Around the Gymternet: The things we had to go through.

Former U.S. Gymnastics Officials Testify To Senate Committee On Preventing Abuse And Ensuring Safe Environment For Athletes

Michigan State University acted faster to protect a dog than it did to protect its entire women’s athletics program and the U.S. gymnastics team.” -Charles of Twitter fame sums up MSU’s latest scandal: bestiality. Ruff.

Comp news

Junior Pan Ams is happening, with competition beginning Wednesday and ending on Friday. Here is Team USA, and here’s how to watch.

What else happened

The Senate hearing happened. Former USA Gymnastics president Steve Penny, former women’s program head Rhonda Faehn, and former MSU president Lou Anna Simon appeared in person to testify at the Senate on how their respective orgs handled abuse on Tuesday.

Former national team coordinator and scary grandma Martha Karolyi and former U.S. Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun were not there. They submitted written testimony instead.

Here are the highlights.

Penny pled the fifth, and it was awkward af.

  • The senators asked him questions anyway, about, in part, how long he waited to notify authorities of abuse allegations and whether he notified MSU.
  • Senator Blumenthal said documents would speak for Penny instead, noting 2013 and 2014 emails in which Penny may have referred to Nassar’s behavior.
  • As he left the hearing, former gymnast Amy Compton shamed him Game of Thrones-style.

Faehn showed emotion, a first for any official.

  • Her emails show USAG staff were told by Penny to keep quiet about Nassar, and that at least 15 adults were aware of the allegations in 2015 without notifying authorities.
  • Faehn said she was made to believe that Penny had alerted authorities before he had done so, and that he asked her to set up interviews with gymnasts without including coaches or parents.
  • According to her testimony, USAG national teams manager Amy “who?” White was asked to bring medical records from the Ranch to USAG headquarters.
  • Faehn also said she hasn’t been questioned by the FBI.

Karolyi called in sick.

  • Her written testimony says her “primary duties were confined to the gymnasium,” and that USAG hired Nassar.
  • In response to Karolyi’s absence, survivor Jeanette Antolin says she was expected to practice and see Nassar for “treatment” while sick.
  • Norah Flatley also responded, saying on Twitter that she had to train at the Ranch with broken feet, and Rachel Gowey said she has asthma and had to do a full floor routine when she “couldn’t breathe.

Simon says, not my fault.

  • Simon doesn’t know how microphones work, but said she is “truly horrified” about Nassar and that she had no knowledge of his behavior, and apologized to survivors.
  • Survivor Morgan McCaul called Simon’s testimony “disappointing,” saying “I want to see her apologize” and accept responsibility.

See the details. Read the testimony and watch the hearing.

The state of Michigan

See above. Plus, bills moved forward. A Michigan Senate committee approved 25 Nassar-inspired bills on Wednesday, re-adding coaches to the list of mandatory reporters because duh.

Strampel’s case will head to trial. Former MSU dean and Nassar’s former boss William Strampel will go to trial for his misconduct and criminal sexual conduct charges, a judge ruled on Tuesday.

New emails were released. They show details about how the 2014 Title IX investigation was handled, including that Nassar was allowed to go back to work before it was completed, and that new standards for how he would treat patients were not implemented.

Six medics are under investigation. Six MSU medical professionals with connections to Nassar are being investigated by Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

Required reading

  • Please check out Dvora Meyers’ investigative work of USAG on Deadspin:
    • Why haven’t we heard from Peter Vidmar, the former board chair of USA Gymnastics?
    • If USA Gymnastics goes down, who goes down with it?
  • Testimony from former USA Gymnastics CEO is summed up in one word: Shame (USA Today).
  • The engaged, strategic leadership that USA Gymnastics needs (FloGymnastics).

Star status

Injuries. Ashton Locklear had knee surgery, and Lieke Wevers says “a hard rest is now needed” and won’t be at worlds or Euros.

Comebacks. Ukraine’s Petro Pakhniuk is recovering, as am I after vomiting in a storm drain.

Upgrades. Sam Mikulak has one on p-bars, and Jade Carey showed off her progress leading up to nationals.

Aliya. Our friends at Gymnovosti are working overtime with all the drama. Valentina Rodionenko says if Mustafina doesn’t compete at the Russian Cup, she might not be chosen for Euros, and that she needs to lose weight. Yup.

In other news, Musty says she’s against vaccinating her daughter (Psst. Read this if you were about to comment that it’s “her choice”).

NCAA corner

It’s raining men. Miss Val is getting closer to being able to do a pull-up, with the help of some greased up gods that presumably just follow her around everywhere begging for scraps.

You’re hired. Former WOGA coach Ryan Roberts has been brought on at Alabama, and Ashley Priess-Johnston is Auburn’s new assistant coach.

We’re the same, you and I. LSU’s Ruby Harrold tumbled for the first time since nationals, and she’s in for a world of hurt. Similarly, I drank enough to kill an elephant for the first time since college and everything was awful even after the storm drain.

New recruit. Olivia Trauman is going to Oklahoma.

Staying social

Baby news. Alex Naddour had a baby, but Hollie Vise did all the work. Welcome to the world, Crew!

Idk I kinda like it? Tell us how you feel about this double squat turn in stag to press.

Laurie missed the beam. Laurie Hernandez posted a fail, but never wont to be less than perfect, she later posted a correction. She also wants you to help Puerto Rico’s small business recover from Hurricane Maria. Do it.

Pip pip, Dominick (sorry). Dominick Cunningham was British at 10 Downing Street to celebrate his Commonwealths team gold. Then he visited a school and did a handstand on a piano (People also search for: Hamster on a piano).

Conspiracy theory. Margzetta Frazier says she’s had so many x-rays she might have legit superpowers, but as an uncoordinated oaf I actually think all gymnasts must be the result of some sort of toxic chemical exposure.

Need to know

Yup, more reading. Here are your national champions for the year, and here’s why the ladies of Team USA will continue to dominate.

Last words

I’ll follow up on my conspiracy theory next week after doing some research and buying red yarn, promise.

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  1. I hate the anti-vax movement more than almost anything. It’s entirely based on a proven and admittedly fraudulent paper. How is it that people are still buying it? Vaccinate your kids, people. You do not have the right to destroy herd immunity and get everyone else sick because you think your mommy/daddy intuition is more credible than science. IT’S NOT.

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