2016 Sokol Grand Prix Results

Results from the 2016 Sokol Grand Prix, held on November 26 in Brno, Czech Republic.

2016 Dutch Team Championships Results

Results from the 2016 Dutch Team Championships, held from November 19 through November 20 in Hoofddorp, Netherlands.

Dutch Nationals Will Help Decide Dutch and Belgian Teams

The Dutch and Belgian women will fight for spots on their respective Olympic teams at Dutch Championships in Rotterdam this weekend.

2016 IAG SportEvent Results

Results from the 2016 IAG SportEvent, held from May 5 through May 8 in Hertogenbosch, Netherlands.

Larsson Wins Tight Sidijk Race

Swedish gymnast Emma Larsson is on a roll, adding an all-around title at Sidjik to the two silvers she picked up at Baku earlier in the month.

2016 Sidijk Tournament Results

Results from the 2016 Sidijk Tournament, held from February 27 through February 28 in Heerenveen, Netherlands.

Van Gerner, Adlerteg Will Return at Sidijk

Olympic hopefuls Celine van Gerner and Jonna Adlerteg will return to competition this weekend at Sidijk after dealing with injuries in 2015.

2014 Dutch Championships Results

Results from the 2014 Dutch Championships, held from June 21 through June 22 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

2013 Leverkusen Cup Results

Results from the 2013 Leverkusen Cup, held on October 12 in Leverkusen, Germany.