2022 Baku World Cup Results

Results from the 2022 Baku World Cup, held from March 31 through April 3 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Roster Released for World Cup in Baku

The complete roster for this month’s Baku World Cup, the final of four FIG world cups in the 2022 season.

2021 Elite Gym Massilia Results

Results from the 2021 Elite Gym Massilia, held from November 12 through November 14 in Marseille, France.

2021 Wase Gymcup Results

Results from the 2021 Wase Gymcup, held from October 30 through October 31 in Melsele, Belgium.

2021 2nd Dutch Olympic Trials Results

Results from the 2021 2nd Dutch Olympic Trials, held on June 26 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.