The 2021 European Championships Women’s Master Team List

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Our Swiss queen Giulia Steingruber

The UEG has released the nominative rosters for this year’s European Championships, to be held beginning April 21 in Basel, Switzerland.

A full list of all teams is below, and we’ll change the “nominative” status to official once the rosters are announced by each federation.


Confirmed by Austrian Gymnastics as of March 29. Bianca Frysak and Alissa Mörz, originally on the nominative roster, were not named to the final team.


Confirmed by Azerisport as of March 24.


Confirmed via start lists as of April 20.


Preliminary roster confirmed by Gymfed as of March 23. The federation announced the final selection on April 6, with Louon replacing Lisa Vaelen, and then on April 12, they announced that Verkest would be replacing Nina Derwael.


Confirmed by Hrvatski Gimnasticki Savez as of March 20.


Confirmed via start lists as of April 20.


Confirmed via start lists as of April 20.


Confirmed by Suomen Voimistelulitto as of March 25.


Confirmed by the Fédération Française Gymnastique as of March 21. Morgane Osyssek and Célia Serber are the alternates.


Confirmed by DTB as of April 10.


Confirmed by British Gymnastics as of April 1. Kinsella replaces Claudia Fragapane, who was originally on the nominative roster. As of April 15, Jennifer Gadirova was removed from the roster due to a nagging injury, with Jakubczyk taking over her spot. Ondine Achampong is the alternate.


Confirmed by the Hellenic Gymnastics Federation as of March 24.


Confirmed by Matsz as of April 7. Peter replaces Hanna Szujo, who was originally on the nominative roster and is now the alternate.


Confirmed by Fimleikasamband Islands as of March 23.


Confirmed by Gymnastics Ireland as of April 9.


Confirmed via start lists as of April 20.


Confirmed by Federazione Ginnastica d’Italia as of April 16.


Confirmed via start lists as of April 20.


Confirmed via start lists as of April 20.


Confirmed via start lists as of April 20. Chiara Castellucci was originally on the nominative roster but withdrew prior to the competition.


Confirmed by Dutch Gymnastics as of April 12. Volleman replaces Eythora Thorsdottir, who was originally on the nominative roster but has since withdrawn due to a minor ankle injury.


Confirmed by Norway Women’s Gymnastics as of April 12. Fosse, Søderstrøm, and Tøssebro replace Sofie Bråten, Selma Halvorsen, and Thea Nygaard, all of whom were originally on the nominative roster.


Confirmed by Interia Sport as of April 13. Kulczynska replaced Dagmara Pyzio, who was originally on the nominative roster but withdrew due to injury. Gabriela Janik was originally on the team roster but withdrew prior to the competition.


Confirmed by the Federação de Ginástica de Portugal as of March 30.


Confirmed by the Federatia Romana de Gimnastica as of April 13. Ceplinschi replaces Silviana Sfiringu and Ioana Stanciulescu, who were originally on the nominative roster but have withdrawn due to “medical problems.”


Preliminary roster confirmed by TASS as of March 24.


Confirmed via start lists as of April 20.


Confirmed via start lists as of April 20. Zala Bedenik was originally on the nominative roster but withdrew prior to the competition.


Confirmed by Svensk Gymnastik as of March 31. Williams replaces Alva Eriksson, who was originally on the nominative roster.


Confirmed by the Schweizerischer Turnverband as of March 22. Martina Eisenegger is the alternate.


Confirmed via start lists as of April 20. Savranbasi replaced Yaren Turan, who was originally on the nominative roster.


Confirmed via start lists as of April 20.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

45 thoughts on “The 2021 European Championships Women’s Master Team List

    • No problem! Yes, this is a pretty good one, too, and they still have several other new seniors (like Nathalie Westlund and Jennifer Williams) who can also add to their depth, which is exciting!


  1. For Belgium it is still nominative. The final team will be announced after a selection meet scheduled for April 3.
    (that’s what the article from Gymfed says)


  2. what happened with the Downie sisters and Asia D’Amato? is there a reason why are they not going? Also, I’m super happy they chose Gerasimova for the final spot, this is the perfect Russian team and they need some international experience before the Olympics


    • Most countries attending are using this as an opportunity to qualify an additional gymnast to the Games, so GB just picked a list of four who weren’t part of the 2019 team in the hopes that one could potentially qualify.

      I’m not sure why Asia isn’t on Italy’s team…but she also didn’t compete at the Serie A meet on March 6, while Alice, Vanessa, Martina, and Giorgia all did, so perhaps they selected the nominative roster just based on that one meet? Brixia couldn’t attend this week’s Serie A due to a COVID outbreak so it’s hard to say how Asia looks right now. I haven’t heard of any major injuries for her so maybe she just tweaked something and is trying to stay healthy for Tokyo?


    • I think GB want an extra spot if they can, and also test the younger ones in a high pressure situation. Pretty sure Ellie is a lock for the team and Becky either for team or extra spot.


    • About Italy: Asia didn’t compete on March 6 as Lauren said. She wasn’t feeling well. Reading the post, it sounded like nothing serius.
      Elisa injured in September and she is maybe still recovering.
      I think (as Lauren said) they just wrote the names basing on that last competiton, and they will maybe change them later depending on who’s healthy/stronger.
      Ferrari was tested covid negative 2 days ago, so she’s back to the gym after 2 weeks of quarantine.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for confirming! I have a feeling there will be an update to the team before they go to Basel for a number of factors…but they’re lucky that they have so many good options right now!


  3. Thanks for the list. Is there somewhere we can cross-reference those gymnasts who are not eligible for an individual spot, as they’ve either already qualified or helped their team qualify?


    • Spain qualified a team for the Olympics but are very unlikely to get an individual spot, so they may just be resting their gymnasts before the Games – it might not be worth it to them, especially since they don’t have a huge amount of depth so they might not be willing to risk injury for a competition that won’t really get them anything. I don’t think they have any new seniors who need international experience, so they’re playing it safe, would be my guess. I could be wrong though!


  4. Who do you think are the forerunners for the +1 spot? Obviously Listunova and Urazova, I would also say Iordache, Maggio, Bachynska and maybe one or two of the Brits should all be in with a fair chance. I think all the other top contenders qualified in 2019? It should be an exciting race!


    • I’m on board with all of those, maybe minus Bachynska unless she’s really beefed up her routines since December’s Euros…I think Anastasiia Motak might have a better shot than her at this point, but I still don’t think either will end up getting that spot. I think either Listunova or Urazova will secure one spot, and then for the second one I feel like Iordache should be in the clear if she hits…but agree that Maggio and either Jennifer Gadirova or Amelie Morgan could be good competition if she’s not 100% on her game. I don’t think anyone else has a realistic chance of getting in but I’m low-key hoping Marta Pihan-Kulesza will blow everyone out of the water, hahaha. It won’t happen but a girl can dream! Oh, and Silviana Sfiringu and Ioana Stanciulescu could get close as well I think…neither really lived up to their hype at Euros last year (well, Stanciulescu especially), but there is room for improvement from both, especially if someone else has an off day.


  5. So Russia and Italy are eligible for continental spots despite qualifying a gymnast via the World Cup allocations – Russia AA Cup and Italy on floor…


  6. Okay just to get this straight as I feel as though the rules change often these days…if say Urazova gets one of the Olympic spots, it goes to her by name as she was not on the 2018 qualifying team. However, if Melnikova earns a high enough spot, she earns an Olympic berth for Russia only? Or does she earn none at all and it goes to the next highest eligible competitor?


    • Melnikova isn’t eligible to earn a spot here at all, either nominatively or non-nominatively, because she was a member of the 2018 qualifying team.

      If Urazova earns a spot, it will be non-nominative and go to Russia.

      The only nominative spots here would go to gymnasts from countries that haven’t qualified full teams to the Olympics, so if Iordache got a spot, it would be hers, not Romania’s.


        • It’s confusing!! I only remember because I am constantly double checking to make sure I know what I’m talking about, and even then I’m like “idk” half the time.


  7. So it’s the qualifications not the AA finals where the final 2 olympic slots are allocated right? It’s a little strange given usually strictness of scoring seems not exactly aligned across different subdivisions of the qualification competition, while much more consistent in the AA since athletes are directly evaluated against each other.


        • Hmm, yeah, that’s confusing…I feel like they mean to say the “all-around final at Euros is the Tokyo Qualifying Competition” or something. But maybe it’s changed to the qualifying round? Originally it was supposed to be the AA final because Euros in 2020 didn’t have an AA final (it was TF/EF only), so they had to get permission to use the rankings from QFs. Now that they have an AA final, they should be using the AA final…so either something has changed, or this is just very poorly worded.


        • But let’s say if it’s AA final, and Villa & D’Amato happened to 2-per Maggio and Ferrari out, it would mean that Italy removes itself from the contention of the additional spot before the AA final by sending their strong gymnasts…


        • That was never a priority or concern of the FIG when they designed the qualification system, though. If that’s the case, then Italy needs to strategize and not use all-arounders who have already qualified the team (like what GB is doing).


  8. My speculation on the major qualification contenders:
    – Listunova is almost a lock, even with a beam fall, where she hasn’t been consistent at all.
    – Urazova could be wayyyyy behind Listunova in international judging like this, since her floor routine construction is super risky (If she slightly under-rotates her triple full and triple wolf full, she will get -1.0D in difficulty alone)
    – Iordache is the second most favorable behind Listunova as long as she kept her Mersin form.
    – Sfiringu might even have higher combined difficulties than Iordache, but her E-scores are going to drag her down quite a bit, especially UB and FX, and she hasn’t been consistent on beam either.
    – Motak is the other one who might exceed combined difficulties of Iordache, but her E-scores are likely to be even behind Sfiringu’s if both hit.
    – (Jennifer) Gadirova might lead VT, BB, and FX individually due to great D-scores and fantastic qualities, but not very competitive in AA due to her UB was lagging quite significantly. (But maybe she’ll improve a lot during 1 yr’s absence, who knows?)
    – We haven’t seen Morgan for a while, so we don’t know how she is now. But she seems belong to the camp of super consistent but nothing difficult, so she would stand out if others are having a bad day. Bachynska is on the same bench, but slightly less consistent.
    – Maggio is a myth, she scored 55.5 most recently in domestic competitions, but she hasn’t been competing internationally for a long time. I wonder how much the scores can hold up.
    – Ferrari can be surprisingly competitive, don’t forget she is the only former world AA champion in this roster.


    • Urazova has performed that exact floor routine multiple times internationally and it hasn’t really turned out to be risky though?


      • Both her turns and her triples got devalued before in at least 2 competitions, and for the rest, she was just lucky that judges were lenient on her. If you watch her latest Russian cup qualif FX, you will notice the obvious under-rotation of her triple that international judges will not credit given how strict they have been on triples recently.


    • GB have decided not to be strategic as know they have named Kinsella to the team. Personally I think this is a mistake even if she happens to be the strongest (although more likely to do with who her coach is) as you want 2 possible chances to qualify in the AA. This selection makes me concerned for Ellie D.


      • Lol there is almost no way a healthy Ellie isn’t going to Tokyo if she’s in decent shape. She’s the most decorated GB gymnast of this quad, and has probably the best AA potential, as well as the possibility of a VT medal on a good day.
        If GB have any sense, Alice will just do three events (or scratch the AA final) and let the others duke it out for the Tokyo spot, though.


  9. So happy to see Giulia Steingruber on the list! I’ve loved her gymnastics and her blend of power and elegance for many years. Does anyone know where she is at gymnastics wise? It’s been a very long break.


    • I haven’t seen anything from her but she always bounces back SO easily…I remember going into 2017 worlds, she hadn’t competed in more than a year aside from one domestic meet, and she won vault bronze…and then going into 2019 worlds she hadn’t competed in more than a year due to injury and she wasn’t at 100% but still looked amazing…I think she was one spot away from making the vault final because her DTY didn’t go well in qualifications, but she hit the Rudi there and in the AA no problem. I think she’s definitely one of those who can take an extended hiatus and come back like it’s nothing.


    • I think she probably just didn’t make the team, because I’m pretty sure she’s still training? We’ll see what she does at nationals this week. I think Hubareva is the only one I’d put in over her, but maybe Hubareva has been out-performing her.


    • So she didn’t end up competing at nationals, nor did Diana Varinska or Anastasiia Motak…not sure what that means for Euros, if they’re just resting those two for some reason or if everyone’s injured but now I have no idea why Radivilova is out…I feel like she was just recently posting from training on IG stories!


  10. Great quotation used for “medical problems” for Romania’s bizarre choice of the final roster.

    Does sound like some time-honored tradition of political infighting is still going on for Romanian gymnastics…


    • Yeah, I’m like…I don’t even know what to think about their situation right now but there’s no way their two best new seniors in like, a decade, should be staying home from Euros.


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