Around the Gymternet: I just want you for my own


“simone retiring from gymnastics in 2021 and joining the us diving team in 2022” -Turns out Simone can dive, and @theraisman can see the future. What’s your special talent?

Wut happened

Comp news. Carlos “Your adoption request will be processed in the order in which it was received” Yulo won the all-around on home soil at the Southeast Asian Games on Sunday, and there was much rejoicing.

In Russian news, Uliana Perebinosova won the all-around at the Voronin Cup with a 52.950, with Agafonova Anastasiya winning bars by a point and a half and Maria Kharenkova taking the beam and floor golds for Georgia; meanwhile, Vladislava Urazova took the all-around title at Top Gym with a 54.650, while Ana Maria Barbosu of Romania came in second. 

At the Olympic Hopes Cup, Chen Yanfei won with a 53.433, and China swept the all-around and every title but floor. Meanwhile, Elisabeth Seitz won every event but beam at the Bundesliga Final.

Judge Aquilina is getting heat. Some survivors are worried that Judge Rosemarie Aquilina’s public appearances may be helping Larry Nassar’s argument for a sentencing appeal. Nassar’s attorneys say he should be re-sentenced because Aquilina’s public persona, on top of her language at the sentencing hearing, means she isn’t a “neutral and unbiased” judge.

Federation issues. The FIG recognized the Gymnastics Federation of India as the official governing body. Speaking of federation trouble, looks like Andrea Raducan might resign from Romania’s federation, citing frustration with the lack of progress, which, yeah.

Star status

Retirements. Diego Hypolito announced his retirement on Saturday. Good luck in your future endeavors, Diego!

Upgrades. For the ladies, Aline Friess is doing a full in half out, Shilese Jones is making it look easy on bars, Ellie Downie has a work-in-progress Amanar, and Jennifer Gadirova of Great Britain has a massive full-in off beam. 

Meanwhile, Heath Thorpe has a fun new floor thing and needs our support (We love it, Heath! DOOO ITTTT).

Comebacks. Andrei Muntean had surgery…again. In more uplifting news, Kenzo Shirai will bless us with an appearance at the Toyota International this month. 

Allegiances. Like so many of us, Ana Maria Puiu is done with Romania.

Staying social

The Simone corner. Simone has her very own commercial voiced by the guy from This is Us. This has been a Simone Update.

Ohashi’s still got it. Katelyn Ohashi did this beam routine and this floor routine at a gymnastics gala in Monoco. 

Twinsies? The trampoline worlds happened and Team Philippines showed up wearing…this. Which frankly seems like something I would do, so, props I guess.

No time for body shamers. Laurie Hernandez stood up for herself, and the rest of us, too ❤

That’s some sneaky shit. Apparently gymnasts choose corners in order to hide form errors? The more you know.

Because you asked…

Lauren shared her wisdom.

Last words

So. How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?

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3 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: I just want you for my own

  1. The height of Gadiorova’s full in tho … Probably the highest in the world haha but somehow her landing is quite low (when imagining it’s a mat instead of a foam pit)


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