Japan’s Olympic Selection Process Begins at Nationals

Japan will kick off its Olympic qualification process at the All-Japan Championships this weekend, where all of the country’s best WAG competitors are expected to be in attendance with the hope of getting one step closer to the Tokyo team.

The field is led by 2016 Olympian and 2018 world all-around silver medalist Murakami Mai, who won the all-around title at last year’s All-Japan Championships and is likely to be the country’s top contender for the Olympic Games. She’s joined by her 2016 Olympic teammates Teramoto Asuka, Sugihara Aiko, Uchimura Yuki, and Miyakawa Sae, as well as 2018 and 2019 world championships team members Hatakeda Hitomi (who placed second at nationals in 2020) and Kajita Nagi

Others to watch here include newcomers Soma Ui and Matsuda Touwa. Soma, who was originally an elite-level gymnast in the United States until moving to Japan last year, was third overall at nationals last year, while Matsuda was fifth there in her senior national debut, putting up big scores on vault and bars.

There’s also Sakaguchi Ayaka, the 2019 Asian Championships silver medalist on vault who surprised to finish fourth at nationals in 2020, veteran Hiraiwa Yuna, a standout on beam and floor who came back to the all-around last year to begin making a case for herself after missing out in 2016, Hatakeda Chiaki, who struggles with consistency but has the potential to be one of the top all-arounders in the country, and Ashikawa Urara, who has mathematically locked down the apparatus world cup berth for beam, where she’s utterly brilliant.

According to the Japanese federation, three of the four competitors in Tokyo will be selected based on their all-around performances in qualifications and the all-around final at this week’s national championships and then at next month’s NHK Trophy. The top three gymnasts based on their three-day all-around score between the two meets will automatically be named to the team.

The fourth and final spot will be chosen based on an athlete’s potential to best contribute to the team, with all results from the current season counting into the decision. 

The women will compete in the qualification round on Thursday, April 15, and the top 24 will then move on to the all-around final, to be held Saturday, April 17. The final subdivision of qualifications – which will feature all of the key contenders – will be streamed through a Watch Party (the federation hosted a lottery that will give 1,000 fans the chance to watch), while the final will air live on NHK.

A full list of competitors is below.

Aota Moeka
Ashikawa Urara
Dobashi Koko
Fujitsuka Ayumi
Fukasawa Kokoro
Furuyama Aoi
Hanashima Natsumi
Hanawa Soyoka
Haraguchi Hijiri
Hatakeda Chiaki
Hatakeda Hitomi
Hirai Miyu
Hiraiwa Yuna
Honda Shanogi
Iseki Minori
Ishikura Azumi
Iwasaki Natsume
Kajita Nagi
Kamino Yuna
Kasahara Arisa
Kashiwagi Juri
Katsuragi Nanase
Kawasaki Marina
Kitada Ayame
Kodama Yumiko
Koike Ayu
Kokufugata Azuki
Kusumoto Hima
Kuwajima Kiko
Makibayashi Rin
Matsuda Touwa
Matsunaga Arisa
Mineno Aoiko
Mita Suzuno
Miyakawa Sae
Miyata Shoko
Mizumura Rino
Mori Aoka
Mune Marin
Murakami Mai
Nakamura Yumika
Niiyama Ayumi
Obata Reika
Ogawa Asuka
Ogoshi Mian
Okamura Mana
Onouchi Karin
Sakaguchi Ayaka
Sakakibara Koyuna
Sakamaki Reon
Sakatani Rinne
Sato Ryoka
Serita Mikako
Soma Ui
Sonezaki Shizuku
Sugihara Aiko
Suzuki Kanna
Tajima Yamabuki
Takagi Ai
Takezawa Kaoruko
Teramoto Asuka
Tokita Akiho
Tokuda Chisako
Toyama Arisa
Uchiyama Yuki
Watanabe Hazuki
Yamada Chiharu
Yamamoto Nanami
Yasu Yune
Yasui Wakana
Yoshimura Hohoemi
Yumoto Yurika

Article by Lauren Hopkins

7 thoughts on “Japan’s Olympic Selection Process Begins at Nationals

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  2. I wonder what their plan will be if they earn a final spot at Asian championships. I’m assuming they’ll send Mai since she’s eligible to contend for a spot there. A blessing in disguise her not going to 2019 worlds.


    • Asian Championships are likely to be canceled so it’s not looking like Japan will get a +1 spot unfortunately…aside from the nominative spot they have already mathematically clinched for Ashikawa Urara, that is!

      Liked by 1 person

      • If Asian Championships are cancelled will they reallocate those spots to the next eligibles from the 2019 All-Around pool? I’m hoping all the continental championships will continue as planned; there’s already been enough changes from the pandemic!


        • Yes, the 2019 AA pool from qualifications from countries in Asia that haven’t qualified a full team…so right now the two spots would be Eom Do-hyun (KOR) and Tan Ing Yueh (MAS)…assuming North Korea is still planning on not sending gymnasts.

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