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Wut happened

Russia got a four-year ban. Russia was officially banned from four years of international competition on Monday for doping violations. However, similar to the 2018 Winter Games, athletes will be able to qualify to compete at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics under a neutral flag. For our purposes, that means probably nothing will change other than we won’t hear Russia’s anthem when Aliya inexplicably wins her third consecutive bars gold.

Get your nationals tickets. Tickets are available for 2020 U.S. nationals, but it initially looked like there was a $240 “USA Gymnastics Service Charge”. USA Gymnastics said in a statement, “the ticketing system is new and has a glitch” that caused the fee. They said that USAG does not charge service fees, that the issue will be resolved soon, and that everyone who already purchased tickets will get a refund for the fee. The arena said on Twitter that it’s their fault, not USAG’s.

Simone’s gonna have her own tour. Simone Biles is going to headline her very own post-Olympic tour of 35 cities in 2020 (!!!), independently from USAG. The tour will only feature women, and will include Katelyn Ohashi. Jonathan Horton isn’t happy that men will be “booted” from the post-Olympic tour, and many tweeters had words for him.

Speaking of putting your name on stuff, Kohei Uchimara is having his own cup in March! Here’s the roster.

Other things

  • MG Elite coach Maggie Haney’s hearing will be held this week. Haney has been accused of verbally and emotionally abusing athletes.
  • Andreea Raducan resigned from her role as president of the Romanian Federation, she announced Thursday. She cited the failure to qualify a team to the 2016 Olympics as a factor in her decision. 
  • A draft of the new Code of Points is out. Notable changes: A .2 bonus for a D+ dismount, which almost makes up for DismountGate. Also, you now don’t have to do a full turn, but can do a roll or flair instead; and since everyone loves a good reboot, lunges are back. There are also some potential value changes. Meanwhile, six named elements have been officially added.
  • Carlos Yulo continued to dominate at the Southeast Asian Games last week, going home with five silvers and two golds. Speaking of Yulo, his Twitter account has been verified because someone posed as him. Also, Farah Ann Abdul Hadi took the uneven bars gold, as reported in this paper which refers to her as a “pretty lass” in the year of our Lord 2019.

Required reading

  • Opinion: In latest farce, International Olympic officials again favoring Russia over clean athletes (USA Today)

Star status

NCAA corner. Maggie Nichols has some new choreography! But the real hero of this NCAA preseason is LSU’s Jay Clark for turning his spotting into a routine of its own.

Retirements. Looks like Kristal Bodenschatz retired from gymnastics back in April and announced it in November, but I’m seeing it just now. Sorry y’all, and congrats to Kristal on opening her own fitness center!

Newbies. Here’s who’s turning senior in 2020. Right on their tails, though, is baby Alisa, who’s starting gymnastics soon and yes, belongs in “Star status.”

Upgrades. Sunisa Lee’s Ezhova is looking amazing.

Comebacks (?) Looks like Shang Chunsong is training? Clear as mud.

Staying social

F is for friends. Morgan Hurd and Heath Thorpe are pen pals! And Heath has more choreo for us to tell him to do; literally it’s like asking your friends if you should get your perm reversed. Umm YES.

Watch and learn. Laurie Hernandez’s pak is mesmerizing.

Now dig for your credit card. Sunisa Lee’s family is asking for help getting to the Tokyo Olympics after her father’s accident.

Because you asked…

Lauren answered, not once, not twice, not thrice, not four times, not five times, but six! Bless.

Last words

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21 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: More than you could ever know

    • My Uber driver literally called me “the Simone Biles of journalism” yesterday (but not because he reads You Asked, sadly…he eavesdropped on my entire call I did with a news outlet about Simone)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. “I used to sometimes read and even like the website, but now that it’s mostly about Simone’s artistry, I love it even more”, said the Queen. “In fact I wish I lived in the United States so I could compete for the U.S. team!”


    • SO…you can lunge, but if you don’t prove that it’s a “controlled lunge” they’re going to deduct as if you were taking a step back, so 0.1-0.3 most likely. I think it would be in everyone’s benefit to keep trying to stick because the whole “controlled lunge” vs step is going to be massively subjective. With a brilliantly controlled landing where a gymnast like, basically shows off how controlled she is by taking a big luxurious step into it, it’s obvious that it’s a controlled lunge…but I think we’re going to see mostly ambiguous steps, which are risky for deductions, so sticking the majority of your passes is going to still be key.


  2. I’m so sad to see all the venom that people are spewing in Jonathan Horton’s direction. Whether or not you agree with him (and whether or not he’s been supportive in the past), lowering themselves and spreading hatred is doing nothing to make this world a better place. So sad…

    Liked by 1 person

      • But he went on to rephrase it and clarify what he meant and still no one wants to let it go. Plus on his initial comment, the thread read like people were just waiting for a chance to be angry and offended and overinterpret his intentions, rather than just offering a correction of his wording in a friendly manner and going on to support his real lament, which is that there will be no tour for the US men, which really does suck. I wish the men were part of a tour too. That doesn’t mean I think it’s Simone’s responsibility to get them there, but I am really disappointed they won’t be on tour. This is the most of the way twitter reacts to everything I know, but it gets exhausting. Why does everyone have to be so ready to hate all the time.


        • …no one would go? And that’s why Horton is sad they’re not a part of Simone’s lol if they men could field their own successful tour, Horton wouldn’t be sad about them not being included in Simone’s


  3. So the Russian gymnastics teams which have qualified to Tokyo, do they convert to “neutral teams” or must every gymnast qualify next year and compete only as individuals?


    • That’s what I’m wondering because there isn’t any word yet on if Russian teams will be allowed to compete. They’ve only specified individuals thus far. And if teams aren’t allowed to compete, does that mean they still get to send 4 girls who just compete as individuals or does Australia get bumped up? Either way, it really really sucks for the men smh


    • They will compete as the teams from 2018 games did (OAR) Olympic Athletes from Russia.

      “Next to FX is Vladislava Urasova representing the Russian Federation”
      now becomes…
      “Next to FX is Vladislava Urasova representing the Olympic Athletes from Russia”


      • It literally still has Russia in the name. Probably the only thing that’s different is where some of the money goes, not hearing the anthem, and the flag being different.


      • They’re not competing as “the OAR”. They said Russia isn’t going to be in the name and it won’t be mentioned. And that’s why the team portion is up in the air. How does a team compete for no one? Individuals can compete for themselves but how does a team do that? Still no answer


    • Russians are proud people, unlike Americans who are the first to sell their own country and people for money.

      Musty already said she won’t compete under a neutral flag whatsoever.

      This disgusting website has been propagating fake news about Russia and practicing cyberbullying, and is already facing criminal charges.



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