Nominative Roster Set for Cottbus, First FIG Competition in the 2024 Quad

Artem Dolgopyat

The FIG released the nominative roster for the Cottbus world cup, which will mark the first major international competition of the new quad and will serve as a qualifier for this year’s world championships.

Yes, beginning in 2022, athletes and nations will need to qualify to world championships, and can do so via both continental championships and the apparatus world cup series. At the end of the series, the eight highest-ranked eligible gymnasts per apparatus without a team qualified and who haven’t already qualified via the all-around will qualify to worlds by name, with a maximum of two gymnasts per country per apparatus. The ranking is based on the top three highest scores in the four-meet series, which after Cottbus includes world cups in Doha, Cairo, and Baku.

The same messy points system that determined Olympic qualification in 2020 will now also be used for worlds this quad. With continental championships serving as the primary qualifier for worlds, yet happening after the world cup series concludes, it means those who are ranked via the apparatus world cups but who later qualify through the all-around or on a team that qualifies will have their points reallocated to the next-eligible gymnasts. Here we go again!

So Cottbus is where this system kicks off, and we should expect to see over a hundred gymnasts attempting the first stage of worlds qualification, including 2020 Olympic men’s floor champion Artem Dolgopyat of Israel and 2021 world pommel horse champion Stephen Nedoroscik of the United States.

The competition will begin with qualifications on February 24, and should be available to watch on the Olympic Channel. A full list of all competitors who have registered is below.

Matvei Petrov
Artur Avetisyan
Artur Davtyan
Vahagn Davtyan
Gagik Khachikyan
James Bacueti
Mitchell Morgans
Michael Tone
Manuel Arnold
Alexander Benda
Xheni Dyrmishi
Vinzenz Höck
Javidan Babayev
Nikita Simonov
Ivan TIkhonv
Samira Gahramanova
Sviataslau Dranitski
Dzmitry Hurynovich
Yahor Sharamkou
Adelina Rylko
Anastasiya Smantsar
Audrey Rousseau
Rose Woo
Aurel Benovic
Tin Srbic
Filip Ude
Jakov Vlahek
Jonas Behal
Ondrej Kalny
Radomir Sliz
Lucie Trnkova
Akseli Karsikas
Pavel Titov
Benjamin Osberger
Mathias Philippe
Cyril Tommasone
Nils Dunkel
Nils Matache
Felix Remuta
Dario Sissakis
Glenn Trebing
Lea Marie Quaas
Aiyu Zhu
Joshua Nathan
Hayden Skinner
Courtney Tulloch
Ellie Downie
Stavros Gkinis
Nikolaos Iliopoulos
Christoforos Konstantinidis
Konstantinos Konstantinidis
Antonios Tantalidis
Stefanos Tsolakidis
Elvira Katsali
Konstantina Maragkou
Areti Pagoni
Ng Ka Ki
Shek Wai Hung
Charlie Chan Cheuk Lam
Angel Wong Hiu Ying
Jon Gunnarsson
Artem Dolgopyat
Pavel Gulidov
Eyal Indig
Andrey Medvedev
Alexander Myakinin
Ofir Netzer
Thomas Grasso
Matteo Levantesi
Carlo Macchini
Milad Karimi
Nariman Kurbanov
Farukh Nabiyev
Dmitrijs Mickevics
Loran de Munck
Martijn de Veer
Jordi Hagenaar
Rick Jacobs
Sanna Veerman
Tisha Volleman
Ethan Dick
Sam Dick
William Fu Allen
Mikhail Koudinov
Jorden O’Connell Inns
Reece Cobb
Keira Rolston-Larking
Fredrik Aas
Peder Skogvang
Harald Wibye
Selma Halvorsen
Mari Kanter
Maria Tronrud
Pablo Broszio
Kacper Garnczarek
Sebastian Gawronski
Wiktoria Giemza
Wiktoria Lopuszanska
Kaja Skalska
Barbora Mokosova
Luka Bojanc
Nikolaj Bozic
Luka Kisek
Lucija Hribar
Tjasa Kysselef
Zala Trtnik
Thierno Diallo
Pau Jimenez
Dietmar Reinhardt
Daniel Tuya
Laura Bechdeju
Alba Petisco
Irene Ros
Suphacheep Baobenmad
Ittirit Kumsiriratn
Tikumporn Surintornta
Ferhat Arican
Adem Asil
Hasan Bulut
Ibrahim Colak
Sercan Demir
Mehmet Ayberk Kosak
Nazar Chepurnyi
Illia Kovtun
Roman Vashchenko
Daniela Batrona
Yuliia Kasianenko
Brody Malone
Stephen Nedoroscik
Rasuljon Abdurakhimov
Abdulla Azimov
Khabibullo Ergashev
Utkirbek Juraev
Abdulaziz Mirvaliev

Article by Lauren Hopkins

13 thoughts on “Nominative Roster Set for Cottbus, First FIG Competition in the 2024 Quad

    • She was originally planning on it but just broke a bone in her foot the other day so she’s likely going to have to withdraw. She said on IG that she wasn’t sure of the timing for returning, but I’d guess it wouldn’t be soon enough to compete internationally in the next month.


      • Yeah, I was going to ask this. I’m 99% sure she won’t be there (can the universe give her a break!), so I wonder if GB will send anyone else. There are a bunch of people who could use some experience, so I hope so!


        • (in reply to comment below, but can’t directly reply): especially since they need to have multiple gymnasts in the summer for both CWG and Euros. Obviously people like Alice, Jessica and Jennifer, Becky, Kelly Simm etc will have that experience, but once you get to the younger team members, I don’t think many of them will have competed even as juniors. And with CWG and Euros so close, England as a national team may not be able to rely on the GB squad members for their team as much either. I assume GB will prioritise Euros as it’s a world qualifier.

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    • Honestly…they were like remember how confusing the Olympic qualifying system was and how athletes had to wait forever to find out what was going on? Let’s do that EVERY SINGLE YEAR next quad.


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