2019 World Championships | Men’s All-Around Final Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the men’s all-around final at the 2019 World Championships, held in Stuttgart, Germany!

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1. Nikita Nagornyy RUS 88.772
2. Artur Dalaloyan RUS 87.165
3. Oleg Verniaiev UKR 86.973
4. Xiao Ruoteng CHN 86.690
5. Sun Wei CHN 86.523
6. Kazuma Kaya JPN 85.899
7. Sam Mikulak USA 85.691
8. Joe Fraser GBR 85.098
9. Petro Pakhniuk UKR 84.931
10. Carlos Yulo PHI 84.048
11. Tang Chia-Hung TPE 83.816
12. Lee Chih-Kai TPE 83.798
13. Caio Souza BRA 83.765
14. James Hall GBR 83.532
15. Pablo Braegger SUI 82.824
16. Yul Moldauer USA 82.330
17. Ludovico Edalli ITA 81.898
18. Loris Frasca FRA 81.864
19. Andreas Toba GER 81.640
20. Lee Jung-hyo KOR 81.423
21. Milad Karimi KAZ 80.132
22. Nestor Abad ESP 80.098
23. Oliver Hegi SUI 78.630
24. Robert Tvorogal LTU 77.265

12:50 pm. Nagornyy with an 88.772 to win the world title by almost two points!!! Artur Dalaloyan with the silver, and OLEG FREAKING VERNIAIEV WILL GET THE BRONZE.

12:48 pm. Nagornyy RUS HB: Yamawaki, layout Tkachev, layout Tkachev half to stoop full, a mess, COME ON. FIGHT. Stoop half, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half to one arm pirouette, stalder, DDLO with a small hop back. WORLD CHAMPIOOOOOON!!!!!

12:47 pm. Dalaloyan with an 87.165 to finish just a couple of tenths ahead of Oleg with an 86.973.

Also we NEED to talk about Joe Fraser being PERFECT today and getting basically his best AA score ever. He broke an 85!

12:45 pm. I’m actually crying about Oleg. CRYING.

Dalaloyan RUS HB: Clear hip, random, but you do you. Layout Kovacs, Kovacs is HUGE and clean, layout Tkachev half, to front giant to stoop half, layout Tkachev, lovely, blind change to stoop through to front giant to another front giant in mixed grip to Yamawaki to stalder, JEEEEZ. Clean FTDLO dismount. Small hop. 14.233 (5.7, 8.533)


12:42 pm. Verniaiev UKR FX: 3.5 to front full, basically lands it out of bounds. 2.5 to front doublefull, better on that landing but still a bit wild. Double double, small hop back. Randi, a little short with a hop back. Triple full, messy but stuck. OLEGGGGG!!!!! 14.166 (6.1, 8.166, -0.1)

12:40 pm. Xiao CHN HB: Layout Tkachev full to stalder half, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, UGH, too late on that catch, can’t get the swing around, and has to come off. Gets back on and nails the rest, including a DDLO that’s basically stuck. I’m going to die. 12.666 (6.0, 6.666)

12:39 pm. Frasca FRA PH: 13.566 (5.2, 8.366)

12:37 pm. Yulo PHI PH: 12.816 (4.8, 8.016)

Moldauer USA FX: 13.666 (5.8, 8.166, -0.3)

Edalli ITA SR: 13.366 (4.8, 8.566)

84.048 for Yulo!

12:35 pm. Kaya JPN HB: Huuuuuge Yamawaki half, stoop half, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, German giants to stalder, blind change to stoop full, a bit late, to Yamawaki, hop full, DDLO, a bit scrappy in the air, little bounce on the landing. 13.733(6.0, 7.733)

12:34 pm. Abad ESP PH: 12.666 (5.0, 7.666)

Hegi SUI FX: 12.266 (5.2, 7.066)

Karimi KAZ SR: 13.133 (4.8, 8.333)

Just an 80.132 for Karimi, Hegi way down at 78.630. At least he got his good day done when Switzerland needed to qualify! Sun finishes with an 86.523!

12:32 pm. Sun CHN HB: Blind change to stoop full, late, to front giant to stoop half, weirdly awkward on that. Layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, layout Tkachev half, front giant full, Yamawaki to Endo half, stalder, DDLO with a small hop forward and his chest down. A meh routine but a nice hit day for him. 14.000 (6.0, 8.000)

12:31 pm. Pakhniuk UKR HB: 13.766 (5.3, 8.466)

Toba GER FX: 13.500 (5.2, 8.300)

Hall GBR PH: 14.066 (5.9, 8.166)

12:30 pm. Mikulak USA SR: Maltese, swings down into iron cross. Double front to iron cross. Saltos up to handstand, swinging a bit. Muscles down out of his next handstand and has to really fight to get it back up. Double double tuck. 14.000 (5.6, 8.400)

Sam finishes with an 85.691 with a fall, which is actually kind of a fantastic score. It’s a shame he isn’t more of a contender with the incredible work we know he can do.

12:29 pm. Also shoutout to Carlos Yulo currently in NINTH!


1. Nikita Nagornyy RUS 74.606
2. Xiao Ruoteng CHN 74.024
3. Artur Dalaloyan RUS 72.932
4. Oleg Verniaiev UKR 72.807
5. Sun Wei CHN 72.532
6. Kazuma Kaya JPN 72.166
7. Sam Mikulak USA 71.691
8. Joe Fraser GBR 71.298

12:22 pm. Dalaloyan RUS PB: First pirouette to handstand was beautiful, so was the second, clean Tippelt, Bhavsar, swings through to a pirouette, big straddle stalto, swings back up to a super clean handstand, all of his handstands are excellent today, little front pike salto up to handstand, WOW, he is crushing this. Double front half-out, little bobble. 15.233 (6.4, 8.833)

12:20 pm. Fraser GBR FX: Double front half out, little wobble, stuck the double double right on the line. Front double full to barani, clean. 2.5 to Rudi, also very good. Solid double full. Tucked full-in. Very nice work. 14.166 (5.8, 8.366)

12:18 pm. Xiao CHN PB: Lovely handstand before he starts on his first skills. A big salto element right off the bat, transitions are on point, almost no hand adjustments, double front to his armpits, presses it up to a clean handstand, big straddle salto, back up to handstand, Tippelt, SO slow and steady! Almost does the Tippelt directly into his piked double back dismount. GORGEOUS. 15.266 (6.2, 9.066)

Souza BRA PH: 13.033 (5.3, 7.733)

12:15 pm. Verniaiev UKR HB: Okay now that Sam’s out, I need to go full force into a Verniaiev underdog prayer. Yamawaki half, layout Tkachev half, straddle Tkachev, blind change to front giant to stoop half, WAY crooked but keeps it going into the Yamawaki, OLEGGGG. Hop full, blind change to Endo to Endo half, DDLO stuck. A MESS BUT A HIT MESS!!! 13.666 (5.7, 7.966)

12:14 pm. Kaya JPN PB: Got HUGE height on his straddle salto. Bhavsar, nice. Tippelt, clean and controlled. Does his fancy pirouette to single rail to inbar cast which I love so much. Nails the dismount. Beautiful routine. 15.000 (6.3, 8.700)

Braegger SUI HB: 14.433 (6.3, 8.133)

Frasca FRA FX: 14.066 (5.7, 8.366)

12:13 pm. Moldauer USA HB: 12.766 (5.1, 7.666)

Edalli ITA PH: 13.800 (5.7, 8.100)

Yulo PHI FX: I hope we get to see this!!! 14.633 (6.5, 8.233, -0.1)

12:11 pm. Sun CHN PB: Arched over a bit on a handstand near the beginning, holds another one for one hour. Double tuck to his armpits, I HATE THOSE but get it I guess. Straddle salto, Bhavsar to pike sit, presses to handstand, so clean. The rest of his handstands are actually perfect. Double front half-out, little bobble. 14.933 (6.2, 8.733)

Karimi KAZ PH: Not his day either. 11.833 (4.4, 7.433)

12:10 pm. Abad ESP FX: 12.200 (5.7, 6.600, -0.1)

Pakhniuk UKR PB: 14.900 (6.5, 8.400)

Hegi SUI HB: 12.333 (5.5, 6.833)

12:09 pm. Toba GER HB: Kolman, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, hop full, Rybalko is a bit late, DDLO stuck cold. 13.700 (5.8, 7.900)

12:08 pm. Mikulak USA PH: I can’t watch. Here goes. Works well through his scissors at the beginning…and then he’s off on his handstand pirouettes. Naturlich. He just comes out of handstand a bit too soon, winds up horizontal, and doesn’t have a prayer of muscling it into anything. Back on for his flairs into his circles, Russians, travels, lovely transition into the dismount. Welp. 13.000 (5.5, 7.500)

12:07 pm. Toba GER HB: 13.700 (5.8, 7.900)

Hall GBR FX: 14.200 (5.7, 8.500)

12:06 pm. Nagornyy RUS PB: First couple of handstands are like ALMOST there but not quite. Another bobble on a pirouette to handstand. Works quickly through his single-rail transition. Ono is good. 1.5 pirouette also nice. He’s cleaning up as he works through. The first like three skills were “meh” but the rest was brilliant. Great landing on the double front half-out. 15.300 (6.4, 8.900)

12:05 pm. Tvorogal LTU PH: UGHHHH this is an absolutely trash day for him which is killing me. 11.633 (4.5, 7.133)

12:04 pm. Tang TPE FX: 14.200 (5.9, 8.300)

12:02 pm. Lee TPE HB: Caught his layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, stalder, blind change to Endo full, blind change, DDLO stuck. FABULOUS. I feel like he’s the Nina of MAG where everyone’s like “POMMELS SPECIALIST” but he’s actually just really secretly good at everything. 13.100 (4.9, 8.200)


1. Nikita Nagornyy RUS 59.306
2. Oleg Verniaiev UKR 59.141
3. Xiao Ruoteng CHN 58.758
4. Sam Mikulak USA 58.691
5. Artur Dalaloyan RUS 57.699
6. Sun Wei CHN 57.590
7. Kazuma Kaya JPN 57.166
8. Joe Fraser GBR 57.132

11:54 am. Braegger SUI PB: Excellent routine overall! Handstands are pretty much all on point. Just little adjustments throughout. Double front half-out with a step back. 14.666 (6.2, 8.466)

11:52 am. Yulo PHI HB: Flashbacks to his routine last year scaring the life out of me but he’s a grown boy now. Clean Yamawaki to Endo to front giant to stoop half, a little short. SUPER tight Kovacs form!! Hop full, Rybalko a little crooked, to front giant to stoop to grip change to Endo half, DDLO stuck cold. CARLOOOOOOOOOOS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13.500 (5.1, 8.400)

11:50 am. Moldauer USA PB: Lovely first pirouette transition to handstand. Swings through to another handstand, then some single rail work, Ono, a little short on a handstand after a pirouette after that. GOD p-bars is too fast for me to type about. Hit a salto skill and a double front half-out. Great routine. 14.666 (5.9, 8.766)

Abad ESP HB: 13.533 (5.7, 7.833)

11:49 am. Lee KOR FX: 13.666 (5.5, 8.166)

11:48 am. Hegi SUI PB: 14.066 (5.9, 8.166)

11:45 am. Hall GBR HB: Cassina, he’s really playing fast and loose with his hands waiting to reach for the bar until the very last second. Caught the next release but we were too zoomed in to see it, Kovacs prob? But then his hands miss the Kolman. Fall. 😦 Yamawaki, hit the rest. 12.800 (5.5, 7.300)

Karimi KAZ FX: 14.300

Edalli ITA FX: 13.533 (5.3, 8.333, -0.1)

Toba GER PB: 13.908 (5.3, 8.608)

Tang TPE HB: Bummed we missed this. 14.700 (6.2, 8.500)

11:43 am. Xiao CHN VT: Just a casual jog down the runway for a kaz double, step back. 14.800 (5.6, 9.200)

11:42 am. Sun CHN VT: Kaz double, really crooked off the table, big step back OOB. Spoiler alert, we already had the score but I’ll tell you again. 14.600 (5.6, 9.100, -0.1)

Kaya JPN VT: Kaz 1.5, kind of rushed into the landing, messy in the air as well. We also already had this score. 14.000 (5.2, 8.900, -0.1)

11:41 am. Kaya JPN VT: I guess we don’t care about the top group anymore because we missed this too. 14.000 (5.2, 8.900, -0.1)

11:40 am. Mikulak USA FX: Piked double front with a hop forward. 2.5 to double front, good! Just his little prance out of it into the corner. Next pass, I missed the entry…I’m gonna say front double full to front tuck full? Then I think a 1.5 to front layout full. Okay my focus is back. Triple full with a little scoot. He’s VERY happy about that. 14.400 (5.9, 8.500)

Lee TPE PB: 13.866 (5.8, 8.066)

11:39 am. Tvorogal LTU FX: 13.233 (5.4, 7.833)

Sun CHN VT: We’re just not gonna see this? Ok. Cool. 14.600 (5.6, 9.100, -0.1)

11:38 am. We’re getting a replay of Fraser’s high bar, yay! Really lovely on the Tkachev series, just some leg separation on the Cassina, Kolman was beautiful.

11:37 am. Verniaiev UKR PB: Beautiful from what I’ve seen so far. Arches over on a couple of handstands near the end. Double front half-out with a hop back. 15.475 (6.7, 8.775)

Pakhniuk UKR VT: 14.566 (5.2, 9.366)

Fraser GBR HB: 14.000 (5.9, 8.100)

11:36 am. Nagornyy RUS VT: Dragulescu, stuck cold. DAAAAAAAAAMN. That was a statement vault. This is MY title. 15.066 (5.6, 9.466)

11:35 am. Souza BRA FX: 13.833 (5.5, 8.333)

11:34 am. That E score for Artur’s landing is a GD blessing.

11:33 am. Dalaloyan RUS VT: Handspring double front pike, REALLY low landing…gonna see if his butt touches in the replay. Oh yeah, it def does. Big step back OOB when he tries to stand up out of it. 14.066 (5.6, 8.566, -0.1)


1. Sam Mikulak USA 44.291
2. Nikita Nagornyy RUS 44.240
3. Xiao Ruoteng CHN 43.958
4. Oleg Verniaiev UKR 43.666
5. Artur Dalaloyan RUS 43.633
6. Kazuma Kaya JPN 43.166
7. Joe Fraser GBR 43.132
8. Carlos Yulo PHI 43.099

11:26 am. Yulo PHI PB: Beautiful routine!!! 14.833 (5.9, 8.933)

Edalli ITA HB: 13.733 (5.6, 8.133)

11:22 am. Kaya JPN SR: Really aggressive routine from him, especially on the saltos up to an iron cross. Good hold on the straddle planche. Handstands are tight at the end. DDLO with a little hop back. 14.300 (6.1, 8.200)

Karimi KAZ HB: 13.400 (6.1, 7.300)

11:19 am. Sun CHN SR: Mostly a solid routine. Swings quite a bit throughout. One of his last handstands was really short and shaky, and one after that was pretty arched and shaky. 13.966 (5.8, 8.166)

Abad ESP PB: 13.766 (5.5, 8.266)

11:18 am. Mikulak USA HB: I’m already having a heart attack for him. He has a smile on his face, though. Cassina, Kolman, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, everything great so far. One arm pirouette, stoop half, slight ankle separation, a little crooked on the blind full, stalder, DDLO with a tiny baby hop back. Good routine! Not his top D I don’t think but solid for what he needs here. 14.700 (6.1, 8.600)

11:17 am. Hall GBR PB: Short on several of his early handstands. Tucked his knees on his straddle salto, catches it in a pike sit I think, better on his handstands after that. By a lot. Tries to swing over to a single-rail hold but kinda botches it and jumps his hands back to both rails, arches over on a handstand after that and hits the dismount. Overall a bit rushed. 14.200 (5.8, 8.400)

11:15 am. Pakhniuk UKR SR: Beginning was good. Swings through to his saltos up to a straddle planche, a bit shaky and I don’t think he holds quite long enough. A little muscly in one of his presses up to handstand. Piked double front dismount with a hop. 13.433 (5.3, 8.133)

Moldauer USA VT: 14.366 (5.2, 9.166)

Tvorogal LTU HB: 11.700 (4.8, 6.900) 😦

11:13 am. Nagornyy RUS SR: Maltese, holds it for 12 hours. Just kidding, my feed just froze LOL. I was like DAMN he’s hanging on forever!! I came back in on his saltos up to an iron cross, and he hit the double double with a small slide back. 14.633 (6.0, 8.633)

Hegi SUI VT: 12.966 (5.2, 7.866, -0.1)

11:12 am. Toba GER VT: 14.366 (5.2, 9.166)

Fraser GBR PB: 14.900 (6.6, 8.300)

11:11 am. Souza BRA HB: Layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, hop full, Kolman, stooop full, a little bent when he gets around, then he does a pirouette half into a Gienger I think, then into a stalder right after? I probably botched some of that but it was a cool and unusual high bar sequence. Double double layout dismount with a hop. Lots of little things in there, but an impressive routine. 13.900 (6.1, 7.800)

11:10 am. Dalaloyan RUS SR: Tight on his saltos into the iron cross, nice straddle planche, swinging a bit in a handstand but his body line is really clean, double double with a hop back. 14.433 (6.0, 8.433)

Lee TPE VT: 14.366 (5.2, 9.166)

11:09 am. Okay, I think I can be back now for an extended period.

Xiao CHN SR: 13.933 (5.7, 8.233)

Verniaiev UKR VT: 14.800 (5.6, 9.200)

Frasca FRA PB: 13.433 (4.9, 8.533)

Lee KOR HB: 11.991 (4.8, 7.191)

11:05 am. Sorry, I have to step away for like five minutes. I’ll be back in a bit!!


1. Xiao Ruoteng CHN 30.032
2. Nikita Nagornyy RUS 29.607
3. Sam Mikulak USA 29.591
4. Artur Dalaloyan RUS 29.200
5. Caio Souza BRA 29.066
6. Sun Wei CHN 29.024
7. Kazuma Kaya JPN 28.866
— Oleg Verniaiev UKR 28.866

10:58 am. Karimi KAZ PB: Tbt to when he was a small infant who could really only do floor, medaling in his first world cup in early 2017 and now here he is an Olympian in the world AA final. TEARS. Nice big salto, and then really holds onto a handstand after that. Tippelt was very fluid as well. Great routine. 14.100 (5.8, 8.300)

10:57 am. Sun CHN PH: Incredible hip extension on his circles. I feel like the guys with the best extension are usually the ones doing endless flairs but his was super evident in his straight body line and it was SO nicely done. Great routine. 14.991 (6.3, 8.691)

10:56 am. Pakhniuk UKR PH: 14.233 (6.1, 8.133)

Hegi SUI SR: 12.766 (5.3, 7.466)

10:55 am. Mikulak USA PB: Beautiful first handstand, but was a bit short on a transition from single rail back to both, short and crooked in that handstand. Quick and precise in his salto skills and that whole sequence. Tippelt, Ono half, double front half-out, wobbles on his toes to hold the stick. Overall a great routine, just really that one early handstand. 15.325 (6.4, 8.925)!!

10:54 am. Abad ESP VT: 14.233 (5.2, 9.033)

Tvorogal LTU PB: 13.833 (5.6, 8.233)

10:53 am. Toba GER SR: Maltese, swings through to iron cross. Saltos up into a straddle planche, holds it pretty well. Back down to an iron cross. Inverted hang, swings up to handstand, gets arched there and starts swinging a bit. Arched on the next handstand, pretty piked on his DLO full dismount. Wobbly on the landing. A German in the crowd is shaking her head LOL. 13.600 (5.8, 7.800)

10:51 am. Nagornyy RUS PH: Missed the entire first half of this, but what I saw was great for him. Looks low-key happy about it. 14.566 (6.2, 8.366)

Hall GBR VT: 14.633 (5.2, 9.433)

10:50 am. Tang TPE VT: 14.283 (5.2, 9.083)

Souza BRA PB: 14.700 (6.1, 8.600)

10:49 am. Verniaiev UKR SR: 14.000 (6.0, 8.000)

Fraser GBR VT: 14.266 (5.2, 9.066)

Lee KOR PB: 14.000 (5.8, 8.200)

10:48 am. Dalaloyan RUS PH: His transitions were money today. Overall a beautiful routine, hips started getting a little floppy near the end, but barely has to muscle anything throughout that entire routine. Those hips though… 14.000 (5.8, 8.200)

10:46 am. Xiao CHN PH: Still can’t fully type/focus yet because I’m on the phone but this looked really good to me, maybe one part in the middle that got a little jerky but the rest was pretty flawless.

Yulo PHI VT: Kaz double, just a step back, nice in the air.

10:43 am. Moldauer USA SR: Nice salto skills transition. Had to really fight on swaying in a handstand near the end, and a hop back on the dismount. Good routine, just not a ton of D. 13.733 (5.6, 8.133)

10:41 am. Kaya JPN PH: I missed most of this but believe he hit. Yes, he did! 14.566 (6.4, 8.166)


1. Artur Dalaloyan RUS 15.200
2. Nikita Nagornyy RUS 15.041
3. Xiao Ruoteng CHN 15.025
4. Lee Chih Kai TPE 15.000
5. Oleg Verniaiev UKR 14.866
6. Caio Souza BRA 14.366
7. Kazuma Kaya JPN 14.300
8. Sam Mikulak USA 14.266

10:36 am. Pakhniuk UKR FX: Double front, little hop on the landing. Randi after that with a little bounce back. Front full to front double full, again with his little scoot. 2.5 to barani, great landing there. Double full, clean and stuck. 14.033 (5.7, 8.333)

10:33 am. Toba GER PH: Hit routine but got a little rough at times. 12.566 (5.4, 7.166)

Hall GBR SR: 13.633 (5.6, 8.033)

10:30 am. Nagornyy RUS FX: Triple back, tiny bounce. Omg. Piked double front half-out, just some knee form, but stuck. Hit the next couple of passes but I’m on a call and couldn’t type. All seemed solid though. I think he also stuck the last pass. I assume a triple? DAMN with these boys and their stuck triples today. 15.041 (6.4, 8.641)

Just kidding he did a half-in half-out dismount.

10:27 am. Still no score for Dalaloyan. Inquiry situation?

10:25 am. Lee TPE PH: GOD his leg extension is INSANE, it makes me want to cry it’s so beautiful. Honestly pretty fantastic until the dismount, he really kind of threw himself into it without hitting a handstand and covered up any major mistakes but the whole routine was insane. 15.000 (6.2, 8.800)

10:24 am. Tang TPE SR: 13.600 (5.7, 7.900)

10:23 am. Dalaloyan RUS FX: Front layout to piked double front half-out, just a hop. Great. Front full to pike double front, another hop. 1.5 to randi, another hop…double double, really low set, but a good landing, just a low chest. 2.5 to front double full, damn son. Stuck that one cold. Triple full, another really low set, but sticks it! Great set but just not as flawlessly gorgeous as Xiao’s. 15.200 (6.5, 8.700)

10:21 am. Verniaiev UKR PH: Beautiful routine to start his day! 14.866 (6.6, 8.266)

Mikulak USA VT: Did his kaz 1.5, hop forward. Good start. 14.266 (5.2, 9.066)

Fraser GBR SR: 13.966 (5.8, 8.166)

10:17 am. Xiao CHN FX: Opens with a solid randi. 3.5 to barani after that, fab. Double double, little hop back. 2.5 to front double full, yas! Down to his flairs, including some in handstand, fabulous sequence. Double full. BEAUTIFUL stuck triple full!!! Incredible. 15.025 (6.2, 8.825)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:16 am. Braegger SUI PH: I can’t type umlauts on my work keyboard without a fancy alt code so he gets to be Braegger today instead of getting an A with an umlaut. Anyway, his routine is going well so far. A little pike in his hips but leg form is mostly tight, just loses it a little toward the end. Muscles up the handstand into the dismount.

Souza BRA VT: 14.366 (5.2, 9.166)

Yulo PHI SR: 13.666 (5.5, 8.166)

10:13 am. Kaya JPN FX: Opens with a double front half out, little hop forward. Piked double front, hop forward. Front double full to front full I think? Double full. 2.5 to barani, stuck and lovely. Triple full, stuck with his feet apart. He’ll be happy with that! 14.300 (5.8, 8.500)

Moldauer USA PH: 13.133 (5.3, 7.833)

Edalli ITA VT: 13.866 (4.8, 9.066)

Lee KOR VT: 14.200 (5.2, 9.000)

10:12 am. Hegi SUI PH: 14.233 (6.0, 8.233)

Abad ESP SR: 13.700 (5.5, 8.200)

Karimi KAZ VT: 13.366 (5.6, 7.766) UGHHH

10:11 am. Sun CHN FX: Piked double front and double layout are both great. Double double with a little scoot back. 2.5 to barani, low but stuck. Lovely double full, nice flare out. Triple full, little bobble. Excellent start! 14.033 (5.5, 8.533)

The crowd just went OOHHHHH in the background so I assume some other dude just basically died mid-routine.

10:05 am. Commercial break! Results are here.

10:04 am. Some Sam qualifications recaps from NBC and I think this is the only time Tim’s DISASTER is really fitting.

9:58 am. I think I can actually stick around for this entire meet today, even if it takes 9 billion hours like the women’s all-around did!

Basically, Nikita Nagornyy came into this final with a huge lead over the rest of the guys, and he upped his score to an 88+ in the team final, which is INSANE.

Sam Mikulak, who qualified LAST into the final and only got in thanks to the two-per-country rule, put up an all-around score in the team final that would’ve put him second in qualifications, so even though he’s in the last group today, he has one of the biggest overall abilities to get on the podium with a hit day (but alas, it’s Sam, who can hit a million perfect routines until he actually needs to).

Reigning world champ Artur Dalaloyan and almost-world-champ-if-it-wasn’t-for-a-tie-breaker Xiao Ruoteng are my other two favorites for getting on the podium, but I’d like to see Kazuma Kaya with a great day to surprise, and both Sun Wei and Petro Pakhniuk are also competing in the top group. I think we can also expect big score increases from Oleg Verniaiev, Joe Fraser, and James Hall, though I think top eight would be most likely for all three if everyone’s on point.

17 thoughts on “2019 World Championships | Men’s All-Around Final Live Blog

    • Yup! I was just going by last year’s results, where XRT and Artur technically tied, but yeah I could’ve also said 2017 world champ XRT. Either way it’s awesome to have the last two world champs so close to each other.


  1. Didn’t ever think I would enjoy mens AA more than womens but here I am. It is really more exciting with six apparatuses compared to four. More can happen. And omg Oleg, crying as well. Loving this podium.


    • Yes! It’s so exciting, I love it so much. Plus, the top guys are usually much closer, and though Nagornyy was really far ahead of the field this year, if he fell on high bar I think it would’ve at least ruined his chances for gold, even if he’d still be on the podium. It’s so much fun and so nerve-wracking!


  2. Who would have believed Oleg would make such a comeback after what has happened to him since 2017 worlds and all his injuries? The 2016 Olympic silver medalist will be a strong contender in 2020 too.
    And Carlos Udriel in 10th position! I really hope he medals tomorrow on floor.

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    • Yes!!! Every year I’m like HOPEFULLY OLEG WILL SNEAK ON and he never does anymore so this year I didn’t even think it. He’s like SYKE and delivered SO well. A lot of scrappy routines in there but damn he was so stellar in finally coming through with a big hit. His first since Rio, I think! Incredible. And YES, Carlos was AMAZING today!!! Especially after such a rough AA last year.

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  3. Also, Sam Mikulak and Melanie DJDS got the Longines prize for Elegance! Because God knows they need SOMETHING until they get their AA medals.


  4. Soooo…can we start calling Sam Mikulak, Sam Mikulak-Dawes? Idk what it is, but they are the 2 most talented American gymnasts who can’t/couldn’t ever seem to put it together when it mattered. But soooo good. Wreaking of talent. Smh.


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