would kick her a**.


    • And for those thinking “she only has one BB medal on Worlds/Olympics”, she has several on Europeans, which at her time were basically the same as Worlds.


      • Also let’s not forget Simone wouldn’t be able to get a ring leap credited to save her life. A gymnast who can’t perform such an iconic skill will never be GOAT in my book.


      • You’r so, SO furious and jealous about Simone, it’s hilarious. You probably spend more time on this blog than Lauren does! Sitting in the basement, furiously typingtypingtyping your garbage comments, bathed in the sickly glow of your monitor…we’re all laughing at you and your attempts to assert Russian dominance by namechecking gymnasts from 20-30 years ago. Just know that 🙂

        Simone Biles is the Greatest of All Time!


  4. Khorkina, is that you? Please, stop being so bitter about Biles and the USA, it probably isn’t good for your health. You can like Russian gymnastics (I certainly do) without putting down everyone else.

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  5. Lauren! Do you have any predictions for tomorrow??? Are you excited for any possible upsets 🙂 thanks as always for posting these, you’re the best


    • I’m already so stressed about the Tokyo bars final. On the one hand, I need Mustafina to get that third gold. On the other hand, Nina and Becky and Ilyankova and Suni and….!

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  6. Also, a thing I noticed is that every individual final, the person in the photo for the live blog has fallen, so is there a way we could not have a photo of someone competing for tomorrow’s, haha!


  7. Can’t say I agree with Carey outscoring Ellie but otherwise great results. Nina is absolutely rock solid on bars. Literally on, do a bunch of difficult skills one amd after the other and off. Fantastic.

    Simone’s Amanar was out of this world!

    Thought Spirudinova’s bars would have had a better score than that. But was so pleased for Suni to come back and hit a good routine and get a medal. Great result for her.


    Please for the love of God can someone take Melnikova’s swing half turn out!!!!!


  8. so after all the inquiry fiasco, both moors and eaker are back into the EF again…. guess things back to as they should’ve been? lol…. hope they make the best of their chance.

    I guess from now on there will be a lot less inquiry unless it’s really needed?


    • Agreed or leave the inquiries until a final where a raise in score gets a medal but a lowering of score doesn’t change anything except maybe a lower placement. I do think Kara will have a chance if she has reconstructed her routine a little. Maybe some redemption that would be nice


      • I know kara routine is risky.. Her rings are questionable sometimes… But when she hits its a beauty to watch… Hope they can rework it so she can still keep the impressive 6.8 if possible and not anything less than 6.6


    • Weird how Kara was in the final until she inquired. And because she inquired a Canadian (Padarariu) got in the final. And now because a different Canadian withdrew, Kara is back in the final.
      But then yet another Canadian gets back into the floor final because of Derwael’s withdrawal.
      Is there some sort of divine power that has ordained how many total Canadians are ordained to be in event finals, and whatever god that is has to keep switching his plans to make sure that number stays the same?
      I’m glad Kara’s getting another chance because she’s fab and the inquiry was not her fault, but I hate to see anyone be out because they’re injured. Ellie performed so well here and she’s great on beam.
      Curious to see how much of a chance Kara has at a medal. Her 14.0 in team finals won’t put her on the podium unless others make mistakes…then again, it’s beam finals and they can be a trainwreck more often than not.


    • I kind of talked about it already (see comments above) but basically she would’ve had an 8.6+ if she didn’t have that 0.3 step on the dismount. An 8.6-8.7 is about right for this routine…she had a few iffy moments in the routine but was still clean overall and had a really nice swing. But the little rushed moments as well as the dismount rotation and landing were what brought her down.


    • Probably because she knows she won’t medal anyways and why risk an injury. She received the gold she wanted and she’s probably content with that, and maybe she saw what happened with Ellie Black and doesn’t want to risk any chances


      • She’s had a foot injury all year. She wasn’t sure if she’d be able to go to European Games, but was able to get back to training bars and beam about 3 weeks before after not doing them for about 2 months. Then she took another 2 months off. Getting even two passes back was hard for her on floor, and doing both the QF and AA floor routines I think made things a little worse for her, so she decided it was best to skip the final to stay healthy. She’s in the process of trying to upgrade vault (1.5) and floor (going back to three passes), but this year has just been really tough for her with her foot injury and I think they’re really afraid to do more damage to take her out of Olympic contention next year. They’ve taken Nina out of other finals situations in the past (like the Euros TF last year, where they took the entire injury-ridden Belgian team out). Honestly, it was shocking and incredible to see her make the floor final with her downgraded routine, and it was even more shocking to see her do it so well in two separate days at worlds. She’s had a fantastic meet in Stuttgart, but she told the Belgian press that she felt it would be better for her to quit while she’s ahead so she doesn’t risk anything. Smart, and I hope she can eventually be at full strength because she’ll be a legit AA medal contender when she makes that happen.


  9. I was elated for Becky AND Ellie! But especially for Becky. Sooo many years putting in sooo much work, and 3 quads in, she gets her Worlds medal. Ellie was clearly robbed. I can’t even begin to make sense of how unjustifiably ridiculous her not getting the silver was. It was literally highway robbery. Jade’s messy Amanar clearly became less valuable than a clean double. I hate when judges show blatant mismanagement. At the end of the day, I’m glad both of them got their hardware. And Simone’s Amanar was amazing. And great redemption for Suni. I think her talent sometimes makes us forget that she’s only a 16 y/o, 1st year senior. Her’s and MDJDS’s are my favorite fx routines, and I hope they both get on that podium.


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