2022 World Championships | Women’s Team Final Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the women’s team final at the 2022 World Championships, held in Liverpool, England!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

9:49 pm. Final Standings

1. United States 166.564
2. Great Britain 163.363
3. Canada 160.563
4. Brazil 159.661
5. Italy 159.463
6. China 157.529
7. Japan 156.964
8. France 155.863


9:43 pm. Jordan Chiles USA FX: 1.5 through to full-in, great! Full-twisting double layout is also strong. Hop L through to tour jeté half. Popa is strong. Front layout through to double tuck, good!!! They’ve done it!!!

9:41 pm. Fukasawa Kokoro JPN UB: Hit the first elements but had a bend in her knees on the Pak. Everything else was good, including the Bhardwaj and van Leeuwen, but then she bent her hips in a handstand RIGHT AT THE END, I’m screaming, legs came apart again in the stalder half to Jaeger, and she has to come off. This is devastating. Has another massive break in a pirouette, this is seriously killing me. How many skills has she done? It feels like one million. Toe full into the dismount with a hop. This was terrifying.

Ellie Black CAN BB: 13.833 (5.9, 7.933)

9:37 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR FX: Good double double to start! Full-twisting double layout, pretty solid shape throughout! Switch ring to tour jeté full. Switch full is solid. Nails the front through to double tuck! BRILLIANT! 14.266 (5.9, 8.366)

Right now for teams that are done, Brazil is ahead of Italy by two tenths.

Tang Xijing CHN UB: 12.833 (5.7, 7.133)

9:36 pm. Watanabe Hazuki JPN UB: Solid routine! Had a good double layout dismount. 12.766 (5.5, 7.266)

Marine Boyer FRA BB: 13.666 (5.6, 8.066)

9:33 pm. Jade Carey USA FX: Moors! SHE MAKES IT LOOK SO EASY. Then a full-twisting double layout. Bringing out all the difficulty! Front layout through to open double tuck, solid. Full-in, chest slightly forward, but yeah, this was great. 14.100 (6.1, 8.000)

Luo Rui CHN UB: 14.400 (6.4, 8.000)

Sydney Turner CAN BB: 13.566 (5.6, 7.966)!

9:31 pm. Alice D’Amato ITA VT: Really solid Yurchenko double! Small hop back. 14.300

9:30 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR FX: 1.5 thorugh to triple full, solid! She’s gonna give us some angry floor after beam. 2.5 to front layout it looked like, we were really zoomed in. Double wolf turn. Stumble on the double pike, leg flew up, but brought it back under control to save that landing. 13.133 (5.3, 7.833)

Rebeca Andrade BRA VT: Cheng, didn’t see it, but the score is 15.166 (5.6, 9.566)!

Carolann Heduit FRA BB: 11.633 (5.5, 6.233, -0.1)

9:29 pm. Manila Esposito ITA VT: 13.466 (4.2, 9.266)

9:27 pm. Yamada Chiharu JPN UB: Maloney to Gienger, good work there. Blind change to piked Jaeger, a little close, but no issues. Pak is clean. Some hips in the handstand before the van Leeuwen, stalder is lovely, toe full is a bit late, to full-in, with a great landing. Wow! 13.666 (5.7, 7.966)

Lorrane Oliveira BRA VT: 13.133 (4.2, 8.933)

9:26 pm. Shilese Jones USA FX: Huge double double to start, small hop back. Switch full. Double layout, slight leg separation but another really strong landing. Strong front tuck through to double tuck. Switch half. 13.733 (5.7, 8.033)

Wei Xiaoyuan CHN UB: 14.733 (6.6, 8.133)!

9:25 pm. Alice D’Amato ITA VT: 14.300 (5.0, 9.300)

Carolyne Pedro BRA VT: 13.166

9:24 pm. Emma Spence CAN BB: Hit the double wolf turn at the start. Front aerial with a big break at the hips. Split jump to wolf jump. Bhs back pike was super solid. Goes a bit wild on the side somi but stays up. Switch to switch half, short, to back handspring. 1.5 with a hop forward. 12.233 (4.9, 7.333)

9:23 pm. Martina Maggio ITA VT: 13.866 (4.6, 9.266)

9:21 pm. Jennifer Gadirova GBR FX: Double layout, leg separation throughout, solid on the landing. Popa, big amplitude. Full-in, some form but a good landing again. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Front layout through to double tuck, good! 13.433 (5.2, 8.233)

9:15 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. United States 124.731
2. Great Britain 122.531
3. Japan 121.132
4. Canada 120.931
5. France 119.364
6. Brazil 118.196
7. Italy 117.831
8. China 115.563

9:14 pm. Manila Esposito ITA FX: Big hop forward on the 2.5 to front layout. Tour jeté full. Switch to tour jeté half. 1.5 to front full with another big hop forward, looked like her toes may have gone OOB. Ugh, double tuck lands deep and she puts her hands down.

9:13 pm. Carolyne Pedro BRA FX: 12.466 (5.1, 7.366)

9:11 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR BB: Switch mount was good. Front aerial to split jump also strong. Side aerial loso loso, gets the first two but comes out of the first loso really off-center and lands the second one off the beam. Double wolf turn. Switch leap to switch half, a little slow in the connection but great landing. Double pike, deep, chest down, pulls back and has to take a lunge. 12.266 (5.7, 6.866, -0.3)

9:09 pm. Sydney Turner CAN UB: Wasn’t typing during this but I LOVE her inbars, also had a toe full to Pak, Maloney, I forgot what her release was I think? Some leg form in some of the handstand/pirouette work, strong double layout! 13.333 (5.4, 7.933)

9:06 pm. Skye Blakely USA BB: Silivas mount, always love it. Triple wolf turn, nice. Stumbles on the standing full and falls. But gets the front “handspring” front tuck series. Switch to switch half. Front aerial to jump series was well-connected. Step back out of the side aerial. Almost stuck her double tuck, it’s cowboyed and the landing was staggered, but she barely moves. 13.266 (6.0, 7.266)

Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA UB: 13.066 (6.2, 6.866)

Alice D’Amato ITA FX: 13.133 (5.2, 7.933)

9:02 pm. Georgia-Mae Fenton GBR BB: Layout stepout mount and double spin are a great way to kick this off. Side aerial to back handspring. Front aerial into a jump, not quite there on that one. Full Y turn has a little adjustment out of it. Triple wolf turn gets wobbly and she has to lean forward but doesn’t touch the beam. Switch to split leap. Double tuck is a bit cowboyed but she gets the landing. 13.333 (5.4, 7.933)

Jordan Chiles USA BB: 13.333 (5.4, 7.933)!!!

9:00 pm. Ellie Black CAN UB: Short handstand before the Maloney to Hindorff, nice. BLACK to Ezhova! Van Leeuwen, slight ankle form, good handstand before the blind full, hit that well, and a tucked toe-front half, almost stuck. 14.033 (5.7, 8.333)

8:59 pm. Rebeca Andrade BRA FX: Front layout full through to full-in, good! Full-twisting double layout had some hip form. Switch full is strong. Memmel is a bit rushed but nowhere near as bad as qualifications. Double layout, slight leg separation in the air but great landing. Switch to tour jeté half. Lunge back out of the double pike. Fabulous work! 14.066 (5.9, 8.166)

Ou Yushan CHN VT: 13.133 (4.2, 8.933)

8:58 pm. Zhang Jin CHN VT: 13.933 (5.2, 8.733)

Martina Maggio ITA FX: 13.966 (5.7, 8.266)

8:57 pm. Carolann Heduit FRA UB: Weiler half with some ankle form to Maloney to Ricna, quite low there, Ray to Pak, a bit low on the transition as well, van Leeuwen with slight ankle form, everything is just a LITTLE off, blind full, blind change to double front, step back. Good work! 13.433 (5.9, 7.533)

8:56 pm. Miyata Shoko JPN VT: WOW, stuck the CRAP out of the Yurchenko double! Knee form in the air. 14.400 (5.0, 9.400)

Emma Spence CAN UB: 12.433 (4.8, 7.633)

8:54 pm. Ondine Achampong GBR BB: Front walkover mount, front aerial to jump series was very nice, bhs loso loso, some feet on all three and a little check at the end. Side aerial. Switch ring, back foot isn’t there. Full Y turn, lovely. Split ring jump, little things…2.5 dismount with some ankle form and a hop but this was solid! 13.700 (5.7, 8.000)

Tang Xijing CHN VT: Good landing on the Yurchenko full! Some pike down. 13.133 (4.2, 8.933)

8:52 pm. Sakaguchi Ayaka JPN VT: Stuck her Yurchenko double! That was great. 14.200

8:51 pm. Aline Friess FRA UB: Maloney to clear hip to Pak, tucks her knees a bit. Toe full to van Leeuwen, blind change to straddle Jaeger, double front with her chest at her knees. 12.966 (5.3, 7.666)

Julia Soares BRA FX: 12.833 (5.3, 7.533)

8:49 pm. Jade Carey USA BB: No problems in her mount, full turn with the usual finish which actually reminds me of Aly Raisman’s full turn finishes. Bhs loso loso with just a slight bobble. Clean side aerial, tiny adjustment. Hits the jumps series after. Front aerial, switch leap, switch half, none of those were connected. She’s just working very tentatively. Switch side is good. Double pike, chest down and a lunge back. 12.800 (5.4, 7.500, -0.1)

8:43 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. United States 85.332
2. Great Britain 83.232
3. Canada 80.832
4. France 79.899
5. Italy 79.132
6. Japan 78.932
7. Brazil 78.831
8. China 75.364

8:42 pm. Miyata Shoko JPN FX: Full-twisting double layout has a lot of form things going on at every level, but she gets the landing! Whip whip through to triple full, some helicopter legs but another strong landing! Good on the 1.5 to front full. Switch leap to tour jeté half. Double pike, chest forward but stuck! 13.700 (5.7, 8.000)

8:39 pm. Carolyne Pedro BRA BB: Switch leap, misses the connection to the tour jeté, which is short. Big wobble, leg up, on the bhs loso. Front toss. Front aerial is a bit short. Sissone to wolf jump, also not quite where it needs to be. Double tuck dismount. 11.966 (4.6, 7.366)

8:36 pm. Zhang Jin CHN FX: Lovely quad turn at the beginning. 2.5 to front pike, kinda bends her knees a bit and hops forward. Switch ring to switch half, really short and weird rotation there. Triple full ended up pretty deep, lunge forward. Memmel turn. Double pike, deep with a hop. 12.866 (5.4, 7.466)

8:35 pm. Shilese Jones USA UB: Stalder full to Chow, some bent arms in the back swing, to Tkachev, toe full is almost great in terms of handstand, Downie to Pak is great, van Leeuwen with slight leg separation, toe half was a little late, double front, slightly deep with a step back. 14.333 (6.3, 8.033)

Manila Esposito ITA BB: 13.133 (5.2, 7.933)

Yamada Chiharu JPN FX: 13.033 5.3, 7.733)

8:32 pm. Georgia-Mae Fenton GBR UB: Fenton II to Ezhova, Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, blind full is lovely, to full-in, good landing! 13.633 (5.7, 7.933)

8:30 pm. Leanne Wong USA UB: Stalder half to piked Jaeger, huge! Got the connection to the Bhardwaj, Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, all going well, double layout lands a bit short with a big lunge but this was a nice hit for her! 13.766 (5.7, 8.066)

Coline Devillard FRA VT: Handspring rudi, really rough in the air in terms of bent knees, bent hips, and leg separation, and she takes a big step off the mat. 13.700 (5.4, 8.600, -0.3)

8:28 pm. Rebeca Andrade BRA BB: Switch leap mount, solid. Switch to switch half to split jump. Came up really short in her chest position on the bhs loso and has a big wobble but fights it. Aerial and jumps had a few little things. Side aerial with a huge wobble and she’s off. Hit the rest after remounting, including a nearly stuck double pike, feet slightly apart and she moves one foot. 12.833 (5.8, 7.033)

Martina Maggio ITA BB: 12.900 (5.6, 7.300)

8:26 pm. Denelle Pedrick CAN VT: Yurchenko double with a slide back into a lunge, really powerful! 13.866 (5.0, 8.866)

8:24 pm. Ou Yushan CHN FX: Whip whip through to triple, small step back. 2.5 to punch front, a little pikey for a layout, but gets it around. Triple wolf turn was nice. Step back on the double tuck. Good work!

Jordan Chiles USA UB: Haven’t seen this yet but here’s the score – 14.100 (5.9, 8.200)!

Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA VT: Yurchenko double, a bit weak in the air, and she lands REALLY deep. 13.700 (5.0, 8.700)

8:23 pm. Julia Soares BRA BB: 12.533 (5.4, 7.133) – bummer

Ellie Black CAN VT: 14.200 (5.0, 9.200)!

8:21 pm. Sakaguchi Ayaka JPN FX: Full-in and triple full, hit both landings without major issue. Switch ring to tour jeté half, the later looked a bit short. 1.5 to front full, goes a little low and long, slight slide on the landing. 2.5 to finish went well. 13.200 (5.2, 8.000)

8:20 pm. Emma Spence CAN VT: Yurchenko 1.5, knee form but a great landing! 13.633 (4.6, 9.033)

Tang Xijing CHN FX: 12.166 (5.0, 7.166)

8:19 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR UB: Gets a bit stuck in the giant before the piked Jaeger, Tkachev to mixed grip to Ezhova, completely bends her legs, no idea how she stayed on, Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen with legs apart, short handstand before the blindf ull, which finished about 45 degrees late, sticks the full-in dismount. This was rough but her fight to stay on was wild. 12.800 (5.6, 7.200)

8:17 pm. Giorgia Villa ITA BB: A little wobbly on the mount but she HIT THE TUCK FULL!!! LOVELY double turn. Gorgeous on the side aerial too. Hop back on the double full. 13.733 (5.6, 8.133)

8:14 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. United States 43.133
2. Great Britain 42.699
3. Brazil 41.499
4. Italy 39.366
5. Canada 39.133
6. Japan 38.999
7. France 38.499
8. China 37.366

8:12 pm. Long wait for Luo Rui’s score.

8:10 pm. Luo Rui CHN BB: Grabs the beam and falls on her layout series. Switch leap, pause before the split ring jump to back handspring. Switch ring really slow to the back handspring. Aerial series that ended with a Korbut, nice. Double tuck looked like it was going to be a crash, she was really slow in the rotation and low on the landing, but she got it around in the end.

8:08 pm. Miyata Shoko JPN BB: Wobble on the leap mount. Layout series and jump series go well, just minor deductions, really wobbly on the double spin. Chest down on the side somi. Jump series to back handspring. Big stumble on the double pike dismount. 13.233 (5.8, 7.433)

8:05 pm. Sydney Turner CAN FX: Memmel to full spin. Triple full, big step back. Front tuck through to 2.5 with a step forward. Lunge back out of the double pike. 13.100 (5.3, 7.800)

Aline Friess FRA FX: 12.000 (5.1, 6.900)

Alice D’Amato ITA UB: 13.500 (6.2, 7.300)

8:03 pm. Ellie Black CAN FX: 13.100 (5.0, 8.200, -0.1)

8:01 pm. Ou Yushan CHN BB: Front handspring front tuck, switch to switch half to Korbut, a little slow in the latter but I’d give it to her. Switch ring to split ring jump to back handspring, front aerial to straddle jump to back handspring, god I love this. Very nice side somi. 2.5 ends up deep with big steps to the side and off the mat. LORD. But that was otherwise so beautiful. 14.266 (6.5, 7.766)

Yamada Chiharu JPN BB: 12:766

Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA FX: 13.366 (5.1, 8.266)

7:59 pm. Rebeca Andrade BRA UB: Maloney to stalder full to piked Tkachev to Pak to van Leeuwen, the LIFT on that, I’m yelling, gorgeous. Blind change to HUGE piked Jaeger, toe full almost perfectly vertical to full-in with a step. Amazing. 14.633 (6.2, 8.433)

Ondine Achampong GBR VT: Yurchenko double, the cleanest and strongest of the Brits, but had a big hop back. 14.366!

Before her, Flavia Saraiva went 13.666, we didn’t see her set.

7:57 pm. Jade Carey USA VT: Cheng, some form going into pre-flight but it looked better than quals to my eyes, more upright and solid on the landing I think? 14.800

7:54 pm. Martina Maggio ITA UB: Off on her Ray, and again on the Maloney to Tkachev. WHY. Toe full to toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, arabian double front dismount with a good landing, but that was a heartbreaker. 11.700

7:53 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR VT: Yurchenko double, not bad in the air, just slightly soft in her knees, really powerful, huge hop back. 14.200 (5.0, 9.200)

Giorgia Villa ITA UB: 14.166 (5.8, 8.366)

Laurie Denommée CAN FX: 12.933 (5.1, 7.833)

7:52 pm. Shilese Jones USA VT: Yurchenko double, tons of power, mostly clean in the air aside from the pre-flight, looked like she was trying to stick it and she ends up going short, big lunge forward OOB. 13.933 (5.0, 9.033, -0.1)

7:50 pm. Tang Xijing CHN BB: Hits the loso mount and layout series. Jumps to back handspring were slow, and the split ring jump wasn’t super tight. Then she’s off on the switch ring. Welp. Down again on a front aerial. Hands down on her double pike. 10.700

Ayaka Sakaguchi JPN BB: 13.000 (5.6, 7.400)

7:49 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR VT: Major straddle in her pre-flight and her knees are a bit soft in the air, not the cleanest, hop back, that going after Chiles should be several tenths lower but the judges went crazy for her in qualifications so idk.

7:48 pm. Jordan Chiles USA VT: Yurchenko double, solid. Tiniest movement on the landing, not very huge off the table to be picky, but overall a big hit. 14.400 (5.0, 9.400)

7:46 pm. Lorrane Oliveira BRA UB: Maloney to Pak, nice, to toe-on to van Leeuwen, some ankles, blind change to front giant full, really late there, to piked Jaeger, blind change to front giant to double front half, NICE! Leg form looked good from the angle I saw. 13.200 (5.6, 7.600)

7:45 pm. Marine Boyer FRA FX: Front layout full through to double tuck, good landing. Slight shuffle out of a turn, good landing on a leap after, nothing major. Double pike with a hop back. A little rushed in another turn, gets the hop L to switch half. Good routine! 13.133 (5.1, 8.033)

7:44 pm. Should be starting in a second!

7:43 pm. Nothing too dramatic in warmups so far.

7:42 pm. FIG stream has bars going on, beam, everyone, and Peacock is like, zooming in on Jordan Chiles. Love it.

7:38 pm. I’m normally not much of a leo person and barely notice what people are wearing but this is…something. The top is just way too shiny for me. And then it’s just like…ok red.

Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 7.38.55 PM

7:36 pm. Watching all of the team intros now. I have the FIG feed on my laptop and the Peacock feed on my iPad, so we’ll see if there’s any difference between the two. I know NBC and Peacock like to randomly cut to commercials during routines that aren’t the U.S. lol, so I feel like FIG is safer. Plus, Peacock isn’t showing any of the intros.

7:34 pm. The start lists are still showing Flavia Saraiva as doing all four events, but a lot of Brazilian Twitter accounts are saying she’s only doing bars, and that some updated start lists have her only on bars. In case you missed it, she injured her ankle on floor the other day, and hurt it further when vaulting, so she only did an easy bars dismount in qualifications. She was apparently cleared to do all four last night but seemed to be struggling today.

7:29 pm. The FIG feed is here! You need a VPN. I use Nord and set it to Bosnia, one country that isn’t limited due to broadcast rights.


29 thoughts on “2022 World Championships | Women’s Team Final Live Blog

  1. Soo crazy that everyone was saying that all the teams could get a medal but canada and now they are the ones getting the bronze medal!! Soo happy for them for being consistent


      • ME TOO!!!!!! I remember getting so excited for them in 2018 and 2019 and then after it didn’t happen then I was like, when will they ever have another team this strong again? I love that they were able to do it without “the strongest” possible group.


  2. Canadaaaaaaaa I can’t wait to actually watch this but reading the entire thing my heart was out of my chest especially near the end. So happy for GB as well they’re consistently showing they’re a legitimate powerhouse now In Gymnastics. Loving the shakeup of this final


  3. I stupidly forgot to avert my eyes clicking on the page so I saw the results without reading how the competition unfolded.. I imagine I’ll have additional thoughts if I ever watch this meet.

    But WHOA for CANADA 🍁 🤯. I think they barely qualified and they wound up with the bronze medal?? You love to see it! This is exactly why the FIG implemented 3 up, 3 count (probably the only major change I’ve agreed with). It’s pretty exciting to see a country win a team medal for the first time at a World Championships. I don’t even think I’m familiar with any gymnasts on the team except Ellie (if she’s even there), yet I’m overjoyed for them!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Me too, I was heartbroken for Shallon, and even though this isn’t going to make up for anything, it’s nice that she will be included, given that she has been a major part of this team from the time she was like 12 years old. And then Ellie, of course!!! Over the moon for her.


    • Yes, it was amazing! It pays to be one of the steadiest teams even if you aren’t the one with the flashiest difficulty, and it’s great that so many of the teams are now getting to be at a similar enough level where it could truly go almost any way.


  4. Glad for Canada! Like I said, Jordan would hit in TF. Congrats to all of the medalists. And is this Canada’s first? Major congrats to them.


    • Yes, Canada’s first medal! Also GB’s highest finish, they got bronze in 2015 but never silver or gold! Really glad Jordan hit here, she was amazing, and I really hope coming through knowing she could do this while leading the team will boost her confidence going forward. I know Gabby really struggled until she got to 2011 worlds and then everything changed, competitions like these can completely change the course of someone’s career!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! I love doing it, and am happy to help share some of what’s going on especially since I know not everyone will be able to access streams or video. I hope it’s detailed enough and brings a little bit of the meet to life in a small way!


  5. I think that it was the worst TF recently. The canadians are amazing and I’m so glad by their bronze. But without russian and the disastrous final of some teams…. idk it was disappointing


    • I agree. It was exciting for all the wrong reasons. We do want to see a tight competition that is hard to predict what the podium order will be. We want to see difficult, clean, artistic gymnastics.

      We do not want to see medals be determined by who has the least falls.

      Hit rates continue to drop and it’s understandable that athletes are pressured to do more difficult routines, because the execution gap from an almost perfect routine to disturbingly sloppy is appalling — difficulty is the only way to guarantee competitive scores.

      Can we get robot judging already? Seriously, some of these judges need to get blacklisted. It won’t be long and elite will be as bad as NCAA scoring.


  6. There was water leaking in the BB in TF, the US team found out and asked to dry it but it was too late for all the previous teams.

    These results are botched just like Sydney AA final.


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