The NCAA D2 and D3 Week Two Recap


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With the first two weeks of the NCAA season in the books, it’s important to remember that NCAA gymnastics has three divisions. Division II and Division III teams are just as exciting as their Division I counterparts and contribute just as much time, effort, and heart. With few scholarships available in Division II, and no athletic scholarships in Division III, one can even argue that it takes more heart, drive, and passion to be a DII or DIII athlete when there is little financial gain. Here’s our rundown of the first two weeks!

Bridgeport had an incredible showing at their second meet, where their 194.475 topped UNH and Brown, both D1 teams. A trio of 9.775s from Kim Stewart, Hope Tralli, and freshman Nina Whittaker led the Purple Knights on vault. Brianna Comport posted UB’s best scores on beam (9.8) and floor (9.925), and is truly a beautiful gymnast to watch. Her style is like Nastia Liukin meets Bridget Sloan, and her beam is especially unique. Floor specialist Randi Cutolo also contributed a 9.9 on floor, an event that UB totally dominated, beating UNH by over four tenths.

West Chester opened with a 191.050 against D3 Ursinus, and set a program record on beam (48.6). Majesta Valentine continues to be a star for the Rams, scoring a 39.1 in the all-around and winning Every. Single. Event. She scored a 9.85 on beam (and she does a tucked gainer full dismount off the end, which is super rare in NCAA) and a 9.9 on floor, where she opens with the most beautiful front double full.

Eau Claire scored their highest opening score in program history (188.700) at their meet at DI Central Michigan. Not only was it their best opening score, it was Eau Claire’s second highest team score EVER. They also set a program record on beam (47.775). Tori Erickson was second on vault (9.625), fifth on beam (9.625), and third on floor (9.8). Clare Mascia was third on beam with a 9.75. With the Blugolds starting their season on such a high note, they will certainly prove to be an exciting team to follow this season!

Whitewater posted the second highest D3 score (187.950) in the last two weeks in their victory over Stout, though Stout came within tenths of them on vault and floor. LaCrosse and Brockport are right on their heels, scoring 187.675 and 187.600 this week, respectively.

D2 Standings

Rank Team Average
1 Bridgeport 192.850
2 Lindenwood 192.738
3 West Chester 190.850
4 Texas Woman’s 190.813
5 Seattle Pacific 189.425
6 Southern Connecticut 188.125

D2 All-Around Standings

Rank Athlete Team Average
1 Majesta Valentine West Chester 38.987
2 Schyler Jones Texas Woman’s 38.463
3 Kelsey Campbell Bridgeport 38.112
4 Bria Northrup Texas Woman’s 37.787
5 Selena Swanger West Chester 37.663

D2 Vault Standings

Rank Athlete Team Average
1 Darian Burns Seattle Pacific 9.775
Kimberly Stewart Bridgeport 9.775
3 Kierstin Sokolowski Lindenwood 9.763
Katey Oswalt Lindenwood 9.763
5 Schyler Jones Texas Woman’s 9.762
6 Majesta Valentine West Chester 9.750
7 Katie Simpson Texas Woman’s 9.713
Aubree Horn Lindenwood 9.713
Breanna Franklin Lindenwood 9.713

D2 Bars Standings

Rank Athlete Team Average
1 Christine Liataud Bridgeport 9.713
2 Aubree Horn Lindenwood 9.700
Andy Alexander Lindenwood 9.700
4 Kiersten Sokolowski Lindenwood 9.688
5 Jenna Cashmore Texas Woman’s 9.675

D2 Beam Standings

Rank Athlete Team Average
1 Brianna Comport Bridgeport 9.825
2 Majesta Valentine West Chester 9.763
3 Miyuki Matsune Seattle Pacific 9.750
Rotem Porat Southern Connecticut 9.750
5 Kiersten Sokolowski Lindenwood 9.725
Darian Burns Seattle Pacific 9.725
7 Lauren Glover Seattle Pacific 9.700

D2 Floor Standings

Rank Athlete Team Average
1 Brianna Comport Bridgeport 9.875
2 Majesta Valentine West Chester 9.850
3 Erin Alderman Texas Woman’s 9.800
Randi Cutolo Bridgeport 9.800
5 Maya Reimers Bridgeport 9.750
6 Kayla McMullan Lindenwood 9.725
Lauren Glover Seattle Pacific 9.725

D3 Standings

Rank Team Average
1 Whitewater 187.950
2 La Crosse 187.675
3 Eau Claire 187.325
4 Ursinus 186.875
5 Brockport 186.450
6 Centenary 186.300
7 Winona State 184.450
8 Stout 184.300
9 Hamline 183.413
10 Ithaca 183.200
11 Springfield 183.050
12 Cortland 181.400
13 Oshkosh 179.375
14 Gustavus 178.975
15 Rhode Island 176.375

D3 All-Around Standings

Rank Athlete Team Average
1 Evelyn Harris Centenary 37.975
2 Kaylee Jondahl Stout 37.700
3 Jessica Clemens Springfield 37.575
4 Katie Fiorilli Whitewater 37.500
5 Eboni Jackson Winona State 37.300

D3 Vault Standings

Rank Athlete Team Average
1 Mikala Bugge Stout 9.675
2 Ashley White Centenary 9.625
Katie Fiorilli Whitewater 9.625
4 Becca Wilcox Eau Claire 9.600
Evelyn Harris Centenary 9.600
6 Bridgette Schaal Brockport 9.550
Stephanie Mager Brockport 9.550
8 Lauren Zurowski Eau Claire 9.513

D3 Bars Standings

Rank Athlete Team Average
1 Abby Ostrovsky La Crosse 9.700
2 Amy Enright La Crosse 9.650
3 Allison Scates Centenary 9.625
4 Jessica Clemens Springfield 9.600
5 Lauren Wilson La Crosse 9.550

D3 Beam Standings

Rank Athlete Team Average
1 Kaelin Ruoss Ursinus 9.750
2 Ashley White Centenary 9.675
Jennifer Sklenar Brockport 9.675
Nina Bustamente-Nadeau Ithaca 9.675
5 Heather Gomes Springfield 9.650
6 Ally Blixt La Crosse 9.625
7 Kendra Balcerak Ithaca 9.600
Jessica Clemens Springfield 9.600
Evelyn Harris Centenary 9.600
Jillian Casarella Ursinus 9.600
Kari Willett La Crosse 9.600

D3 Floor Standings

Rank Athlete Team Average
1 Olivia Hirsch Centenary 9.750
Kaylee Jondahl Stout 9.750
3 Navia Jordan Centenary 9.725
4 Erin Olson Eau Claire 9.713
5 Courtney Pickett Whitewater 9.675
6 Eboni Jackson Winona State 9.638

Article by Sarah Keegan


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