2021 Swiss Worlds Trials Results

Results from the 2021 1st Swiss Worlds Trials, held on September 14 in Magglingen, Switzerland.

Turning Senior in 2021

A list of all of the gymnasts who will become seniors in 2021.

2019 Swiss Turnfest Results

Results from the 2019 Swiss Turnfest, held from June 15 through June 16 in Aarau, Switzerland.

2019 Elek Matolay Memorial Results

Results from the 2019 Elek Matolay Memorial, held from March 30 through March 31 in Kiskunfelegyhaza, Hungary.

2018 Swiss Junior Championships Results

Results from the 2018 Swiss Junior Championships, held from June 9 through June 10 in Bern, Switzerland.

2017 Tournoi International Results

Results from the 2017 Tournoi International, held from November 11 through November 12 in Combs-La-Ville, France.