2019 World Championships | Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the second day of event finals at the 2019 World Championships, held in Stuttgart, Germany!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Arthur Mariano, Brazil, 14.900
2. Tin Srbic, Croatia, 14.666
3. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 14.533
4. Daiki Hashimoto, Japan, 14.233
5. Sam Mikulak, United States, 14.066
6. Lin Chaopan, China, 14.033
7. Tyson Bull, Australia, 13.200
8. Tang Chia-Hung, Taiwan, 12.766

10:05 am. Mikulak USA HB: I may have cursed him with the header photo but I believe he will break the curse!!! DO IT, SAM. CONTROL YOUR FATE. Blind change, Cassina, Kolman, both great. Liukin! Straddle Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, really muscles through that but fights through and gets it, one-arm pirouette, stoop, hop full, stalder, double-twisting double layout with a hop! Well, that should hopefully get him on the podium!

10:02 am. Bull AUS HB: Stoop half pretty much right to vertical! Kovacs, a little too much power there, almost catches but then lets go, NOOOOO. 😦 At least he’s going to the Olympics. Gets it the second time into the Kolman, DAMN! Cassina caught really high, stalder, blind change to Yamawaki, blind change to one-arm pirouette, crooked, stoop, blind change, full-twisting double layout, clean and stuck with a little bobble. 13.200 (6.0, 7.200)

9:59 am. Hashimoto JPN HB: Yamawaki, Cassina, huge, Kolman, also big, he catches so high on his wrists though. Lovely layout Tkachev, hits the Jesus on the cross position in the air. Straddle Tkachev, stalder half to front giant to stoop full, late, what else is new, late on the stalder, blind full, double-twisting double layout with a step back. Good routine aside from his circle positions. 14.233 (6.2, 8.033)

9:56 am. Mariano BRA HB: Endo full to front giant to stoop half, hop full, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, nice! Full-twisting Jaeger, lovely! Stoop full is a mess and he almost misses a hand, to Yamawaki, double-twisting double layout with a baby step. Aside from that full pirouette, that was gorgeous. 14.900 (6.3, 8.600)!!!!!

9:53 am. Dalaloyan RUS HB: Cassina, lovely in the air. Layout Kovacs, layout Tkachev half, stoop half, layout Tkachev, blind change to stoop RIGHT to handstand, Yamawaki, this is kind of amazing so far? Stalder, double-twisting double layout dismount, low with a step forward, UGH. That was perfect until the dismount. 14.533 (6.1, 8.433)

9:51 am. Lin CHN HB: Layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev, Kolman, nice. Layout Tkachev half, stoop full, a little late, Yamawaki to stalder, Endo full, hop change to blind full, stoop, blind change, double-twisting double layout with a little hop. 14.033 (6.2, 7.833)

9:47 am. Tang TPE HB: One-arm piroutette to Yamawaki half to Yamawaki, nice. Layout Tkachev half, blind change, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, catches with one hand and looks like he might have a prayer of holding on, but the swing out of it comes a bit too close to the bar and he can’t do it. Comes off. 😦 Stoop half, late, stalder, double-twisting double layout with a hop. 12.766 (5.8, 6.966)

9:46 am. Srbic CRO HB: Stalder Tkachev to Tkachev to layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, MY FINGERS ARE TIRED. Stoop half, layout Tkachev half, stoop full a bit late, stalder, clean full-twisting double layout with a little slide back. 14.666 (6.2, 8.466)


1. Simone Biles, United States, 15.133
2. Sunisa Lee, United States, 14.133
3. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 14.066
4. Flavia Saraiva, Brazil, 13.966
5. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, 13.833
6. Roxana Popa, Spain, 13.800
7. Brooklyn Moors, Canada, 13.600
8. Lilia Akhaimova, Russia, 13.500

9:35 am. Biles USA FX: Triple double, queen! BILES II. Hop back, slight. Couldn’t tell if her heels went out. Biles to stag, jumps forward OOB. Switch full. Double wolf turn. Front full through to tucked full-in, small hop. Switch to tour jeté full. Never forget that she’s doing the hardest leaps on top o the hardest tumbling. STUCK THE DOUBLE DOUBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIMONEEEEE. 15.133 (6.7, 8.533, -0.1)

9:32 am. Inquiry for Flavia Saraiva on floor! I don’t think we ever got the resolution on it though? Assuming it didn’t go through because she’s still behind Melnikova.

9:27 am. Moors CAN FX: Let’s go beauty! Podkopayeva to stag, PERFECT! Killing us all in the soul with her expressive choreo already. Front double full to front full, step out of it but in a beautiful way that only Brooklyn can do. Double turn in attitude down into her choreo, which is just brilliant. Switch ring to split ring leap half, we’re at a weird angle for both of those. Split jump full. CRYING. 2.5 to front tuck, lands with one foot OOB. Literally just take the OOB and NOTHING ELSE, this routine deserves a 17. #FeelingsScore Really, just the leg form in her twists and that step at the end. 13.600 (5.3, 8.400, -0.1)

9:23 am. Saraiva BRA FX: Whip to double layout, OUCH, really buckled landings and her ankles were crushed. I’m in pain but she’s fine. Full-in was better. Switch to tour jeté full, GORGEOUS on both. 1.5 to front full, just some knee form on the 1.5. I still think this music is nutso but I love it for her so much. Memmel turn to pirouette, switch ring is gorgeous. CAN-CAN! Double pike with a step back. Good recovery after that first pass and she’s one of my favorites to watch. 13.966 (5.5, 8.466)

9:18 am. Melnikova RUS FX: Full-twisting double layout, a little short but not bad at all. Double L spin to double pirouette, a little crooked in both turns. Double layout, little hop back. Switch leap to switch ring half, ring form is meh. Front tuck through to double full, some leg form, hop back. Triple wolf turn is a little iffy in the squat position. Memmel turn to full pirouette. Double pike, little scoot back. What a world championships for Angelina! 14.066 (5.8, 8.266)

9:15 am. Lee USA FX: Great double double to start, it’s SO CLEAN, just a little slide back. Double layout, flares it in the air, solid landing. Smooth and clean triple and double wolf turns. 1.5 to front full, a little short, hop back. Switch ring to tour jeté half, very nice. Double tuck, clean, maybe a tad bit buckled in the knees but a fabulous routine overall. 14.133 (5.7, 8.433)

9:11 am. Popa ESP FX: Just want her to destroy this routine the way she did in prelims. That routine was truly glorious. I cried at the end. A statement routine. Double layout, lunge back. Whip whip through to tucked full-in, small hop back. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Showing some SASS in her face on her choreo before the Mustafina turn, rolls it down into her choreo, brilliant. Front handspring front full, clean. Switch half into the corner. Double pike with a little scoot back. BRILLIANT. 13.800 (5.4, 8.400)

9:06 am. Akhaimova RUS FX: Full-twisting double layout, so wild on the landing, flies OOB. Good double layout, step back. Double L turn, a little rushed. Arabian double front, step back. Triple wolf turn, a little check at the end of it. Better control on the double after. Tucked full-in, legs are a bit messy, chest down, but solid landing. Switch leap to tour jeté half. 13.500 (6.0, 7.800, -0.3)

9:03 am. De Jesus Dos Santos FRA FX: Full-twisting double layout, small bounce in place. Tucked full-in with a tiny step back. Split ring leap to switch full. Double wolf turn. Front layout through to double tuck, clean, hop back with her foot going OOB. Double pike, tiny bounce in place. Split jump full. Fantastic routine! 13.833 (5.5, 8.433, -0.1)


1. Joe Fraser, Great Britain, 15.000
2. Ahmet Önder, Turkey, 14.983
3. Kazuma Kaya, Japan, 14.966
4. Xiao Ruoteng, China, 14.966
5. Ferhat Arican, Turkey, 14.900
6. Sun Wei, China, 14.466
7. Petro Pakhniuk, Ukraine, 14.200
8. Lukas Dauser, Germany, 13.833

8:52 am. Pakhniuk UKR PB: Nice handstand off the start, then a messy one-arm swing and he loses it, hits his feet on the rails. Rushes out of that into the next few swings and then has about one million adjustments throughout some of his handstands. Pike salto to handstand, big straddle salto, Healy, good transition to the single rail, stuck the double front half-out.

8:49 am. Dauser GER PB: Hits his first handstands very nicely, pirouette, then a half, both precise. Arches over his transition to the single rail and you can see his core slowly giving up as he had to drop off. GAHHHHHH. Does another single rail transition back to both, looked clean on that. One-arm pirouette and another half pirouette, then a double front half-out with a hop. 13.833 (6.3, 7.533)

8:45 am. Arican TUR PB: Front salto up to handstand to start, holds the handstand for nine years. Single rail with a really solid hold. Good transition back to both. Half pirouette, little adjustments, quick out of another single rail transition and looked like if he tried to hold it he would’ve fallen. One-arm pirouette. Double front half-out, stuck. 14.900 (6.5, 8.400)

8:43 am. Xiao CHN PB: I wasn’t typing at the beginning but aside from one little hand adjustment everything looked good. Great saltos. Tippelt, clean and fluid. Piked double back dismount. Very nice. 14.966 (6.4, 8.566)

That puts him FOURTH, the top four are all within 0.034!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:39 am. Fraser GBR PB: Pike salto up to handstand, short on the transition back to both rails on a pirouette that took him from single back to both. The single rail hold after that was great, half salto, back tuck thing, Healy, perf handstand out of a half pirouette, double front half-out with a small step. He moves SO quickly and fluidly throughout everything it’s impossible for me to get it all but that was fab. Not as perfect as his quals routine but pretty close. 15.000 (6.6, 8.400)!!!

8:35 am. Kaya JPN PB: Excellent handstand early on, then Healy pirouette back to handstand. Single rail back to double, big straddle salto to armpits, Bhavsar, clean transition to the handstand. Tippelt, very fluid and clean. Quarter turn onto the single rail, inbar cast up to handstand, moves through that pretty slowly but gets there eventually. Super clean double front half-out dismount. Excellent routine. 14.966 (6.3, 8.666)!

8:34 am. Önder TUR PB: Wasn’t typing during this but he was pretty clean on everything and tight on every handstand. Stuck the double front half-out dismount. 14.983 (6.2, 8.783)!!

8:30 am. Sun CHN PB: Was a little short on a couple of handstands at first but then once he got going he was lovely. Double tuck to his armpits, big straddle salto, solid on his handstand before the Bhavsar, up to pike sit, pressed to handstand, lovely. Muscles up the Tippelt. One-arm pirouette, muscled up the handstand out of it. Double front half-out, a little low with a hop. 14.466 (6.2, 8.266)

8:11 am. Poor Kara’s face when the scores came up. I can’t take it. But that podium is fire.


1. Simone Biles, United States, 15.066
2. Liu Tingting, China, 14.433
3. Li Shijia, China, 14.300
4. Kara Eaker, United States, 14.000
5. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, 13.966
6. Flavia Saraiva, Brazil, 13.400
7. Sarah Voss, Germany, 13.266
8. Ana Padurariu, Canada, 11.933

8:04 am. Saraiva BRA BB: Off on her layout series. I wasn’t typing during this but that aside, this was an excellent routine. Shame that she ALWAYS does this in finals. It breaks my heart. 13.400

8:00 am. Biles USA BB: Triple wolf turn, excellent. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump. Excellent on the bhs loso loso. Switch to switch half to back pike, fantastic. Side aerial. She is WERKING today. Transverse split jump half, so good. Full-in dismount with a hop back. That was HELLA GREAT. Zoom-in on her parents making out in the crowd. I’m always like wow Simone’s amazing but I never get real *feels* about her beam because I’m more into the Liu/Eaker kinda routines stylistically? But this was a tour de force. A FRIGGING INSANE ROUTINE. 15.066 (6.4, 8.666)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:56 am. Eaker USA BB: I just want her to crush it and be happy forever. Switch leap mount. Split ring leap. She’s basically like eff you FIG. I love my rings. Full Y turn. Front aerial to split ring jump to back handspring, skip dances out of it. Side aerial loso loso, break at the hips but only slight. Split leap to side somi, wobble, leg up but holds on. Korbut. Love her little Swan Lake homage. Switch to switch side. 2.5, a bit low but nearly stuck. 14.000 (5.9, 8.100)!

7:55 am. Oh damn, inquiry for Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos, goes up three tenths to a 13.966!

7:52 am. Liu CHN BB: Chest dive to chest stand, good. LOVE this leo. A deep green. Front handspring front tuck, low with a wobble, but holds on. Switch leap to split ring leap to back handspring, solid. Pretty fluid in those connections as well. Switch ring, tiny bobble. Front aerial to Korbut, did she have a leap in there that I literally blanked out while watching? I got like 2 hours of sleep last night. Split leap to side aerial, check, doesn’t try to connect out of it. Clean double full. Not her best, but good fight throughout. 14.433 (6.2, 8.233)

7:48 am. De Jesus Dos Santos FRA BB: Punch front mount, then a punch front pike, solid. Excellent on the layout series. Transverse split jump half, lovely and solid. Switch half. Front aerial, little check, and then a clean leap series after. Full turn, a little overrotated, but dances through the slight check. Double tuck with a hop back. Fantastic routine. 13.666 (5.2, 8.466)

7:46 am. Voss GER BB: Back dive to chest stand mount, holds it well. Excellent bhs loso loso series. Hit the split full with a little wobble. Side aerial, break at the hips, check but saves it. Switch leap to switch half. Front aerial is clean, to split jump to back handspring. Full turn, wobble. I remember last year when her spots on teams were shady but then she hit her DTY and beam routine in a worlds team final, and I was like “she’s making every German team EVER” and now here she is in the AA and beam finals. WHAT A QUEEN. 13.266 (5.4, 7.866)

7:42 am. Padurariu CAN BB: Good with the back dive to chest stand mount. Wobbles through the end of the triple wolf turn, falls forward, grabs the beam, and swings under it. I’m honestly here to see that become a new skill. Triple wolf turn to toe-on circle around the beam. Switch ring. Side aerial to two layout stepouts, and she’s crooked and off again. 😦 Switch half. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring. Clean double full with a step back. 11.933 (5.6, 6.333)

7:38 am. Li CHN BB: Lovely mount. Switch leap, wobble. Missed connection to the split ring leap, missed her foot, but no problems or wobbles. Missed connection to back handspring. Side aerial. Lots of single skills so far due to the pauses. Front handspring front tuck is lovely. Switch ring to back handspring, there we go. Split jump to wolf jump. Front aerial to split ring jump to Korbut, literally perfect. So precise on everything. Transverse split jump half. Super clean double pike. THAT CHEST POSITION. So good. So clean. 14.300 (6.1, 8.300, -0.1)

7:37 am. Liu Tingting barely getting any applause while walking in?! SHE’S THE REIGNING CHAMPION YOU COWARDS.

7:30 am. So, apologies, I couldn’t get the Olympic Channel stream to work and then had wifi issues, but got it working in the middle of Le Thanh Tung’s final vault.

Basically Nikita Nagornyy almost stuck his tsuk double pike which like…amazing. And Shek Wai Hung had a really bad fall on his first vault, and qualifications leader Yang Hak-seon also had a fall. Men’s vault things.


1. Nikita Nagornyy, Russia, 14.966
2. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 14.933
3. Igor Radivilov, Ukraine, 14.749
4. Marian Dragulescu, Romania, 14.624
5. Dominick Cunningham, Great Britain, 14.566
6. Le Thanh Tung, Vietnam, 14.533
7. Shek Wai Hung, Hong Kong, 14.466
8. Yang Hak-seon, South Korea, 14.316

61 thoughts on “2019 World Championships | Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog

    • Eventually it would be nice to see them change her routine around, and I’m sure they will after what happened at Worlds. For these finals, though, they really couldn’t do that. The ring skills were 3/8 of her skills that counted toward her D score. It would be unrealistic to try to drop 3 of your counting skills and replace them in a week. Completing dropping the switch ring was a great move, though. That one was way too much risk.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Better from Kara but the 2nd ring needs attention. Simone is just a legend let’s be honest. Great to see Liu Tingting get through her demons too. Arghh Flavia!!! Please we want you to medal.


    • Nina withdrew in order to preserve herself (maybe for World Cups or something? But def also the Olympics). Some people are salty about her refusing to compete if she isn’t injured but I don’t really see a problem with the decision. She’s preventing an injury from occurring

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, it’s the same as Belgium’s decision to skip the team final at Euros last year…they have a VERY shallow bench with a total of like 8 seniors, 2 of whom are injured right now, and the rest of whom are ALWAYS injured…if Nina is injured, they’re basically screwed. They know what they can and can’t handle, physically, and I’m glad the federation puts their health and safety ahead of team medals at Euros or competing in a world final.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Ridiculous how they were holding Melnikova’s score to make sure she wouldn’t go above Sunisa. And they want us to believe there is no communication between the D- and E- panels. They credited her spin the previous days and today it wasn’t worse.

    Wake up sheeple! This is all corruption and politics! This very blog is financed by USAG and FIG.


    • I mean it’s quite obvious isn’t it? At first she got 14.166, then in their last “check” they realized oops not ok, she can’t pass Sunisa, send it back, let’s find a spin to take it from, ok fine, 14.066.


        • And I’m sorry Angelina got a gift. Bronze w a messy double twist? If you are going to do a damn double twist in a world championships final you better do it PERFECTLY. I said it below but I just can’t. Love her but come on.


      • Melni again got a gift. Brons medal was clearly Flavia’s. Then you complain about jury???? Russia always overscored, USA put D on them. Flávia was not unlucky. On the Fx , she was robbed.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Melnikova has a lower E score than Flavia, 2 tenth less, and Flavia ‘s execution was not perfect. I find the result fair. Melka’s D score is 3 tenth higher than Flavia’s and judges cannot ignore it.
          Moors’execution was incredibly overscored …
          Russian gymnastics doesn’t suck ! Silver team, bronze AA, and some young wonderful gymnasts : Agafanova, Urazova,Gerasimova, Vorona, Listunova… And Paseka for vault + the not-so-bas Akhaimova . Russians are much better and have more depth than 2 or 3 years ago.
          There are atrocious Russian trolls on this forum, but also a seedy anti-Russian team. Coincidence or correlation ?


  3. I just did my maths over here and kI think Flavia’s D score was 0.1 lower than it should have been… any thoughts? This is what I counted

    Acro: F, E, D, C
    Dance: D, D, D, C


    whip (A) + dlo (F) CV 0.2
    full in tuck (E)
    1.5 (C) + front full (C) CV 0.1
    Double pike (D)

    Switch full (D)
    Switch split + switch 1.5 (D)
    Memmel (D) + Full turn (A)
    Switch ring (C)


    • Yes both Melnikova and Saraiva got 0.1 lower than the intended skill. As for Saraiva she probably lost the 0.1 on either switch full or tour jete full (split 1.5), those are the skills that I can think could be downgraded by 0.1 (well rings can be downgraded too but hers is among the best so no chance of being downgraded).


  4. I’m sorry but Angelina getting a bronze w a messy as hell double twist…I just can’t. IMO she’s been very over scored she is still very messy but this championships it’s been ignored.


  5. The ONLY positive thing from this worlds is that Lilia and Daria will be sent to Gymsberia with a one-way ticket. Good, because trash must make way for Urazova, Gerasimova and Vorona.


  6. My impressions on these World Championships :
    1. Simone Biles, more and more phenomenal. She is inventing a completely new sport she is the only one in the world to practice.
    2. The Chinese girls on the beam : stunning, beautiful, artistic, incredible.
    3. Sunisa confirms to be the second best US gymnast after Simone : incredibly difficult routines and beautiful execution.
    4. Melnikova, the most consistant gymnast of the WC (with Simone) !
    5. Flavia and Mélanie, the most unlucky, heartbreaking … But both are incredible when they hit (Mélanie on UB, Flavia on beam).
    6. So sad and upset for Ellie Black, my beloved gymnast.
    7. Nina Derwael, the most over-scored gymnast. Her bars are insane, but she is average or weak on other events.
    8. Russia looked out of the game after the Russian cup, but is completely in the game after the WC, stronger and stronger.
    9. The surprising team final with Brazil out of the OG.


  7. Simone in a class of her own. GB – 2 gold medals men & 2 medals women incredible. Nice to see Philippines win a gold. Feel gutted for Germany on PB – would have been nice for the home country to have a medal.

    For Romania another disappointing championship difficult to see the second male qualifying (unless Muntean gets an AR left over spot from apparatus) ; on the women side maybe Stanciulescu and Sfiringu to fight for one of the two European all round spots next year (world cup route too difficult with just 3 events next year) – it seems another Olympics without medals.


  8. Ugh goddammit Sam. When was the last time the U.S. men walked away from a worlds without ANY medals? And do you know what’s crazy? The U.S. is still highest in overall medal haul, across both genders, because of how dominant their women are. That’s such a huge discrepancy.


  9. Hmmm. Arthur can win every medal, I still feel nothing towards him. Regardless of his theatrics! After his racist video against his afro brazilian teammate. Yeah no, I’m good. Thanks.


  10. Congrats to all the medallers (is that a word?)!

    OMG I love that Simone’s Execution scores topped everyone in 3 out of 4 event finals 😉 Even finishing 5th in UB, her Execution score was in a 3-way tie for second highest. A clean gymnastic machine! And 5 gold medals out of 6, wow! 😀 One more tenth would’ve seen her get a bronze on UB, damn. 😉

    I’m sad for Sam on High Bar; almost half a point out of medal contention. He didn’t fall, right? I guess that stuff after the Tkachevs was just a little too much (plus the landing hop); his E score was surprisingly low. As before, I need to watch these routines so I understand the scores, but what a bummer. ;-(


      • But Sam’s execution was much better in qualifications, finals and AA. He had a bent-arm muscle up, then another one, then a late handstand and a significant landing hop all in Event Finals. I was surprised the commentators even thought he might medal when he finished his routine. Don’t get me wrong, it was a gutsy routine. I applaud him for putting it all out there and putting in the Liukin, and I applaud him for completing everything in his really hard routine. He’s fabulous on high bar and should be proud of himself for hitting and for throwing the Liukin. But his execution was far from perfect. Great job to Sam but I thought the result was correct.


  11. I watched Kara eaker’s interview after BB final and what an amazing young woman. Very poised and well spoken and she was not that uoset about missing out on a medal, and seemed genuinely concerned about Ellie Black’s injury. I wish her the best for next year. Hope she will fix her beam and come back even stronger.


  12. Finally an award for the highest difficulty in team competition. The Fujitsu Infinity Award!

    good to see an award for D score now. the longines award was for elegance and e score sort of?


  13. Not Biles, Melkinova or Flavia. Roxana Pops performance was SPECTACULAR! That’s what artistic gymnastics should be all about: passion, artistry, feelings, choreo, acro. Congrats Roxana, we missed you


  14. i think some might have seen these videos but i ll post it anyway…Here’s kenzo shirai doing WAG gymnastics and pretty good at it…. I think there should be a mixed competitions cross over event. This would promote innovation….. I think this would be perfect for simone to try men fx and vt!


  15. It destroyed her career and life and you should be ashamed. I don’t care if you need USAG’s money for a living. Make a post about it expressing what you truly think about it.


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  17. Does anyone know what the middle part of the music in Melanie de Jesus dos Santos’ floor music is from? It’s driving me nuts! It’s right after the beginning bit from “show me how you burlesque” and before the bit from “I feel good” (approx 0:31-0:39)


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