Around the Gymternet: Though she be but little, she is fierce

“5’1” *” -Laurie Hernandez made an important correction to her Wikipedia page. Way to claim that inch, Laurie.

Comp news

At home. There was no live stream, but a raven arrived with word that Colin Van Wicklen won the senior title at the 2018 Men’s Qualifier and qualified to nationals with 17 other seniors. Khoi Young won the junior title and was one of six juniors to qualify.

The “GK is all that fits me right now” U.S. Classic field was announced on Monday. Morgan Hurd, Ragan Smith, and Jade Carey are headlining, along with another gymnast you may have heard of named Simone Biles, who will be competing on all four events.

And abroad. In international news, Ana Perez took her third Spanish championships title, and the floor was torn up, in accordance with meet tradition. Meanwhile, more Euros teams were named.

What happened

The USOC hired someone. The U.S. Olympic Committee named Sarah Hirshland—the chief commercial officer of the United States Golf Association—as its new CEO on Thursday. Hirshland acknowledged the “challenges ahead,” and said “We must protect, support and empower all athletes.” [sip]

Athlete advocate Nancy Hogshead-Makar wondered aloud if Hirshland can handle the issues at hand.

Survivors want Karolyis charged. Some survivors say they’re not happy that the Karolyis were not indicted by the Texas Rangers along with Larry Nassar and Debbie Van Horn. They say the Rangers did not review key documents or interview key witnesses, including more than 30 people who say they were abused at the Ranch.

Survivor Jeanette Antolin also says the authorities “never followed up,” and that she had to call to find out that one of the indictments was based on her testimony.

The task force is a real thing, you guys. USA Gymnastics announced the five members of its Athlete Task Force, which USAG says will help the org “determine the path forward.” Reminder: USAG CEO Kerry Perry testified to the House in May that the task force had been created, causing confusion among those with an understanding of linear time. 

  • Valeri Liukin led a national team training camp in Brazil.
  • USOC chairman Larry Probst says Ropes & Gray, the law firm hired to investigate how the USOC and USAG handled the Nassar case, is almost done with the interview process.
  • FIG president Morinari Watanabe visited North Korea.

The state of Michigan

Engler will talk to the Senate. Interim Michigan State University president John Engler will testify in front of a U.S. Senate subcommittee on July 24. He says he’s “looking forward” to it, and so is Judge Rosemarie Aquilina

  • Current interim athletic director Bill Beekman was made the permanent AD on Monday.
  • A judge will review around 7,600 documents that MSU says are protected by attorney-client privilege and shouldn’t be handed over to the Attorney General.
  • Eight MSU deans wrote recommendations for creating a culture change at the uni. They wrote that MSU should not just “move on” from what happened.

Required reading

  • The USOC chooses a fresh start CEO during turbulent times (USA Today).
  • Taxpayers shouldn’t have to cover recent retiree William Strampel’s benefits (The Detroit News).
  • This is what it looks like when a coach stops pretending it’s about anything but winning (Deadspin).

Star status

Injuries. Giulia Steingruber’s injury is worse than we thought. She has an ACL tear and a meniscus injury, and will have surgery this week. She said, “Shit happens!” and [touches ear] I’m receiving confirmation now that shit does, indeed, happen.

Zsofi Kovacs of Hungary will also miss Euros due to an ab strain, and sadly I will also not be competing due to a lack of talent.

Comebacks. Dipa Karmakar says her Produnova will be back after Asian Games. 

Staying social

Catherine spoke up. Great Britain’s Catherine Lyons says she retired because she was “subject to mental, emotional, and physical abuse,” and the ‘net is behind her 100%. 

Mohini means badass. Mohini Bhardwaj is a member of USA Weightlifting, and so is Jake Dalton

Abs for days. Jordyn Wieber and Chris Brooks had a steamy vacation in Cancun.

Last words

Back by popular demand.

Jade Carey: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff? Let us know in the comments, and remember that there are wrong answers.

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11 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: Though she be but little, she is fierce

  1. Technically all gymnasts are Gryffindors when it comes to the sport they pursue imo, but Jade strikes me as a Ravenclaw!


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