Roster Set for Final Apparatus World Cup Olympic Qualifier


Vanessa Ferrari and Lara Mori

It seems like only yesterday we were trying to figure out how the FIG’s complicated new qualification system would work for the 2020 Olympic Games, and now here we are, a million years, a government coup, and an entire pandemic later. 

Due to COVID-19, not everything has worked out as the FIG expected, especially now that the all-around world cup qualifying series has been canceled. But the apparatus world cup qualifying series, which began at the Cottbus World Cup in late 2018 and was supposed to be spread out across eight competitions over the next 18 months, has been more or less unscathed.

The Baku World Cup, held the week the world shut down last March, was cut short and athletes sent home as soon as qualifications were over, and the FIG made an executive decision to count the prelim rankings toward the Olympic qualifying rankings, mostly so the athletes didn’t compete for no reason and wouldn’t have to repeat the competition again. Some athletes were upset by the news, as many choose to compete lower difficulty routines in qualifications and then go all-out in finals, but for what it’s worth, one meet’s rankings weren’t going to determine the outcome of an entire series on pretty much any event, and the grumbling was pretty minimal.

Despite the all-around world cups in Europe getting canceled due to strict lockdowns in Germany and Great Britain, Doha is still on for March 10-13, and with the nominative roster including 143 names from countries on nearly every continent, it seems most gymnasts are dying for a chance to get back out there. Some of these will be fighting to secure berths to the Olympic Games, with a few events still up in the air between a handful of athletes, but the majority just want to compete, either to prepare for Tokyo or just to do gymnastics again.

So which events are still up for grabs? For the women, Jade Carey of the United States has unofficially locked down the vault spot, Fan Yilin of China is mathematically unbeatable on the uneven bars, and Ashikawa Urara of Japan is all set for beam, and we won’t see any of these ladies compete in Doha.

Carey is also technically the series winner on floor, but since she’ll qualify on vault, she’s not eligible to also take the title – and the Olympic berth – here, leaving Italy’s Lara Mori and Vanessa Ferrari to fight it out. The two are tied in terms of points, as both have 80 total right now, so if one wins in Doha and gets 30 points, she’ll also win the Olympic spot…but if neither wins and they remain tied, Mori will win the tiebreaker based on her actual scores in her three counting exercises at the moment.

Ferrari’s only other way in if she doesn’t win outright would be if she takes silver, adds another 25 to drop her 25 points and her corresponding 12.966 from Baku 2020, and scores at least a 13.266, which could then put her ahead of Mori’s 40.565 total. So basically, Ferrari either needs gold or silver with a 13.266+ performance, while Mori can finish anywhere as long as Ferrari doesn’t do either of those things. Mori is then essentially showing up to play defense, to hold Ferrari back from overtaking her as the current leader, and she’ll want to beat Ferrari here – or hope that someone else beats her – just so she can be sure that Ferrari can’t sneak in at the last second to get the spot.

For the men, right now we should have Rayderley Zapata of Spain secure on floor and Epke Zonderland of the Netherlands all set on high bar, but the other four apparatuses could all see some really tight races.

As it stands, China has a hold on three events, with Weng Hao topping the pommel horse rankings, Liu Yang ahead on rings, and You Hao holding onto p-bars. But since the rule allows for only one quota place per NOC, we’ll have to see a points value tie-breaker between the three Chinese gymnasts, and I believe it’s Liu that has a slight edge on rings, opening up pommels to Kameyama Kohei of Japan and p-bars to Vladislav Poliashov of Russia.

On vault, meanwhile, things are looking most likely for Shin Jea-hwan of South Korea, though he also has Yonekura Hidenobu of Japan and Jorge Vega Lopez of Guatemala close behind. And yes, all of the MAG athletes I’ve talked about are on the nominative roster and ready to fight to the death.

The full nominative roster is below. We’ll do a full preview once it gets closer to the meet, but as it looks based on this list, the Doha World Cup is shaping up to be the biggest, most “back-to-normal” competition since before the pandemic took hold.

Artur Avetisyan
Artur Davtyan
Vahagn Davtyan
Murad Agharzayev
Aghamurad Gahramanov
Nikita Simonov
Ivan Tikhonov
Shishir Ahmed
Ali Kader Haque
Sviataslau Dranitski
Dzmitry Hurynovich
Yahor Sharamkou
Anastasiya Alistratava
Maxime Gentges
Noah Kuavita
Margaux Daveloose
Nina Derwael
Fien Enghels
Francisco Barretto
Arthur Mariano
Tomas Rodrigues
Caio Souza
Arthur Zanetti
Rebeca Andrade
Christal Bezerra
Lorrane Oliveira
Flavia Saraiva
  Ava Stewart
Leah Tindale
Rose-Kaying Woo
Huang Mingqi
Liu Yang
Weng Hao
You Hao
Aurel Benovic
Marko Jovicic
Tin Srbic
Filip Ude
Jakov Vlahek
Ondrej Kalny  
Emil Soravuo  
Loris Frasca
Julien Gobaux
Mathias Philippe
Leo Saladino
Cyril Tommasone
Giarnni Regini-Moran
Hayden Skinner
Courtney Tulloch
Ondine Achampong
Claudia Fragapane
Nikolaos Iliopoulos
Eleftherios Petrounias
Antonios Tantalidis
Jorge Vega Lopez  
Ng Kiu Chung
Shek Wai Hung
Krisztian Balazs
Krisztofer Meszaros
Csenge Bacskay
Bianka Schermann
Zoja Szekely
Mahdi Ahmad Kohani
Saeedreza Keikha
Mohammadreza Khosronezhad
Mahdi Olfati
Rhys McClenaghan
Adam Steele
Artem Dolgopyat
Andrey Medvedev
Alexander Myakinin
Ron Pyatov
Michael Sorokine
  Vanessa Ferrari
Lara Mori
Ahmad Abu Al Soud  
Kameyama Kohei
Yonekura Hidenobu
Milad Karimi
Nariman Kurbanov
Dmitriy Patanin
Tomas Kuzmickas
Robert Tvorogal
Daniel Corral  
Kevin Crovetto  
Casimir Schmidt
Epke Zonderland
Sara van Disseldorp
Sanna Veerman
Tisha Volleman
Carlos Edriel Yulo  
Sebastian Gawronski
Filip Sasnal
Marta Pihan-Kulesza
Ahmed Al Dyani
Abdulla Al Harith
Duha Al Habshi
Marian Dragulescu
Razvan-Denis Marc
Andrei Muntean
Larisa Iordache
Ioana Stanciulescu
Vladislav Poliashov Anastasia Iliankova
Rok Klavora Lucija Hribar
Bae Garam
Kan Hyunbae
Lee Jangwon
Lee Junghyo
Lee Junho
Park Jinho
Park Minsoo
Ryu Sunghyun
Seo Jungwon
Shin Jeahwan
Yang Hakseon
Yun Jinseong
Rayderley Zapata  
Tikumporn Surintornta  
Abdelrahman Elgamal
Ahmet Önder
Ümit Samiloglu
Cemre Kendirci
Nazli Savranbasi
Bilge Tarhan
Göksu Üctas Sanli
Dilara Yurtdas
Vladyslav Hryko
Petro Pakhniuk
Igor Radivilov
Yevgen Yudenkov
Anastasiia Bachynska
Anastasiia Motak
Diana Varinska
Abdulla Azimov
Khabibullo Ergashev
Abdulaziz Mirvaliev
Dildora Aripova
Oksana Chusovitina
Ominakhon Khalilova
Anastasiya Miroshnichenko

Article by Lauren Hopkins

10 thoughts on “Roster Set for Final Apparatus World Cup Olympic Qualifier

  1. The roster is interesting, a lot of unexpected faces here! Gymnasts like Iordache or Fragapane here won’t be eligible for qualifications but will definitely have the potential to change how the final ranking & qualification go…


    • Right! If they top the podium in the 1-2 spots, they will secure the spot for Lara, so she’s probably hoping that if she can’t win, one of them will…Vanessa has to place first outright, or second with a score above a 13.266 to get the spot, but Larisa and Claudia definitely could affect whether that happens for her.


    • Only 1 way left – 2021 Euro in Basel, if she places top 2 in AA (excluding gymnasts who already qualified, such as Derwael/Melnikova/MDJDS etc., also 1 per country). She has a pretty good shot actually. The biggest competitors should be Listunova, Urazova, Gadirova, Sfiringu, Morgan, Bachynska, Motak


  2. As you probably all know by now, the event got postponed until further notice. If it cannot be held before continental championships, assuming the latter will be held, the FIG needs to take decision again, how to proceed with the Olympic qualification. IMO, it would be better to make the series then 3 out of 7, which means the current standings would be final. If they will held Doha (keeping 3 of 8) after continentals and keep chronological principle, meaning that those countries that already got one non-nominative spot due to cancellation of AA World Cup series, could easily get another from continentals and thereby become ineligible for nominative spot from Individual Apparatus World Cup; this would change all set-up quite dramatically. I don’t even want to start imagining what would happen if they decide to held Doha in between continentals, keep 3 of 8 and keep chronological principle. Considering all of the above, making it 3 of 7 seems to be the most reasonable, if they cannot held Doha before Euros (assuming Euros would happen).


    • I disagree. The awarding of 3 AA World Cup slots directly have already wreck havoc to the qualification system and produced unintended winners and losers purely due to event sequences. It doesn’t matter to change the set up again since everything was dramatically affected in an unexpected way. Rather, there are a few gymnasts really depend on the last apparatus World Cup for their Olympic dreams and a making it 3/7 will be ending their hope prematurely.


      • FIG already changed up the rules when they allowed Baku prelims to count as the final results. Several gymnasts did not put their full difficulty in prelims to ensure that they made it to the final roud and had planned to do full upgrades in finals. 3 out 7 is fine for the ladies as it won’t change much. VT/UB/BB were locked in any way. Just FX was up for grabs between Mori and Ferrari so even then it is down to two athletes.

        The men’s side was a bit more open though IIRC 4 out of 6 were essentially locked up.


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