Victoria Moors out of Commonwealth Games


Victoria Moors has withdrawn from the 2014 Commonwealth Games and has returned home as of July 25, according to posts from gymnasts on social media.

Moors, expected to lead the Canadian team alongside Ellie Black, took to Instagram to wish her teammates luck for the upcoming competition.

On July 28, Gymnastics Canada commented on their reasoning for Moors’ dismissal from the team, stating that “following discussion between the coaches and Moors, it was determined that she was not performing at competition readiness for these Games.”

Moors’ only comment on the decision has been vague:

Victoria-Kayen Woo, the 2013 International Gymnix Challenge Cup all-around champion who in 2014 has placed 5th all-around at Elite Canada and 7th all-around at Gymnix, will be Moors’ replacement.

Article by Lauren Hopkins
Photo by Christy Ann Linder

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