Around the Gymternet: Baby I’d give you my world


“I was having such a great day…and then I got a notification from Trump :(” – Kennedy Baker isn’t afraid to get political.

What happened

Carey will go her own way. The U.S. women’s worlds team selection camp will happen from October 10-12, with the team named on the 12th. Trinity Thomas and Jade Carey both declined invitations to the camp, and Brian Carey confirmed that Jade did so because she will attempt to qualify for 2020 via the apparatus world cups, precluding her from helping Team USA qualify to Tokyo.

Spencer sums up nicely why this is good for Carey, but maybe not so smart for the U.S. Meanwhile, Tim and Nastia have got their work cut out for them.

The YOGs started. Here’s your Youth Olympic Games preview. There is no stream for the qualifications, organized by grandma on Christmas morning who insists you go one at a damn time, but you can follow the results. Also, Nina Derwael won the Varsenare Friendly (Go Nina).

Another senate hearing was held. The fourth senate hearing on abuse in Olympic sports happened while none of us was looking on Wednesday. Senator Richard Blumenthal suggested that the U.S. Olympic Committee could possibly lose its tax-exempt status.

MSU’s legal fees are…high. Michigan State University’s legal fees related to the Larry Nassar scandal have exceeded $17 million. The uni is paying for some of former dean William Strampel’s and all of former gymnastics head coach Kathie Klages’ legal fees.

One more thing. FIG President Morinari Watanabe said on Friday that coaches need to “act like parents” in order to prevent another abuse scandal. Yes because I think it was the great Coach Ditka who once said, “Make your own goddamn dinner” and then went out for cigarettes, never to be seen again.

Required reading

  • ESPNW Summit: Sister Survivors Jordyn Wieber and Sarah Klein
  • Nassar victims on Kavanaugh confirmation: It ‘would invalidate my identity as a survivor’ (ThinkProgress)
  • Kathy Johnson-Clarke: In Search of Solutions for the Next Era of USA Gymnastics (Inside Gymnastics)

Star status

Injuries. King Kohei has injured his ankle, but he’ll still try for the all-around at worlds. Italy’s Francesca Linari is out of worlds, Amy Tinkler had multiple ankle surgeries, and Carolann Heduit of France is out of the YOGs with an injury.

Comebacks. Claudia Fragapane is back to doing full bar routines after her injury in the spring.

Upgrades. Olivia Dunne is training a gorgeous piked double arabian. PLUS: Watch Viktoria Komova do a full-twisting jaeger 85 miles away from the bar and stop to contemplate what could have been.

Retirements. Yulia Inshina of Azerbaijan announced her retirement.

Staying social

Are you ready? Margzetta Frazier wants you to know that she sure as hell is.

Jurassic nope. So we’re just never going to get tired of watching guys in t-rex costumes do stuff? No? OK.

More like Quirky-na. Amiright? Here’s Svetlana Khorkina dancing. Take a look at these photos, too, while you’re at it.

Speaking of bizarre. Aly Raisman is featured in an Iranian pro-hijab ad that you should seriously not even bother watching.

Last words

Still sick, btw. I’m at the point where I’m just going to assume that this is who I am from now on. Oh look. Here comes Jess, our coughing friend.

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17 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: Baby I’d give you my world

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  2. Just a thought, or some ideas for posts:

    Larisa Iordache update ( I have a strong opinion on that one, one that most people probably don’t agree on, and that is that I don’t want her to come back, it’s too much of a physical an mental toll on her body unless magic happens and she want to comeback, if that’s the case I’ll support her.)

    Romania update, future, etc
    Update gymnast profiles, such as Ponor listed as active, Stanila listed as injured not retired despite not competing since 2014, etc

    THX! Love the gymternet

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  3. Why is MSU paying anything for Strampel and Klages? These two people are grown-ass adults who knew very well the consequences of their actions. Why is MSU easing their burden by helping them with legal fees?


  4. So if Jade does qualify through apparatus world cup and gets an Olympic spot … does that mean that she cannot contribute to the team event at the Olympics?


    • She can be integrated into the team but would lose the nominative spot (and the spot would go to the next highest ranked athlete on that apparatus).


    • “Should an NOC choose to include an athlete who has earned a nominative quota place in its team, this nominative quota place will be lost and the place will be reallocated to the next highest eligible athlete based on the Olympic Qualification ranking list (based on the highest three (3) results per apparatus of the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 Individual Apparatus World Cup Series combined).”

      page 8


      • So in reading this, she can qualify for two events? But if someone like Skinner were to theoretically come back and have a higher finish, then Jade would be out.

        Sorry, but this convoluted process is making my brain hurt! What was the FIG thinking?!


        • we still have no clue on if FIG will prevent people from competing even if they are not officially sent by their federation was another sticking point made on the balancebeam article….. I mean i think they probably won’t let you do it but you never know?

          at any rate, it looks to me from reading the nbc piece that tom and brian and jade had discussed and thought this out. it’s too bad tom didn’t stop everything for the good and fairness of the US team, but whatever..from jade’s perspective, she definitely scored as she now appears to have 2 options? but then again, if for whatever reason, if she can’t even qualify for the position due to injury or just being not good enough i guess USAG will have the option to send someone for worlds cup and pan am 2020……but they can only do one AA or pan am if she does earn a spot……..This is all pretty much done deal now…. we all unfortunately have to accept it…

          So now it’s a given pretty much 2018 team will be without jade, mccallum is pretty much in… eaker is also likely in but there’s a question of if chiles’ amanar is better for the team score but i can see they want to use eaker for another possible beam medal since chiles doesn’t do two vt….


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