Around the Gymternet: Tell us about your Balls, Pete.

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“Thanks to @LSUParking i got to park in my homeland of England this morning & swim across the Atlantic to get to class.” -Ruby Harrold’s here til Thursday.

Comp news

The Paris Challenge Cup happened. Diana Varinska had a great competition at the Paris Challenge Cup, winning floor plus beam bronze, though she fell in the bars final; Anastasiia Agafonova was also awesome, winning beam along with bars silver; Oksana Chusovitina predictably won the vault title; and Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos was incredible in the bars final to take the win there (with some home crowd support) but had major errors on beam. 

In other news, Ellie Downie withdrew from the beam final but got a gold medal in owning a troll, and the medals looked pretty sci-fi, didn’t they? I mean, I don’t *hate* it.

Italian Champs happened. Asia D’Amato is your new Italian national all-around champion, winning over Desiree Carofiglio and Giorgia Villa with a 55.200, plus taking the vault title.

The 2nd Heerenveen Friendly happened. The Netherlands won their second worlds trial meet, this time against Spain, Switzerland, and Hungary, and then named their worlds team. Naomi Visser won the all-around, followed by Giulia Steingruber, who’s killing it in her comeback.

Other meets happened. Tang Xijing won China’s second world trials meet, where the team was named, Kelly Simm topped the British Team Championships all-around competition while Danusia Francis took the non-squad all-around title AND the title for best coverup, and Georgia Godwin is leading on day one of the Australian Classic.

Lineups are here. Here’s your worlds master team list, including newly confirmed teams from the Netherlands, Germany, China, Switzerland, and others. We got the U.S. selection camp roster, and pretty much everyone’s on it (plus it looks like Sunisa Lee didn’t come here to make friends). We also got a complete report on how the men’s world’s team was chosen because #transparency.

Wut happened

The DOJ is investigating. The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating how Olympic organizations—including the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, USA Gymnastics, and the U.S. Center for SafeSport—responded to sex abuse claims, along with how the FBI handled reports of sexual abuse at USAG, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Bruno Grandi passed away. Bruno Grandi, the FIG’s president for nearly 20 years, passed away on Friday. 

USOPC: We have a plan. The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee will release a five-year plan to “create a better experience for our athletes” by the end of the year, chairwoman Susanne Lyons announced on Thursday.

Li Li Leung: We’ve made progress. USAG CEO Li Li Leung listed her accomplishments six months into her position in a message to the gymnastics community on Thursday. These include a new SafeSport policy and new, more transparent team selection procedures. Meanwhile, USAG has requested more time to make a reorganization plan in accordance with Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

MSU won’t approve investigation. Michigan State University’s new president declined to start an independent investigation of the university’s response to the Larry Nassar scandal after some survivors demanded one last week. The survivors, along with MSU activist groups, are demanding that the investigation be conducted and that all related documents be released to the attorney general.

Required Reading

  • Rachael Denhollander’s book came out and she talked on CBS News, poised and beautiful as always. She was also on NPR’s All Things Considered.
  • Peter Daggett wrote a retrospective of his years competing for Oklahoma. 

Star status

Retirements. Nora Fernandez of Spain retired after withdrawing from nationals this year due to injury. Best of luck in your on-the-ground endeavors, Nora.

Lineup drama. Marta Pihan-Kulesza isn’t going to worlds because of drama with the federation, which she says decided she doesn’t meet the criteria. She’ll try to qualify to Tokyo via the world cups instead.

Injuries. Coline Devillard is out of worlds with ankle issues.

Staying social

Laurie’s on TV. Laurie Hernandez is voicing a character on a Nickelodeon show that I’m sure I’ll hear about from my niece later. 

New skill. Someone spotted a full twisting candlestick mount in the wild. 

Yeah, I’ll get right on that. Chellsie Memmel’s inspiring other adult gymnasts to try things like a standing arabian onto a 24-inch mat.

Nabs looking for grandma. Tatiana Nabieva’s grandma has been kidnapped? I don’t really understand but hope everything turns out OK.

“She’s gone!” I’m totally on board with this, but only if gymnasts mysteriously disappear in the puff of smoke and then sneak up behind Tim Daggett.

Last words

Should I see The Farewell? Convince me below!

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